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  1. I doubt that. Would make it even more damning that Brendan only used 3 subs yesterday that halftime was a free one.
  2. Deeney was before my time, but I'm surprised how many of you rank yesterday up there for worst you've felt. Maybe up there in one of the worst 45' we've played. I'm mad, frustrated, and angry but not the hopeless and sad. Yesterday was like the last Jenga block being pulled out that caused the tower to fall. We've been pulling bricks out for months. And of course it's technically possable for us to still finish 4th but I don't have my hopes up.
  3. As I look at our list of record signings still on our books: £27 for Slimani, £22 for Silva, £13 for Mendy, £12.5 for Ghezzal, £12.5 for Ward. Forget Perez and Nacho not worth half their transfer price IMO. Maybe Benko could have been included. Maybe we can have a firesale to raise some funds.
  4. I'm madder now than yesterday. I thought I was the same but then I saw the table and realized Man U's point back is with a game in hand. I was prepared for Man City to get off. The 14 point lead on 5th at January 1st and the 8 point lead at the restart has been reduced to nothing. I saw the blatant negativity in tactics before their first yesterday. Not saying I saw the goal coming but negative tactics yield negative results and it only takes one self-induced mistake to give up the lead. I saw the ingredients for yesterdays capitulation in games since the restart and I slated Brendan for giving up against Chelsea in the FA cup. We've seen WTF negative tactical changes when we're not in smash and grab games with the goal. As much as it sucks to see us choke I've been much lower with us. But gosh this freefall is inexcusable.
  5. I wouldn't call yesterday a big game with the one's against the big clubs. Yesterday was our inability to put away a lesser team. Our inability to fufill the pre-written top 4 side smashes relegation fodder in predictable performance. From the restart, draws against Brighton and Watford, lost to Everton and Bournmouth, and beat Place. 5 points from our 15 easiest. Our big game was the 6 pointer against Arsenal and we got the draw. And look at them now, we're 9 points ahead with 3 games left. But in our remaining games we have teams in 5th with a game in hand, 7th, and 8th that are 6 pointers as well. These next 3 are bigger opponents than our last 6. We had the opportunity to make the big games less important with better results in the previous ones. We were 14 points clear of 5th at the start of the year. 8 points clear at the restart. And now we're only a point clear of 5th when they have a game in hand on us.
  6. Good with 2 up top to start. But just like last match if it's getting a goal and Kelechi is getting frustrated pull him early.
  7. C'mon you Blades! I guess a draw is probably good enough but definitely don't want the Wolves win.
  8. Surely Nketiah had a meaningful impact on the game and not a non-applicable one like his Sky rating.
  9. Point gained. 2 denied to Arsenal. Bournemouth at the weekend. Hope to be 3 points closer on Sunday.
  10. Looked at the screen! Is that a first?
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