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  1. Yes I was there. It really was an astonishing comeback and even more dramatic than the 3 all draw against Arsenal a few years later. It was one of those times when the final 13 minutes totally overtook all sanity. Remember singing with gusto all the way back to the car that ‘the blues were staying up’ even though we were doomed.
  2. It always seems as though we need a player to get on the back of - never understood it but to get on the back of the 22 year old England left back is a new low. He’s started slow this season there’s no doubt but as supporters we’re there to support.
  3. Bloody hell thats some confession and one which has no absolution.
  4. How to make yourself look a complete and utter berk. He’s a broadcasting embarrsssment.
  5. Will he bring in Mendy, Amartey and Diabate?
  6. Please close the thread - this guy barely makes it in to the team.
  7. Totally agree with Cagliari being particularly special - he needs a new contract and quick
  8. Not sure if it came through on the radio but the support was absolutely superb tonight. More or less non stop and loud - great effort.
  9. He went suitably bonkers at the final whistle as well. He is a total warrior, a great footballer and bloody great to watch.
  10. Yes spot on. They are waiting for blocks 48,47 and 46 to be sold first apparently on the instruction of Southampton.
  11. I'm afraid this is my initial conclusion as well. I'd love to be proved wrong with a 5 star performance against Spurs - We just moved the ball way too slow at Man U and one or two of the players let themselves and us down. My concern was that there didn't appear to be any belief that we were going to win and they seemed very assured. It appeared to me that OGS didn't think for a minute that we would beat them and we turned up and played like a limp lettuce. The wrong team and formation was selected, we got out muscled early on, changed things too late and then created very little when they were on the back foot and showing just how average they are. Extremly diappointing from the boys on Saturday and in my view not good enough for any team with aspirations of European football.
  12. Unfortunately it is difficult to argue against. Apart from a superb second half at Chelsea we have been extremely average in the first 6 games.
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