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  1. Is half a season in two and half years enough, seeings though half of that season after returning from two years out, was spent on the treatment table for a problematic Achilles problem, if I remember right. Like I say no issue with James, I hope the lad gets his fitness back and his career, or decide’s to run his contract down with little activity, because his body is ****ed imo, and wouldn’t want anybody to end up with lifetime of disabilities and pain, trust me I know what that’s like, the only issue I have is with giving a longer contract. In this day and age footballers are very lucky that they live a very highly paid game, and even if James retired now, if he’s managed his money right, will never have to be in a financial position to have to work again, and live a life of luxury, not like the players that played for us when I was younger, who after serious injuries or not, would work normal jobs like driving instructors etc.
  2. Like I said, it was to support him and pay him for the full length of his contract, some clubs would have looked at the injury, injuries, and look at a settlement to get rid. To offer him a new long contract extension, after serious injury and no proof of fitness, as proven since his so called return for injury, which he’s never really been fit since, was ill thought out
  3. I knew players are insured, but don’t know a lot about the policies, but I thought they only paid out if the career ends due to injury and wages are paid by the club as he’s under contract, I don’t know. It’s was like beckham and other sports stars insure their legs and arms for £££££££, in the event of permanent loss of income
  4. Agree a very good player back then, it’s a shame for club and country and James he’s been so unlucky with injuries, if he stayed fit, he would have been picked up by one of the bigger clubs
  5. As I said I don’t disagree with the club supporting him through his injuries and the existing contract he had, I would expect that like you say morally. What I disagree with is him given a decent extension after not being around for over 2 years, again nothing against James, can’t fault him for taking a contract but it should have been pay as you play, and he still has all the support of medical staff. Just say he’s on 30 grand a week, that’s 3.1 million over the two years out, and not including the time out before and since, I would like to think he was financially secure before the new contract. The fact remains the two knee injuries he’s had, I would imagine he knows he’s finished and will just run down his contract, then retire so he doesn’t permanently have mobility issues.
  6. It cost whatever his wages are over what 6 or so years, and his been available for what 18 months, and he still has years on his contract. I’m not bitter, but it’s frustrating that he was given a new contract after not proving his fitness after not being available for two years, and he’s been constantly injured, the club went above and beyond not cancelling his original contract. When some fans don’t earn in a year what he gets paid a week, but still pay their money for tickets etc, I can see the frustration of a player made a millionaire for sitting on a treatment table. Nothing against James, it’s poor decision above him to give him it, and if I was in his shoes, I couldn’t have signed quick enough, but maximum it should have been pay as you play, or retire and claim on his insurance which I’m sure he has.
  7. We have plenty of cover at centre half with Evans and Morgan with experience, but give the Turk and benky a chance along side Evans, we have already spent a fortune on these two, why not run with them, 4 centre half’s is enough
  8. He is very over rated, and when you watch him every week, we all know his weakness, especially his commanding his area, and people rave about his kicking, it’s one of the most frustrating parts of his game, the amount of time he wasted possession is unbelievable at this level. All this said he’s not the best premier league keeper by far, just average, that’s why no big boys have tried taking him, but where we are at present he’s ok for us, but I would like ward to get a chance if he hits poor form, as in recent years he appears to be played every game no matter what, which in my eyes is not right.
  9. Do feel for the guy, the odds where stacked against him from literally the first seconds, forget the not being able to play for 6 months, but the managerial Merry go round, signing for a manager that wants you, to a couple after that doesn’t. Don’t agree with some that he’s shite, you don’t become a bad player over night, like slim, it’s not worked for numerous reasons. I hope they both get the moves they want, and there careers need, wish them well
  10. We can easily shift all but king and James on loan or sell, but James is injured yet again, and on silly money, king isn’t good enough for prem and is on silly money, I’m afraid we are stuck with them until their contracts run out
  11. I agree with pundits, he will be worth 80 mill by this time next year, Rodgers will continue to get the best out of him
  12. Now I’m getting excited, everything is in place, now let’s win something for vichai legacy, top and the fans, no more new management, this is the best position we have ever been into going a season. Bring on the Sunderland and arsenal, bring on the scousers by the score, Barcelona and Madrid put in a mighty bid, but you won’t beat Leicester anymore. 🥳🥳🤪
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