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  1. Im a few hours into it and i dont want to put it down. Im sure i heard reviews saying it was rubbish so i never gave it a look in. Then when i saw it on PS Plus i thought there you go its obviously rubbish if they already made it free to download. I thought ill just play it on Easy mode and blast through the story. Well i found myself in the middle of a Horde, no ammo or molotovs, nowhere near my bike. It was part of a mission so i had to continue from the checkpoint, absolutely loved trying to get away. Stamina runs out and you turn the camera round to see 100 zombies on your ass . Taking my
  2. What you wrote above is pretty much my thinking, except after my playthrough i couldnt get passed the fact that the dungeons were crap and bosses were rubbish, the final boss was the last straw for me. Just ruined everything about the game . The bold statement resonates with me. If they can introduce what makes a Zelda game great then i would certainly look into playing it.
  3. Its called Zelda. So the fact i didnt like it as a Zelda game you could argue makes it worse than bang average. Graphically it was great. just found the story dreadful, lack of dungeons even worse and the boss fights were hardly boss fights. Ganon boss fight was shockingly bad. There were things i did like, as i said above the graphics were beautiful and the shrines were interesting. Therefore i liked some elements and hated the elements that make a Zelda game great. My definition of bang average. The sequel just looks like BOTW and Skyward Sword
  4. Home to Chelsea day before my birthday (20th Nov). Wonder if that will move to my Bday due to Europa. Overall we have a nice mix. Xmas looks quite tough but end of season is much calmer than last season
  5. Metroid Dread looks good and always loved a Mario Party game. BOTW 2, Meh. I am still in the minority that BOTW was a bang average game (as a Zelda fanboy).
  6. kingcarr21


    I like Maddison and can certainly see the potential there. I would rather keep him as i am interested to see what his reaction is to missing out on the Euros. This upcoming season we could see his mentality switch to absolute professional. All ifs and buts though. It would free up more game time for Dennis Praet, who i think has a lot to offer. Along with Dewsbury Hall who is a real talent we can rely upon. I wouldnt cry over losing Maddison, but would certainly rather keep him. He is on the periphery of taking that next step and him becoming a very valuable asset. He s
  7. So i started Secret of Mana and just seems a bit naff. So decided to look at the PS plus games ive got saved in the library and decided to give Days Gone a go. It has a Last of Us sort of vibe to it but the controls and camera just feel a bit meh. Will see how it goes
  8. Thats FF12 finished. Can finally say ive done it and i can now properly rank it in my list of FF games. Decent enough challenge but once you got gambits sorted alot of battles you could just leave to play out by themselves. i had it as the worst FF game before but it certainly better than the linear FF13. Now started Secret of Mana on PS4. Never played the SNES version so will see if i like it
  9. First game - Home vs Leeds Boxing Day - Away vs Liverpool Final game - Home vs Norwich
  10. No it was a complete waste of time and money. Didn't do a thing for her. Hers has kicked in again this week. Im still sat here breathing in all the scents with wide eyes and a dry nose
  11. I got my PS5 on release day and sold it like 10 days later. Brought it for the sake of buying it. Back on my PS4 and not missed anything imo. Horizon Forbidden West is the game i really want. Think ill wait for that before considering getting a PS5 again.
  12. Each club fined approx £3.5M Since when did Chefs parents work for the Premier League?
  13. Im not feeling at all confident going into this tournament. I just think we will be way too defensive and not utilise our squad to any of our attacking capabilities and in doing so will allow opposition to grow in confidence. I pray im wrong but if we lose our first game then the Scotland game will have nerves everywhere with which they may well do a number on us. Normally im much more confident, something just doesnt sit right with me. I think its the idea of taking unfit players (Henderson and Maguire i just dont get, forget the leadership rubbish we have Kane for that) and playi
  14. Winner - Belgium Runner Up - Portugal Where will England finish - Group Stage Where will Scotland finish - Round of 16 Where will Wales finish - Group Stage Top Scorer - Lukaku Player of the tournament - Diogo Jota Biggest surprise - Ukraine Biggest disappointment - England
  15. Didnt you know smoke works a lot like Covid. It knows where it can and cant go
  16. If its outdoors i really don't see the problem. If someone is smoking near me its not like it lingers constantly around you. Just sounds like people trying to micro manage things when there are bigger things to worry about. You will have police standing guard of smoke soon.
  17. Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age. As a big FF fan it always annoyed me that i never finished 12. I got it when it first came out and i just hated it, Didnt like the battle system, walking in the world map was too slow and the save points were few and far between. In my memory i always remembered getting annihilated from a boss i wasn't expecting and lost about 2 hours of gameplay so just gave up. Now with the rerelease and i heard they added in an autosave amongst other features i am now enjoying the game. I'm well past the boss that ruined me last time (beat him with ease this time
  18. I was going to say this. I'm in the still of that video. 2nd row behind the goal. Literally just sat there in awe.
  19. You know he will rock up at Spurs for next season.
  20. Wow Spurs fans really are turning on the club and how its run. Could we see a massive win for us. Imagine Liverpool and Leicester win but we finish 4th on GD. Liverpool win by 1 goal and we win something like 8-0
  21. Are people really that bothered about top 4 after winning the FA cup? I understand perfectly what it means to make top 4 but honestly after watching Tielemans score that screamer and limbs everywhere moment at Wembley this season is already a huge success. If we have Europa then so be it. You finish where you deserve to. All this talk of this being a defining moment, it was talk that happened last season and lo and behold we are here again, not much has changed. I watched the game last night without a care in the world. We are on a European tour regardless and have the FA cup sitti
  22. 2-1 win Vardy last goal. Vardy will complete his legacy by scoring the winning goal. Raising him up from God to Immortal. I mean what a signing he has been for us. If he scores the winning goal to secure our first FA cup and complete the domestic set (well, just need to get relegated to League 2 ) then he needs a statue on every side of the stadium
  23. The games i want to play wont be out for ages anyway, so im quite happy to stick with PS4 for now
  24. So you mean because the person didnt show up on the coach they will cancel the ticket on the system. So it wouldnt be recognised at the wembley entrance? Sounds like a too hi tech thing for our ticket office . Im going on the coach anyway so like i said im not trying to encourage people to go against the rules. Just interested to know peoples thought on it. Lets face it its a load of nonsense
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