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  1. His younger brother plays for my Croft U17s team so I have met his mum loads of times. Such a nice woman and completely down to earth. She said that all the times of taking Hamza to his training etc has paid off for him.
  2. Maguire to give away penalty and Vardy to put it away. snatch and grab 1-0 win
  3. Errrrr, Make your mind up Lawrenson ffs
  4. I got married in the Dominican Republic. Main reason being that it gave a chance for my wife's family to come to it (they live in Venezuela). I just told my family the dates and they were more than welcome to join us but by no means did I expect a single person to drop plans to accommodate us. Even my parents. It was a lot of money. Fair play we had a good turn out for the wedding, 2 weeks all inclusive 5 star at Riu Palace. What a beautiful place. Sounds like your 1st cousin is a right b****
  5. Makes you laugh cause I genuinely wouldn't take a single Man U player over our own players. What a world we live in
  6. I would love to be able to play it again without knowing what happens. It really is brilliant. Get playing it NOW
  7. Wait, you have never played it? If not then you are in for a treat
  8. Bunch of boring b******* with your long words . Lets get back to football. Proper chat
  9. Playing Zelda Link to the Past now the Snes games are on the Switch online. What a gem of a game
  10. Would meat eaters expect a meat option at a vegan wedding? My mate is a vegan with his wedding next year and there is absolutely no way I would ask for a meat option, my mate is passionate about animals and no way meat would be served at his wedding. Just look at it as a chance to experience something different. Im a meat eater but I would look at a vegetarian menu and think 'meh, why not'. Its only for 1 day. Eating is cheating anyway
  11. Why would anyone want zombie ears as payment . A double barrel shotgun, yes boss that will be 12 and a half zombie ears
  12. How did I miss this, so sorry. I just thought bloody hell its been a while since I posted in this chat. So here's the latest. Development wise he is doing really well. Ashton can now walk for longer in his walker, he can crawl up the stairs and get down the stairs (with assistance). So his sense of exploration is improving massively. He still wont attempt his first unaided step but he is so close. Just keep going and he will just do it one day. He has also lost his first tooth, unfortunately he swallowed it. So I have been inspecting his nappies but to no avail. Cant find it and I have given up looking as I am sure you can imagine its not the most pleasant task . Having some trouble with Ashton's NHS physio. She is just useless. The attitude of NHS physios is just a joke, work part time and when they are working its the absolute minimum. Ashton's physio report wasn't received until the end of his first school year. How are teachers meant to implement physio activities in Ashton's everyday learning if they are given nothing. Luckily me and the wife are on the ball and asked the teachers to do what our private physio does with Ashton. So Ashton hasn't gone without but it just seems like the NHS physio is 9 months behind. I'm telling her what Ashton needs. We raised a complaint with her manager and she's no better, just palms you off. We are going higher up with our private physio assisting the complaint cause she is also not happy with Ashton's physio report, absolute basic and doesn't reflect where Ashton's is striving to get to. Health wise Ashton has been really good, no illnesses which is always a bonus. Since the last update we went to Wales on a little break away and Skegness for a weekend. Good times playing on the beach, He would sit there all day letting the sand run through his fingers. All sensory play. We have also took the plunge and booked to go Disney World Florida. Flying out on his Birthday (New Years Day). So we have a weeks cruise in October and a 2 week Florida trip start of next year. Good times coming up. Just need to pay for it all
  13. Depends how desperate you are for your car. Can you go a few days without it? Probably not worth the saving if you end up with the hassle of paying bus fare etc
  14. Ive not played either of the others but my brother in law swears by Nier Automata. He says its brilliant. One of them games on my to do list
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