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  1. Bejng at a club for 2 seasons in which he had 1 good season and 1 mediocre season (and in both seasons we were pretty defensively poor overall and it was our defence that held us back) = wonderful service?! Don't get me wrong, I like Maguire, but they're making it sound like a club legend was coming home, rather than just a player who was pretty good for a club for a couple of seasons and who we mostly looked better without last season and our record has so far been much better without this season. Wes Morgan and Robert Huth gave Leicester "wonderful service" and are club legends. Harry Maguire did not and is not, he just played pretty well for us for a season or two.
  2. Sampson


    Have to agree with Kopfkino on this one. I voted LibDem in the Euros and almost certainly would've voted for them again. However, they've lost my vote after yesterday. Revoking is just the opposite side to the ridiculous coin of No Deal and anyone saying it would make us economically better off surely has to recognise this is way past economics now and any assumption that things would go back to the way they were are beyond naive at this point. I think the divisions from this saga are likely to last years, but if there's 2 sure fire ways of greatly exasperating and deepening those divisions then it's no deal or revoking - in which case you're pretty much instantly going to cause millions and millions of the population to feel like they're not being listened to. We're already having huge problems in Europe with the rise of populism and the rise of the Far Right and Far Left and our 2 main parties have already moved towards populism and harder Left/Right rhetoric in the past 3 or 4 years, I could only see revoking article 50 based on some 33% of a general election vote causing just as dangerous a backlash as No Deal which could cause just as dangerous, decades-long divisions in this country. I get this move is the LibDems trying to differentiate themselves from Labour on Brexit, but surely they must realise this is a very dangerous game they're playing? How can anyone think this is a sensible way through this impasse?
  3. Completely agree. People are being well too lenient with him, blaming it all on Rodgers' tactics (which I agree are constricting us). Regardless of how Rodgers sets up though, it doesn't affect how he just keeps slowing down the play and not spotting good runs and potential counter-attacks - it's not Rodgers or where his teammates are who are at fault when he fails to look up to spot a simple pass and instead dwells on the ball, that's just poor anticipation and decision making from the individual.
  4. Go back to a proper 4-2-3-1 with Maddison as a number 10 where he can actually influence the game and 2 wingers. Schmeichel Ricardo - Evans - Soyunchu - Chilwell Tielemenas - Ndidi Albrighton - Maddison - Barnes Vardy
  5. But we haven't played well this season though if we're honest though, have we? Even though we were 3rd many of us were less optimistic at the start of the season because of the performances. It was a bit reminiscent of the time we were top in October under Peter Taylor despite not playing well at all and most of us knew it was a false position.
  6. You can't blame Rodgers for his constant dwelling on the ball when a quick counter attacking pass has been there tbf. He's just been shit so far, you can't blame that all on Rodgers. He needs dropping for a couple of games to show him he's not undroppable.
  7. I'm honestly not sure we've signed the same player we had last season. He's been really poor so far. He just seems to dwell on the ball and slow down and kill all our potential The exact opposite of the quick passing player we had last season. I'd be tempted to drop him and give Praet a chance to show us what he's got.
  8. Ludicrous, negative selection. Gray? 2 DMs? Maddison on the wing? ManUtd have been there for the taking this season and we set up scared for them. Albrighton and Barbes on for Gray and Hamza and put Maddison back at number 10 and go for them
  9. Feeling a lot less optimistic all of a sudden. Why stick Maddison out on the wing? It's a bit puzzling.
  10. Big difference between claiming to be a socialist and being successful compared to claiming to be a socialist and spending your money you've got from "exploiting private sector workers" (and definitely not creating wealth by working hard and growing a successful brand as that would be capitalist..) on a needless, luxurious car rather than giving that giving to a homeless charity or the state to redistibute Or is the old "I'm only a socialist if the state force others to do it or if others decide to redistribute ownership of wealth-creating products and services and the decisions involving them by choice (but not me of course)" argument? Cloughie was one of the most hypocritical and eye-rolling champagne socialists this side of Oscar Wilde.
  11. Monzo is definitely superb for travelling. Proper exchange rate. No card fees and can withdraw foreign cash at airports for nothing. Tells you instantly how much you've spent in GBP. Ive had it for a couple of years and haven't had to do any currency exchange since then. Must have saved me a decent amount given how much currency exchange places rip you off.
  12. How do the media keep getting away with "Khun Top"? It sounds like a reduction surgery a woman has after she's just given birth to triplets.
  13. I was a grown adult in the 90s as opposed to a starry-eyed child and I can assure you the current midfield is comfortably better. Using "4 consecutive top 10 finishes" is a bit daft when the only season we didn't finish top 10 in the past 4 years we still finished 12th and reached the Champions League quarter final, which is a much bigger achievement than finishing 2 places higher in mid-table.
  14. I think theres far more Brexit party candidates to stand down for Boris than there are LibDems to stand down for Corbyn though. I think most Brexit party voters would empathise with Boris while most LibDems would fundamentally disagree too much with Corbyn on economic and foreign policy to ever vote for him and we already know the LibDem leadership has recently come put and said a Corbyn-led government is absolutely not an option. Corbyn constantly calling for a GE for the past 2 years has played into Boris' hands and Corbyn has been an obliging useful idiot and split too much of the Labour vote over to the LibDems now I think. I also concur with the above who can sadly see Boris getting a majority. I've been saying it for 3 years though - as soon as Labour appointed a looney populist as leader they opened the doors for the Tories to do the same and here we are with both major parties being hard to vote for.
  15. No Tielemans absolutely does not deserve to start on current form either. The difference is, we have a couple of very good wingers who can come in for Perez, we dont have another very good playmaker to come in for Tielemans (though I'd certainly not be against Praet coming in for him to see what he could do).
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