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  1. I don't mind Gina. Scully and Hitchcock I don't really see the point of. Don't find them funny at all.
  2. Seen clips of Brooklyn Nine Nine on Facebook and always made me laugh. So started watching it on Netflix. On Season 2 now. Quite funny. Remind me of a real life version of Archer. Took a couple of episodes to realize the actor who plays Jake Peralta is the guy from The Lonely Island. 'It's my Dick in a Box'
  3. We had the perfect replacement in Slimani. Sometimes i do not understand our transfer policy letting him go
  4. Not quite up to EpicMealTime standards. BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips & BaconStrips Just 1 of the many things they have made
  5. Still ploughing through the Witcher 3. Cant put it down. I don't think i really appreciated just how well made it was when it first came out. All these years later and it just runs so well. I've found next to no bugs or glitches, which i remember on my first play through i found none then. Really enjoying the game. I just find myself wandering to each question mark location and trying to clear the map. Oh and playing Gwent is a great time killer. Doing quite well in it. Just need to build up my other decks. Still only level 18 so plenty still to do. Also got the expansions to do wh
  6. Well it looks like there are episodes even i missed growing up. i look forward to try and rack my brain around them
  7. Don't remember that episode A quick look on wiki and i cant see anything resembling the above. You sure its Jonathan Creek?
  8. Introduced my daughter to Jonathan Creek last week. She loves shows with twists in or 'whodunnit'. So i remembered JC from when i watched it as a kid. Thing is i've remembered how the episodes go so each one we watch i'm enjoying seeing her squirm trying to figure it out Still enjoyable re watching them again
  9. Got the house we went for. So getting the ball rolling now with solicitors doing their searches. Really starting to feel real now
  10. I dont think he is. No evidence to suggest he supports Wolves
  11. I actually don't mind Iheanacho. I don't think he is necessarily lazy, just that Vardy has set such a high bar for years now that comparisons are made unfairly. He isn't Vardy. I've answered No in the vote. I still think there is a player in there. But its like Gray. Iheanacho and Gray i feel like they still have something to offer but wouldn't be bothered if they did leave. I think any striker that comes in just wont do the job whilst Vardy is here. We get the Celtic striker he will be disillusioned by playing second fiddle and likely to not perform. Whilst Vardy is here i just ca
  12. Went to look at a house last night and loved it. Ticks all the boxes. So going to arrange a 2nd viewing so my daughter can go and see it. Then i think we will make an offer. Will test the water with a slightly lower offer that what its on market for but honestly it sounds like they arent in desperate need to move. So not sure i will get it lower as there is a little interest in the property. Will let you all know how i get on
  13. One of those celebrities where his death would cause shockwaves. What he did for music is nothing short of incredible. Funnily enough whilst working right now im listening to Eminem on Youtube. What an influence on my childhood Eminem had. Dre is a huge reason for that. Get well soon you musical Legend
  14. Exactly what i was going to say
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