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  1. Haven't watched Arsenal Fan TV in a long time, blud.
  2. If VAR awards Arsenal a peno.....
  3. Broadcast said 19 in 21 since Brendan took over.
  4. Probably play 10 til the break i'm guessing.
  5. Nice interception there by our midfielder, Soyunco.
  6. Should we be expecting a replay to show up on reddit shortly? (Even if someone is just filming their TV on SSN like the Watford/Swansea goal)
  7. Neither did I. They were showing a replay as he took the shot off.
  8. I haven't been paying attention to the national media so I probably missed the Spurs-are-actually-going-to-win-it-all-this-time talk so go Villas.
  9. Forget City. If we simply changed our name to Albion of Leicester Athletic City United Rovers and abbreviated it to A La Cur and translated that to Hearts we would be Hearts instead.
  10. I bet you'd love the "first silverware of the season" promo we have on tv right now.
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