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  1. OK try this. 1. Sign into lcfc.com 2. Click on tickets 3. Click on your name 4. Click on personal details 5. Scroll down to away points total For me I can't see when I started accumulating away points because they were amalgamated a few years ago. But I think ST points (i.e. 50 points a season) started in 2014/15
  2. It's not that intuitive 1. Log into your lcfc account 2. Click on 'tickets' at the top 3. Click on your name Away priority points is one of the options.
  3. One spare U16 in SK1. Good seat about 2/3 of way back. Can be upgraded. Can make it a pair someone is really keen.
  4. Or you could upgrade to a post match kebab and a night in a Travelodge on the outskirts of Wolverhampton?
  5. Even Kaspar is erratic. His distribution against Liverpool was horrific. But I agree Ward didn't do himself any favours yesterday.
  6. I'm talking about the midweek matches v Watford on 4 Dec and against West Ham on 22 Jan. They could easily be rescheduled for earlier or later in the season. If your in-laws stay for that long over Christmas you need a human rights lawyer.
  7. An extra game over Christmas is fine, but why also schedule league midweek matches in early December and mid January when the fixture list is at its most congested and the weather is at its worst? It makes no sense to me.
  8. I nominate Zieler for being statistically the worst goalkeeper in the Premier League when he deputised for Schmeichel. He was the only one to concede more goals than he saved shots. Google 'Zieler howlers' to see his continuing professional development. There should be a place for bad value as well as just bad. Slimani was a terrible buy. His 15 starts cost £29m and millions more in wages. He had the touch of a donkey and always seemed to be moaning at his team mates about something. Silva was a let down too - £22m for ten starts. Never coped with the speed of the Premier League. It's as if he never caught those 14 seconds back up.
  9. Got an adult + U16 ticket available together in SK1. Can upgrade if needed.
  10. Adult + U16 ticket available at face value. Good seats together in SK1. Would prefer not to upgrade at this stage. Thanks
  11. A good win Could have bin A banana skin I liked the look of James Justin
  12. Why leave a team in second place and still improving for one in a mess?
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