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  1. satkinson

    Players that support Leicester

    I think Dion is a Man U fan
  2. satkinson

    Palace (A) 19/03/16 3pm

    Looking for two adult tickets . If any become available.
  3. Really?? You don't think they want it as much as we do??? I'm really dissapointed with some responses tonight
  4. satkinson

    Help me.

    Can't see this going wrong.
  5. satkinson

    Help me.

  6. satkinson


    Kiwi bar on sukhumvit soi 8 Will show it but might close at 12. Ask the owner he will point you in the right direction if they close at half time.
  7. satkinson

    Shit films.

    This is also good when you replace one word with prawn. Dark Prawn Rising, Prawns of New York, Paint Your Prawn and The Prawn that Shagged Me etc
  8. If anyone's got a spare ticket for this game will play face value +. I live in Brighton and have been looking forward to this all season. Cant believe they were only selling one per member today and they're not going on genaral sale.