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  1. No way. Three points for a win. Go for it
  2. Feels like we have eased off and are playing for a draw. We can still win this. Chelsea were reeling. Need to be a bit braver
  3. All City second half. Space opening up. Anyone still bellyaching?
  4. The Chase has that effect on me too. It's brain-rotting crap. Get the footie back on. We are still in this.
  5. We are back in this and I thought had the best chance in the last 15-20 mins from the Maddison free kick. Need a few more low diagonal crosses whipped in from the right. Target Zouma.
  6. Jesus some of the comments on here. We're playing a better side away who are fired up after a thrashing. We're still in this one.
  7. Selling an adult and U16 ticket v Burnley in SK1 at face value (£54). Happy to upgrade the U16 ticket nearer the match if no one wants it as it is.
  8. A strange match to get picky about who buys tickets. It's not like it's Barcelona away in the Champions League final.
  9. My favourite moment in the match apart from when the VAR result was announced. Loved the way Vardy let him know he was there. Still unbelievably quick.
  10. Selling an adult and U16 ticket v Spurs for face value in SK1 (£59). Good seats together in SK1. Happy to upgrade the U16 ticket nearer the match if no one wants it as it is.
  11. A few more tickets have just come on sale to season ticket holders
  12. ? 2014? Quality journalism. Easy mistake to make though, given how many football teams a Leicester paper has to cover. And it's not as if anything happened that season.
  13. His confidence is shot and he seems to be almost hiding from the ball at times. He seems to be getting worse, not better. It's not easy to know what to do. I'd give him until Christmas to improve under Brendan, and if that doesn't work, I'd loan him to a Championship side or sell him.
  14. The Daily Mail managed to forget about Kante winning the World Cup FFS ?
  15. Kante has now won something in each of the four seasons he's been in England ...
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