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  1. Where has this "pining" for Mahrez and desperation come from? I simply said I would take him back if he wanted to come back. I'm not going to turn up outside his house with a box of chocolates every night and some flowers, You're struggling to seperate your emotions from it. Maybe your missus did previously leave you for a richer man which has made this such a sore subject for you?
  2. How is he being fickle by saying he'd still take Mahrez here and believes he is still a good player. That't literally the complete opposite of fickle.
  3. How are you treating football business like a relationship
  4. Seen it and its a load of crap
  5. We aren't better off without him though are we. He won us the league. If he was to return it would be because he's decided he does actually want to play for us. Therefore how would he create disharmony? Brendans already stated that the key area he wants to improve is a wide player that can cut in.
  6. How would it create disharmony? We have a new manager and a lot of new players in the team. I'm sure all the players would welcome back someone who could push the team into the top 6. Brendan has made it clear that he wants a winger who can cut in and create chances/score goals and mahrez is exactly that.
  7. Just because he's in the England squad doesn't mean he isn't being mismanaged. It's clear that he is unhappy with his playing time and when he had an opportunity to move to Germany and play for bayern where he was promised a greater squad role he wasn't allowed. Imagine if Man City and Pep had done the same with Sancho. The way hes being treated is wrong.
  8. If CHO hadn't played any first team football this year I would imagine not. Whats your point?
  9. Which is why Sarri needs to work with him and give him more experience, not bring him on for a few minutes here and there.
  10. That's because you are basing him solely on the very few games you've seen of him. Demonstrating the same limited knowledge as the other poster.
  11. The way Sarri is treating CHO is an embarrassment though. He is a class player and deserves to be playing regular football. You are clearly not very educated on CHO as a footballer and the level that he is at.
  12. What a horrible thing to say about a young lad that you've, most likely, never even spoken too. You seem deeply angry about something in your own life tbh mate.
  13. Shame we don't have a super agent pushing all our deals through.
  14. You think Pepe could be a good shout? Pepe is going to be one of the most sought after players this upcoming transfer window. We'd be lucky to even be linked with him.
  15. Worrying for those that wanted Dyche to take over from Claude.
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