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  1. jmono84

    Adrien Silva

    I think he was decent and for me needs to start, he constantly receives the ball and like people have said keeps us ticking... he does do the occasional poor pass but so does Wilf. He was decent yesterday against a midfield three including Pogba and Fred. How some can say he was very poor I don’t know! He wasn’t amazing but he did a decent job. We conceded from a stupid pen and a fluke goal and we bossed Man U at their own stadium.
  2. jmono84

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Silva was just as good as Wilf to me, both gave the ball away at times and didn’t Silva have the most touches for us and 2nd most on the pitch??
  3. Silva hasn’t been amazing but he’s been steady for me, we need this guy to come good this season tho, think he could be a key player!! Come on lad!!
  4. Let’s face it, even if Mahrez was there instead on RW he’d not do much... I think it’s a tactical decision by the manager to put a player who is good defensively and going forward... plus armartey is good in the air
  5. jmono84

    New LCFC Phone wallpapers for all fans

    I’ve gone for the fox one too haha
  6. jmono84


    Completely agree... we’ve got to become stable and I’d be happy to see a plan in place to take us forward slowly. With a manager staying in place then things can be done to get the required players to progress and there will be a good idea of who’s not needed... getting someone else in will just lead to the same problems where we have lots of players who appear to be deadwood. for a good start
  7. 4-2-3-1 Schmeichel - who else? Pereira - Simo not fit and not suited to what Puel wants from this new system Evans Maguire - both need to get together and play, I think we’ll see less of Morgan this season, similar to Simo not quite suited to Puels system but as a CB you can kinda get away with it. Chillwell - Fuchs looks like he has declined a fair bit, I’m hoping this is a season Chillwell steps up and a better all rounder. Ndidi - Guarenteed Mendy - looks really good in preseason so far, busy in the midfield and looks decent with the ball. I’d like to see Silva in games where we are likely to dominate. Gray - As with Chillwell, I hope he takes it up a notch this season. Maddison - we’ve lost Mahrez who owned the right side of the of the pitch for us, now it looks we have a genuine player who can control the middle and give us a much better balance when we go forward. It’s his first season in prem but he stands out massively in the preseason so far. Albrighton - look forward seeing him on the right in front of a player of Pereira’s quality... also can help him out defending as he always does. Vardy - With Maddison in the team I can see a lot more through balls and passes down the channel for Vards... looking forward to see how Maddison and Vardy work together.
  8. jmono84

    Udinese Match Thread

    I like they put the games on but I don’t like it rendering my phone useless for 2 hours
  9. jmono84

    Udinese Match Thread

    Did anyone have any problems with LCFC.tv? I put it on and didn’t dare so anything else with my phone but had no problems. Musa and Mendy have shown to me that have something to offer us, especially Mendy, he’s looked busy and decent the past few times I’ve seen him this pre-season
  10. jmono84

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    It did work for me but then it fcuking disappeared when I checked my phone now there’s no vid at all
  11. jmono84

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    Not working for me
  12. Anyone else think Kapustka and King looked the best of the subs that came on?
  13. jmono84

    Friendlies streamed to tv

    Yea same for me... website is fcuking amatuer
  14. jmono84

    Jack Grealish

    You forgot Kane and Rose
  15. jmono84

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Great finish for both... defo excited bout this guy... although I was excited bout Kermagant too