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  1. They scored. I swore and was worried how we'd get the next goal considering we'd made full defensive and they'd made fulling attacking subs. I ran to the bathroom because otherwise I would have pissed my pants before full time. I heard their was an offsides check. I got back and saw the lines. No goal. Loved it. It really was our day yesterday. If Kasper had had a mare yesterday a beachball or a bird would have swooped in to make the save.
  2. 2.5 more days of happiness. And then we'll see what happens Tuesday night.
  3. Chelsea dropping points tonight is tremendously beneficial to us. Because then we can beat them to secure a finish above them next week which is basically interchangeable with a top 4 finish. There are 2 paths to the top 4: finish above Chelsea or Liverpool. Route for the outcome that gives us more options.
  4. We're at 50. Spurs are at 55. Man City 57. I not aware of anywhere you can find everyone's in one place. Some teams have a competition's section on their Wikipedia season page which starts with a nice table that shows how many games in each competition exactly what you're asking for. And other teams like Man U don't.
  5. A draw against Man U does't hurt us. Obviously prefer the win. Chelsea need to watch out against Arsenal though, anything but a win is detrimental to them. I'm surprised to see them up to 94% on the 538 as any slip against ARS or us turns them from nailed on to the outside looking in. We need to pick up our points first and then hope the others can't find theirs. Tues: ManU/LCFC Wed: Chels/ARS Thurs: Man U Liverpool
  6. I would trade a loss Tuesday for a win on Saturday. A win here would be great. Just saying my thoughts on this game could be very revisionist.
  7. Smash em. Smash em. Time to start the weekend with a win. Great fixture for us and tough opposition for the chasing pack.
  8. not top 4 (31%) * champions league (36%) * Europa (16%) = 1.8%
  9. This will probably be the last few hours of "Did you know that if Arsenal win the Europa League and..." so enjoy the 1.8% chance that it could happen while it lasts. Otherwise if Arsenal do get through the chance of the trifecta will jump to between 4-5%!
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