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  1. Surely we still need the international clearance? Can't see it being done for the weekend
  2. Well no, but those players were/are wanted by the club Similar to Slim, Silva etc, If nobody wants them or is willing to pay there isnt much the club can do but let them leave for free and get them off the wage bill. Both of them were £30m wasted which we wont see any return on (except loan fees) whereas all im saying with Gray is if we can't get a fee for him, and let him go for free, we've had 4/5 years out of him and only lost £3m
  3. Would be nice to see some money back for him, but have we really lost out? wasn't he about £3m?
  4. whats his wage like? Maybe use him in a swap deal? Gray + Cash for Buendia? He'd do well for a champ team
  5. Deff take Sarr if he's available. Can't believe Christensen is only 24, seems to have been around forever. Premier League & European experiance, can cover DM & RB as well (tho we have plenty of right backs) Danish mates with Kasper
  6. Still think we should be looking at Christensen on loan if we can't get a breakthrough with Fofana. Not sure Chelsea would want to loan to us tho
  7. Surely it wouldnt make a diiference? If Fofana hs his mind set on us and the Premier League then he will just force the move and reject Rennes contract offer?
  8. Seems a bit starnge, maybe he missed the memo on training time aha
  9. Id guess this deal all depends on what happens with the CB situation. Can't see Burnley letting Mcneil and Tark go in the same window. My guess would be its either - Fofana & Mcneil or Tark & Brooks
  10. Didn't someone say this was practically a done deal a few pages back?
  11. Sky reporting Burnley want £50m for him, and we wont pay £27m for Fofana. I'd rather take the risk on Fofana then blow £50m on a 27yr old Tarkowski
  12. Would imagine the links to Kristoffer Ajer will start to circulate again, apparently wants out from Celtic
  13. Mehhhhh, not sure how i feel. A shame an academy player has left, £50m for a first choice England international seems a little low once you take the British tax off it, but then i'd say he's the best of a bad bunch, England are hardly overrun with a choice of world class LB's However i neither get the criticism he got, or the hype. He's a decent player, good defending, good at getting forward, average attacking (compared to the new style full back) i think he's stalled a bit and changed his game since playing for England. Doesnt seem to want to take players on or attempt attacking, runs the wing, stops, passes it back I think he is at his best now, i can't see him progressing any more or getting much better (hope i'll be proved wrong) Think he'll do quite well when he's on loan at Westham/Newcastle in a couple of seasons, but he's replaceable.
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