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  1. What’s his position? He looked to play as a left winger tonight but for some reason I thought he was a central type player.
  2. Kasper had a good game but the saves were quite straightforward for him. Gave him a solid 8 tho for a solid performance. Lots of our team battled hard against a physical team but the guys playing did ok considering most our injuries and players returning. Last season we would have collapsed after that first goal so well played to the lads for digging in. Hamza had the best non goal chance which he scuffed, better contact and that’s in. Overall I think it was a decent performance against a defensively solid team and we created some decent chances.
  3. Not bad considering half team and most of the players on the pitch are still getting there fitness back. As soon as Ndidi went in the middle they had nothing
  4. Shit ref gives one of the most physical teams the softest free kicks constantly
  5. **** ref has given 4 of those ultra soft fouls now. Twat realise when you’re being conned. Dick
  6. Another goal we’ve just gifted. This team is starting to show how soft they are
  7. Pretty defensive but I like the thought of Ricky P bombing down the wings! Hamza needs to show that confidence and get on the ball, I don’t think he’s got it in him but I’ll still hope he can step up!
  8. And they got away with financial fair play 🤣🤣 Amazing squad but so unfair
  9. He does realise they win that game don’t he. Love the reaction tho. 😆
  10. There’s obviously a player in there but he’s not right for BR. Apparently according the Stringer BR was constantly bemoaning him on the touchline whenever he did something. It won’t click for him but I hope I’m proved wrong.
  11. Said he’s been carrying it for a few weeks
  12. Got to be more to it than being unlucky. Should have unitised the squad more, seems like we’ve burnt these players out!
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