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  1. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I'm not sure on your point here? You think slavery was down to capitalism and slavery didnt exist in Socialist states or in Feudalist or Mercantalist ones? No, it doesn't have anything to do with Capitalism that your average individual has more liberty than a slave, I never claimed it did. But it is down to Capitalism that an average individual has more liberty than an individual did in a Socialist, Feudalist or Mercantalist society, that's all I'm claiming. I don't think you could argue the average individual has more individual liberty in a Capitalist society is an illusion at all - unless you're going into a libertarian free-will vs deterministic debate in which case I completely agree that libertarian free-will strikes me as kind of silly and I certainly think the universe is either a deterministic or random one and we have no ultimately conscious choices - but in terms of actual day to day individual liberty which actually matters in terms of our day to day lives and emotional responses - and if you mean like, because in Capitalism you have to work 40 hours a week in a depressing job you hate to pay upur bills etc. and then deciding between living in a tiny room in a cheaper city in a shared house so you can save money to start a family and go travelling - nah, of course that's shit, but it's still so much better than the alternative, I don't think there's much of an argument that's an illusion that we actually have that kind of day-to-day individual liberties more than we would in a Socialist society which put Collectivism above Individual liberty at all. Socialism and collectivism by nature is a forceful and restrictive ideology which forces the decisions of what is considered best for the collective on the individual. I've never understood the argument that Socialism is great in theory but humans are just too selfish for it to work - Socialism theory itself for me is vile and treats human beings as though they should spend their mortal lives as herd animals and accept the collective decisions over their own - what sets humans apart from herd animals is we understand our own mortality and what to make of it every single day. For someone who doesn't want a Socialist society you sure defend its core philosophy a lot.
  2. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Socialism is never successful in the realm of giving the majority of people better and freer lives which I would think would be the main goal of any political ideology not just a Capitalist one. Because prioritising individual liberty has shown it *can* provide these things when done right in a way prioritising collectivism has shown it does not, because most people recognise their own mortality and the fleeting nature of life so want to have the liberty to choose how to live their life rather than bring told they have to certain things or make certain decisions because the state or a syndicate or a collective decides that was better for the collective even when all individuals are different and have their own unique goals etc. and Socialism and collectivism cannot take those into account and always sucks the freedom for individuality out of the individual. It's why the Berlin Wall came down - because people saw the choice and freedom to be an individual on the other side of it and rose up against it, because life is too short to have it dictated by the decisions of others be it the state or some democratic syndicate or what have you - I don't see what's specifically Capitalist about wanting individual liberty as an ultimate life goal. It's just that historically Capitalism has shown to be the best promoter for individual liberty while still helping people's lives generally get better over the long-term, despite all its flaws and downturns.
  3. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    It's not just the modern Socialist states of the 20th century which didn't work, ideas of mass wealth redistribution, wage fixing and stuff like price fixing and price controls have been around since Roman times and the likes of Tiberius Gracchus etc. and it never works. Whether you like it or not, people only live once and most people won't waste their while life (and they're perfectly right not to) training extra for something if there's no monetary gain at the end of it. People wouldn't put all that extra work into becoming specialised in particular fields if specialised jobs weren't more valued to the market place than unskilled or unspecialised jobs which millions of people in this country can do. No way in hell I'd put in the extra hours to become a doctor or architect when I could the same or even a decent amount less at a supermarket as said above, life is far too short for that. It's shitty, of course it is, those unspecialised people don't work any less hard and specialised people often dedicate their life to something only for it to become obsolete by technology, but that's just part of life I'm afraid, it's much better than the alternative. At least we benefit as a society from brain surgeons and pilots and town planners and technological innovators this way.
  4. Vardy miles too good for City

    I saw Worthington and Weller as a child. Vardy is absolutely unquestionably a bigger club legend and better player (or rather more consistent) than them for me. People always remember the good parts of players from the past and never their bad games. Vardy will be remembered as a bigger legend once he's left here and people have forgotten all the games he didn't do much in, no question about it in my mind. It's so much easier to romanticise about players from our youth who's bad games have long been forgotten than players than it is current players we saw as adults when we're much more critical and understand the nuances of the game a lot better.
  5. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    Great to get back to winning ways! Not the most exciting game but did what we had to!
  6. Matty Fryatt Retires

    Brilliant for those 2 seasons for us under Pearson which began our revival as a club. Not nice to see him retire early. Same about Jack Hobbs who was also great for those 2 seasons but has been crippled by injuries.
  7. Albrighton most likely. Think Vardy and Schmeichel are a few years older so will probably be gone beforehand.
  8. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Good luck. Always welcome back at the KP. Scored some of the most.important goals in the club's history. His braces in the 5-3 vs Man Utd and 4-0 vs Swansea and his late winner/equaliser vs Norwich and West Ham will live with me til the day I die.
  9. Kante v Ndidi

    Kante was fantastic every single game. N'didi is brilliant and has so much potential, but he's not up with Kante's insane levels of consistency yet.
  10. FA cup 5th round sweepstake.

    Why? I want the easiest draw possible.
  11. Fastest Debut goals....

    Remember Schlupp scoring early on his debut too, pretty sure he got a hat-trick too. And Panioytou (sp?) against Leeds.
  12. Adrien Silva

    Definitely a game of two halves. Looked classy first half, but very, very naive in the second half. Think he's still got a bit of a learning curve to go before he's ready for PL football.
  13. FA cup 5th round sweepstake.

    Any lower league side at home. Come on we can win this! Let's get as kind a draw as possible.
  14. Silva seems to have turned from Xavi to Junior Lewis at half-time.
  15. Game over. Get Huth on at HT for a run out.