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  1. Albrighton and Forana there... what were they thinking!
  2. Shows why we need VAR because of fairness. Vardy was no further offside than their player
  3. Also big fan of Barnes but he does tend to go missing for large periods of games... need to get more involved
  4. Wanna see us keep the ball a lot better this half. Need to see more from our wing backs to get anything from this game
  5. Kasper made some good saves. He has such a strong kick but I hate those floaty wide balls he does so often, causes us problems. ****ing blast it lad
  6. This 3 at the back is stifling our forward play, we’re giving the ball away every time we go forward. Use this system when we need it Rodgers not when they are playing one up front. CM’s can’t get into the game, wing backs are hardly noticeable and wingers/ Nacho are losing their battles but have been starved.
  7. No control in the middle as others have mentioned meaning we’re having to go direct. Our balls forward have been terrible so losing possession straight away
  8. Thinking Kasper is the only goalkeeper where his kicks puts us in more danger. Shocking distribution so far by him
  9. Even his crossing let him down today. We need our full backs because this guy can’t play RB again
  10. First half tactics killed us... Should have went for this weakened Liverpool team, we would have found us having decent chances if we started that team that finished the game. Albrightons performance was hideous tonight, his defending was just as bad as his crossing.
  11. You can’t score an own goal and defend like Kevin in games like this. Literally handed them 2 goals
  12. Awful performance from the players, I hope it’s not tactical to allow them all the space in the world letting them put simple passes out wide in behind our defence. Abysmal showing so far
  13. How the **** is that a free kick let alone yellow card. Shit twat ref
  14. Showing this weak Liverpool way too much respect and when we get the ball we’re awful with it. Players need to wake up especially our ball players Tielemans, Maddison and Mendy
  15. He’s done that about 3 times tonight.. I don’t know what he’s playing at
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