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  1. Easy Street - You would have thought that he'd want to be first choice with a lower Premier League or Championship team?
  2. To Wilfred N'didi Please would you sign a new 10 year contract extension
  3. That is a cracking team but not sure if Maddison will start following his shenanigans and Albrighton and possibly Thomas have earned starting places in my view.
  4. Absolutely - We are clearly kindred spirits. Totally and Utterly up for this one. I've waited nearly 40 years for another Semi Final and if we get to the Final late on Sunday night I'll definitely have to ring in work on Monday as I'll be in no fit state for anything COYB
  5. Like the balance of your team but I'd definitely start Soyuncu - We don't have the same physical presence without him
  6. Do we know where he played - The person that told me got mixed up between Kibworth and Kilworth - That layout is definately not Kibworth
  7. Like most things the devils in the detail here and I find it interesting that Wes also attended? He to me blurs the line between the players and the club. Has this been an honest mistake made by the players not understanding the rules? What was the reason for the party? Details of the party? (very much there is a difference between a get together and a swinging from the chandeliers type of party) We'd just lost to Man City and it's not Perez's birthday? Young people make mistakes irrespective of how much money they earn - In Fact they are probably more likely to make
  8. Up early and absolutely buzzing for the game. It feels like the biggest game since the last game of last season. I'll have a shower and select the lucky Kelechi shirt for today - I didn't wear it last week for some reason (I blame myself). I've got a ridiculously positive feeling about this one. Vardy and Kelechi to score and one from Youri in a 1 - 3 win. COYB
  9. You are clearly a football connoisseur as your team is the same as mine. This is the best team we currently have at our disposal and which is on form. COYB.
  10. It looks as though Antonio may be out for the rest of the season. Nervous about this one already - We need to dominate the ball and keep the back door closed this time.
  11. The team for me picks itself. Kasper Castagne Fofana Evans Ricardo Ndidi Tielemans Praet Maddison Vardy Nacho
  12. I know too. We'd been so starved any success that it was a tremendously expectant away following. The elements were truly awful but the sheer exuberance and size of our support was incredible to be part of.
  13. Hardly a thermos flask in sight. I was on the p*ss in the Foresters Arm on the front for hours before the game - they closed it at about 1 o'clock which meant that a load of locals couldn't get in which didn't go down too well. I remember 2 late goals, Walshy putting the defender in the back of the net with the ball and then trying to scale the fence. Our support was Great back then.
  14. What a man - Clearly a legend off the pitch as well. Him and Lennon were an absolute joy to watch in the late 90's. Savage ran round a lot but to me he wasn't in their league as a player Without him we wouldn't have been close to promotion in 2002 / 2003 - In fact we were a mid table team without him.
  15. Swindon 4 - Leicester 3 - Play Off Final - Great comeback and was still really proud although I felt utterly cheated with the ridiculous penalty given - The atmosphere when Thommo scored the 3rd and when Oldfield nearly went through 5 minutes later was incredible Cardiff Play off - 2010 - Play Off Semi Final - Probably the best pound for pound away support I've been part of (that and Bruges) - The match was so exhilarating that even after we'd lost I was still a bit high Athletic Madrid - 2 - 1 - 1997 - Another incredible atmosphere - That generation of support hadn't
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