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  1. Disagree regarding You. Personally loved it. Finished season 2 last night. Looking forward to Season 3. Now time to go back to Power and finish that off. Shows i've enjoyed on Netflix Prison Break Breaking Bad You Power 13 Reasons Why The Sinner The Killing (no longer on Netflix, shame)
  2. Landed back from Florida on Thursday. Had a great time around Disney, Universal etc. Took Ashton to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins which he loved. Many memories that I will cherish. Back to school today. He has had the last month off so was hard on all of us to get up this morning Ashton seems to have shot up a bit recently. He is a bit taller and heavier, so it's really down to me to do almost everything for Ashton as he is too strong and heavy for the wife. The sooner he walks the better. He is so close and yet so far. Still adore him. Got his new Trike before we went away which will help him gain more strength in his legs. So that's good. Just need to keep soldiering on I guess.
  3. How did I forget Spiderman. Loved that game. I'm glad i've found another person who appreciates Uncharted 4 as much as me. Loved every minute of it and the ending was perfect.
  4. I met Hamza a few weeks ago at the first game of the season for my U17s team. His younger brother plays for us. Hamza was great. Came over after the game for pictures and a chat. Very nice lad. Interesting to hear all this regarding Chilwell and Hamza. Lets see what develops.
  5. God I hated MGS5. Awful game. This is a really tough one for me. Ill try and select a few. Some of these may even be older, cant be arsed to check Skyrim RDR2 Uncharted 4 God of War Ni No Kuni 2 Assassins Creed Odyssey Mario Odyssey Last of Us The Witcher Fortnite (When it first came out, before it went crazy stupid) Out of all them ones above Uncharted 4 really struck a chord with me. The visuals were incredible
  6. Currently playing Dragon Quest. Great game so far. Love a good RPG. Seems a little easy so far but I know with most RPGs the difficulty will go up in an instant
  7. I got slated when I suggested a similar line up a few weeks ago. Trust the squad to perform. We have got some good players that can push for a start. I was more than happy that the team BR chose could do the business. People should trust in our entire squad to be able to do a job.
  8. Oh don't get me wrong I reckon I would still find it annoying, I don't know as ive not been subjected to it. So I sympathize with you all. But watching vlogs I just like watching the ones where the team get spanked Just find it funny. Right time for some AFTV
  9. I would rather listen to a lad vlogging than some of the dross around me. Honestly the lad behind me screams at every decision against us. Riles me up when he goes on about offside. 'Clearly onside linesman you cnut' MATE WE SIT BEHIND THE GOAL, THE WORSE POSITION TO CLAIM A PLAYER BEING OFFSIDE. I don't mind watching the vlogs, but I cant watch a vlog of our games. Opposition vlogs I just like seeing the reactions when we score. The last few weeks have been great
  10. Well that was a fun night. Completely outplayed and outclassed. Give Trent time on the ball and that's exactly what happens. What annoyed me the most was the starting line up. Didn't learn anything from the Man City game. Albrighton was clearly needed to help on the left. In saying that though I reckon Rodgers started Barnes for a reason. To be on the same pitch as Salah, Mane and Firmino and for him to experience first hand how good these are going forward. The people who sit directly behind me spent the first 60 mins berating Barnes. I was reaching boiling point when the bloke next to me went mad at them. **** sake give the kid a chance. Chilwell will be happy to see the back of them fixtures. I feel like we have been planning these games for the last 6 weeks. Looking ahead to them as fans instead of just taking it one game at a time. Thank god we have finished with Liverpool now. The only positive I can take out of this result is it reinforces the need to strengthen. You look at Liverpool and they have goal scorers all over the pitch. We have our main threat in Vardy. And to think, the team in 1st have just played the team in 2nd, at their ground and gave us a schooling. There is no way Liverpool lose it from here. They are a class outfit, as annoying as that is to admit, and also have last seasons heartbreak to drive them on to get the job done. Oh and a mention for Vin Dijk, barely broke a sweat and looked every inch the worlds best CB. Just a class performance from him.
  11. Just the standard 'We have a list of 10, we cant possibly have them all men. Have to throw in a female achievement to stop triggery' Have I just invented the word triggery
  12. What I mean is its not a given, the last few years the top 4 has been one of the 'Big 6'. Now though with the influx of inexperienced managers its left the door ajar for other clubs to jump in and mix it up.
  13. And Pundits are still trying to plug 'The Big 6' The 3 mentioned above will all struggle for Top 4 the next few seasons. It has blown the door wide open for others to make CL football. I can easily see us or Wolves snatch a top 4 spot not just this season but for seasons to come. The longer it goes on then all this nonsense of ' if Man U come calling he's off' gets well and truly put in the bin. There is a shift coming and the 'Big 6' will start to sound more and more ridiculous
  14. Its mental isn't it. No pedigree whatsoever so how does he get a job as big as Arsenal. They need to get back to being up there as an elite prem club but who can honestly see that happen through Arteta? My Arsenal supporting mate has txt me saying he would genuinely rather have Pulis or Alardyce.
  15. That Aguero moment was incredible. What about Vardy scoring vs Man U to break the record?
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