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  1. Am i being really dumb? What am i looking at here?
  2. If it brings what everyone wants, games made by Rare and is reasonably priced then i think it could work
  3. Ive said it before and ill say it again. Your profile pic cracks me up everytime i see it
  4. Managed to play a few more hours, i've been reading up about the previous games and the lore as I haven't played any of the games. I'm glad I did as now I have got at least a basic understanding of the back story and why everyone is fighting. Starting to do some of the side quests in the war room. Met my first dragon and had to run away due to getting ruined . I can see myself spending many hours on it. Just in time to play Mass Effect Trilogy
  5. Ive heard so many times about ME2 being one of the greatest games ever and i so love a good RPG. So ill look at this for sure. Ive always felt envy about people playing a game for the first time that i have already played and loved so its nice to be on the other side for once
  6. Dragon Age Inquisition. Never played it before but had it in my library. 5 hours in and there is so much to do. Enjoying it so far.anybody else ever played it?
  7. 1. Bert 2. TiffToff88 3. EastAnglianFox 4. goose2010 5. AKCJ 6. Thefox81 7. Mike Oxlong 8. Izzy 9. purpleronnie 10. Nalis 11. goody2028 12. EastAglianFox 13. HEGGSY 14. Matt 15. Steve_Walsh5 16. Analysethis 17. Fox in the North 18. Jaspa 19. CollinsLCFC 20. Facecloth 21. FoxesDeb 22. StanSP 23.KingLeicester 24.Tom27111 25. Tuna 26. Aus Fox 27. One F In Fox 28. Osavo 29. Kingcarr21
  8. I would like to think your transaction would be quicker if no mortgages involved. I would say May is a sound bet. Maybe early May
  9. I started the process on January 18th. There was some confusion with the initial stages as the documents were originally set up for a different house. So i had to sort out the documents moving to the correct address before the searches started. The 1st search i got confirmation of was on 10th Feb which was Environment. The 12th Feb saw the completion of the water search. Local search was on 25th February. At this point i was only waiting for the mining search. I heard nothing for a couple of weeks so i chased up and turned out i didnt need the mining search based on the results of
  10. So for me once the searches were completed i received my contract in the post. Signed and sent back next day delivery. There were no face to face meetings held. Only to pick up the keys from the estate agent
  11. So my house move went ahead as planned on the 29th. Was a really easy transition. Got the keys at 11am and the house was spotless. We still went over wit the carpet cleaner but we really didnt need to. Previous owners left it in perfect condition. We have been here just over a week now and we are pretty much all done. Sort some clothes out and build a dressing table for the wife and that's it. I only needed to buy a cooker so that as delivered next day. Washing machine was delivered saturday and internet was sorted pretty quick after a slight hiccup. All in all its bee
  12. Looks like we are all set for moving on Monday 29th. Exciting times and daunting at the same time
  13. Now i love both characters but i edge towards Sonic. Not because of the games as i think Mario games smash Sonic games all over but as a kid i loved reading Sonic the Comic. Sonic gives me much more nostalgia. Also i loved the Sonic movie. Cant wait to see what direction they go with it
  14. Deposit is now paid and Contract signed and sent back to solicitors who will receive today. Still pushing for a move on Monday but i doubt it. More likely going to be later next week. Hopefully before Thursday with bank holiday coming up. Will keep you all posted.
  15. No harm in making an offer of 205, but you need to do your research and give reasons as to why your offer is low. Perhaps an old boiler, no local shops or bus stops etc. Put doubt in their minds that their valuation is too high. Worth a try. On another note the house I'm buying is close to being ready. Contract to be signed and exchange of monies. Still pushing for 29th March for completion. Which would be perfect as the wife is off from work during half term.
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