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  1. My problem with him is why does he think he deserves a big club... he played absolutely bog standard after an amazing season, arguably the worst performer and all of a sudden HE thinks he's too good for us. Just goes to show all the ppl that said he didn't appear interested in several games were right. like I said at the start of this thread, if he wants gone then he better start performing and make these other clubs want him so badly they pay what the club think he's worth.
  2. £40m min if no one bids then he best kick his ass into shape and perform
  3. I'd snap a hand off for £40m. Great feet and touch but no where near as good as he thinks he is. ppl on here saying no one can do the things he can do but the amount of times he loses the ball when he could do a simple thing is a lot more than one good pass to albrighton who made our goal.
  4. If that's the case they should be bollocked... I'm sure it happened about 4 times! thanks for clearing up
  5. Do you kno why he blew for a free kick every time we took our goal kick and vards or ulloa challenged for it? the ref blew up about 4-5 times and stuck his hand up like it was an offside and I Kno there's no offsides from a goal kick. anyone else seen this? Still don't understand why he gave free kicks all those times
  6. But that's standard for us... the ref has let them off everytime we have a set piece by giving soft free kicks we've not been able to build any pressure... any team would struggle with decisions going against them like that. weve not been that good but you could see how pissed off huth was with the ref at the end of the half
  7. It's the ref we can't build anything at all because he is giving free kicks to them for nothing but not vice versa... it summer it up for me at the end there, Albrighton wins a great free kick and as soon as Fuchs kicks it he blows for half time... I'm sure he's got a problem with Leicester
  8. He's a top guy... really good hearing bout how he felt at the Liverpool game
  9. Everton are knocking passes around too easily... king and drinks are no where near
  10. Shakespeare haha!! 'are we ready? Happy' when he realises he pretty much said it on his own... he face after he looked to be thinking 'I hate my life' very funny and I'm sure the players will have a good giggle over it as well
  11. I think it's harsh to say it was a sitter vs West Ham... Randolph flew out and closed the space very quickly, he went for a shot when he probs should have tried to round the keeper... Vards did the same thing in the same half. i like slim but also see what oka is doing right now, don't think slim could do that role even if he wanted to
  12. After only 30mins in the second leg vs Sevilla I thought the Spanish outfit looked physically fooked!! I believe our fitness levels are top end and we will need to be fresh against them, if we're full of energy like we have been we will have a decent chance... we looked fooked the last 20 v West Ham so hopefully this break has come at a good time
  13. What's that champs leg chant we sing... were on our way song dont the end but at all
  14. That's the game when I finally thought Pearson had to leave... We played 5 at the back im sure and don't think we had a shot on target, don't think either team did. when I felt we were going down!! How wrong was I
  15. Let's just see what shakey does next game and see what happens re slim... im I the only one excited at the prospect of a confident vards and for slim up front together! shakey got the team back to working really hard (especially vards), pressing teams, not allowing oppo to turn etc and its clear to see players responded to that and energy was much improved! hull won't go forward as much so will need slim with his back to goal and link up with vards and wingers