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  1. Where did you see that? Ive been using worldometer throughout the pandemic and they seem pretty reliable and they have us 8th on deaths per capita. Behind San Marino, Belgium, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Italy and Gibraltar.
  2. You can make the same number of subs in the Spanish Super Cup, which is considered a competitive game though for example. We've been in UEFA Cup and League Cup games this season you could make 5 subs as well tbf. And international friendlies you used to be able to make 11, but they still go towards your goal and appearance records. So I don't think the number of subs matters on the classification of it or anything.
  3. Google seems to give mixed results on this. I can find sources on both ESPN and Talksport claiming that the FA consider it both competitive and non competitive. However can find nothing on the FA website clarifying it. However UEFA's website seems to have a couple of references to it as a domestic Super Cup, which would make it a competitive game. It would be good if there was an official source from the FA clarifying it once and for all.
  4. It's the same with Vardy's goal tally - it depends on whether the Charity Shield is considered a competitive game or not. Most seem to say it is, but the club don't seem to include it in their records. Same reason Graham Cross officially only made 599 appearances for the club and not 600 - because the club didn't count the 1971 Charity Shield as a competitive fixture either. However other clubs include it in theirs. Man United's official website includes Wayne Rooney's, Bobby Charlton's and Ryan Giggs' charity shield appearances and goals in their records fo
  5. Haven't had the covid jab, but get the flu jab every year and it always leaves my arm muscles aching and feeling generally feeling weak and run down for a couple of days afterwards. That's why I always try to book it on a Friday afternoon. Your immune system is going to be going full pelt to get rid of what it thinks is flu or covid. I'd imagine it's pretty natural to feel a bit rotten for 2-3 days after the covid jab too while your immune system does its work as well.
  6. Frank Lampard is the obvious answer. Jamie Redknapp and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have had good careers too.
  7. Where are these rumours that sport will stop people are talking about above?
  8. Reads more like tougher punishments and more police presence than more lockdown restrictions.
  9. What counts as "claimable"? Is it based on the area the ball is delivered, number of defenders marking the goalkeeper, height of the ball when it's in the goalkeeper's area etc.? Or some individual watching every corner in the PL this season and making a subjective call?
  10. He may take a look at it but I'd be very surprised if he keeps that option long term. Ricardo is a full-back no doubt, he's played right midfield several times before and never been quite as good and it'd be silly to stifle one of our best players just to fudge him in the team. Justin definitely makes way once Ricardo is at full fitness for me.
  11. I would imagine it would be Justin who makes way. Why would we play Ricardo out of position?
  12. You're right! I got those 2 fixtures mixed up.
  13. The Newcastle game was Kasper Schmeichel's 399th appearance for the club. Assuming he gets rested for the FA Cup vs Stoke, then Southampton will be his 400th appearance for the club. That's a pretty incredible record. He's only the 10th player to achieve that for us and back in the 2004-08 era where we changed virtually our entire squad every season, it felt like players racking up those kind of appearance numbers for the club was a thing of the past. I wonder whether the club will mark the occasion in some way. Even if it's just giving him some trophy or gi
  14. Thought Nugent was actually pretty decent in our great escape season. He actually kept Mahrez out the side for a while due to his good form in the atracking midfield position in 3-4-1-2 formation we played during the great escape run. Loved Dyer too, but it has to be Nugent for me. Knockaert was great but I don't quite hold him in the same esteem as Nugent and Dyer.
  15. Same with Izzet in 03-04. I was surprised how low Izzet's were overall. Izzet and Mahrez actually got a decent chunk of their assists in one season.
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