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  1. I got over him leaving us even after the way he sulked and acted unprofessional. This is great for me now because I can give him lots of stick and I’d think the majority of city fans will back me up 😜😜😜
  2. If Mersons logic was considered there would be a 6 team premier league and to get promoted you’d have to win over a hundred years of football!!! Leicester should know their place and read the history books!!! How dare we upset the apple cart!! ****ing fat twat!! Worrying thing is millions of people watch that nob and think he knows what he’s taking about!
  3. Different world now... we’re playing a much better brand of football with an amazing team... this team will expect to get European football and possibly champs league. we should be in a better position to offer better wages than last time also. Obviously Man U could offer obscene wages but surely they have to kno it hasn’t worked for them so far!
  4. I wouldn’t say they were clear chances... they had that chance when their right winger blazed over from a tight angle and a good save by Ward but we were defo good and should have had 5-6 goals if our wingers were more clinical.
  5. Good performance but we should have been out of sight after an hour... All of our wingers need to be a lot more clinical, it’ll make the difference between a great season and a decent season.
  6. Yea this XG thing was bothering me that we’ve not created enough. We don’t create many clear chances due to teams, including Man Utd, defending deep against us. The fact Burnley had a better XG than us proves to me it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We were by far the better team.
  7. Absolutely!! I’ve had enough of this contact go down talk!! Mentioned it before on here, it’s out right cheating and something needs to be done... it happens in every game all over the pitch and refs must see a player going down after bullshit min contact but without hesitation give a free kick or peno... it’s by far the worst thing in today’s game and needs to be sorted.
  8. Does anyone know what day is our game on?
  9. Yea it’s pretty good!! I like it better than the sweet Caroline song
  10. Would love to see something like this for him! Maybe the last verse could be changed... the lad needs a song!!
  11. Ref had a poor game but loved the banter with fans in Kop when we won a corner and lots of fans were pointing for a goalkick and he joined in 😂😂😂👌👌👌
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