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  1. The build up was always the best bit, i remember Republica being played, and for a season or 2 was Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith My favourite was when we had 'O Fortuna' right before being interupted by the PHG, used to get the hairs on your neck standing up
  2. Worry for Chilwell again in this one, would expect them to attack that side again Personally i'd either go with Fuchs & Barnes Or Chilwell & Albrighton
  3. They did in the Early 2000's, think it would be around 04/05 Old Henry got the boot from doing it mid way through the season and they went to the jazzy pre recorded version, so Henry (still dressed in all the gear) would play it from the stands as quite a few people would tell him they preferred his version. I sat next him and his wife who had season tickets for the couple of years when he was playing.I believe the club took his tickets away the end of that season as he stopped going. One of the nicest blokes you could ever of met, really loved the club and would often tell tales of games gone by, unfortunately he died a couple years ago now
  4. I think Kasper is a brilliant “shot stopper”, quick reactions and feet his distribution is questionable at times, as is his positioning for set pieces, and his punching the problem is we don’t really have a number 2, nobody pushing him. As many have said Ward isn’t going to be a number 1 goalie, not in the premiership anyway, just a decent emergency keeper I’d go all out for Henderson, Sheffield have said they won’t buy him, he doesn’t want to go back to United and sit on the bench
  5. Had my vote too, the worst but best bit of radio I’ve ever heard (If that makes sense) saw the plane crash was nominated but couldn’t vote for it. Seems a bit disrespectful to me, and couldn’t do with Stringers “me me me” reporting of it
  6. I've never liked fancy dress either, i always used to go as a plain clothed/undercover police officer
  7. I wasn't sure when we first signed him, i didn't see where he would fit with the other midfielders we had/have and if we really needed him Im glad i was wrong, if his performance against Newcastle is his normal game level then i can see why when the chance came we decided to sign him. Could be an absolute steal
  8. Feel confident we could get something from this game I'd keep Praet in, i think he offers a better balance of attack & defence than playing two CDM's Still not sure on Maddison playing wide. I'd rather put him down the middle and have Vardy on the left exploiting the space behind TTA Get at them straight from whistle, all out get an early goal and then use the counter when they come at us. Only issue i see will be Cag's occasional poor tackle and Salah liking a dive, have no confidence VAR would over rule a penalty at Anfield
  9. I know it doesn't quite fit, but.. Paul McCartney - We all stand together Home Or Away, Win Or Lose One things for certain we'll follow the blues Side By Side, Loud And Proud We Are Leicester (or) Now And Forever Cut down version of Dusty Springfield - I only want to be with you He looks like lord farquaad in the face Better than Harry with alot more pace He's going to take the ball off you (or) He's Leicester through and through Caglar Soyuncu
  10. Burnley looking at a loan for Drinkwater.. Dyche really wants to be Leicester 😂can’t imagine them covering his wages tho
  11. This will be a massive turning point for our club, and not just for our squad was thinking about it. The fact it will be one of the best training facilities in the country, has it own hotel, facilities, golf course etc is close to East Mids Airport and centrally located Just a thought, do you think the club will be looking to rent/loan the facilities to visiting European clubs as a base camp? Would build us great relationships with top European/Champions league clubs, whilst showcasing to any potential signings
  12. Same here, i found some of the off pitch/backroom stuff quite interesting, stuff you wouldnt expect to know/think e.g Cambiasso etc also seems pretty honest and open about everything whilst talking books.. also really enjoyed Muzzy Izzets as well. Really good throw back
  13. Always a bit confused over Nacho, does he even know is his best position? Is he a 9 or a 10? I remember reading/hearing he preferred the number 10 role, yet i always thought he was better as a 9, a Owen/Shearer type goal hanger Maybe with Perez coming him he'd be better suited to a false 9, dropping back slightly to allow Perez/Barnes/Maddison etc to come in off wide, bit like a Firmino role. Would deff be a decent plan B atleast
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