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  1. The more I hear the arguments, the more open I am to weighted voting systems. While 1 vote for 1 person is fine in the idealistic 18th and 19 centuries, in the modern city-centric world it just causes such a disparity towards the big cities and the smaller councils miss out. The problem is, if 15% of you votes come from London, then a lot more than 15% of your money go to London to try and win those votes, due to the huge influence of industry and media there. Whenever I go to London on business trips, it's clear its an entirely different world of mega-expensive skyscrapers and government buildings everywhere - and an actual half-decent public transport system compared to everywhere else in the country (at least on the underground) - go to the next biggest city: Birmingham and the level of infrastructure is just incomparable certainly a lot lot less than proportional to London. Even places in the London sphere-of-influence as far as Brighton or Kent clearly get so much more investment as a result of their vote being worth more to industry and media and you'll find plenty of other smaller industrial towns in the north and Midlans which don't have the pull of Birmingham which are barely even invested in. I'd also argue Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland voters have way more power to change actual investment into their own towns, cities and villagers than non-London England, because of the ridiculously broken voting system meaning 977,000 votes can lead to 35 seats to the SNP and a wad of cash coming their way (and the DUP being an even more stark example) in comparison to say 2.3million votes for the LibDems only equalling 12 seats, One look at voting distributions for and against Brexit show pretty starkly that the London-centric nature of our politics was one of the leading underlying issues of this. But the simple fact is - non-London (or non-London sphere-of-influence) England - which is where the majority of the people of the UK live, seem to have the least power to change what actually gets invested into their own towns, cities and villages (despite that being what a lot of people really vote for when you get to the nub of it) in comparison to London, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland - just because 1 vote for 1 person in modern industrial-metropolitan society almost inevitably leads to to a disparity of investment into the metropolitan, big cities or to placate the regional movements. I'm not saying it should happen as it would almost certainly be prone to corruption, so for that reason I wouldn't want it implemented. But I do think that in theory there is a fair argument for weighted voting in the modern day and to weight non-London English votes higher than their peers in some way to reduce this flaw in the 1 person 1 vote system in modern society.
  2. I know the yougov polls change wildly. However, I do think this one is particularly interesting, as it's the first time in my entire life, I can ever remember general election polls having neither Labour or the Conservatives in the top 2. I can't think of another time, where there's a real possibility neither party would even get 20% of the vote, were an election to happen tomorrow.
  3. I think this is historical revisionism to some extent though and I really don't buy it- and none of our fans would have bought it at the time, it's only now I hear some fans say it in retrospect. Morgan and Huth were genuinely and obviously outstanding, regardless of Kante. They just won everything in the air, blocked everything, were always in the right place and just stop teams even getting near the goal. While I totally understand you could argue Kante helped stop a lot of attacks further up the pitch- that's too simple a narrative to the actual millions of individual decisions that all 22 players make during a single game. And it was not Kante who was winning these headers, interceptions or stopping attacks get through. We saw Morgan and Huth do that time after time, with Kante well out the picture. Kante was an incredible player, but a defensive midfielder but he did not control the thousands of individual actions which Morgan and Huth (or Fuchs, Simpson and Schmeichel for that matter) made. Most of the time he was further forward than people remember and had nothing to do with the opposition coming up against the back 5. Same thing with the silly argument that Morgan was only good because of Huth. Even though Morgan was quite considerably the better of the 2 during the title winning season and Huth had an iffy first 2 or 3 months of that season - people act like Morgan just made every step in relation to what Huth told him as if he was in a game of Dance, Dance Revoloution.
  4. I'm surprised so many are picking Maguire over Huth and Morgan. Maguire had a poor season last season - and the season before, while he was good, he was clearly not as good as Morgan or Huth in the title winning season. Same with so many people picking Chilwell over Fuchs. I like Chilwell a lot, but he's not even close to Fuchs in the title winning season yet. I think people are forgetting just how good this title winning side were and just how consistent they were. Inconsistent players who produce every 3 or 4 games doesn't mean they're better than them. You could *maybe* argue Cambiasso or Ricardo should be there instead (Tielemans I don't think has played enough), but that's about it.
  5. 22. Couldn't get Ben Thatcher. Could have sworn it was Steffan Freund and I was just spelling it wrong. I thought Kramaric was our record signing even we signed him though, over Ulloa?
  6. His penalty save vs Sevilla is surely his most iconic moment?
  7. If anyone else had Labour results tonight and their leader would be gone the same way as May. Corbyn's hardcore party membership driving out anyone who opposes him will keep him in though. Miles behind the Lib Dems now and could even finish behind the Greens in 4th. I've never known the 2 big parties to be so awful and universally hated as they are right now though. Hopefully this ends the 2 party domination for good.
  8. To be fair, there is absolutely nothing in UK law regarding the existence of parties or their place in UK politics, which is why this happens. The issue is people only voting for parties and not independent candidates - largely because people are too lazy to read up on issues so parties naturally form as a part of this because they're an easy shorthand for people to tie their mast to - and people love getting into the sweeping narrative of feeling part of a political faction or movement. In an ideal world political factions and political parties wouldn't exist - and George Washington famously derided political factions and parties of at the birth of the modern democracy - due to it being the success of Populares faction who saw the downfall of democracy in Rome and Julius Caesar' converting it into a dictatorship. Ironically America of all places has become an entrenched duopoly of political power (as has the UK to be fair or England at least. Scotland is even worse and a virtual monopoly despite the fa the SNP barely get 1/3rd of Scottish votes just because of our hideously outdated political system of which the SNP are the biggest benefactors, even more than the Tories). So while I completely agree that this leadership campaign is a farce on democracy. Political parties, to be fair to them, don't really have any requirement or need to be democratic in and of themselves and can elect leaders by picking names out of a hat if they like. The issue is the existence of parties and the tribalism the create in the first place which is the farce on democracy - not the way those parties are specifically run. But no one votes independent so it's never going to change.
  9. Nothing forgettable about that 6-1 defeat to bottom of the Championship Portsmouth. Probably the single worst Leicester performance in living memory.
  10. Bad manager. Nothing to do with "right manager wrong time" or any other nonsense. He didn't believe in fitness training. Swansea players and fans did articles about it warning us when we hired him. and I remember an article with Bruno Berner when he said he was baffled that Sousa wouldn't allow players to go into the gym. I'm sure he even said he had to go in secret. He might start well elsewhere but all his sides always fade away because they aren't got enough. It's like he watched Guardiola and thought it was just about the pretty passing and nothing to do with the high pressing and incredible levels of fitness and work rate.
  11. Sampson


    Both these really. I used to not like Forest as a kid in the 70s before the Clough days and I remember when Shilton signed for Forest there was a lot of bad blood towards him. I didn't like Coventry living in South Leicestershire for a lot of my life and Derby for a bit in the early 90s. But those all feel dead now, I don't think we've had anyone I've genuinely considered rivals for about 20 years now and definitely over the past decade or so especially. It's nothing to do with "we're a level above them now" kind of snobbishness. I think those rivalries were dying pretty much even in the Craig Levein days of endless Championship relegation battles. I don't know why some fans feel the need to create some, they all feel completely dead in the water to me. We don't have any rivals is the answer - I don't vote because this wasn't an option (though it should have been).,
  12. Does anyone else cringe when people use the word "poverty" as an adjective to describe football teams.
  13. Don't think it's been mentioned yet, but the 2009-10 playoff semi-final against Cardiff was pretty great at the time even if we ended up losing on penalties in the end.
  14. I think a lot of us were cynical when we signed Beckford. Even at the time it was obvious it was a panic buy and he'd never really done it at Championship player and so it was proved he wasn't up to Championship level. He was always one of those players who was too good for League One but not good enough for the Championship. He should've just spent his carreer at League One level and totted up the goals/
  15. Now isn't that a beautiful sight.
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