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  1. I had Thrill Kill pirated. Used to sell chipped PS1 games at school. Great little earner My History teacher brought loads
  2. Brilliant game. Loved it from start to finish. Great story, great characters and an enjoyable battle system. Some tough bosses also.
  3. I used to read 'Word Up' magazine
  4. I think you have a toe problem if they also go erect
  5. Just went to GAME in Sports direct and pre ordered PS5 with Spiderman. Happy man now
  6. Looks Like Game is only saying to go into store to pre order. Which to me makes sense in order to allow the people who registered interest to put their orders in first
  7. It was in store. I previously pre ordered the PS4, Switch and PS Vita in store and they have been really good. Normally once registering interest and as soon as pre order goes live ive had a call within a day I must have been one of the first to register interest in the store as I just happened to go in on the day they started.
  8. At least you can get to that screen. The website says its having maintenance for me. I registered interest at GAME months ago. So im hoping they contact me soon.
  9. Yea that's what youtubers are predicting for the PS5. Not likely to be more expensive than the Xbox X at 499. With the digital version being 100 more than the Xbox S due to the fact both PS consoles have the same power whereas the cheaper Xbox S is weaker than the Xbox X Personally I like to trade games in so I will be looking at the more expensive PS5. Xbox can get in the bin
  10. Don't blame you, as the forum is just crazy with transfer stories and following planes chasing signings
  11. Its a theory that many on here have suggested. Which is a sound theory as Ricardo, if he carries on playing like he has done, will go into any team in the world
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