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  1. Finnally at 3-0, 4 now we're finally showing some intensity.
  2. Might as well take Maddison off. Don't need him to take unnecessary kicks.
  3. How the hell are we only on page 5. I know that there is a lot of contempt for the Europa league but seriously.
  4. I reckon we play on Thursday. In Leicester or Swansea. Swansea is the obvious choice. 1. "neutral country" 2. They're away Tuesday and Saturday.
  5. also for those needing pronunciation help
  6. Sky Sports Retro couldn't help themselves... Put up 10 minutes ago.
  7. I reached the point where I just pay for everything. Never would have thought I'd do that when NBC Gold was introduced and we went from having every game to having to pay over the top. Sucks to have to pay for something that was once included. But considering the horrible quality and delay of streams, I'm happy to part with a couple bucks a match. Not going to defend £15/match for the English though we pay much much less. I saw on LivesoccerTV that TUDN was a Univision network and thought maybe I have this but I'm more than fine to part with $12 to watch 6 European games.
  8. A couple hours ago I heard our startings CBs on Sunday will be Big and Little Wes and now we're sending a CB out on loan. Europa League starts Thursday. We're playing 2 games every week from now on out.
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