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  1. Mahrez

    They Can Feck off
  2. Pearson sacked - Not just yet.

    I have supported city for 42 years I have seen fans throw stuff at mangers shout obscenities at them and throw things at them but none of those managers told a supporter to **** of and die, even if he was out of order for what he shouted at Pearson. 9th from a possible 57 is a disgrace. grabbing an player round the neck even if it was a joke and then not letting him get back on the pitch grabbing at his sleeve is a disgrace. then is interview after the game was bizzare quote i know i how to look after myself. i don't think the owners had any other option i wish him well and thank him for his hard work he did to get us back to the promised land. but unfortunately he seemed out of his depth and i fear for his health with the pressure, he had obviously lost the plot
  3. A little bit of reality?

    A little bit of reality We are going down i'm sorry to say
  4. Leicester City v Stoke City match thread

    ****ing hell, come on city get at them
  5. Leicester City v Stoke City match thread

    this is a MUST win game
  6. Millwall v Leicester City match thread

    says it all,howard on,ffs
  7. Millwall v Leicester City match thread

    stringer all the big guns forward,yes but fireing blanks
  8. Millwall v Leicester City match thread

    mills,bama,gally,howard,wellens, all out in the summer i hope
  9. Millwall v Leicester City match thread

    complete ****ing mugs
  10. Millwall v Leicester City match thread

    good bye play offs
  11. NP wants Mills and Beckford out and A. Gerrard in.

    total gobshite
  12. Billy Sharp - Fee Agreed.

    wingers wingers wingers,we need wingers to supply the forwards
  13. Bergkamp hatrick '97

    world Class
  14. Crystal Palace Match Thread

    fooking stupid twat,if we lose this its down to howard
  15. Palace pre-match

    sorry to say 2-1 palace,plz city prove me wrong