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  1. Winchesterfox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    I stopped stripping wallpaper to watch this..
  2. Winchesterfox

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Well played Newport, who showed character and skill. No complaints about the result - I just wish our players could give us a decent FA Cup run once in a while.
  3. Winchesterfox

    Newport away match thread

    Time for some more changes - Ricardo and Gray on, James or Ghezzal and Simpson off
  4. Nacho man - the approximate dates that fixture changes are announced for this season are here: https://www.premierleague.com/news/717797 Not sure you need to buy train tickets though. If you promise to work a bit harder on the pitch, I'm sure they'll let you back on the team bus.
  5. Winchesterfox

    What are the Players doing wrong?

    That clip of Maddison strolling around not putting pressure on the goalscorer is just pathetic. Didn't do Mahrez any harm when he got dropped for not defending properly.
  6. I thought Fuchs had a decent game today, particularly given how little he has played this season. The interplay between Ricardo and Ghezzal on the right wing was encouraging. And good to have Harry back. But disappointing not to score against a Palace side who played a high defensive line that gave us chances. Too little interplay between midfield and attack, too many sideways and backwards passes and second to too many balls. Good to see our fans having a laugh dancing in the rain in the outdoor bar with the thumping music before the match. That was probably the highlight for me.
  7. Winchesterfox

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    That guy after Pearson did OK, although to be fair they didn't play anyone good for a whole season
  8. Winchesterfox

    Fulham Away

    Hi. I'm looking for one adult ticket for Fulham please, ideally to pick up at the ground as don't live near Leicester but work in London. I'm an ST holder and hope to be able to return the favour of a spare ticket sometime.
  9. Winchesterfox

    Watford (H) pre match

    The thing I'm most looking forward to on Saturday is seeing the tifo that Watford fans clubbed together to pay for, to remember those who died in the helicopter crash. I think any money left over is going to Leicester charities. What more could you ask for from other teams' fans? Thank you Watford. You have done your club proud.
  10. The way the club, fans and community came together after the helicopter crash was really positive. I think the club is just trying to do what it can to make everyone feel included on other occasions. Unfortunately, homophobia is still a problem in football. Our club isn't immune from that, as anyone who heard the homophobic chanting against Brighton last year will know. If a new supporters group can help do something about that, then I'm for it.
  11. Most of our red cards are down to poor decision-making by players who are already on yellow cards, e.g. diving and risky tackles a long way from our goal.
  12. Winchesterfox

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    Positives from yesterday for me: - Vardy's energy and the way he lifted the entire team and the fans. How many other teams have a player who can even get close to doing that? - Iheanacho's first touch was much better and I liked his reaction when he won the penalty. A decent effort just wide near the end too. - the interplay between Ricardo and Albrighton in attack and defence - Schmeichel's save in the first half - the way the team fought back in the second half. You couldn't tell we were a man down - the song for Vichai Sure, not everything was great: - Okazaki on his own up front was a strange choice - Too much aimless passing in the first half - Poor defending for the first goal. It was way too easy for Murray - Maddison's dive (although at least he apologised) - Iborra looked off the pace and then got injured I thought a draw was a fair result, and not bad against a side with a good home record. We're mid-table in the premiership and building a decent young team. Lots to look forward to in the coming months
  13. Winchesterfox

    Favourite lines of LCFC related commentary

    Final minute of stoppage time. One more drink of water on the bench. Deep breaths all around Filbert Street. And it's a Leicester corner. Martin O'Neill wishes he was still playing. Gary Parker to take. Steve Walsh goes up. There's Prior. There's Walsh! It's simply unbelievable. You could watch football for fifty years and never see a finish like this. Steve Walsh, Leicester's Captain Fantastic, makes it three goals apiece. And given what both teams have contributed to this game, who can argue?
  14. Winchesterfox

    Steve Walsh

    I'd have him back. He found some gems, and we've had more duff signings than good ones since he left
  15. Winchesterfox

    Crystal Palace - Sat 15th December

    About 200 left