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  1. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Not sure what to make of this Blitz mode. All I seem to find is White burst/White AR. Never have chance to loot anywhere with the rapid circle. I keep forgetting about the storm and before I know it i'm stuck in the storm and i'm miles away
  2. Gaming advice needed please - I know nothing!

    Echoing what shabadoo has just said. The in game stuff literally gives no advantages when in game. It is purely for things like outfits and dance moves. Every 3 months or so a Battle Pass comes out. Its approx. £8. You don't have to buy it but it does make the game more fun with extra challenges and extra items. You buy it with V bucks (about £8 worth) Then when you play you can earn V bucks through the battle pass. If you save them then when the new battle pass comes out you can use the V bucks you saved up or just spend £8 again. Everyone thinks the same thing I reckon, for a game that is free to play you don't mind spending the £8 every 3 months on the battle pass. Its very clever from the developers as there is no in game advantage when spending money so you don't feel cheated but rather than thinking 'oh great look at all these people spending money to get better, I wont spend money' you instead think ' the game is free so I don't mind spending money on the battle pass for some outfits'. They must make a fortune and at the same time not get hounded from people about micro transactions. They really have hit an absolute gold mine.
  3. Gaming advice needed please - I know nothing!

    Fortnite is brilliant. I reckon you will end up hooked on it also. I have a PS4 which for me is the better console as it just has better exclusive games. As mentioned above the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is free (which is what everyone plays). Now there are things called V Bucks in fortnite that you can buy which allows you to buy costumes, dance moves etc. But aslong as you don't save any bank details onto the PS4 there is no way your child could do micro transactions anyway. You can set up parental controls for further security. You can buy Playstation Network cards (like I tunes cards) as birthday presents etc if your child wanted to buy anything in game. I dont have the PS4 pro. If you have the disposable income then go for it but its not a necessity. The normal PS4 is absolutely fine. I have played many games of Fortnite and I haven't really had any bad experiences with regards to the in game chat through headphones. You can only hear players in your own team anyway. So if he plays with friends he will be fine. It's something to keep an eye on but i'm sure he's probably heard worse in the playground .
  4. Mr Brightside celebrates 200 weeks in the Top 100

    Hate the song. Its just shit
  5. What Livermore or Welbeck have done to deserve a call up ill never know. I would have had Shelvey and Wilson When you see the French/Belgian teams it just shows how we are so much weaker in terms of actual quality. I cant wait for the World Cup as I love tournament football but I am holding no expectations for England so they can hopefully surprise me by getting past the Round of 16.
  6. PS4 games you can play with your partner

    If your partner likes movie style games then The Last of Us is brilliant. Even the Uncharted series is a great story. For games similar to Until Dawn then Detroit is coming out this year which might be a future purchase. If you have Playstation Now then the game Heavy Rain is similar to Until Dawn where your choices change the ending So multiple play through. One of my most enjoyable games was on PS2 called Fahrenheit. I believe the team who made Heavy Rain made Fahrenheit. Another movie style game which is really enjoyable.
  7. Last time I looked at the table I was mid table. Now im in the relegation zone even though my GD compared to Balotellitubbies is near identical This is bullshit hahaha
  8. Fortnite Battle Royale

    EDIT - Picture didn't show up
  9. How Was Your Day?

    Grilled chicken kebab.
  10. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Finally won my 2nd solo yesterday. Its taken me ages. Problem is I did it round my cousins house so the stat is on his PS4. When I got home I went online again and won my 3rd solo . 2 wins in 1 day. Bonus. I only have 1 more challenge. The crossbow elimination. Ive knocked 2 people with the crossbow but because somebody then finishes them off I don't complete the challenge. So bloody difficult to do the crossbow challenge.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Mario Kart will never go down in price. Always holds its value. So I would defo say go for Mario Kart. Mario Odyssey is brilliant. Really enjoyed playing it
  12. Fortnite Battle Royale

    The houses are at the end of my loot run that starts at the man made building next to the fox. Then onto the shed in the far top right corner, then the Ice cream truck and then onto the first of the houses. Always well kitted out and by time ive done it there is about 25 people left .
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Cant wait for Smash Bros. Metroid is one of the reasons I brought a switch. Funnily enough I moved a set of drawers last night and found Metroid Prime 3 underneath them. Was looking for it everywhere months ago. One of the best games I played on the Wii. Loved it
  14. How Was Your Day?

    Im there in 2 weeks. Cant bloody wait
  15. Fortnite Battle Royale

    I saw that. If parents have a problem then why not try some actual parenting and reduce their play time on it