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  1. Hopefully that's the seat they give me on my return flight.
  2. Emirates A380. The pic is take off the Emirates website
  3. Ive just looked and Economy class has a plug socket on every other seat. Each seat has a USB port also. So looks like Skyrim will be getting destroyed. Happy Days
  4. Oh no way, the switch will prob last about 4 hours playing Skyrim but I am taking my DS and my PS Vita to help pass the time . Ill take my charger with me but its a solid plug so hopefully I can charge it a little in Dubai when we stop off. Not likely though.
  5. Bit the bullet and brought Skyrim. Bit daft spending £25 on it but I don't care. Absolutely love it and the fact I now have it on handheld makes it well worth it. Cant wait for my flight to Australia now. Just hope the battery lasts a while
  6. We should have a poll on who will end up on the Iron Throne once it Is all over. I vote Reek
  7. I was going to say something similar but to be fair the title does say hide spoilers.
  8. How is it a spoiler when it was told at the end of season 7 almost 2 years ago? Edit - I have now hidden it but I would have thought it was common knowledge by now, apologies
  9. Didn't realise it was Brighton vs Cardiff tonight. Think I would rather watch that than the Champions League. Going to be a right battle with both teams lumping the s*** out of each other.
  10. Ive always lived knowing as long as I get 6 hours sleep then I am fine the next day. So I always make time to play on a game. Always been a gamer and the wife hates it . Ace Attorney will end up half price at least. As I said previously its a game that not many people go for. It's certainly a hidden gem in my eyes. Give it a few months and it will end up say £15. Which is a bargain.
  11. Sport Bible yesterday put up a post asking 'If Liverpool beat Chelsea will they win the title?' Errrr no Its like people have forgotten that Man City are the team in the driving seat. They win their games they are champions, its that simple. I don't think Liverpool will win all their games anyway. They will draw to someone like Cardiff. If I had to choose a winner it would be Man City, simply because I cant stand 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Absolute Cringe
  12. Been playing Gems of War. A free game so always worth a go. Decent enough but a lot to get your head around. One of my favourite ever game series has been released now on the Switch. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. £30 though so I wont buy it as I already have it on the DS. You play as a Defence lawyer and each case has you with a defendant that looks blatantly guilty going off the evidence, but as you investigate you look for contradictions which ends up having the case you are working on flipping on its head. If you like good plot twists then this is the best game for it. The thing is a lot of the plot twists you need to work out yourself with the evidence you have to hand. Then in the court room you interrogate witnesses and present your contradictions in order to figure out how the crime was committed. It might sound boring but I promise you each case you work on, on first look, I can guarantee you wont guess how it ends . I've been trying to get people to play this game for years, I'm still yet to find anybody else who has played it out of all my mates. Hours of gameplay and some real head scratching moments trying to work things out its quite rewarding. Sometimes you will know who has committed the crime but cant work out how they did it. If any of you ever watched Johnathan Creek its that sort of crime solving.
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