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  1. Faultless - Top is made of solid gold. What a man - His dad would be incredibly proud of what he's done over the last 17 months.
  2. I thought Luis Hernandez was absolutely garbage for us - He put in one of the worst displays I've ever seen away at Bournemouth in the 2016 / 2017 season - He made their left wing back look world class and I was embarrassed for the lad. Ron Robert Zieler was in goal and he takes some beating in the crap stakes as well. I appreciate the malaise of players we had come through from 2003 to 2008 were probably worse but these two were totally toilet for us I thought.
  3. An absolute gem of a footballer and man - over used but rightfully used in his case …… Legend
  4. Bloody gutted for the lad - Hope he comes back the same player
  5. That’s was an undropable performance in my book and surely he’ll be up for the Watford game.
  6. SK1 was great on Wednesday night - hats off to the UFS lads and lasses - we just need more of them
  7. This is a reverse great escape - team full of bottlers
  8. We are carrying Schmeichel, Chilwell, Perez and Tielemans every week
  9. We’re carrying the same players every week
  10. I’m not sure what’s happened to us but we look a yard slower than we did 2 months ago
  11. I’d definitely start Wilf (if fit) and Barnes - I’m feeling upbeat about this one 1 - 2
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