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  1. Why is Perez playing so narrowly? Ricardo is isolated against Grealish and Targett. This is how they scored
  2. Neither of them are great progressive passers of the ball. I fear that if you play both alongside each other then they wouldn't be able to find Maddison and the players in front of them much. Mendy is more like a holding midfielder compared to Choudhury though, who presses a lot. So he may be more suited to Ndidi's solo holding midfielder role than Hamza is.
  3. Kasper Soyuncu Evans Benkovic Ricardo Tielemans Choudary Justin Maddison Nacho Vardy Subs: Ward, Chillwell, Fuchs, Mendy, Praet, Gray, Perez I think we need two holding midfielders to give some solidarity that we lack with a solo holding mildfielder that isn't Ndidi. Tielemens usually plays deeper for Belgium so Mendy or Choudary along side him makes sense.
  4. It's pretty clear what our weakness is, we can't deal with a well organised high press. This has coincided with a general drop in form of quite a few players, as well as team targeting our weaknesses making it harder for our players. Ndidi does so much effective defensive work that it takes so much pressure off Soyuncu, Evans and everybody else, making them look better. No combination of Maddison, Tielemans, Praet or Choudary in the current system of a single holding midfielder have the same effect defensive effect. I think we should probably switch to a double pivot of Tielemans and Choudary/
  5. Tbf they all were offside when looking at the replays
  6. Unfortunately this seems to be true. As a holding midfielder he isn't an answer.
  7. I think the biggest thing is missing Ndidi. Choudary is far less effective defensively
  8. There's some stat like they retain 10% more throw in after they got the throw in coach.
  9. Great goal. ironically we have been very sloppy so far
  10. No Eppiah, Ughelumba or Benkovic played for the development side. So hopefully that means that they will be involved tomorrow instead of being out injured.
  11. One of the main worries I've had for a while is the lack of rotation that may lead to fatigue later in the season. Youri I believe has looked a little bit off for a while for example. Just in the odd game I think we should switch out somebody for Praet, Choudary, Justin etc. Becoming totally reliant on your starting XI I see as a problem. Both Liverpool and Manchester City both do quite a bit of mild rotation to keep their key players from fatiguing. I think long term it would help us. Especially if we get into Europe next year, it will be essential.
  12. I imagine Ferguson will put a strong team out as he is a temporary appointment who's chance this is to make a name for himself as a manager. I hope that we put a pretty strong side out with a strong bench. Ward Justin Evans Benkovic Chillwell Choudary Gray Praet Maddison Barnes Nacho Kasper, Ricardo, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Albrighton, Vardy, Perez
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