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  1. I meant regular substitute in his prime.
  2. I know you're joking, but full-back is the position that's most obviously improved over the years and the one position where players of the past are obviously not as good as their modern equivalent. You used to put your weaker defenders at full-back, whereas nowadays it's one of the most important positions on the pitch. Whitworth, Nish, Gary Mills and Simon Grayson were all great for us, but I wouldn't say any of them were anywhere near the quality of Ricardo (or Fuchs in the title winning season either).
  3. Been watching Leicester for more years than I care to admit and I have to say, he's the best full-back we've ever had by a decent distance.
  4. No. It's just you. He's the dog's bollocks.
  5. What tune is the new Soyunchu song to? (Not the **** of Maguire one).
  6. As our next game is against Brighton, surely there is only one choice for the album cover.
  7. Nevermind. I can't be arsed with this argument. Why people have such a chip on the shoulder against one of our greatest ever players continues to baffle me.
  8. Wtf are these goal stats? Have you just invented some stats because you have some bizarre chip on your shoulder?
  9. What are you talking about? He's been one of Man City's and probably one of Europe's best players this season - and he's been keeping Sterling out of the side this season he's been playing so well.
  10. Is he our best substitute ever? It's a shame he's not a winger as I think he's better than Perez and Barnes. He just has thr misfortune of being behind 2 of the best midfielders we've ever had in Maddison and Tielemans.
  11. It's Mahrez. As someone said earlier, anyone who said different is either trying to be a edgy has a chip on their shoulder really. Guppy, Worthington, Cambiasso and Fuchs were all great too, but Mahrez is a different level to them.
  12. It's nothing to do with whether VAR has got things right or wrong, it's just about whether VAR has intervened. The ref had already given then penalty in our game and VAR didn't overturn it- that's all its saying. If anything, it just just shows the refs have been shit against us this season and VAR has had to overturn their decisions more.
  13. Very harsh on Nugent. His strike partnership with Vardy was godly at Championship level.
  14. No. Ndidi is amazing at what he does - sitting in the Makelele role between defence and midfield, but Kante has more to his game - He's a box-to-box midfielder not a defensive midfielder. He had so much energy, drove us forward , was a really underrated dribbler and used to make tackles and interceptions in the opposition's half too.
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