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  1. Yes, the 2 - 1 win against Derby in the play off final at Wembley. I dreamed that we won 2 - 1 but there my grasp of reality ended. I dreamed that I was locked out and that the game had been rescheduled and was played at Filbert Street. I could see the game through the gap at the side of the big blue gates and that Brian Little came on and scored the winner late on. Although the dream was extremely bizarre I woke up on the morning of the game and was convinced that we were going to win.
  2. I saw him playing football on the pitch with her, I think before the Watford game, and saw him score that goal at Burnley. Clearly there is a strong bond with Sophie and he is clearly a very big hearted lad and a great character on and off the pitch and I take my hat off to him.
  3. Isn't it about time we started valuing some of their players. That Aguero's quite good player I've heard and would be a good partner for Vardy ......... could we start the bidding at £20m?
  4. It seems to me that we're in the box seat and that negotiations are on going and appear to be getting into some of the finer detail. YT continues to say very positive thinks about us and I'm confident this will now happen as other clubs have only notified an interest. Come home Youri.
  5. He actually played very well in pre season last year and I thought it was going to be his break through season. Unfortunately his confidence during the 1st half of the season was shot to pieces. It would be great to see him turn it around but a loan may be his best option currently.
  6. The 2 memories that spring to my mind are him treading on the ball at Ipswich away in 1992 and going over like an upturned giraffe. The other is him scoring the 3rd in a 3-0 away win at Watford I think in 1993 or 1994 and him sinking to his knees and taking huge applause from the travelling masses. Not the greatest player but he always gave 100% and was very likeable.
  7. Tops lap of appreciation after the Burnley game was the very best of compassion and kindness. I was really proud despite the huge sadness.
  8. I remember that. I was at the front and I didn’t hear one desenting voice; only encouragement and the boys came out second half and played their socks off. I remember Vardy nearly getting a winner at the end.
  9. The numbers we take to away games has always impressed me. Also I think we have the best pitch in the league.
  10. Appears to be another great achievement for Top. We really are so lucky to have another great man at the helm.
  11. If ones at 3pm and the other 7.45pm I think you'll just about be able to make both games.
  12. 0-2 in 1984 against Brentford in the league cup I remember with less than 10 minutes to go. Ran out 4-2 winners. Spurs comeback pales into insignificance by comparison
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