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  1. Which study said austerity cost 130,000 lives? Do you have a link? I cannot imagine that is anything like true. I remember a famous one saying it might have cost 30,000 lives in total over a 8-10 year period.
  2. They won't. They'll be claiming he's paid off by big pharma and decrying "the cult of Whitty and Valence" because they were a week or so out when it actually has hit 50k (which it almost certainly has by now) - and that them missing the prediction by a few days has nothing to do with extra restrictions we've brought in in areas of high transmission because some Irish guy with 6 viewers on YouTube said it didn't. Then claiming something about false positives something something.
  3. Hopefully he can stay match fit now. Don't think we've seen him fully fit since lockdown in March.
  4. Coventry, Slough and Stoke go into tier 2. We're only a few cases per hundred less than Slough so I assume we're next.
  5. The US one I'd kind of like a single wave going across different states really though. The concerning thing is that the cases on New Jersey and New York are going up again. Given they have the highest deaths per person in the world (nearly 3x ours fir example), you'd have thought they'd have reached herd immunity as everyone would have been infected by now. Hopefully cases don't last for long and it's just a few lingering cases. New Jersey has already had 0.1843% of its population die, if that starts going up again it could be approaching the full case fatality rate.
  6. Sounds like the person who died after being given the Oxford vaccine was only given the placebo. So the trails will continue as normal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-54634518
  7. It's the code in the way the guy talks, they've got some code they've obviously worked on for years. That's why a lot of the guy's dialogue and the way he says things are a bit strange. Notice, for example the way he says "here, there it is, describe this now, it's this man" - with him saying "man" in a strange and unusual way and the redundant words "here, there it is, describe this now" then says "on this next" - the way he always says things slightly off is some kind of code. Don't forget that he asked everyone to take things out their pockets and show them - they don'
  8. No one is back from an ACL injury after 6 months, They usually take around 9 months absolute minimum til they're back in contention, but usually well over a year until they're the same player anymore. If they ever reach the same heights again. Don't expect Ricardo to be as good as he used to be, even when he does come back.
  9. With these events nowadays as well, you'd be surprised just how much information you can get from people online beforehand from social media. You already know who is sitting where based on the tickets going in and beforehand they have teams of people who source everyone's social media profiles to check for any unusual information going in. Social media has become a goldmine for these kinds of clairvoyent. Not clairvoyent's as they claim to be magicians /mentalists, but you should watch The Evasons if you want to see how it's done well. They're incredible, they source information ab
  10. As soon as I saw this thread bumped I thought he was injured again and we really were ****ed...
  11. Don't know about the stats or 2nd best played, but he was clearly better than Tielemans, Barnes or Iheanacho. He's not had the best start to a season, but last night was certainly a weird night to scapegoat him on, because there were much worse performances from our other attacking/creative players.
  12. I get that, but don't you need a lengthy sustained lockdown for 3 months or so as it was back in the spring to get numbers that low again? The numbers seem to decline much slower than they increase. Surely 2 or 3 weeks is not long enough and cases will still be at a level where they just shoot up to the same level a month later and then we're facing this same problem in December when we're approaching peak flu season and people have lockdown fatigue and are less likely to comply over Christmas. In which case we've just kicked the can further down the road from autumn to winter wher
  13. Yeah. I've been for most of the measures so far, but I'm a bit confused about this circuit breaker and what it is designed to achieve. Maybe I've not heard the background and rationale behind it. But doesn't it just kick the can down the road for a month or so? I read flu season tends to peak in late January/early February, so that we be the time we're most likely to breach NHS capacity and doesn't this just kick the can nearer to then? More than happy for someone to explain the logic behind it to me as I may have missed something. But I don't understand doing a circui
  14. Arsenal and Liverpool sure. But we should be favourites against Wolves and Leeds? Wolves have been crap so far this season and look knackered after last season and Leeds are a newly promoted side.
  15. Good time to give Maddison minutes to get him back to full fitness if nothing else.
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