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  1. Need at least 2 strikers in the summer. 1 Vardy jr, 1 that can lead the line and score goals. He's started 7 games in 28 days after a 30' cameo coming back from an injury. The man has turned into a zombie because no one is good enough to relieve his minutes.
  2. Been some lifeless midweek trips to Burnley the last few seasons. Just getting my dread in early.
  3. I was curious too. I don't look at training photos much, but it's also not the first time I've seen a youngster wearing another player's number. I can't remember who and when but it was definitely the number of a player who was either injured or on loan. Obviously the 7 is available now. Those bra's have GPS/vital sensors, it's probably just super easy for the staff hand him one that works rather than worry that it says 7 on it. He didn't have a number on his pants like the first teamer's do. So until there's a first team teamsheet with Lashabella 7 on it or their is an official announcement s
  4. I don't think so. He's not on the A-list. But I think the issue is he would have to be with us 2 full years before being eligible for the B-list (aka the U21 list which Luke Thomas is eligible through).
  5. Not really worried about the rotation. We already had 2 games a week for 2 months during Europa League so we'll see Wes and Luke Thomas a little more. Ricky and Soyuncu are back. Maybe Brendan needs to find a way for JJ to have a rest. The problem is Vardy's injury. He only played 98' in the Europa group stage. As the teams get better with more emphasis on every game we really someone to fill his boots.
  6. If someone wants to use a good game as proof he's good I can counter it with no shows.
  7. He followed that up by blanking the last 3 games. Most notably losing in Ukraine at the worst side in the group without Vardy on the bench.
  8. I looked it up and Peter Beglin played for Liverpool between 83-89.
  9. When did this commentator play for Liverpool?
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