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  1. I also have an irrational hatred of Arsenal as well. My old boy detests them so probably learned behaviour. Their sheer arrogance of being disappointed with being in the top 4 of the last 20 years or so. Another team that may well drop down following the departure of Wenger.
  2. The whole experience in Bruges. The place, the weather, the fans, the beer, the match and the incredible atmosphere created by our 1,400. If Carlsberg did Champions League away games ........... Seville at home was incredible too. I didn't realise the whole ground was going nuts as I was absolutely captivated by the game. Madrid on Tuesday was great as well. Still extremely disappointed to be out but I think we went out with a tremendous effort from the players and fans we just weren't quite good enough but not a million miles away.
  3. I could be wrong but he seems as committed to Leicester as you could hope. Possibly a move to United may be too tempting for him however as they are his team. Jack Butland for me as replacement. Take a great keeper off of Stoke rather than the other way round for a change.
  4. Spot on mate. Spontaneous applause and cheering from Athletico fans I assume in relief but also in respect for a team and fans who gave everything. I think we should look to reciprocate with a touch of grace and style as well.
  5. It looked to me as though some were doing the 'we're not worthy' to L1? Great support all night and extremely sporting. Not always easy to be classy winners but I thought their players, fans and manager pulled it off last night. I think both sets of players and fans came out of the two games with a lot of respect for each other. I'd love to see them go and win it now.
  6. You don't think too hard do you chap?
  7. Good post I just don't agree.
  8. The problem is that they ae taking up seats of Leicester supporters who have followed the club for 20 / 30 or 40 years or more who have been priced out. Definatley a feel of nepotism last night and in previous CL games.
  9. Definitely neutrals and I had one of the 3 kids sat to our left on the front row. It is really disappointing that true fans have been priced out and the process is now such that either a) they are going to have to wait a long time to get back the chance of watching us on a regular basis or b) have to wait for us to be crap again.
  10. Shakespeare as more or less been flawless since he got the job and is more than a safe pair of hands as he is clearly a great man manager and tactically astute which is the hallmark of all good / great managers.
  11. The guy has it and fits the club perfectly. Recruitment is now going to be a key factor and hopefully the club will be able to attract some real tried, tested and accomplished Premier League talent rather than the continental punts we made last summer.
  12. I was interviewed at the end of the game by a Spanish TV company and his first question was 'are you proud of your team'? Clearly a tautological question and I had to keep my emotions in check as it felt like the Everton game and that it was the end of something extremely special; something to be treasured forever. I knew the crowd would respond with a standing ovation at the end but it still felt spontaneous and heart felt to a team you couldn't be more proud of. Every player gave everything last night and were a credit to themselves, their families, their profession, the club and us fans.
  13. As somebody says above F*rest and C*v are no longer relevant and haven't been so for a long, long time. They can only get any air time as our supposed rivals.
  14. I thought the strip looked fantastic. One for the traditionalist.
  15. I wonder whether he should trail Amartey at centre half today probably with Benaloune? I definitely be looking to rest one or two. I'm going today but can't see us getting anything. Anybody full of confidence?