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  1. His dad Paul was a really good player too and was from Leicester
  2. I was talking to an Arsenal mate at work on Monday and I heard myself saying 'that they could do us a favour by getting a result at Liverpool'. A quick shake of the head and I decided to concentrate more on the Fulham Vs Villa game.
  3. That's exactly what I was going to say - Looks a totally different player to me. More aggressive, more assertive and better passing range. Him and Youri dovetail beautifully
  4. This lad has absolutely got it and looks as though he's one of the lads already. £20 odd million pounds for him looks to be an absolute steal.
  5. He's a complete one off. I've been watching us for 45 years and no one is even close to him as the greatest player in terms of ability and contribution we've had during that time. A complete playing legend. We should put up a statue now whilst he's still playing with another for the Great Vichai.
  6. Surely we’re an appealing team / club for any would be signings. Incredible - birthday tomorrow and may not see any of the day as in full Vardy Party mode
  7. No chance - nothing will beat the sheer hysteria of the Maynard thread. You won't get me getting caught up in the loonacy of this thread ……. no way. You'd have to be mad …… Wibble
  8. I’m really not keen of watching us on the tele. I’m less nervous when I’m at the game for some reason. Yes at 3-1 I thought I could enjoy the last half an hour or so but most of it was torturous.
  9. He’s absolutely mustard this guy. Made for us and the Premier League
  10. How’s is that not handball? Screwed over by VAR again - what a nonsense
  11. Apparently it is now an option rather than a requirement to buy after the loan - Rudders has played a blinder.
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