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  1. Monsell1976


    Don’t disagree king gets written off at the level we are at now, and for me rightly so, he’s had plenty of chances to make a starting place his own, he hasn’t , and hasn’t been since Pearson was here, hence he wasn’t Pearson first choice either. I have defended musa on here before he was shipped out, he was new to the league, in a team that was playing awful, and I thought his confidence looked shot. As i posted earlier, I think he/ musa is a good player, and a confidence player, and given game time he could do a job, but personally I don’t think he has the mental strength to deal with the physicality, and consistency expected in the premier league, compared to lesser leagues, only time would tell if he ever got a run of games here, or another premier league team.
  2. Monsell1976


    His definitely a good player, but a confidence player, if he wants to play in England he needs to be mentally stronger, and not just a confidence player
  3. Monsell1976


    Wish we had a winger like him 😂
  4. Monsell1976

    Kasper Schmeichel

    I have said for a while, he’s a great shot stopper, but our defensive weaknesses at set pieces are a lot to do with kasper not being dominating, and his weakness is crosses into the box. This then breeds nerves in his defenders, nothing better as a centre half, knowing your keeper is going to dominate anything around the 6 yard box at set pieces. Jumping in on the argument about bringing someone in, for me if we can get a better all round keeper of course, minimum we need a keeper who could push him, as I thought he had a poor to average season last year, but he knows his place is a given, not healthy to have no real player pushing for his position.
  5. Monsell1976

    Exit Rumours

    Like I say I don’t know how true it is, but if I was in his situation, and I’d made my money, had one, maybe two years left in the game, and my family are settled, I’d take the drop, but like I say, can’t see him dropping down that far after they failed to get promoted
  6. Monsell1976

    Exit Rumours

    He’s still got a lot to learn, he is very naive defensively, I personally wouldn’t want him playing in a back 4, but as a wing back, in a 5 he adds something. Puel is going to blow smoke up his players arse in the press, but the man knows his football, and knows our defence is our Achilles heal, hence major recruitment in that department, and rumours are circulated that we are chasing a left back. The reason I say loan him and learn to defend, is for that reason, if we sign another left back, that will give us him, new man I’m guessing to start, and Fuchs as a squad player, not starting regular will damage him more, so let’s see where the window goes. If we don’t sign a new left back, he will play, because Fuchs cannot be expected to play every week, but like I say new left back comes in, one will have to move, and would rather have a player at the end of his career warming the bench, than a young players development stutter. I don’t care what people think of my opinion, Chilwell has potential, but for me he has a lot to learn to play every week for us, and the reason he played so much is because he was the only real option we had.
  7. Monsell1976

    Exit Rumours

    Missed him off my list, forgot he still played for us, thanks for the memories, and goodbye
  8. Monsell1976

    Exit Rumours

    Rumour I heard, which I do take with a pinch of salt these rumours, Morgan was going notts county, they failed to get promoted so can’t see that happening now. Again don’t know how true the rumour, I’m definitely not itk, but going back to notts would probably be his preferred option, county or forest, as I believe he still lives there. On to players we are selling, I said in the season, good clear out fresh ideas, inbound looking positive. Outbound, I’d like Simpson, Morgan, Okazaki, musa, slimani, sold, for either being not good enough anymore, or potential bad apples 🐍. Would like to see Chilwell loaned to a lower division, to play every week, and learn to defend, gray loaned or sold, it’s not really happening here for him. Replace them with some of the youth we have coming through, as most are bit part players or will be, or keep investing in the exciting talent we seem to be recruiting.
  9. Monsell1976

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    Heard a fellow called indakilla or something like that is bang on in the know 🤭
  10. Monsell1976

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    For me possibly a legend, but again for me the most technically gifted player I have seen play for us in my lifetime. Just a shame the way he left us couldn’t have been more respectable all round, if he was made promises they should have been honoured, and he should have shown a bit more respect for the fans, regarding sitting at airports, and disappearing in jan, has just soured one time of one of our greatest players, and his legendary status for his parts in the titles we won in his time here.
  11. Monsell1976

    Done Deals

    We sign another centre half, I can’t see him being here next season, let alone another after that. Don’t know how true it is, and shouldn’t repeat unsubstantiated rumours, but could he be one of the 🐍
  12. Monsell1976

    Brendan Rodgers

    We need stability, puel seems to be doing well in this window so far, say goodbye to those snakes, and those who didn’t want to embrace what puel was trying to do, puel could do well next season. Yes the football was boring and frustrating at the end of the season, but the bloke came in when we was awful, got the results to make us safe very quickly, and the only mistake I think he made is trying to then bring in a more technical style of football, with players who can only play one way, and have very limited technical ability. If I was the owners, I would give him the season, save ££££ in compensating another manager, and see where we go.
  13. Grateful for this every game, it’s good to see people’s differing opinions 👍
  14. Monsell1976

    Players hiding?!!

    When players feel niggles and things are going great and confidence is high, they tend to play on, as don’t want to lose their form/ place, and they enjoy playing. When things go bad, confidence is low, ground moaning at mistakes, defeats, these same niggles they probably would play on with, when in form, gives them a chance to hide, easy out, it’s just a footballers mentality. This is just my opinion, but I think a few stitch up puel with their lack of effort and performance, and now he’s staying, a few will be ****ed off, or relegated to bit part players, and I’m glad, players have to much power nowadays, but it’s seems to be even more so the last few seasons here, glad the owners listened to the manager not the players this time.
  15. Monsell1976

    Jack Wilshere - signs for WHU 3 year contract

    Far to many injuries, no thanks