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  1. Also the forum didn’t have as many members in those days.
  2. Excellent. When Ünder is in and Ricardo is back, some teams are in for a twatting .
  3. This kid is gonna be absolutely word class in a year or two
  4. Ok I’ll take this back
  5. This place has really turned to shite. We have the best owners in football, who have delivered unthinkable success. Some of the rubbish on here makes it sound like we’re owned by Mike Ashley. People questioning if Top still cares or if it was all Vichai’s vision and he’s lost interest 🤯. The reason they bought the club was because Top watched us at Wembley in the 1997 league cup final and supported us ever since. @mods please find a way to get this forum back to the way things were before 15/16.
  6. What you get upto in your spare time is your business.
  7. This + I just don’t trust him.
  8. A little upset by this transfer. Not cos we’re loosing Chilwell, but because knowing Chelsea are paying him £190k a week is making me fall out of love with football
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