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  1. Just winning the FA Cup has made it a great season for me. We've got a good manager, the best recruitment team, lots of young talent, play exciting football a lot of the time, and on our day can beat anyone. Things are looking up, especially if we can continue to spot and develop players and take advantage of our world-class training facilities. Sure, we've got things to work on, like all clubs. Squad depth in a few places, taking and defending corners, defending in general (50 goals against is too many for a club with PL aspirations), and sorting out our home form. Above all I'
  2. A great team performance. Justin looks the real deal. A win on Wednesday and we go second.
  3. Vardy for me too. Almost no one else would even attempt a shot like that, let alone score.
  4. A skilful player who underperformed last season. Only scored seven, all but one against bottom half teams Got pushed off the ball too easily. Not convinced about his work rate or ability to impose himself on games. Not sure why he was better at Newcastle.
  5. Happy with this deal. We should be able to get a better player with change from £50m.
  6. The club have messed this up, and although they have improved the £70 thing, I'm not interested in going to matches with no atmosphere at match day prices. If enough people think the same, the club will probably reduce the prices. Overall, the club get a lot more right than they get wrong (like not increasing ticket prices for years), so it's not something I feel strongly enough about to lose my season ticket over.
  7. Perez off at half time. Ndidi off for Mendy. WTF?
  8. We are still 2/1 to finish top 4. Not impossible odds.
  9. I feel sorry for Ricardo. From the team's point of view at least Justin is playing well, the end of season is approaching and Coronavirus will probably delay matches. Also it shows the value of keeping Chilwell.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if the FA cocked up the numbers. Do you think VAR would spot an extra team in the final?
  11. A pair of good seats in SK1 available for Villa on Monday. Adult + U16, but can upgrade. £44 (£10 under face value).
  12. Selling adult + U16 tickets in SK1 v Villa on 9 March for £44 (£10 under face value). Happy to upgrade the U16 if needed. Also same tickets v Crystal Palace on Easter Saturday for face value £54. Happy to upgrade if no one wants them as they are.
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