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  1. If anyone has a grey hat from the Brighton game I’ll swap for a snood - swap shop
  2. The sale of the lower blocks has gone ballistic this morning - All blocks should have bene opened at the same time - Our Ticket Office doesn't have a clue
  3. I think you must have been just in front of me. I can vouch that you and your daughter didn't stop singing and looked to be having a great time - it was brilliant to see. It seems to have come cross well - Contratulations to the UFS lads they did a great job. It took me back to standing in Pens 2/3 and Crazy Kop Corner all those years ago and feeling part of the game. My lad also loved it.
  4. My first away game in 3 months following illness so absolutely up for it - COYB
  5. I take it all back - Brendan is a genius - biggest win of the season
  6. Rogers morphing into Puel? Bizarre line up - let’s hope we’re still in it when the subs come on
  7. Matt Elliot - I can picture it now - I was, appropiately, standing in Crazy Kop Corner and the ball came in from the right and he nodded into the right hand corner past a diving David James. Cue Bedlam.
  8. Yes needs to be our Player of the Season this year - Big time player and turns up every week. Makes the sublime seem easy - Overall our best ever by some way in my view. Would love him to take over from The Birch many years from now.
  9. I felt sorry for him yesterday as he was one of the few who turned up and our support to him was poor - big time player and probably the best we’ll ever have
  10. We’ve froze at Man U, Liverpool and Man City - to be expected to some degree and I feel sorry for Vardy as a few of our players don’t turn up for the very big games.
  11. Arsenal are a joke - they consistently put in ridiculous bids
  12. Agreed as a collective they really are a bunch of Divvy Tw*ts - Leicester remained labour in the election - If they can't take a bit of Christmas banter then they can do one.
  13. He's not going anywhere at the moment - He's loving it as much as we are
  14. It’s easy to get carried away but he is that good and he’s bloody great to watch.
  15. Too right ...... Liverpool we’re Carmin for yooou
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