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  1. Sampson

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    No one is saying he's crap or that he was crap 12 months ago, we are saying he put in one awful individual performance today and had that been a player like Morgan or Simpson putting in that kind of performance this place would be going mad. That says absolutely nothing about his career as a player in the past or how he will do going forward, we are simply assessing the one individual performance.
  2. Sampson

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I'm sorry but that's complete horseshit. Evans got pushed off the ball in his own penalty area leading to a Wolves chance, passed it straight to a Wolves player making a simple pass under no pressure leading to 2 Wolves chances and got skinned running outside him when the attacking player had farther to run and Evans was not even running at full stride to try and keep up twice leading to 2 more Wolves chances all within the first 20 minutes. Yes, maybe more support from the right-back could have given him more protection but you cannot blame another player for giving away chances through simple bad passes under pressure, him being skinned when he's not even trying to get there at his full pace or him dallying on the ball and getting outmuscled off it - they are pretty blatant individual errors by an individual not by his lack of cover. I think when people watch the highlights back tonight they'll realise just how many individual clangers Evans kept making and how lucky we were to keep getting away with them.
  3. Sampson

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    The only reason he didn't make numerous mistakes leading to numerous goals was literally only because of Wolves' woeful finishing and a superb goal line clearance from Chilwell. Evans gifted Wolves 4 or 5 chances within the opening 20 minutes alone. Morgan had a perfectly decent game last weekend but got slaughtered for the one or two misplaced passes every player makes a game. If he'd put in the performance Evans did today you'd have about 10 threads on here begging him to retire. It was his first game so I'm not saying we should write him off by a long way. But if an established player put in that kind of performance the knives would be out far more than they are here. It was a performance laden with far more defensive mistakes than any performance the much maligned Morgan or Simpson have put in for us over the past season or so. That being said, it was just one game and there's no reason to think it will continue but some of other players have been slaughtered for far far better performances than Evans put in today.
  4. Sampson

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Morgan was fine last week. I dont remember Morgan ever gifting so many chances in the first 15 minutes in fact.
  5. Sampson

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Evans has gifted Wolves 3 or 4 chances already.
  6. Sampson

    Most overrated City player

    I'll probably get slaughtered for it- but Heskey. A decent target man but the amount of Leicester fans who'll tell you "You don't understand football if you don't understand Heskey" is depressing. Yes I understand the role of a target man, it's just Heskey wasn't *that* good at it. He often slowed our play down and was outmuscled regularly by players far smaller than him. Decent enough player but a long, long way from being one of the best forwards in the club's history or anything.
  7. Apparently it's enough for the previously unknown Steve Watch...
  8. Sampson

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is definitely my favourite as others have said he's such a great storyteller. I also love Mike Duncan's Revolutions and The History of Rome podcasts for more history stuff.
  9. Sampson

    Jamie Vardy ● Legend

    He'll go down as the club's biggest ever legend by the time he retires for sure. If he's not already. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets a statue and a stand named after him at the KP once he retires.
  10. I like him but people expect too much of him. People want him to be Kante when really he's Robbie Savage. He's not a box-to-box mmidfielder who has everything like Kante did, he's just a very good ball-winner who needs to give the ball to better players once he gets it like Savage did. I think he would be better with a proper playmaker alongside him whereas Silva and Iborra have both flattered to deceive. He's still you and has plenty to offer but there was a time last year where people were wondering if he would become better than Kante which was ludicrous. He could easily become one of the best ball-winning midfielders in the league but we need that creator alongside him if we're happy with just that because he's never going to offer much in terms of keeping possession or creating a lot.
  11. Pointless substitution at 1-0 down with 10mins to go. Where's the attacking intent?
  12. Our momentum has died.
  13. Think if Vardy was playing instead of Iheanacho that rebound from the Madison chance and that one-to-one which got lost in Iheanacho's feet would both have gone in and we'd be winning this.
  14. Why the **** is Amartay even in the side agreed of Simpson anyway? He's shown time and time again he's not a defender.
  15. Sampson

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    Those goals against Nowich, West Ham and the brace in the 5-3 win over ManUtd will all live with me unttil the day I die! Cult hero. Love the man, always be welcome back here when he retires.