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  1. It looks as though Vardy is facing away from the player for the most part. I don't think for a second he's lashed out at the player - It may have been instinct to try and connect with the ball In my view he's tenacious rather than a dirty player - Always plays the game with a great spirit and looks to be popular with the vast majority of other players
  2. If you had a league for the biggest bunch of tw@ts these would be there or thereabouts every year - Champions League guaranteed
  3. Vardys trying to keep his eye on the ball which results in his leg swinging out. He’s aggressive but I’d never call him a dirty or even mean spirited player. Any further action they’d surely need to have further evidence and I’m sure we’d appeal.
  4. Absolutely spot on but it's overwhelming at times - Unlucky sending off? Our disallowed goal was a foul? Both over analysed in an Arsenal biased view - The time taken over our goal was a joke Ashley Cole, well that barrel is absolutely being scraped - Justin James apparently is our new right back
  5. Bennett reminds me of Gary Coatsworth - is that harsh?
  6. Fortunately the next season we signed Nicky Maynard and rest as they say is history.
  7. They look exactly what they are. A complete and utter bunch of tw@ts
  8. You must have been stood close to me. Our support was awesome that night.
  9. I had to sit down after the 3rd as my head had completely gone I was so happy.
  10. I was right in line and thought he was offside on the night. Blimey first time I’ve seen it since and he’s a clear yard off - they’re not talking about the injustice are they?
  11. Yes just seen us score the 3rd and have now switched over
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