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  1. jmono84

    Barnes coming back

    Barnes had a strange game, I think it was a poor performance because he squandered some great chances but if he had taken them he would have been by far our man of the match. I like Barnes, he’s gets in some great positions with fantastic runs, that’s the hard bit to learn, just needs to develop his finishing in front of goal and he’ll be class. Fingers crossed for him.
  2. jmono84

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    No! Maybe I’ve got a unknown soft spot for him
  3. jmono84

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    Anyone else think the red was a bit harsh 🤣🤣
  4. That vid against Marseille was interesting... first half he looked to receive ball deeper (where I think we need him) but in second half he played much higher. ive said before I think Mendy has been better than Ndidi this season but we need ndidi to win those headers and tackles... hopefully with Tielemans in Ndidi will feel less pressure to make a difficult pass and keep it simple, that would improve his game no end.
  5. jmono84


    Ndidi thinks he’s a box to box player and tries to switch the ball to the other side 2-3 times a game and it’s rarely successful. He’s need to know what he’s good at and that’s winning the ball, it’s what he does after which frustrates me so much. He needs to keep it simple. Have him in the middle with a more technical player. Maybe because Mendy is with him he feels the need to try and be the playmaker also which from the past two seasons clearly shows he isn’t! player selection will get Puel the sack in my opinion.
  6. jmono84

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Ndidi doing a stupid floated pass at the end when they countered! His passing has been shocking! He’s been a massive disappointment for me. He only gets ahead of Mendy for me because he’s tall. morgan is finished but he’ll still play, so obvious wolves targeted him every time
  7. jmono84

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Fans on here! We could have played better but going a goal down was always going to make it difficult! Albrighton played well but he single handily knocked us out of the cup, literally haha! Ghezzal did ok and if he had given away the peno I would dread to think what the posts in here would be like! They defended in numbers but we managed to break through but to give a goal away like that for me means we deserved to go out!
  8. jmono84

    Chelsea (A) Match Thread

    Mendy had our best break away and took on two players before giving it to chillwell
  9. jmono84

    Chelsea (A) Match Thread

    Vardy is not our man up top, 4 times I’ve counted where he has lost the ball very cheaply... we got no one who can hold the ball up and build attacks
  10. jmono84

    Adrien silva

    Silva was our best guy in central midfield and defo has that bit of quality, we didn’t have much anyway but at least he picked out a few passes. As soon as he went off we had absolutely nothing, don’t understand why he was subbed!
  11. jmono84

    Brighton Match Thread

    Can’t give away a goal and give away a red card and expect anything else than a loss. We were in control until iborras poor pass then we was under the cosh for 5 mins and conceded. So weak this team.
  12. jmono84

    Brighton Match Thread

    Yea same for me... would appreciate a good stream
  13. jmono84

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    Some of the decision made in the World Cup after VAR was absurd! Hopefully refs will use common sense when using the system like if the ball strikes someone on the hand very quickly from a yard or so then don’t slow down the footage to make it look like the player had plenty of opportunity to move his hand and give a soft peno.
  14. Ricardo got skinned every time I saw him... worst defensive display I think I’ve ever seen by a player! i tuned into the game just before we scored and then watched arsenal dominate so my scores are quite low haha we need much better options up front, Vardy ain’t the man for this system
  15. jmono84

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    Vards has got to keep the ball better there... a few mins to go till half time and he kicks the ball away like a hot potato when he had plenty of time and space