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  1. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Please bear in mind it was Pearson's first season in the top flight - let's compare that to a manager who is widely thought of as one of the best in the world, Pep guardiola. Considering the squad Man City already had when Pep arrived, from memory I think he still spent £150m+ on new players but finished 15 points behind the league champions. Regardless of us being bottom of the league for some time, at the end of the season we still finished 14th which is a great achievement for any newly promoted side. Given the difference in spending power etc, I would say Nige had a much more successful first season in the Premier League than Pep did.
  2. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Yet it no longer bothers the guys who actually own the club to the point where they have reemployed Nige to represent one of the businesses within their multi billion dollar empire. Your opinion is formed by Pearson taking the bait from a ****head journalist trying to provoke him, whereas the Thais would make their decision based not only his work, but also knowing him personally. Its also an indication of how much credit they give him for winning the league.
  3. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    That first paragraph is spot on mate. Great post.
  4. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Can't they just swap?
  5. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    With a heavy heart I have to finally admit to myself Shakey isn't the man to lead us forward. For me its not his relationship with the players that is worrying, it's his tactics and subs. hopefully he learns quickly and things click like they did during the great escape
  6. Harry Maguire called up to England Squad

    Completely deserved. but probably means Drinkwater is off. There is no way Leicester could have three England internationals!
  7. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Bring Nige back 🤓
  8. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

  9. Welcome Kelechi

    AMEN 🙏
  10. Comparing O'Neill LCFC Vs Ranieri LCFC sides

    Ranieri's side. Lol.
  11. Steve Walsh Snr

    Should have got rid of Ranieri at the point and kept Walsh.
  12. Meaning we'll win it again but by 1 point rather than 10. ill take that.
  13. Good news. Knows the club inside out and continue building on the foundations that have been laid over the last couple of years, rather than a new manager coming in and changing everything.
  14. He will win you a premier league title.