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  1. I bet you'd love the "first silverware of the season" promo we have on tv right now.
  2. He crossed the Irish Sea. To manage the City. He's Brendan OOOOO He's Brendan OOOOO
  3. I can't get behind the 2 or 3 season set up manager philosophy to bring in the guy that's going to bring us to the next level philosophy. That's like dating a girl saying you're already looking for the next one and will dump her when the time comes. Seems toxic to me. They say clubs should always have a good idea of who their next manager is going to be. And considering the speed we pulled him out of Celtic we probably already had a plan, even though the media said we didn't, when we sacked Puel.
  4. We can't pass. We're unable to break down teams in the final third. This was a pre-Puel problem that Puel couldn't solve. Games like Palace are a great example of teams letting us have the ball around the 18 yard box knowing the shots we take from there probably won't hurt them. We can pass all we want between the CMs in possession. We can add to our possession and total pass stats that way. But when it comes to scoring goals and creating chances those stats say **** all about the quality of the passes we make.
  5. I was just down at Morrisons having left my season ticket on the passenger's seat while I was doing my shopping. I came back to find that my car window was broken. So I looked around the car to see what had been taken but everything including my season ticket card seemed to be there. But beside my ticket there were 4 more.
  6. reminds me of which probably saved his job. I imagine he beats one of those final 3 and all is forgiven... again.
  7. Same issues as always. Conceded first and couldn't penetrate the box. 65% possession and 27 shots look better on paper than their actual effectiveness.
  8. Conceding 4 at home against the team 15th in the table.
  9. Soon to be 14 points from 13 games at home. Only better than southampton, Palace, and Huddersfield.
  10. Just when I was getting optimistic....
  11. We've given back all of those stolen points at top 4/6 sides both at home and against relegation fodder away. I think scalps get overvalued in the long run.
  12. We've lost 3 straight against these having conceded 9 goals to nil. And looking looking back at our 4th game where we drew 2-2 in spring 2017 they scored the last 2 goals in that. We've conceded 11 unanswered against palace. https://www.11v11.com/teams/leicester-city/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Crystal Palace/
  13. How to win not win over fans: call those with an opposing view blind....
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