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  1. Hamza and Silva

    For me we need 3 in the middle, we get completely bossed here every game! GK - whoever RB - Marc or Simmo CB’s - Drago and Maguire LB - Chillwell or Fuchs DM - Iborra or currently Hamza CM’s - Silva and N’Didi RW - Diabate or Mahrez LW - Gray SC - Vards or Nacho
  2. Southampton (home)

    I’d love to see Ndidi, Iborra and Silva play!! Kasper Albrighton Drago Arry Chillwell Iborra Ndidi Silva Mahrez Nacho Diabate It’s attacking but you got 3 combatitive CM’s there that can cover for bombing full backs!! Will never ever see this tho!
  3. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    The ball was slightly behind Mahrez and yes the ball should have been in front of Mahrez to receive it... Mahrez had time to control the ball regain his balance and still had plenty of space and time... so much time in fact Iborra made a deep run towards the back post which would have been 2vs 2 in the Chelsea box, Mahrez didn’t cross it much to Iborras disgust... the pass was poor from Nacho but Mahrez still had plenty of time and space to do something than whatever he did.
  4. West Brom away match thread

    And me if anyone has a good one
  5. West Brom away pre match thread

    Kasper Marc Drago Maguire Chillwell Iborra Silva Ndidi Mahrez Nacho Gray I’d love to see this be given a try, encourages full backs to get width and forward as well as our 2 CM’s... Iborra has the discipline and physical attributes to play the deep holding role. Nacho is better than Vardy playing deeper with back to goal, we need to get him playing regular to see If he’s our man for the next few seasons. Would even consider playing vards instead of Gray where he can use his pace and get behind teams.
  6. Puel

    We need to give him time but I agree about being concerned with the players he has been selecting. I have not idea why he selects James, he struggles all through the game and is no where near the run of play, how he is ahead of Iborra and Silva is baffling! Also he should have handled the Morgan situation better, dragovic was playing well and Morgan just gets his place back in the team. Does he know his best team??
  7. I agree but Mahrez hasn’t been professional and it’s had some an effect on the club, with the players, fans and to Mahrez himself. i feel we should get a decent offer and let him go, we clearly try and play everything through him and the past few games he’s been poor, I’m not gonna be blinded by a 97th min free kick, he was really poor today.
  8. Adrien Silva

    All the successes are defensive players by the looks of that list... I kno oka is a forward but he’s mainly a success because of his defensive work in a attacking position. the club needs to do better in the way it intergrates the more forward thinking players
  9. We need to get our best players starting for games like this, for me thats Kasper Marc Arry Drago Chill/Fuchs Ndidi Iborra Mahrez Silva Gray Nacho Vards is struggling in this system and although Nacho hasn’t blown me away I’d like to see if he can do better with his back to goal/ linkup play than JV. I feel if Puel persists with this formation then he needs a striker to play a key focus point. We Need a solid centre because we constantly get the ball out wide and do nothing with it, we need to mix up our play and I feel Silva is probably the only man capable of that.
  10. If I got bored of watching paint dry
  11. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    All our creative players are playing crap haha
  12. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    He has played shit... had our best chances of the games and done poorly in every single one... we were playing ok before he went on his strop
  13. £75m and they can write off the shit buy back clause for nacho then it’s a maybe
  14. It’s a n/a from me I was more impressed with how he nicked the ball than the actual pass. I like Silva and looking forward to him starting regularly.
  15. I gave all starters 7 but Ndidi, Maguire and Vardy get 8. Gray gets a 6, he was steady but didn’t do anything of note... Silva n/a, not on long enough.