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  1. kingcarr21

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Wow. The suppressed SMG after the patch is an absolute laser. Honestly I am now taking a white suppressed smg over a gold scar. Getting kills for fun.
  2. There was an article on facebook that suggested that Carroll done the injury trying to sneak back into his Hotel room via the balcony whilst pissed Would be funny if true but not the most reliable of sources
  3. kingcarr21

    Anyone had the snip?

    Also I cant think of anything worse than having the snip. No way. Would have to deal with them laughing when they see it before they got to work on it
  4. kingcarr21

    Anyone had the snip?

    Puberty? Don't think you should be readily announcing that sort of thing
  5. kingcarr21

    Current LCFC Players Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 82 seconds  
  6. kingcarr21

    Calum Elder

    Surely sending him back to Wigan is the best solution. Why keep him as 3rd choice and get no games when he can play every game for Wigan knowing they have no recognised LB. Send him back Wigan then he can return next season after Fuchs has left. Seems the most logical thing to do
  7. kingcarr21

    Ashtons Journey

    Very sad day yesterday. Ashton had both his leavers party at Menphys Nursery and STEPS. He has grown so much in the last 2 and a half years and a lot is down to the hard work his teachers did with him. The photo is of his journey through STEPS. Now after his summer break it’s off to big school. Looking forward to seeing what the school will do to Ashton’s development
  8. kingcarr21

    The joke thread

    I assume you watched it with him if you know that
  9. You've started 5 new topics about the same thing So it's definitely working
  10. kingcarr21


    Bump I forgot I was trying to find an emulator before. I had a look a few days ago and found one called Deream (I think, I will edit later if its different) With this emulator there is no faffing about, just download the emulator then download a Rom. Put the rom file (.cdi) in a folder (mine is in Program files). Then just locate it in the emulator and click to play. Works really well. There is a free version or you can pay $5 for the premium version (which I believe just upscales the visuals). I will eventually get the premium but at the moment the free version works fine. Some sound issues but nothing major. Just thought I would share in case anyone else wanted to relive some dreamcast games. Currently playing Skies of Arcadia which was always one of my fave RPG games. Got Shenmue ready for when i've finished SoA.
  11. kingcarr21

    Clash of Clans

    Think you should just bite the bullet and go to TH11. The clan games I tend to just do the builder base challenges as they are the easiest and quickest ones to do. A 2 day challenge of getting 900% damage in the builder base you can do in like 1 hour. I used to spend too much time on the game, its why I quit doing war. Marshalling other peoples attacks as well as doing my own took its toll. Makes all the difference not having to faff about with war.
  12. kingcarr21

    Thailand Cave Rescue

    Brilliant news. This has made my day. At least they know the operation Is successful. Just hope the rainfall doesn't get worse. Just reading about the cave and 'The Choke Spot' looks awful. I've done scuba diving a few times and love it but I cant think of anything worse than squeezing through tight spaces whilst underwater. Fingers crossed they can get the remaining people out of the cave. What a story. Agree it would make a great film. Reckon we may see them all at the KP next season as guests of the owners. Would love to clap them all on and off the pitch. What they must be going through mentally. May have some PTSD after this ordeal.
  13. kingcarr21

    Clash of Clans

    You will get times like that. Maybe upgrade your TH. Can give you an injection to carry on playing. I am TH12 and its now made me want to attack with my main base again. I must have totalled about 3 months doing no attacks with my main base and just played the builder base which I still prefer. I'm enjoying attacking as its easy to get loot. It needs to be easy as everything at TH12 is over 10 mill in price. Maybe also have a break from War. I find that the most boring part of the game, or leave your clan and join another.
  14. kingcarr21

    Jamie Vardy

    Its fine Musa can always fill Vardy's place next season
  15. kingcarr21

    Brazil v Belgium Quarter Final match thread

    Think I would sooner Belgium win just so I can see Neymar cry.