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  1. The only two players in recent years I was bothered about losing was kante and mahrez when he wanted to be here, two players we could never replace. I can honestly say there isn’t a player in our squad at present I wouldn’t sell for the right price.
  2. If kasper was good enough to play for a top side, he would be there now, the same as mahrez, kante, and even though it’s not worked drinkwater. Kasper has been a good keeper for us, but I think he’s father is blinkered. Yes he’s probably up there with the best shot stoppers but he is weak in other area’s like dominating his area, he’s at a club for his level. I think peter should be careful with his comments about gong to bigger clubs and calling the current manager, he needs to remember the club pays his son a very good wage, and he may well move to a bigger club but it doesn’t mean he will play, imo if he goes somewhere bigger than us I hope he’s prepared to be a number 2
  3. To be fair to puel his and vardy relationship appears strained, pundits are picking up on it, so if vardy is a problem for puel I don’t blame him, we don’t know, but vardy could be being an arse a round the training ground, but I would say if puel stays in the summer, vardy goes imo
  4. Knowing our lot we will probably end up extending James, king, Simpson and Okazaki contracts 😂
  5. 😂 this forum doesn’t like nacho, Okazaki does absolutely **** all and is at 4.9 rating, nacho does **** all and is 3.4 rating, both in affective, and poor option if we are chasing the game
  6. Forget wether I liked him or not, he has failed miserably since leaving us. I spoke to a mate the other day about how the managers get the stick or plaudits, but the work the assistant does goes unnoticed. For me Shakespeare was a cracking number 2, and Pearson is lost without him imo, not to the same extent because he held top jobs after leaving here, but thought O’Neill was a better manager with Robertson as his number 2.
  7. Will blame puel if mendy sees red, mendy is battling, and is hampered by the booking, and pushing his luck, puel should be subbing him for hamza
  8. That will give him confidence booing him coming on for Maddison
  9. As much as it boring, if we had decent players in attack, we would be in this, but Maddison, gray, and Barnes haven’t got enough quality, and as I speak I cannot see us scoring
  10. ? Can’t work out wether you are agreeing or disagreeing with my post, yes his massive contract will run out, but he’s basically sat around on his contract, more than ever since puel appeared, took a half season loan last season and again this season, and even on loan will still receive full pay, no matter who pays it. King has been loyal as in he’s prepared to stay, but let’s not be fooled, no player wants to not play as much king, so yes he’s a long servant of the club, but a lot of that has been brought with very lucrative contracts, that in my believe nobody in their right mind would give to a very average squad player, (the amount of money, rather than the contract)and to be fair it was probably more of a disgrace giving James a new one, considering his injuries before and after signing it. I don’t blame king, he needs the millions in the bank for when he retires, but if it bothered him not playing, he would have got his agent to get him a move after being told he didn’t make the premier league squad.
  11. He has played him there, your probably right, but I don’t know what you think but for me it’s just no, poor first touch, and too poor decision making for him to be our main striker
  12. Agree with those saying sensible window, but would have liked a pacey striker in on loan in case vardy gets injured or loses form, we have shite options otherwise
  13. I bet it was great to play on, imagine the size of the slide tackles you could do 😂
  14. How many did he start, I remember a lot of them being sub appearances, especially after the 12/13 season
  15. I think you are a bit clouded due to you knowing someone in his family. The truth is, he has been a bit part player since league one, and reality is Pearson, Claudio, Shakespeare and puel preferred better midfielders over him. Without the risk of being called a name, to use mendy’s loan away as justification in your argument is a tad unfair, he had a serious injury, and struggled for form and fitnesses, and has returned better for it, I’m not a massive fan, but is a far better player than king, hence king didn’t get in the squad. King has done a job here as a squad player for years, but let’s not pretend, nobody else would have paid him I believe around £50 grand a week, and I’m guessing that’s the reason he’s not left permanently, as he has a massive contract he might as well see out
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