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  1. We haven’t even got the wingers for 1 game a week!! Perez is clearly struggling as a winger/wide forward and Barnes after a promising start is looking completely ineffective in the same position. This is having a knock on effect to our game because it does feel like we’re playing with 9 men!
  2. 1st half Southampton was all over us but second half was a scrappy awful game where we looked like a team that couldn’t manage the ball... we can’t have Barnes and Pérez on the wings, they offer close to nothing, teams know it and we look like we’ve got no idea what else to do and end up losing the ball. it’s been like this for weeks. why does Chilwell never put in a first time cross btw??? Players are lacking confidence for some reason
  3. Yea not knowing where we signed Tielemans and Ndidi from!! We should be tipping that leader board!! I’m too competitive 😂
  4. He’s quick, strong and wins his fair share of headers so defensively he’s solid. He’s also got good attributes going forward, like I was with Hamza, I’m very Impressed.
  5. Wanted him to score so badly today and he had a couple of chances! He’s a very fit lad after he gets his second wind, he had bags of energy till the very end... very impressive performance!
  6. Any team would have outplayed us today... we have a real problem with our wingers, they offered nothing nothing except for a great pass by Barnes... we need better quality there
  7. That was hideous... clearly players told to sit back which stifled our pressing play... if we’re gonna play like this we need two holding midfielders... terrible tactics by Brendon, we didn’t show up.
  8. Ref is awful.. Grealish falling over every time against Ricky P and now he has a booking!! Cheating crap player... we’ve got 2 yellows, one for a great Nacho tackle and a player falling over several times... they have 2 yellows for a rugby tackle and studs down the shins... ref is bottling this game big time!
  9. If you earn a 9 you’ve probably scored two or assisted a few to get that... Ricardo never goes below a 7 for me because he’s so consistent, solid defensively and great going forward... nobody gets 9’s every week, not even if we had Messi or Ronaldo.
  10. Liverpool very fortunate not to have 2-3 players sent off... not only the stamp Trent did but the nasty late tackle when on a yellow, still no second yellow??!! VVD taking out a player through on goal and Everton get nothing for it! Robertson should get retrospective action for that elbow drop of back of Davies neck but then again it’s a Liverpool so it’ll probably be forgotten about. whilst Vards get a yellow for diving and VAR sticks with the refs decision 😂😂 It’s all going for them at the min but we’re chipping away which is all we can do!
  11. They just keep bloody winning!! I’m happy if we win today and don’t lose ground on them! I don’t want them thinking they’ve got an easy ride.
  12. So the 40 point mark is usually a good total to avoid relegation and I like this game by game attitude. If and when we hit 40 points what would our new target be? Does anyone know what the usual points tally that gets you top 6, top 4 etc?
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