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  1. kingcarr21

    Nintendo Switch

    I get paid next week, I will certainly be buying it. Cant wait
  2. kingcarr21

    Spider-Man PS4

    I'm now on 60%, unlocked Challenges now and they are fun but incredibly frustrating (in a good way). Fast becoming my favourite game of the year
  3. kingcarr21

    Spider-Man PS4

    Thanks ill keep that in mind
  4. kingcarr21

    Spider-Man PS4

    This just makes me want to leave the kids to fend for themselves, lock my bedroom door and put the headset on
  5. kingcarr21

    Spider-Man PS4

    Thanks I will for sure be going for platinum. I do all the collectibles possible before progressing the story so shouldn't have too much left when I finish the story. says I am 50% complete. Just unlocked Demon Bases
  6. kingcarr21

    Spider-Man PS4

    Got this for my birthday and Red Dead/COD haven't been touched since. What a brilliant game. Love going around doing all the collectibles. Just swinging around is really satisfying
  7. kingcarr21

    Smart TVs

    Got one for my 12 year old daughter for her birthday. She watches Youtube & Netflix on it and that's about it. Cost £170 Basically aslong as it has Youtube & Netflix you cant go wrong
  8. Will that finally be the end of Mark Hughes as a premier league manager? Never understood how he kept getting Prem jobs.
  9. kingcarr21

    Nintendo Switch

    Ive started playing a game called Earthworms. A point and click game that reminds me of Monkey Island. A bit weird but interesting at the same time. Think it only cost me 99p.
  10. kingcarr21

    How Was Your Day?

    Just received my Certificate for my CRB check. So I can now be left alone with the U16s football team im coaching alone
  11. kingcarr21

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Ah thanks. I get it now
  12. kingcarr21

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Glad you have. Am I being incredibly thick?
  13. kingcarr21

    Three years ago...

    Ive never noticed a bad odour at all tbh. Too busy stuffing my face with Balti Pies
  14. kingcarr21

    Three years ago...

    I was there. Love the fact that I have witnessed so many incredible moments happen in front of my very eyes. One moment that always sticks out is when Cambiasso equalised vs Man U in the 5-3 win. I sit Row B in the Kop just to the left of the goal and the sheer joy on Cambiasso's face when he scored told me he was loving life at Leicester. Its why I love being so close to the pitch. You get a real feel of the emotion from the players.
  15. kingcarr21

    Red Dead 3

    I've just got to the camp outside Valentine (Chapter 2). Not played for a few days as been playing Blackout on COD. Need to get back into this as i'm really enjoying it so far. Anybody got tips on what I should focus on doing? Like hunting, Fishing, side missions or crack on with the story.