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  1. Totally unacceptable and even worse when considering how big today’s game was. Perez has done fvk all on the pitch since his £30m move. He should be spending more time at Seagrave, not hosting parties. Why are they having a party after loosing a match?! They deserve to be fined the maximum allowed.
  2. Would definitely add the season we won the championship and even the great escape. So many amazing memories.
  3. I know they say footballers aren’t the brightest, but even Saka will know Arsenal isn’t the place to get European football.
  4. Ive been a bit harsh towards Ian in the past, but today has made me realise he’s actually saved us a good few times. We paid a lot for him, but on reflection he has been a decent buy. Scored some important goals for us. Ridiculous he was subbed tonight
  5. Based off the chances he has been given he has been shite. Shown absolutely nothing that justifies giving him a run of games
  6. Everyone posting shit about us 'imploding' can do one. This is nothing like last year, this season we've been excellent even with all the injuries. Players / teams deserve some stick when they've been poor, but that's not the case for us. No matter where we finish this season, we're in this situation due to injuries - not weak mentality.
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