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  1. I feel sorry for Ricardo. From the team's point of view at least Justin is playing well, the end of season is approaching and Coronavirus will probably delay matches. Also it shows the value of keeping Chilwell.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if the FA cocked up the numbers. Do you think VAR would spot an extra team in the final?
  3. A pair of good seats in SK1 available for Villa on Monday. Adult + U16, but can upgrade. £44 (£10 under face value).
  4. Selling adult + U16 tickets in SK1 v Villa on 9 March for £44 (£10 under face value). Happy to upgrade the U16 if needed. Also same tickets v Crystal Palace on Easter Saturday for face value £54. Happy to upgrade if no one wants them as they are.
  5. Not sure we need another midfielder who can pass but not tackle.
  6. I've got an adult and U16 ticket available for this in SK1 at face value. Can upgrade the U16 if needed.
  7. I agree. Teams have got smarter about tactical fouling, by a) doing it further from their own goal and b) rotating who fouls.
  8. No, but it's at the ref's discretion, and they aren't using that discretion enough.
  9. You could do a few things about it. 1. Give an automatic booking to players who commit a certain number of tactical /more minor fouls (maybe two or three), on top of existing bookings for bad fouls etc. 2. Send players who get booked to a sin bin for ten minutes. 3. Rotational fouling is harder to stop. Ultimately the only sanction that works for teams with big, high quality squads who foul a lot is a points deduction.
  10. Can't imagine Keane putting up with that. Remember him going for Viera in the tunnel https://youtu.be/Vmv1l1oUHUA
  11. I've got an adult + U16 ticket available in SK1 for this at face value.
  12. I a Yes I agree with this. Having a young team with so much skill and potential is great, but I think we're a bit short of leadership when things get tough. I think we need someone in the middle of the pitch with a bit more grit and nous, who can marshall and drive the team on when needed, and bawl them out when they don't track back or press, etc. Even better if they aren't quite as nice, and can put in a few more crunching tackles and tactiical fouls when needed.
  13. Justin came on as a sub on the left against Watford. It was only a cameo, but he looked composed and got an assist.
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