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  1. I loved the way Jimenez was bouncing off Soyuncu several times 😂😂😂
  2. For me I’m gonna go along with Babylon and ignore stuff from supposedly ITK’s from now on. if ITK’s can’t say who were rumoured to sign then you’re better off not knowing and better for them not saying owt.
  3. I’m sure I read it’ll be both home and away matches Edit: just read the article on LCFC.com and it does say every home and away game
  4. I don’t think it’s as easy as saying if someone is worth that then this person must be worth this. Man Utd were possibly the only team in the world that would have paid that fee... although Leicester owners have a lot more money than Bournemouth I would think Leicester could not come anywhere near paying what Bournemouth expect if it’s true what we read about. Bournemouth asking for that amount is them saying they will not sell him. There’s no chance they’re getting that money unless an overspending team like Man U come in for him.
  5. Think this merits its own Coutinho thread!!
  6. jmono84

    Dennis Praet

    Almost identical.
  7. Just watched also! I got too excited when watching the Greeks cheering the goals against West Ham! very well produced and made my club feel very special!
  8. Player against him in a poker tournament many moons ago!! He don’t players going for a gut shot straight and especially when it hits and they win ??
  9. I don’t think it came down to just money. He sees Leicester as a very ambitious club but the main attraction is the EPL. Scottish league just can’t compare and Celtic not matter how big or whatever history they have are stuck there.
  10. Celtic is a team I’m very fond of but Rodgers, who is a big Celtic fan left them for Leicester... that speaks volumes!! If McGregor has a choice to play for us or another club in the EPL he will grab it with both hands!
  11. Agree with the post bout wingers... offer nothing at all. Really hard to watch. Puelesque performance so far but I’m interested to see what Brendon will so
  12. Concede early set piece, huff and puff and finally get an equaliser then give the ball away stupidly in injury time and lose. Happens. Every. Time.
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