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  1. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    Selling one adult and one U18 ticket for West Brom and Spurs at home at face value. Good seats together in SK1. Can upgrade the U18 ticket if needed.
  2. Our midfield looks pretty good, and great to see Iborra. Makes sense to give Hamer and the reserve defence some game time, if we don't mind giving away a few goals. Likewise Slim needs to play to find his scoring boots. Playing Ulloa too makes no sense to me (any more than extending his contact did). Should be Iheanacho. Am watching in Glasgow - anyone else?
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Exciting match and lots of positives. Three goals away from home, Vardy looked sharp, Maguire looked promising and great to see Matty James back. Poor defending and iffy substitutions cost us but things could be a lot worse. Imagine being plastic Arsenal fans, who only sing when they are 4-3 up with a minute to go
  4. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Looking forward to Fuchs v Sanchez again ...
  5. Goals you'll never forget.

    Mahrez v Man City, for the skill of the goal and its importance. Lifting the ball over a tackle, sending a defender the wrong way and then leaving the keeper rooted to the spot, all with languid brilliance. And against a top team away, when it mattered.
  6. wallet found in glasgow

    Jim Thanks again. Good to meet you and sink a few beers. Hope you take up the offer of a trip to the King Power sometime. Glasgow - what a great city!
  7. wallet found in glasgow

    Jim Thanks again for finding my wallet and making such an effort to try to find me. I really appreciate it. I hope you won't mind accepting a bottle of something good when I pick up the wallet later. And let me know if you're ever near Leicester and want to see a match. James
  8. Editing Post Issue?

    Yes it is Davie, thanks.
  9. Editing Post Issue?

    I advertised some tickets on Foxestalk a few of days ago and want to update my post to say they've been sold, so I don't waste people's time. What's the best way of doing that? Thanks
  10. City v spuds

    Selling an adult and an U18 ticket together in SK1 v Spurs. Can upgrade the U18 if needed. SOLD
  11. Hull (H) Post Match Thread 3 - 1

    Great to have our old Leicester back. A few things stood out for me. 1) The team selection looked much better. I wasn't left scratching my head at who was on the pitch, or what position they were playing, and who came on and went off as substitutes. 2) The passing, particularly in the first half, was great. Quick, confident, to players and into space in the wings, rather than endless hoofballs chipped to opposing central defenders. 3) The movement of the players was also much better. The interchange between Vardy and Fuchs for our first goal was fantastic, and in general our players seemed to look for the ball more. 4) We made a lot fewer basic mistakes on the ball, and everyone had a good game. 5) Our heads didn't drop when we went a goal behind. 6) We pressed better when we didn't have the ball. Lots of these points are related. I could go on ... There are still a few things to sort out. 7) I thought we looked vulnerable down our right flank. I get that Mahrez is never going to be great defensively, but he did seem to either not be in the right place, or in the right place but just standing around. Maybe we just have to put up with that for the moments of magic like yesterday's goal and find another way of dealing with it, particularly if Simpson is going keep venturing out of his half more. 8) I thought Drinky was sitting very deep at times to make the passes out of defence. A better team than Hull would maybe dominate the space in front. So a defender who can pass the ball must still be a priority for the summer.
  12. Manchester United pre-match

    I don't care about the score on Sunday. I want to see my team fight for each other and fight for every ball and have to fight to keep their place in the side. I want to see them pressing and tackling and getting in the opposition's faces and getting the crowd on its feet. I want them to look fit and lean and hungry. I want them to keep pushing themselves to be the best they can be. I want to feel that they play because they love the game, and not because of the money. I want to see them score and lose themselves in the moment, and to hear the roar of the crowd and feel the terraces shake. I want them to be disappointed when they are substituted, and to crawl off the pitch after 90 minutes because they have nothing else to give. Win or lose, I want them to be honest about their performance and learn from it. And above all, I want to feel that they care as much as the fans.
  13. Chelsea Tickets Available

    One adult ticket in SK1 available for today. Please text me on 07872 474385 if interested.
  14. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @joemadden Great buyer - friendly and paid quickly.
  15. Selling a pair of tickets (1 adult and 1 U18) for the West Ham game on New Year's Eve in SK1.