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  1. I just love the fact that there are few players I would take from the Man U squad (Rashford, Mata and De Gea) to replace our players and after splashing £50m on AWB they have signed a player who I still wouldn't swap for Ricardo This Man U side, as a squad, are the absolute pits
  2. This is a golden opportunity for teams to break into the Top 4. Arsenal are in turmoil, Players disruptive over the wage structure (Ozil is on daft cash compared to other players) Chelsea with their transfer ban and Inexperienced manager could be an instant hit but also could see the club drop down positions. They certainly aren't the powerhouse they once were. Man Utd are an absolute mess. Squad is awful and full of overpayed prima donnas. Only a select few players I would take to add to our squad (imagine saying that when Fergie was manager ) Spurs aren't quite in the mess as of the above so I fancy them to finish a comfortable 3rd behind Man City and Liverpool but I can certainly see us or Everton spring a surprise this coming season. If not top 4 then we should certainly look at top 6
  3. The wife is having the injection tomorrow, a friend of mine swears by it. Will let you know if its worth it as my wife suffers quite badly with it. Me, i've never had hayfever
  4. YES that's it. My memory was very sketchy. Every time it would pop into my mind it would do my head in cause I couldn't remember the name. Knew it was a floating island. Will have to watch it again. Wow came out in 1986.
  5. Apologies to all for steering the thread away a moment but I have to ask. You guys seem to know a bit about Anime/Manga etc. I have a question. I remember as a kid I watched an Anime movie and for the life of me I cant find it, I cant remember the name of the film. All I remember about it is a child, possibly 2 children, find a giant robot of sorts, I'm sure he was gold. I seem to remember them finding it on a floating island. The robot was covered in greenery as if it had laid dormant for a long time. That's all I can remember but I must have watched it something like 20-25 years ago. I was quite young. Any ideas what it could be?
  6. Been meaning to watch them, ive just started exploring some Anime stuff. Currently watching Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia
  7. I love The Green Mile. Tom Hanks is such a great actor, probably one of my fave films so I would put that up there. People are saying The Godfather, I actually watched the 1st Godfather for the first time at the weekend. Didn't watch it all though but couldn't see the big fascination with it. Maybe if I watched it when it was first released Really like Leo DiCaprio as an actor also, Blood Diamond, Inception and Shutter Island were brilliant You know what though, for a 33 year old man I love animated films. They can be so good with clever writing, Bee Movie is really witty . The beginning of Lego Batman is f****** awesome, and the ending of Toy Story 3 brought the cinema to floods of tears.
  8. The Land Before Time God damn I love that film
  9. Wont matter what her skin age is if he beats her. That face gonna be black and bruised
  10. Totally agree, those tall, lanky kids are a nightmare
  11. I've had similar thoughts. I open up the map and just think wow this map is stupidly big. I'm enjoying the game, I just like running around to every map location, I'm 18 hours in and not bored yet. I still have a problem with the dialogue and voice acting though, Seems out of place. I'm enjoying the story a little more now the cult have become involved. I'm sure I will put in many hours.
  12. If Maguire goes then I'm all for going forward with the 4 CBs we have, but if the club think it be worthwhile bringing in Dunk then I wont moan. Everytime I saw him play he looked a great player. Our main focus really needs to be on another striker to take the burden off Vardy.
  13. Would be great but I think if they wanted to go for modern graphics then I would focus on a brand new Zelda adventure. I don't think a remake would stand up to the original just simply down to how revolutionary the original was in the gaming industry. 3D open world and Z targeting in OoT changed the way games were made moving forward. A remake, as good as it could potentially be, just will not beat the original imo. Would love to fight Volvagia in the Fire temple again with modern graphics. Smashing his face with a hammer again would be so satisfying
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