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  1. We thought Walsh was amazing cos he was. Couldn’t care less about Everton
  2. Brilliant! One of the best posts I’ve seen on here 😂
  3. I think I’d try to duck from it as well
  4. Also take a bow Steve Walsh and Nige Pearson.
  5. If you consider who’s goals were most important, Vards wins hands down: great escape, consecutive scoring record, premier league title and champions league quarters. No disrespect to any of the great players that have been part of this club but Jamie Vardy is Absolutely our most important and greatest player of all time - even more so when taking into account the step up from non league to the championship and then the premier league.
  6. Congratulations to Jamie Vardy, the party continues! A true Leicester legend.
  7. Yup they wanted what’s best for the club and they got it.
  8. To everyone that has ever labelled our players as ‘toxic’ etc please watch today’s Carabao Cup final to see what toxic really is. Our old guard have given so much to us and it is clear to me that they care about the club. If anything questions need to be asked of the board for the managerial appointments they’ve made apart from Nige and Claudio.
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