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  1. jmono84

    Adrien silva

    Silva was our best guy in central midfield and defo has that bit of quality, we didn’t have much anyway but at least he picked out a few passes. As soon as he went off we had absolutely nothing, don’t understand why he was subbed!
  2. jmono84

    Brighton Match Thread

    Can’t give away a goal and give away a red card and expect anything else than a loss. We were in control until iborras poor pass then we was under the cosh for 5 mins and conceded. So weak this team.
  3. jmono84

    Brighton Match Thread

    Yea same for me... would appreciate a good stream
  4. jmono84

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    Some of the decision made in the World Cup after VAR was absurd! Hopefully refs will use common sense when using the system like if the ball strikes someone on the hand very quickly from a yard or so then don’t slow down the footage to make it look like the player had plenty of opportunity to move his hand and give a soft peno.
  5. Ricardo got skinned every time I saw him... worst defensive display I think I’ve ever seen by a player! i tuned into the game just before we scored and then watched arsenal dominate so my scores are quite low haha we need much better options up front, Vardy ain’t the man for this system
  6. jmono84

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    Vards has got to keep the ball better there... a few mins to go till half time and he kicks the ball away like a hot potato when he had plenty of time and space
  7. jmono84

    New training ground announced

    Boring hell... some ppl have way too much time on their hands! I ain’t even got time to read that let alone sit down and type it! in fact I just ran out of time writing this, my baby girl has just shat her pants 🤢
  8. jmono84

    Adrien Silva

    From what I watched he seemed ok as well... didn’t rip up any trees but he’s not as bad as some scores on the ratings... think he was scored close to 4 at one point! Clear he’s getting a rough time on here
  9. jmono84


    He’s looked good and looks smooth when with the ball... sometimes gets caught in possession but with time he’ll find that extra step and become better. I’m excited from what I’ve seen from him. He’s been much tidier than Ndidi but Mendy needs Wilf because he’s so good as a ball winner! Hope both can keep it going and build a formidable partnership.
  10. jmono84

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    I like to think Puel is still fine tuning. We’re generally keeping the ball much better and creating some good chances from decent football which is a big positive so far this season. The balance is completely off at the minute tho, the first two goals against Bournemouth is unacceptable, other big clubs play similar to what we do but they have fast quality centre backs and switched on CDM’s who know how to deal with situations when the counter attack is on... don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind if someone like Ronaldo skinned wes and scored but someone like Fraser being allowed to run with the ball, cut inside and score shows Wes/others are struggling in this new system. I hope it can be rectified because I am enjoying watching us going forward but shite my pants every time we lose the ball
  11. We weren’t that bad. Defending was awful but we looked good a lot of times. this sums it up for me. i watched the game on a stream, we were on top playing some good football and looking the team in control and more likely to take the lead. my stream froze for about 20 seconds then next thing I see is Fraser celebrating! Same before the second, we looked like edging back into the game, vards had a shot and Maddison hit the bar. Then all of a sudden, sloppy play in the middle and bang 2-0 down! the peno was a disgrace, not intentional, his arms weren’t in an unnatural position, getting his balance trying to control a bouncing ball. That’s it then game over. Like someone else said on here earlier, we have given them 2 goals and the peno was handed to them by the ref. Bournemouth didn’t do much at all but were 3-0 up by half time!
  12. I gave Morgan a 2 and Maguire a 3... I never usually score that low but they were shocking! Both should have had 4 yellows between them. Morgan was worse for me, that challenge for the first goal was embarrassing and he was getting bossed from start to finish, (well the 70th min) in every department. Morgan should been phased out this season because it’s clear he’s struggling. Maguire looks knackered but he’s played non stop football for a year and a half, he’s in need of a rest I think. I like Morgan for what he’s done for us but it’s clear he’s been struggling for a while, this system where he is more exposed is not good for him or the team and that falls on Puel for not recognising. Puel has bought in 3 new centre backs so he must see that area needs improving! I wanna see Söyüncü (well done IPhone auto correct!!) play, he’s got pace and good with ball at his feet!
  13. jmono84

    Last 26 games

    I can see progression in our football... definitely much better with the ball and creating chances this season. The defence is worrying tho, for me Ndidi has been way too sloppy and needs to step up, Mendy has been very tidy but is still finding his feet. Those two are key in ensuring we’re not left exposed like we were yesterday, it was like watching schoolboys defending yesterday, really embarrassing. Morgan is coming to his end and to put him in a position where he is more exposed is very concerning... I like what Puel is tying to do but he can’t persist with Morgan in this system especially with Maguire not quite looking up to speed.
  14. jmono84

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    We were the better team going forward but we can’t continue to defend like this... Maguire looks poor and he is playing along side Morgan who is getting beaten every time and just not at the races... this formation exposes him completely! Very disappointing
  15. jmono84

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Maguire looks heavy and in need of rest. Morgan is done, he has been embarrassingly bad, he knows it as well