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  1. Right close this thread so I can’t moan at some of the weaknesses of his game. After that performance I will never moan about him again! 2 amazing saves which were just has important as Youri’s wonder strike!
  2. What a **** to celebrate in that fashion. Maybe it was the occasion rather than scoring against us but he should have shown a bit more class. Glad he got egg on his face
  3. Me and my older bro had a great time watching it!! Just delivered him back to LRI so he can start the next stage of his intensive chemotherapy! I’ll never forget I experienced this moment with him, my wife and my two daughters!! Thanks to all the Leicester City players and staff! Thanks to Top for being an amazing owner who clearly loves this club! Thanks to all you supporters that made the game and showed just what this occasion meant to us! And thanks to Vichai for making us believe the impossible can happen. I FCUKING LOVE MY CLUB!
  4. What’s the ref doing giving them 2 cheap corners from woeful shots! He needs to go to spec savers!
  5. I think this is what we’re all worried about. If we get Champs Lge then we could attract players to build a better squad. If Chelsea or Liverpool don’t qualify they would still get the pick of most players ahead of us. Us getting champs league means so much more to us than them!
  6. I went for this but also mount in for Vardy and Mendy for Kasper. We have a solid squad thanks very much you cheeky fcuker Ian Wright!
  7. I heard this a while ago! I don’t think we’ll ever see this again! Let’s hope he plays!
  8. Man U thrashing Liverpool by 3 or 4 would be perfect! Get there GD down!
  9. I was saying this to my mates. If I was a Liverpool fan I was be well unhappy at what has unfolded. Apparently there is a Prem league rule which awards Liverpool 3pts due to Man U’s fans forcing the game to be postponed but Liverpool haven’t appealed the rescheduling. That can’t be right because surely I would have seen something about this and Liverpool would be mental not to go for the 3 Pts!
  10. It was clear to me because all of a sudden we had 2 players out wide and loads more options. Soyuncu was spraying the ball lovely to both wings whereas the 3 at the back there’s isn’t that option. The first half we had 2 maybe 3 shots, 1 on target but second half we looked so much better especially going forward. It also showed me Fofana and Cags can play together no problems. They’ll make mistakes but most of the time they will be rapid and solid.
  11. Yea I thought he recovered well, got in a good position and did he job. How Greenwood was allowed to run into the box and fire his shot off with no one near him was criminal.
  12. Thank **** for that!! We looked so much more creative when we went to 4 at the back! Fofana and Cags are more than capable as a back 2 pairing
  13. They didn’t really show any replays. Strange?? Unless I missed it whilst kicking off and being bollocked by the missus!!
  14. 1 shot on target against a team trying to lose against us! I know they ain’t but we should be well on top here. Scrap this 3 at the back against teams were expected to beat!! We still concede shit goals anyway! BR tactics again to blame for a very poor half.
  15. He has to start Under but I know he won’t. I mean it can’t be any worse to going 4-0 down at home to Newcastle can it 😂😂 Kasper Castange Soyuncu Fofana Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Under Maddison Albrighton Nacho I know ppl have said on here Nacho can’t play up top on his own but I don’t see why he can’t. He’s played himself into confidence and now he got the belief I think he can do it and should find himself with a lot more chances. He’s stronger than you think at keeping the ball with back to goal, has some neat control, can take a player on, quick (but
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