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  1. I've just seen that Chile have been largely using the Sinovac vaccine which is not said to only have a 50.4% efficiency rating. Might explain why their cases have risen again after opening up compared to Israel which has used the Pfizer vaccine.
  2. Very kind on Evans. He was so poor on both the 2nd and 3rd goal.
  3. He's been doing it all season. People always scream for him to be dropped every time he has one average performance but we never look the same side without him in it. Would be interested if anyone has our points per game with or without him in the side the side. He never shirks his responsibility and even when he has off days he never hides or drops his head and continues to try and get things going again. Which is more than you can say for most of our players.
  4. Fabianski just took his hands off the ball and picked it up again. Shouldn't that be a free kick to us and a yellow card for Fabianski?
  5. I'm actually quite curious about what immigration will be like the other way in the coming years of Brits emigrating to Ireland. Given Ireland has free movement still with Britain. I'd be interesting to see how many British with EU family or partners who are struggling to move abroad after Brexit end up moving to Ireland for 5 years to get an Irish and EU passport.
  6. Absolutely. One of the most picturesque and hospitable areas of the UK. Been there a couple of times on holiday. Must admit I was a little nervous going as an Englishman the first time as I grew up with decades of violence on the news everyday, but you'll struggle to find a nicer or more hospitable group of people.
  7. Irish unification is still the minority opinion in NI. The situation isn't like Scotland where Westminster has to approve it. From what I've always understood. It's written into the Good Friday Agreement that if Irish unification ever becomes the popular opinion in NI and looks like it would win a referendum, then the power for a referendum is in the hands of the NI government. And there's no way even Boris would try to reneg the Good Friday Agreement. No British or Irish PM in their right mind ever would.
  8. I still think of Bournemouth as being called Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic
  9. How you feeling now @Great Boos Up?
  10. Im an old fart and have never known any other weather like it in my entire life in the UK. I was in my house at the time and I thought debris from a plane or something was landing on our roof. It sounded like bricks raining down. Then we when saw the car's windows had all been smashed up and when we called Autoglass they said they'd been inundated with calls from Burbage and Hinckley all day. It was incredibly localised around where Burbage and Hinckley meet and lasted only a couple of minutes, but I've never known anything like it, was just one of those onc
  11. I remember that! My car got dented up in it too. It lasted about 2 minutes but the hailstorm was the size of tennis balls and smashed everyone's windows up.
  12. That was the first one that came to my mind too. Even though we lost it was such a good atmosphere and you came out the ground feeling proud of what we achieved
  13. Huh? The alternative wasn't on the ballot either so that's a strange argument. And even Farage was saying we'd go to become a Norway-style country after the vote. Just don't see how mocking someone who obviously got misled or fed bad information and paid big time for it is very helpful. I've always been a staunch remainer but it's this kind of mocking people for voting leave without trying to understand why that person voted leave in the first place which causes so many to get disillusioned with the remain side of the argument. It's not helpful.
  14. To be fair it wasn't silly for many leavers just to expect us to become Norway or Switzerland and remain in the EEC given thats what many on the leave side promised.
  15. Ben Thatcher Kevin Russel
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