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  1. It was a beautiful moment seeing Nige and Claudio back. Let’s not ruin it by comparing who was better, all over again.
  2. This is such a beautiful gesture and I’m completely stunned by the amount raised. Absolutely class from Watford fans. For the all the rivalry and competition, it’s amazing how football fans can unite at times.
  3. NeilLCFC

    Nigel Pearson tribute

    Class from Nige as alway. Lovely tribute
  4. That is incredible 🦊
  5. No chance of holding back the tears after seeing this.
  6. Thanks for all the memories you gave us. RIP Vichai, you will never be forgotten.
  7. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    The tweets from our players have really got me in tears.
  8. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    Thanks for this
  9. NeilLCFC

    10 Games In - The Verdict So Far

    This really isn’t the time
  10. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    Thanks. I’ll look into this. If there’s anyone else that would like to be involved, please message me
  11. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    Can we get something started?? Would it be a crowd funding site? im happy to try and take shared responsibility on this. Just need ideas about the best way to go about it
  12. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    I would be honoured to contribute
  13. NeilLCFC

    Helicopter crash

    Numb and trying to hold back the tears. Made dreams come true for us as a club and gave me some of the proudest and happiest memories that will stay with me forever. Still get goose bumps thinking about what we achieved and the celebration of all celebrations that followed. Thank you Vichai, you are forever LCFC.
  14. NeilLCFC


  15. NeilLCFC

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    I think you need to look at the resources both mangers have had.