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  1. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    All I know is I’m more interested in getting some players out before puel. If we do sack puel, I hope a few of the poor footballers follow him out of the door, so the next manager doesn’t suffer the same fate as the previous 3, a bunch of players who aren’t good enough, or not prepared to adapt to new ideas, and have long periods of inconsistent form, every season of late
  2. Negativity

    Is it negativity or just out and out boredom. Yes we are nothing special, but ffs at least play without fear, and make it entertaining.
  3. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Booooooo 💤 💤 😴
  4. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Bring on junior Lewis 😂
  5. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Just got in, got better things to do on a night like this, than be bored to death down there. Positive note, all them cones after the under pass, saved me a nightmare drive home. Have I missed anything 😂
  6. Saints (H)...score prediction thread :

    Players start slow, go two down, they decide to play abit after 60 minutes, end up losing 2-1. That’s the trend, can’t see it changing this season
  7. Maguire

    I don’t think he’d dare give maguire away
  8. Did we really want Europa League?

    Agree, we will probably see who the problem players are come summer, like you say if he survives. I hope he does, because I’m tired of this bunch of players, consistently under performing for managers. Like I have previously said, puel will be the 3 rd manager sack because of poor results, rumours of dressing room unrest, I would rather change the players that seem to have the problem, than a manager every season.
  9. Did we really want Europa League?

    I personally think I believe the players unrest rumours. Puel is trying to change the playing style, which puel refers to in the interview with hoddle, but for me the telling comment was where he says, some players can only play one way. Again they are rumours, but ones I leaning towards believing, I think they is a power struggle, puel has been brought in to improve our style, not so one dimensional, and the players are not playing for him, and resisting change, because they know their time here, and expecting to be first choice could be coming to an end. This should play out in the summer if it is true, and puel has balls, some unexpected names will probably move on
  10. Did we really want Europa League?

    I would agree, but with group of players, for whatever reason, do not seem to be playing with the desire for 90 minutes a game, to suggest that they want it. If they had shown any sort of consistent form this season, europa league was there for the taking, but lacklustre performances, against poor to average teams, speaks volumes to me, this season is possible the realistic chance we had
  11. Did we really want Europa League?

    Which we could do I think, would be another great experience
  12. Did we really want Europa League?

    Owners, extra income = definitely Fans, to experience Europe away again = definitely. Players, extra matches, more work for their money = definitely not
  13. Maguire

    if they think 35 mill is enough to buy a young England international, they had better look at a different player, at a different club, with different owners 😂
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Can see it as well, pleasant to see players giving it their all for the shirt, manager, and fans, I can still remember what that was like. Our players are on holiday already, wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get another point, even Southampton looked good until Chelsea really turned it on
  15. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    I would agree to a certain extent, in the past we have always been direct. Where I disagree is we should be more ambitious now, and adapt to the change in the game. We have always had to buy players in our price range ( cheap), and when they became valuable sell, we are not that poor club anymore, or having to sell club, so we should be setting our standards in regards of player standard higher. We have a squad with a lot of lower premier league, top end championship players in it, some of whom had a one season wonder, and people now think are good enough to come with us as we aim to improve our league position. We are not going attract better players with a team of hoofers, and good players can play direct, or like puel is trying to, which would make us something we are definitely not at the minute, dangerous and unpredictable in attack