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  1. Went to the hospital yesterday to understand what the letter about his hips means to Ashton. Looks very likely that he will have surgery. Once the ball and socket are separated by at least 50% (So more out than in) then it needs to be fixed asap as it leads onto spinal problems. Ashton is already at 50% so will have another X Ray in the summer. If it has got worse then he will have surgery on both hips. Depending how he gets on with the surgery on the first side they may then operate the other side at the same time. Doing both together though makes it more likely he will be in intensive care and more prone to chest infections which he isn't great with. So will be interesting to see what happens. The Doctor was really good at explaining the situation which is all we wanted. So onto this Covid 19 stuff. Ashton wasn't given a place at his school as at the time my job wasn't classed as a key worker (which it now is). I told the school I would rather keep him at home anyway and let another child have his spot. Ashton is relatively easy to look after and I work from home anyway. I know there are parents who would be desperate to keep their child in school. They would be better looked after at school anyway. So he is happy at home watching tv and playing with his toys. Need to be extra careful with him as this virus and its respiratory problems it brings will be really bad for Ashton and his weakened immune system. So house bound for all of us. We are very lucky in the sense that my job is unaffected as I work from home anyway. So carry on as normal with kids at home instead of school. At least the wife has stopped going out and spending unnecessary money. Every cloud I guess
  2. Tik Tok videos with Nigel Pearson Ill take that
  3. Splatoon might be something to look at. Or Animal Crossing which is out in next couple of days I think
  4. Yea I had that problem a couple of times. Once in though I had no lag and the hit detection seems to be so much more accurate than other BR games. I was sniping 2 guys running yesterday and managed to drop them both. Aiming just in front of them and connected with 2 shots on each player. Never sniped so good In my life
  5. Absolutely Brilliant Felt so easy to get to grips with. Some really nice features as well. The Gulag is a game changer. With other BR games its a pain when you finally get loaded into a game to only die instantly. At least in this you start with a pistol and if you die you go to the Gulag. A 1v1 scenario with the winner going straight back into the game. Then even if you lose you can be revived by your team mates quite easily early game. Love the loadout box as well. So you always have the chance for your fave set up and perks. The map is great, its massive so plenty of opportunities to get loot and play tactically. Played a game where my team came 2nd with 21 kills. I got 14 of them . Im never that good. Then we won our first game with 5 kills total . Love the ending with the close up of your team in the chopper. Honestly on my first play last night, played approx. 3 hours and loved it. Everyone needs to have a go on this
  6. Uncharted 2 is arguably the best one of them all. Although I love Uncharted 4. Christ imagine if it goes until PS6 . Surely the wait for the other installments wont be long. I imagine it will be like Avengers Infinity war - Endgame. A year inbetween installments. Personally I think if it goes past 6 months people will start to moan
  7. Yea I presume it will work the same way as having 3 discs originally. The next installment wont work without a save file with a completed disc one. Just hope they don't have years in between releases.
  8. Playing Fallout 4. Forgot I never did any of the DLC so I have loaded up my very first playthrough and going through Far Harbour. Love Fallout. Just get consumed in hours of gameplay
  9. Wait, you have played all the FF games except for 7 and 15. What I would suggest is you stop everything now and play FF7. Possibly one of the greatest stories from any RPG game. The demo is the very start of the game. The same as the original FF7. For me there is no point in playing the remake if you haven't played the original. You just wont appreciate the remake. FF15 was ok but not a game changer for me.
  10. Was his name Drippy? A bizarre character with a Welsh accent
  11. Team I want to see Kasper Morgan Evans Soyuncu Pereira Praet Ndidi Chilwell Maddison Vardy Iheanacho Team we will get Kasper Pereira Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy I just wish we would try 2 up front more often. Or at least try a different approach. I don't even mind starting 4-1-4-1 but if it doesn't work don't just change personnel like for like. Mix it up and give the opposition something to think about.
  12. Challenge accepted Your profile says you like gaming and dog walking. So im going to hazard a guess that your favourite character is a dog. Koromaru (Persona 3, Persona Q: Dancing All Night). Shiba Inu (Silent Hill 2). PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper). Sif, the Great Gray Wolf (Dark Souls). Barbas (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Dog (Fable II). Boomer (Far Cry 5). Caesar (Wargroove). Dogmeat (Fallout 4) Any of these?
  13. Really enjoyed the demo. The nostalgia really gets you. The fighting mechanic I think Is great. I need to try the demo again but this time will try turn based fighting as I have always enjoyed turn based fighting. Cant wait for this now
  14. Imagine if it was a PS5 release title. Now that would be awesome. HZD really is a great game
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