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  1. I didn't actually go to my first game until Jock came in and there appeared to be a new hope around the place even though we were struggling at that point. The 79 / 80 season is still one of my favourites with big games (it seemed then) against Birmingham City, Chelsea, Newcastle and Sunderland. Great times for a young lad.
  2. Started following in 1977 / 1978 when I was 6 years old. A relegation season under Frank McClintock where we seemed to lose every week. The saying at the time was that McClintock has 'set the city back 10 years'. It was a pretty crap start really but I've come to realise that it's held me in pretty good stead for the rest of my Leicester supporting life as well as the wider disappointments of life.
  3. So he cost less than we got for Zieler. That has to be a great bit of business.
  4. I'm working from a duvet this morning particularly from 11 till 1. Pre match nerves starting to kick in already . WBA 1 Leicester 2
  5. I seem to remember the Oldham keeper giving us a bit of jip and us not reacting too kindly. Youngy signed for us a few months later and scored two on his debut against watford on the first day of the 2nd division championship season under Jock which for a young kid I was then was a totally magical time.
  6. Alan was a real hero during the Jock Wallace era and has, in my experience, always had time for the fans. I really hope he is able to make a full recovery. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
  7. Hairs on the back of the neck now just thinking of when Thommo's goal went in. I seem to remember Oldfield nearly going through just after and I swear if he had gone through and scored I would have had a coronary as my heart was beating so fast. For pure exhilaration that goal would have to be in my top 5 (possibly top 3) of all time in 40 years of supporting the boys in blue.
  8. If that's the case they've effectively put their own £14 cap on travel which for trips to places like Newcastle and Swansea is pretty excellent value.
  9. Yes, I'd heard that and seems to fit in with the pre season games with Luton being £12 and Burton £6.
  10. He was one of our best players when he got the injury nearly 2 years ago now. Judging by the Barnsley fans reviews it looks as though he's coming back to fight for a first team place which would be great to see.
  11. I also have an irrational hatred of Arsenal as well. My old boy detests them so probably learned behaviour. Their sheer arrogance of being disappointed with being in the top 4 of the last 20 years or so. Another team that may well drop down following the departure of Wenger.
  12. The whole experience in Bruges. The place, the weather, the fans, the beer, the match and the incredible atmosphere created by our 1,400. If Carlsberg did Champions League away games ........... Seville at home was incredible too. I didn't realise the whole ground was going nuts as I was absolutely captivated by the game. Madrid on Tuesday was great as well. Still extremely disappointed to be out but I think we went out with a tremendous effort from the players and fans we just weren't quite good enough but not a million miles away.
  13. Mahrez has had a quiet season by his own tremendously high standards set last year But if you look back over our recent goals he is still involved in a large percentage of them. Hopefully he'll look to incorporate more variety into his play i.e switch wings more, move on to his right foot as it is more than decent (goal at Man City last year was sublime). Hope he stays for at least another season as it has been an absolute privilege to watch him over the last 3 and a half seasons.
  14. I could be wrong but he seems as committed to Leicester as you could hope. Possibly a move to United may be too tempting for him however as they are his team. Jack Butland for me as replacement. Take a great keeper off of Stoke rather than the other way round for a change.
  15. Spot on mate. Spontaneous applause and cheering from Athletico fans I assume in relief but also in respect for a team and fans who gave everything. I think we should look to reciprocate with a touch of grace and style as well.