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  1. The richter scale goal vs Norwich has to be up there in one of the most celebrated goals in Leicester history. Seems a great humble bloke. I'm looking forward to the 10 year reunion already.
  2. He clearly loves football as well and tends to speak from the heart and the brain which is a rare feat for ex pros with the current standard of punditry by and large being extremely low / pub talk
  3. 0-1 - Scrappy game with one moment of quality giving us the win.
  4. This lad is a winner. I love the way he celebrates our goals. He looks destined for the very top.
  5. Yes looks a good team - I'd like to see Under start but think this is unlikely and as you say this is compact with some good partnerships COYB
  6. I thought he was exceptional at Arsenal away in the great escape season. You could see the lad could play but he just didn’t fit our style of play and his decision making at that point was often too slow.
  7. Really disappointed in Brendan today. Definitely need to rotate but there are certain combinations such as Mandy and Hamza in the middle he should never select. Seems to take him a lot of time to realise these sort of things
  8. Not looking to over react but that is a terrible side ....... Rodgers out
  9. He was great today and showed all facets of his game. Saved Wilf on more than one occasion. The lad is a class act.
  10. These facilities look incredible. How did we get so lucky to get Vichai and Top as owners - They really are the best in the world.
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