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  1. The 50 Worst Premier Players Ever!! (by FourFourTwo)

    This clip takes me back. I'd forgotten how bad Akinbiyi was. The record signing with the terrible touch in front of goal and crazy, bewildered look. Makes me laugh now though - time's a great healer.
  2. Bournemouth at home on Saturday 3 March

    Now sold, thanks.
  3. Selling two good seats together in SK1 - one adult and one U18. Face value £36 + £26. Can upgrade the U18 ticket if needed. Thanks
  4. Selling one adult and one U18 ticket in SK1 at home to Watford on 20 Jan at face value (£36 and £26). Good seats. Can upgrade the U18 ticket if needed.
  5. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Selling one adult and one U18 ticket in SK1 at home to Watford on 20 Jan. Good seats at face value. Can upgrade the U18 ticket if needed. PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Kasper

    i think he's a very good keeper. There aren't that many in the Prem I'd swap him for. He is having a bad spell by his standards though. I'm not convinced his problems with free kicks are totally to do with his height. He's the same height as Lloris after all. Schmeichel's letting in shots that should be within his reach. Maybe more to do with the way he positions himself and the wall?
  7. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Ulloa's goals were crucial in the great escape season. He scored 13, while no one else scored more than five. And he played an important role as sub in the title winning season without complaining. I don't think he's good enough for the Prem now, but I thihk he could still do a job at a decent Championship side. I'd definitely be open to offers for him in January
  8. Chilwell is amazing

    That's not what I said. Saying he needs to learn more about defensive positioning isn't the same as saying he can't defend. Maguire needs to work on his positioning too, and Morgan and Simpson need to work on their passing. All our defenders have strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Chilwell is amazing

    Much as I like Fuchs as a character and for the title-winning season, Chilwell is definitely a better player at the moment. Sure, he still needs to learn more about defensive positioning, and about crossing and passing accurately, but how many players his age are the finished article? He's improving all the time, and I'd give him a decent run in the side.
  10. Fuchs vs Chilwell

    Any views on why Fuchs' performances have dropped so much? I can't believe his legs have gone - he's only 31. Seems to be more about bad decision-making to me, like getting in the wrong position, tackling at the wrong moment or just taking risks that he doesn't have to. I was a big fan of his in the title-winning season, but he's not played well for quite a while now.
  11. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    Let's be honest - Gray dived. I want to see games decided by skill and effort, not by who is the best at falling over under minimal or no contact and fooling the referee. The only way we are going to spot diving consistently is through video technology. And the only way we are going to stop it is through a ban that's long enough to discourage players from doing it.
  12. Penalty Taker

    One of the best penalties I've ever seen from Fuchs. A beautiful, clean strike in the top corner. A shame he's not good enough to be in the first team at the moment, or I'd vote him as our regular penalty taker.
  13. Crazy Stat Time!

    Vardy hasn't scored in the last half hour of a league match to affect its result since the title winning season. In 2015-16 Vardy scored a load of late goals that made a difference to the result of league matches, particularly during his 11 in a row. But since that season he's only scored four in the last half hour of a league match, and none of them have made a difference to the result. In 2016-17 he scored late goals in matches we were already winning and went on to win (against Manchester City and Sunderland), and this season he's scored consolation goals in matches we were already losing by a couple and went on to lose (against Chelsea and Liverpool). Vardy brings a huge amount to the team apart from goals, with his pressing, tackling and assists, and by tying up defenders. But it would be good to see him scoring more of those late equalisers and winners again ... or maybe the manager bringing him off a bit earlier sometimes to give someone else a chance.
  14. Huth and James

    Huth has a lot of experience, and when he plays I always feel he is the one marshalling the defence, rather than Morgan. I'm not sure now much of a role he still has in the first team, other than as cover. But if he could help Maguire with his positioning when defending crosses and when a forward is one-on-one against him, that would be fantastic.
  15. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Cardiff_Fox I completely agree the fixture schedule is over the top this Christmas, that players will be knackered at the end of it, and there are likely to be some odd results. I just don't think it's much of an excuse just yet. Let's look at the stats. By this date last December, we'd played 23 competitive matches (17 Premier League and 6 Champions League), including five matches in December. So far this year, we've only played 18 competitive matches (all Premier League), including four in December. I've not included reserve team fixtures like the Carabao Cup, but even if I had, we played more last year. And last year, eight of our ten Champions League fixtures were either three days before or three days after another competitive match, and we had a great run. Playing Wednesday evening and then Saturday lunchtime this week wasn't great, but we need to be mentally and physically strong enough and well enough organised to cope with that, but on Saturday we just weren't. I appreciate opinions differ though.