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  1. You make good points and I agree when you say fans underrate our own. Like Chilwell for example I would be more than happy if he spent the next few seasons with us starting games and hopefully improving on aspects of his game. At the same time I think it makes sense if the club accepted the fees that are being spouted but I know a lot of it is bs. I suppose I try and take a balanced approach when it comes to our club, I know there’s not much I can do but hope whoever makes the big decisions for us have the best intentions for the long term! Fingers crossed we can get a few gems in this window!!
  2. Yea I agree, the ref can’t call that a peno... from now on to be consistent the ref would have to give a peno to any player who receives a bit of contact, anywhere on his body And if the player falls over (dives) he must reward the peno! Let’s see how many he gives away! shocking decision making Ole look amazing again.
  3. Yea how the ref gives that and not the other one at the end of second half... neither were penos but he was dying to give them one, how he could see a foul there is a disgrace front him! I tiny touch on the shoulder, Martial diving again the cheating ****
  4. If that was the case I think we’d have the highest coefficient ranking in Europe!!
  5. Was gonna say the same... we must have won 10 years in a row 🤣🤣
  6. Lucky you! I’m still seething about it... there’s a decent vid (although quality isn’t amazing) on YouTube if you search well enough and experience the anger yourself
  7. Didn’t know where to put this but I just watched all of the Man U penos this season on the Snapchat skysports feed. It was shocking they got so many decisions in their favour. Probs only see 1-2 stone wallers!
  8. jmono84


    From that vid he looks to have all the qualities of a good ball playing centre half. Looks tall and wins a few headers and has a fair bit of pace for a cb. But I understand it’s a highlights video. this is the type of guy we normally get who has a big point to prove and does well for us but £25mill will come with some pressure on him to perform! I would be excited if it was a backup signing at a lot less money! if the £25m fee is to believed I can’t help get wound up thinking Juve are right cheeky feckers!!
  9. jmono84

    Tapping up

    I imagine they have banter about it but I’d like to think the players have at least some integrity and report it if they see what they believe is a serious attempt. The FA should come down on then like a ton of bricks but because I haven’t seen any reports I bet they don’t do anything. Someone must have tipped them off about it before.
  10. His fitness is shocking tho and the reason he gets subbed! I look forward to seeing a very fit Nacho startin a lot more games and playing many more minutes. He’s done ok and I’m pleased for him because at one point he looked like her lost complete confidence of his ability... think Rodgers and coaching staff have to take credit there.
  11. But teams like Man U always will and I can’t stand it! even if they finished 5th, heck even if they finished mid table this season they would still sign whoever they want!! I can’t stand that club, been a mess for years and I hope they get bit in the arse with all this money spending but looking at their neighbours it looks like nothing will be done!
  12. Look at how many goals we’ve gifted teams the past few weeks... the players bottled it big time! Error after error that’s why I’m so frustrated, we literally gave goals and points away! We need better players but I’m not convinced it going to happen! A positive spin on things is that none of the players will want to experience this again and SHOULD learn for future games!
  13. jmono84

    Adam Lallana

    I would have liked him but no chance he was getting a 3 year deal here... fair play to him for getting that deal, makes sense for him but could be a stinker for Brighton if his injuries start coming back again
  14. I’d take that loan option if it meant it would knock some dollar off him when we signed him permanently but as a stand alone fee they can get ducked!! The cheeky duckers!!
  15. He had little to do all game and lost the ball costing us big time! He’s meant to be a player that harries players and wins the ball back but he’s never really impressed me in that department tbh, I find when he goes in presses aggressively the oppo player usually turns him quite easily and he gets caught wrong side often. Today I just saw him doing the simple stuff tracking players, can’t really remember anything else of note he really did... we could maybe do with him in a game we’re trying to see out but he certainly shouldn’t be starting in the middle with Ndidi when we have to go forward and score. I kno ppl think I’m picking on the guy but I’m just saying what I see and he’s a very limited player who doesn’t really offer much. i would love if all of a sudden he became this insane good player, love to see a local lad do well but for me I think Choudhury hasn’t done much to impress. We need better next season.
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