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  1. Selling an adult and U16 ticket together in SK1. Can upgrade the U16 if needed.
  2. Southampton away selling out on a Friday night is decent. Anyone got a sense of whether Brighton will reach all season ticket holders?
  3. Then why aren't other member states complaining about the EU approach to Brexit? The truth is that they agree with it.
  4. I think the tough bit is still how to exit the customs union and single market while still having an open border with Ireland. I do think there has been some naivety in the UK thinking the EU would want to bend or break their rules and the Good Friday Agreement to favour a country that wanted to leave.
  5. Actually I think it's 6 percent. Net contribution = £8.9bn out of an EU spend of £154 bn. Source House of Commons library. Total EU budget =166bn euro. Source EU website What's your source?
  6. One politician? John Redwood - getting out of the EU can be quick and easy - the UK holds most of the cards Liam Fox - the free trade agreement that we will have to do with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history And so on...
  7. Even the arch Brexiters have stopped saying leaving is going to be easy. I think that tells you all you need to know. Manifestos are what governments day they want to do, which isn't always realistic. The UK net contribution is 5% of the EU budget. Important, but not worth undermining the EU principles for, or risking peace in Ireland
  8. Michael Gove said it a couple of months before the referendum :'The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want' One of the many lies Brexiter politicians told about how easy and advantageous leaving would be. There are loads more on Google. You're right that the UK is a net contributor, but there is no chance the EU will bend to UK demands that break its founding principles or undermine the Good Friday Agreement. The days of empire and WWII are long gone. We are not as powerful or as important to Europe as Brexiter politicians think we are.
  9. Fair point, I did mean full debut. He's played more minutes for Belgium in one match since joining us than in the last five years playing for other clubs.
  10. One of the myths of Brexit is that we hold all the cards and can get a great deal. We could be out by now if the Tories had chosen red lines that were achievable, but even then the deal would have been damage limitation. It's taken three years for the government to work out that the EU27 are in a much stronger negotiating position. (Who would have thought that 27 countries in a club have more power than the one who signed up to the rules but now wants to leave?) The reason there are talks now is because Boris is making concessions, not because the EU27 are afraid of no deal, which would hurt the UK infinitely more times than them.
  11. Praet is the latest City player to win his first international cap while playing for us. That has to help us recruit the next wave of talented young players. Come here, get game time with a good side, step up a level and play for your country.
  12. Unlike our Old Etionian and his hedge fund backers ...
  13. Have I understood this right? Burton fans aren't happy that the owner might offer more tickets to away fans, and are responding by not buying tickets, which means that owner will definitely offer more tickets to away fans.
  14. Maybe it depends how you define breaking the law, which I don't think is a legal phrase. Boris didn't break an existing statute, so he didn't do anything illegal. But he did something the Supreme Court unanimously decided he wasn't allowed to do, I.e. acted unlawfully, which created common law Either way, he did something he shouldn't have done, and had to stop doing Is that a fair assessment?
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