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  1. Most Efficient Scorers this season

    So he will score 38 goals in a season for another prem team . Moronic The stat does prove absolutely nothing as there are so many variables to be considered. Players play against different teams etc. Like I said I like Slimani. I would like to see him in the team more and getting more of a chance, I reckon he would score goals for us. Unfortunately Puel likes to play with 1 striker and Vardy is better than Slimani in the style of play that we play, If he leaves for another team then I would wish him all the best. I hear Watford are looking at him in January.
  2. Most Efficient Scorers this season

    Its literally one of the most pointless stats which proves absolutely nothing . I like Slimani but he just doesn't fit in this team. Shame as I think we could play to his strengths in certain matches and he could be a very effective striker for us in the prem. Its like saying Nugent is Englands greatest striker cause he gets a goal every 13 minutes
  3. Would you go full strength against Man City?

    We have players more than capable of playing in the first team so no reason why we cant make a few changes. Bring in Drag, Amartey, King and Iheanacho whilst still having players like Gray, Mahrez and Chilwell in the side. The FA Cup is the one I want though. 4 finals without winning it still gives me nightmares.
  4. Kyle Scott

    Doubt he would get regular first team football with us. Maybe should look further down the divisions
  5. Call Of Duty : WW2

    The Bar is a really good rifle. Best rifle for me by a mile. Still think the mp40 is best gun in the game tho. That map ive stopped catching the first point and I go straight for B. A well placed grenade will always get you a kill or 2
  6. Liam Moore

    Went out for a curry with him after the Newcastle game. Was very humble. Telling us Drogba was the hardest player he has played against. Telling us that he doesn't like the idea of footballers showing off their wealth, then 10 mins later he pays his bill with £50 notes .
  7. Peter Kay Cancels Tour

    I had dates for 2019 also. We have already had an email regarding refund. Real shame as I was really looking forward to seeing him live. Hopefully its not too serious
  8. Iheanacho

    He just needs to feel a bit of love from the club. Play him. We don't have to stick to the same 11 every game even if we r winning. Nothing wrong with a bit of squad rotation. You have a squad for a reason. Start the likes of iheanacho and Slim and let Vardy come on fresh for the last 30 mins.
  9. Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    nana nana nana nana Batman. Took me a while to get it
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    Yea I might take a look at this. Looks like the sort of game I would enjoy. Defo collect all the coins you can. I was similar to you, I got to about 750 moons going back through each kingdom and picking up stray moons I missed. The cloud kingdom was also the first one I finished . I did use google on a few stray moons that I couldn't figure out. TBH though I don't think any of them are mega difficult so I think if I had more patience I could have done it. Hardest moon to get is the final multi moon on the darker side of the moon. Every piece of health you can keep is a must. Died so many times on that
  11. Super Mario Odyssey

    A good coin farm is on Bowser Castle where u plant the seed and climb the vine to the clouds. Do it repeatedly and I timed it at 180 coins a minute. I did the 9999 coins for the skeleton outfit then went and looked for the remaining purple coins which I got quite lucky with. Found them pretty quickly. Once I had them I went back to Bowser castle and coin farmed again to buy the remaining 99 moons. Then beat bowser to finish it. Feel a bit grim that ive finished it. My daughter has her own file which she asks me for help with so I can still play it. Ive got her Just Dance 2018 for xmas so now I need to look at a game for myself. Never played Xenoblade so might look at that
  12. Super Mario Odyssey

    Managed to 100% complete the game. 999 moons, all purple coins, all outfits and beat bowser again. Now to look for another switch game
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    I've now Got all the main moons. I'm on 900. Just need to buy the last 99 moons and the skeleton outfit at 9999 coins. i have 12 purple coins to find, 6 in metro kingdom, 3 in snow kingdom and 3 in luncheon kingdom then im ready to beat bowser again and fully complete this game. Been an absolute joy to play
  14. Musa - Opinions so far

    For me Musa is a good player who is being hindered because we play Vardy. Now I love Jamie Vardy so this isn't a bash on him at all but it seems like our only striker who fits alongside Vards is Okazaki. Aslong as we keep playing Vardy then Slim, Iheanacho and Musa just wont fit into the team. Its one reason why I really like Puel. Under Shakespeare none of the above mentioned would be effective but with Puel trying to keep the ball on the ground more I think players like Musa could be lethal in this team. So Slim and Iheanacho I still believe could have a good future with us. Musa's main problem for me is he can only be lethal if he replaced Vardy, on the wing he is useless. So its probably best for him to go. Shame as I quite like Musa. TBH I can see January being a testing month for us. Players like Slim and Musa will be begging to leave. If they were to go then I would look to bring a striker in from the academy. We could have Vardy, Iheanacho, Okazaki, Ulloa and maybe Muskwe. Although I would sooner lose Ulloa than Slim
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    Ive often looked at this game series and still have yet to play one of them. I may have to look at this now I can give it a try for free. Thanks for the heads up