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  1. Indeed. You have to wonder what Soyunchu and Evans did today to be rated better than Perez... both were fine but had **** all to do. But people rate Soyunchu and Evans better because they've had better seasons and so have to prove themselves less than Perez does to get a good rating and have to have a much poorer game to have a poor rating.. It always takes several consecutive poor performances for a for a well liked player to have those performances reflected, or several consecutive good performances from a disliked player to start having their good performances reflected. Perez is currently midway through that latter category
  2. Completely agree. Perez was our best player by a decent distance. No idea what game everyone else watched.
  3. Bizarre strawman. If anything, people have gone out their way to say he's a good player just out of form. He absolutely was worse than so many others tonight. Why can't a player's current form be rightly criticised without people creating this weird strawman that people are calling him shit?
  4. He's has more poor games than good games this season if we're honest about it. There's a player there no doubt, but he shouldn't be anything like undroppable like he appears to be.
  5. He slows the game down so much. Constantly dwelling on the ball and ruining key counter-attacking situations when a quick ball is required. Trying to deflect the blame is so silly. Tielemans has been poor for quite a while now.
  6. You're kidding right? Today's game is way more important than Saturday.
  7. Best chance we'll ever have to win the FA Cup. Hope we go all out to win it
  8. I know Fuchs already has plans to move to America with his family when he retires which is fair enough, but sad for us. I hope Morgan starts doing his coaching badges and stays on at the club after he retires. I also thought Huth was doing some off-the-field training, would love to see him involved some way too.
  9. Different nations tend to have different footballing cultures though and develop different attributes which are generally more or less successful in different leagues. It's definitely true that English players rarely seem to make it in Italy and for such a successful footballing nation Italian players generally have a disappointing record in England for example. Meanwhile, Belgian and French players are generally much more successful in the PL than they are in Spain or Germany and you could argue Belgium's great recent side has been largely due to building very Premier League-style players and the Belgium national team probably have the most steretypical "Premier League"side, even over England.
  10. Superb result. Perez' best performance for us so far.
  11. Looks like Gray is getting ready to come on.
  12. Vardy vs West Brom, Vardy vs West Brom, Vardy vs Liverpool, Albrighton vs Sevilla and Knockaert vs Huddersfield stand out for me.
  13. Would love to see Vardy get 30+ league goals this season and the golden boot. Would cement him as a PL legend.
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