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  1. I’ve never understood the negativity toward Nigel. Absolutely great manager and bloke. So he p*ssed off a few old hacks. Good on him they, as a profession, are a proper bunch of *****.
  2. I remember going to The Old Den in about 1991 in the F.A Cup 3rd round. I went with ALF - does anyone remember them? Tony James scored for us after about 3 minutes. We then held out for over 80 minutes as Walshy and then Paul Ramsey were sent off only to let in 2 very late goals. At least one was scored by Teddy Sheringham. I remember the Millwall fans still wanting to attack the away end but the thing that stays with me was that a lot of our end were trying to get on the pitch as well. Absolute madness !! I was also at the Hare Kristina riot at Ipswich in 91 which I thought was more funny than directly violent although I remember the away end trying to storm the pitch to get the match postponed as we were 3 - 1 down and facing the abyss of the 3rd division. Definitely set the heart racing but I'm not advocating the old days by any means.
  3. Why isn’t there the focus on the refs piss poor decision?
  4. Great tune but haven’t got a clue about any of the words but Ricardo. Anyone got a clue?
  5. Yeovil on a Tuesday night in the rain. Hartlepool on a Tuesday Night in the snow ....... halcyon days Does that make me a non plastic; never too sure of the criteria for being a true supporter.
  6. It's great that they go for the obvious - Vardy scores, Schmeichel Saves and Wes puts in a couple of captains performances are the reasons for the resurgence
  7. 24 tickets in Block 6 - I wonder why these tickets come back to the Ticket Office? Players or sold to 3rd party who return?
  8. It clearly didn't put me off as my next game was vs Crystal Palace on the following Tuesday or Wednesday night as I remember it - That was 1 -1 too. I was totally hooked and the following seasons 2nd division title winning season is probably in my all time 3 favourites
  9. Who throws petrol bombs. Loved big bad Bob - We ended up in the Stoke end one Christmas game and Bob took some shocking raciest abuse from the home crowd to which my mates dad told a load of Stokies to put a sock in it. I was about 13 and hugely impressed - There again he was from The Monsell and Bob was a huge fans favourite and as tough and brave as they come.
  10. Any other ideas then? Could he play with Mendy on the back of his shirt?
  11. Should we start displaying Youri must stay banners? What a player he is. Top I'm sure will get it him in.
  12. 2-1 - Andy Peake and Dave Buchanan? The legendary Hugh Johns says something about a Peake performance - Halcyon days
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