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  1. We all know what its like at Home now. Teams will come and defend. I feel that Villa fans wont want their team to set up defensively at home. Which will allow us to express ourselves. Even though we are on a great run this is one of those games that is a big banana skin. Tbh all I want at the moment is for Vardy to break the record. Wouldn't it be incredible if he beat his own record
  2. In most cases I would agree. All i'm saying is if that was the line up I wouldn't mind. We have a squad that can compete and with Man City and Liverpool coming up there is no harm in making wholesale changes. Don't forget these players would want to give Brendan something to think about. I would expect them to play out their skin as if to say 'don't forget about me'. Right now im just loving being a Leicester fan. I don't feel the pressure to chase Liverpool so its a nice position to be in.
  3. A good team that can beat Villa away.
  4. Kasper Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Albrighton Justin Praet Choudury Gray Vardy Iheanacho Make some wholesale changes and give players a good rest. Maddison looked tired vs Watford. I am more than happy to see wholesale changes within our squad. That's how confident I am of our squad. Even go as far as giving Ward game. I love our current squad. We really do have a well balanced team not just our first 11
  5. Im certain they only gave us the 2nd pen because they messed up the Vardy penalty shout. Anyone in their right mind would say its a stonewall pen. Suggesting he dived is laughable . The 2nd one yes his hand was up in Evans face but its not deliberate, just trying to usher him out the way. Another 3 points in the bag. Its great for us atm cause Liverpool are so far ahead im not even thinking of trying to catch them. There is no point unless they start dropping points and the gap closes. All im interested in is the gap from us to 5th. Which is currently 12 points. For me top 4 is done and dusted
  6. Take it you didn't check the previous post
  7. I KNEW somebody would do that . As I typed it I thought 'there's a joke to be made here'
  8. Sky Broadband is absolutely horrendous. To the point where ive paid for my own internet connection in my bedroom. My bedroom is downstairs so its right next to the Sky router and my download/upload speed was just shocking. I've tried boosters, moving the router etc and my speed on my PS4 was always awful. Even hardwiring it didn't improve the situation. Got Virgin and put it in my bedroom and never looked back.
  9. I thought it was great. Came on instantly and with no lag whatsoever. I watched it through my PS4 so easy to navigate through the options. Simple
  10. Added you all. Im not a hardcore player but thought I may aswel add you and send gifts etc
  11. Says that and put a laughing emoji at the end
  12. Ljunberg may give the players a lift and a sense of direction but they may fall foul to what happened at Man U with Solkjaer. They cant afford to be in a position where they have to give Ljunberg the job. Be direct in what they want to do. If they want Rodgers then put up the money and act like a big club. Luckily for us this wont happen as they wont want to spend the money getting him. Poch is there, go all out for him as it would be a massive middle finger up to Spurs. Which would be hilarious The only coaches in the prem that would be good enough for that job are Klopp, Guardiola, Poch and Rodgers. I don't think any other coach would succeed long term. Allegri would be a positive appointment but he doesn't know the prem. For me it has to be Poch. He knows the league, he knows London and when Spurs were playing for him they looked a dangerous team against anyone.
  13. You can park in Local Hero car park for 4 hours aslong as you register your car in the local hero and spend I believe £2. Just park on Shakespeare Street and walk. Takes about 10-15 min walk and doesn't cost a penny
  14. Money on first goal vs Everton
  15. After a couple of seconds I break down and leak everywhere?
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