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  1. kingcarr21

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Direct was on last night. Some new info on upcoming games. Tetris 99 - A battle royale style Tetris game which Is free to download. Quite good actually. Best i've come is 10th Astral Chains - Looks a good game. Out later this year. Zelda Links Awakening - A remake of the old Gameboy game. Will pick this up if its a decent price. Final Fantasy 9 was available to download last night. £17 is a bit steep tho. I have it on the Vita so not fussed. FF7 is out next month. Other games were talked about. Make sure you watch it
  2. kingcarr21

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Playing The Way remastered on the Switch. Was reduced to 89p on the Store. A great puzzle game. Some of the puzzles have had me stumped and taken ages to work out. Lost count how many times i've died. Well worth getting if its still 89p
  3. kingcarr21

    Red Dead 3

    I haven't looked at that. I will do some exploring and see what I can find. I'm still chapter 2 and I think 26% complete. What is gambler 10? I quite enjoy the gambling aspect so I'm intrigued as to what is it that makes it daunting to you
  4. kingcarr21

    What grinds my gears...

    ' So if you plan on releasing equity then Good Advice is Keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' **** OFF
  5. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    I've not been able to benefit from his ability. But I suppose now more and more people have unlocked Caustic that with Bangalores smoke and the nox cloud becoming more apparent I can see the benefit. Its why I like this game so much. So many different combinations to work with and no matter which squad you have you are always at a disadvantage with something.
  6. kingcarr21

    Spurs new stadium has spursy - Delayed

    Shame. What's not to like about a room full of inflatable dinosaurs
  7. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    Yes when they are knocked they have a chance of being revived. You can either keep shooting them (be aware they may have a knockdown shield to protect their front) or use a finisher. The finisher kills them but it leaves you wide open for their team mate to shoot you whilst you perform the finisher. So assess the situation. I try not to bother finishing players and instead look for the team mate rather than focusing on getting the kill.
  8. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    Its why I have purposefully focused on 3 characters so I never have this problem. Lifeline, Bangalore and Gibraltar (in that order). Bloodhound - I cant see a huge benefit in his abilities. His L1 doesn't cover a huge amount of ground and his main ability I haven't benefitted at all. Wraith - I'm just no good with her, I cant see a huge benefit with her main ability with the portals. I'm sure though there are some expert users but I cant see how the portals can be a better ability over say Rolling Thunder. Find she is for more aggressive players which I'm not. Pathfinder - Don't get it, knowing where the next circle appears is handy but not essential. His zipwire, meh, you can get to most places anyway. Just a campers dream character. Lifeline - Best by far imo. Her healing ability in a trio game is essential and her care package can always give something that the squad needs. Finding the accelerants we give them Lifeline every time. Bangalore - Double speed under fire and smoke are great at breaking away from attacks from behind (which is how I always tend to die) Her Rolling Thunder is great for end game. Gibraltar - Again when attacked from behind his L1 ability is ace. So a gunshield for attacks from in front and shield for behind means you always have a chance of winning. Mortar great for end game same as Bangalore. This is my take on all 6 characters. People will have a different view but with my play style (not too aggressive) I find Lifeline, Bangalore and Gibraltar are good characters for me. Not tried the last 2 characters yet.
  9. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    What weapons do people like? I have found the Carbine, R99 and Peacekeeper to be the best weapons. Mozambique can get in the bin.
  10. kingcarr21

    Red Dead 3

    Had the day off on Friday. Kids were at school and the wife in Benidorm so I decided this was it. The last chance I will give this game before I trade it in. I thought I would just get through some missions. I've only ever lasted an hour each time I play. 6 Hours later and my daughter is knocking at the door, completely lost track of time, no lunch Finally the game has opened up and now I don't feel bored. The missions have been great and I have told myself to slow down and enjoy the surroundings. Been killed a few times but its good that you just spawn and lose a little money. Saying that though if I lose $1 I'm fuming as money seems hard to come by. Love playing Poker and Blackjack. Is there a quick way of making money in the game? I have a $300 bounty on my head after breaking Micah out and that is stupid money
  11. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    Got my first win last night after so many 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Its a really good game. Not sure if its better than blackout but its good in its own right with the different abilities. Ive come to the conclusion that lifeline is an absolute must have in every squad. Her abilities are amazing
  12. kingcarr21

    first city game

    No idea on my first game but the earliest one I can vividly remember is Wembley vs Crystal Palace. I was never a big football fan until Claridge scored that goal and I stood in awe at the Leicester fans going mental. Instantly hooked.
  13. I guess once signed on the dotted line then the fee is owed to them. A very strange situation for all involved
  14. kingcarr21

    Apex Legends

    Ive had my first go on it and only a couple of hours later I'm really getting the hang of it. Feels really smooth. Normally you play a free game then countless updates come out to iron out kinks but this just feels like its the finished article from the get go. It seems overwhelming to begin with (what with all the abilities etc) but since you can only play as a trio you soon pick up on each ability after watching your team mates as well as your own character (you cant choose the same character) Its easy to pick up skins and banners etc so the need for loot boxes to get better is non existent. If somebody wants to spend money they can but you certainly don't gain an advantage. Much the same as fortnite. I can certainly see this game doing really well
  15. kingcarr21

    Tottenham (Away) 10th February 2019

    Not sure but I think Kasper would be more effective in goal