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  1. one cup down, one to go.

    We have been consistently inconsistent, so agree take nothing for granted.
  2. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Apologies if been ask or posted elsewhere, but is Iborra injured or just didn’t make the squad. About the game, very untidy at times, but great 3 points, we are Leicester and this is the type of game we normally lose when expected to win, very happy
  3. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    I’m just a lowly supporter and not itk, but I’m sure his agent and the club are working on something if he wants to leave. There have been rumours of championship sides interested like hull, but we haven’t got a clue who’s after our players, because quite rightly most of its done discretely, with the exception of those leaks, probably from agents. The championship is probably the level he needs to build from.
  4. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    Naive nothing to do with the player, to do the club doing the best to recoup as much as they can, rather than your attitude of giving players away for nothing. Loan him get all/ or the majority of his wages covered till summer, if he hits form flog him for 8-9 million, or just throw give him away now and lose millions. Ok he might be shit on loan, and he might go for next to nothing, but surely it’s in the clubs financial interest to get as much as they can
  5. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    I’m not a musa fan, Id like to think the people who scouted him, and negotiated the expensive contracts, and the other expensive failures no longer work for the club, oh wait they do. Don’t care about musa, but care about the club throwing money down the drain, if there is a way of getting his wages of the books with a loan, and recouping a good chunk of the fee, all avenues should be looked at, before throwing in the towel and losing serious amounts of money
  6. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    That probably more about your negative attitude towards the player, than the reality of an inform musa demanding more than 4 million.
  7. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    Sell him for 4 million now, or send him on loan to get his form back, and create more potential suitors, and get more in a transfer fee in the summer, I know what I’d do, and a large part of his wages would be covered by the club loaned too, via loan fee or they pay his wages.
  8. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    But a lot of fans are happy for Andy king to doss around on similar money. This lad desperately in need of game time, and confidence, I personally would loan him out until summer, if he does well great, he might be an option again, if not, it might increase interest at the price we want.
  9. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    Brought him for 16 million, wouldn’t take less than 9 mill, still young, plenty of contract left, just out of form and confidence.
  10. Andy King

    Neither rip any trees up, both make the numbers up, admittedly James is always injured or coming back from injuries so hard to tell, but not the most mobile. If we are to progress, we should be looking at competition for places, not just cover, so for me neither are good enough for regular first team football.
  11. Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    Cricket club because I park there, and I’m old and boring and rarely drink nowadays
  12. Leicester City negotiate Ahmed Musa loan

    will cover the loan fee, if the powers that be sold him for that they shouldn’t be in the job of negotiating
  13. Andy King

    Best all around I think, his career has gone stale here, and Brighton wouldn’t be a bad move for him.
  14. If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Agree he is irreplaceable, and with the owners ambition, and puels know how, I’d say we are looking at getting European football, we are looking at adding quality in the summer, and try and convince him to stay. I’d even go as far as offering him a bumper new contract, as if we give him another 30 or 40 grand a week, got to be better than going out to try and replace him with someone of the same quality. Basically what I’m getting at, we need pull all the stops out to keep him, and build a team around him.
  15. Who do you want Jan 18

    We need to let a couple go, so would have thought they would have gone by now, unless it’s dependant on incomings. Not really bothered though mate, rather him save the pennies, and rebuild the squad in the summer, as January isn’t the best time to buy.