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  1. Giving him a hug, I can kind of get but wouldn’t have done it myself. But agree, the bloke asking for selfie, what a cock, it’s like “ hi top, I know your crying, can you dry your eyes so I can have a photo”, bellend. Top has had to do a lot of his grieving very publicly, but some people need to remember this lad is in pain, and in a lap to honour for his recently deceased father, he really doesn’t want selfies.
  2. Under the circumstances, and it’s stated he’s never done anything like it before, a letter of warning about future conduct would be enough, I’m sure it will be rescinded
  3. Monsell1976

    Vichai had a dream....

    Can’t get it out of my head, keep singing it, think my wife is going to punch me if she hears it anymore 😂
  4. Monsell1976

    An outsider's view on LCFC

    Welcome, this is the worst thing to happen to us, but just to warn you it’s not easy to be a city fan, football wise, massive highs and lows over the years. But watch us go now, top will push us on and we will be top 6 as Vichai wanted. Our anthem is when your smiling, learn it well my friend, and then sing it to fast like we do 😂
  5. Monsell1976

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    I want the gifts for myself, but if anyone sells them, I hope any profits go to the Vichai foundation, and I hope everyone got one at the ground, and they wasn’t borrowed from someone else’s seat, as I cannot understand why you would want to sell your own
  6. Monsell1976

    New chants and songs

    Should become a club anthem and sung every game whilst these lads own the club. Wys will always be ours, but there could be a 100 day morning for Vichai in Thailand, if the king allows, so let’s keep it up for at least that, like it, and like I said yesterday, had a lump in my throat when I walked onto the concourse with this being sung
  7. Monsell1976

    Thank you Burnley.

    And sorry for the idiot who threw the smoke bomb in your end, 32,000 at the ground and like everywhere we have our idiot
  8. Monsell1976

    Jonny Evans

    Just think we allegedly offered 20 mil and Man City was going to offer more. Agree he’s doing ok, but like all players to get the best out of them they need to play regular
  9. Did me, lost a great man, but with his dads morals, top will take us on and up, and enhance his dads legacy
  10. Monsell1976

    please forgive me

    I blame trump and the Russians, it’s like living in China ffs 😂 only joking but I get grief 😂
  11. The walk was emotional, but to walk into Vichai had a dream on the concourse, I struggled to hold it in. Have a video but says file to big
  12. Monsell1976

    Burnley (home)

    Legs packed up years ago, but see you on the walk pal
  13. Monsell1976

    Helicopter crash

    I hope they keep it until then, but with it blocking the exits I can’t see it, you can walk around the back, but it’s wether hs will let it stay with that many people there
  14. Monsell1976

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Just come on to look at how we are going on, a big well done for turning out, and vardy disagree’s but the result doesn’t matter, but would be nice to win
  15. Monsell1976

    You’ll Never Walk Alone Tribute V’s Burnley

    Like others have said nice idea, but when your smiling is our song. But do it loud but slow, and make sure everyone knows the words, and quite apt for Vichai and he did seem a happy chappy.