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  1. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    An extremely likable bloke and scored some crucial goals. I'll always remember him for the richter scale goal vs Norwich. Now that was some crowd reaction.
  2. Best Away Day

    Madrid 1997 was another great away end and a great few days. Still remember 'The Wheels on the Bus go round and round' as though it was yesterday. Great support.
  3. Best Away Day

    They are all great shouts and great memories. I remember away days when you were just pleased / ecstatic if we scored. If the goal was to equalise or take the lead then even better. You'd got more chance of seeing Lord Lucan riding Shergar than an away win.
  4. Best Away Day

    I was there and we gave it large outside after the game. I remember singing the Blues are staying up for about half an hour after the game knowing full well we were already about down in Feb I think it was. They were more than a bit peeved.
  5. Best Away Day

    I seem to remember we had snow around that time as well and we'd been on a poor run. That really is great support. I went in 2008 when it snowed and we were one down after about 7 minutes but came back to win 2-1 just before Christmas in Div 1 but Feb 83 trumps that.
  6. Best Away Day

    If you were to set out an Away Day Criteria then Brugge effectively could not be beaten. However, for pure joy and pound for pound possibly the best result I can remember in 40 years of following us it has to be Man City away in 2016.
  7. Which goal did you celebrate the most?

    The first 10 that spring to mind are * Thommo vs Swindon 93 * Marshall Vs Atletico 98 * King Vs Cardiff - Play offs 2010 * Albrighton Vs Seville 2017 * Walsh Vs Derby 94 * Claridge Vs Palace 96 * Knockaert Vs Forest 2013 * Vardy Vs Man U 2015 * Cambiasso Vs Man U 2014 * Vardy Vs Man U 2014
  8. Kasper

    Is all looks a bit too cosy with Mike Stowell. Definitely look to bring in a new goalkeeping coach with new ideas to rejuvenate Kasper.
  9. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    I'm still absolutely furious with how we capitulated. The first 25 minutes we looked far and away the better side but o'so slowly and in that shite Leicester way we let them totally back into the game. A good team would have been at least 2 up by half time and would have cleared their lines for their first goal. It was so predictable. The 2nd was absolutely unforgivable from Kasper. An absolute pile of dunkheap from him and it has to be said he's cost us a number of goals this year. Has he got his mind elsewhere? For a 40 something bloke I'm still sulking like a kid. Really not impressed with this lot at all.
  10. Watford (A) pre-match

    How about totally going for it Schmeichel Albrighton Morgan Maguire Chilwell Iborra Ndidi Gray Mahrez Okazaki Vardy
  11. Hello from a man city fan

    Bl**dy hell that was 1981 !!! ......... you should have got over it be now .......... No!? ...... You'll fit in just fine around here mate.
  12. Jamie Vardy

    I think his subsequent goals prove otherwise but I see where you're coming from.
  13. Jamie Vardy

    I actually think Vardy is under rated. He's an exceptional crosser of a ball (something I've never heard mentioned), he is tenacious in the tackle, he often sets the rhythm of our play, his first touch is now excellent, he has great awareness, often brings others into play (when they can keep up with him) and is an instinctive finisher (better than when he has to think / one on one often). His goal on Tuesday was absolutely sublime and he now has a portfolio of goals which are absolutely stunning i.e. the goal vs Liverpool Premiership winning season, the back heel goal for England vs Germany, the chip over the keeper goal vs Palace Premier League winning season, the goal last year vs Sunderland at home. The lad is an absolute Leicester Legend. Enjoy watching him as he won't be around forever and our next number 9 has a huge amount to live up to.
  14. Jamie Vardy

    You're either a troll or a twit (putting it nicely). Vardy is definitely a better player for Leicester City than Gary Lineker. The timing of is goal last night was priceless as well. Those classless nerks singing some rubbish off of a carp TV show made themselves look proper mugs.
  15. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Liked the team selection and performance in the first half. Pleased that Albrighton has been dropped. Good player and great lad but his performances this season have been well below par. Also, Andy King cannot start in a midfield 2 in the Premier League again. He is simply not good enough. Grey, Vardy and Wes were fantastic.