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  1. Andy King

    Same. Plus the ball to Vardy for the pen with the outside of his foot was sublime.
  2. Iheanacho

    There's plenty Shinji could do which Ihaenach couldn't - harass defenders relentlessly, pull them all over the place allowing more space for Vardy etc. It's not just about Shinji's goals it's that Vardy just never plays as well alongside anyone else (remember that horrible goal drought he had last season under Ranieri when he stopped starting Shinji?) and Shinji allows him so much more freedom.
  3. Iheanacho

    I wouldn't change it when Shinji is playing so well tbf. Shinji brings the best out of Vardy the way no one else does, we've seen that time and time again, hard to change it atm when Vardy and Shinji have probably been the two shining lights in a pretty rotten start to the season.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with you about our midfield at all, but the point is if they arent strong or intellegent enough to cover then we have to consider putting in defenders who are much more likely to stay back at all time. But it doesnt matter tge reasons why really - you have to build the tactics that are best for all facets of your side, not just put the best players in. The 3rd goal yesterday was definitely an example of where Maguire went on a forward run out of nothing and our midfield either weren't reactive enough to cover or weren't prepared for Maguire' s unpredictability - but the reasoning doesn't matter, only whether the tactics work does. From what I recall (may be wrong) Morgan went on one run forward laid it off to a midfielder when we was in space then went back to defence. He didn't go for the one-two and carry on going well into opposirion territory as Maguire tends to. Again, I'm not suggesting the midfield aren't poor or Maguire hasn't looked generally good so far. But I don't think the OP should be slated for possibly questioning whether Morgan and Dragovic for example might make us more solid defensively atm given our midfoeld (which we have little option to change the personel with given how we didn't replace Drinkwater) and given how our main problem is how much we're leaking goals. I'd be interested to see Hull's goals conceded tally with him and without him in the side last season tbh. Given he won their POTY but they had one of the worst defensive records in PL history and went down because of it, I do wonder if that kind of problem was an issue there (maybe not but definitely worth seeing the stats).
  5. But we can't replace our midfield until January which is half the point. We have to play with the defence which gives us the mist protection given our midfield frailty right now and whether we would be better off tactically for the time being playing with centre backs who always stay back is a perfectly valid question tbf. I'm not saying Maguire should be dropped or that he's even been poor individually. But it's not about individual performances it's about finding the best defence tactically given our current lack if midfield options and I think it's perfectly viable as to whether an "attacking centre-back' like Maguire is really suiting us atm given our midfield problems. I remember when Sol Bamba came and everyone loved him. It was only when the stats started circulating that we conceded a lot more goals with him in the team that people began to realise he wasn't good for us and regardless of how good he looked he made our defence a lot less solid. I'm not comparing Maguire to Bamba in terms of ability for one second, I'm just using it as an example as to how a defender can be playing well but not neceserially actually leading to having a more solid defence. Again, I'm not saying he should be replaced and i do think he's looked largely good this season (although gone lff a bit the past cpuple of games) but I'm certainly open to the possibility we might actually be more defensively sound with someone else there.
  6. Who do you want for Right back

    Danny Simpson has probably been our most consistent player for 3 years. I want him to play for us He's one if the mist reliable defenders we've ever had. If it wasn't for his off the field antics and it being understandably hard for people to like him as a person he'd be an absolute cult hero here.
  7. He's had a largely good season so far. But I do agree, I think he has been overrated a bit so far but it's not neceserially about scapegoating him or saying his poor so much as to whether he suits the rest of our players - and to anyone saying "he gets no cover from midfield" - while that may be the case; we can't change who we've got in midfield so we have to just work with what we've got and maybe what we've got just doesn't suit having anything but a centre back who'll stay back at all times. I think it's a perfectly valid question tbf and not about whether Maguire is any good or not as an individual but whether we can afford to play him tactically given the midfield options we have. And you can't look at Hull having one of the worst defensive records in PL history last season and our own dire record this season and just turn a blind eye to that. It's not neceserially his fault but I do.wonder if his team mates don't find him a bit unpredictable and so don't know when to cover him and when to not or.elsr we dont have rhe.midfielders who.can spot it (the reasoning doesn't matter if it's tactically inefficient) - it definitely seemed like it was that way with Liverpool's 3rd where his surging run came from nowhere and then he lost the ball. That might come with tome and our team get to know him better though or it might just be that neither us or Hull had the players to support that kind of marauding centre back.
  8. Are you sure you're quoting the right person? I've probably given the mist positive ratings so far. I gave 6 of the 11 starters 7+ which is more than anyone else? I thought a good deal of our players played well today but we were let down by 3 or 4 poor individual performances (especially defensively).
  9. Schmeichel - should've done better on the 1st. - 4 Simpson - Solid, did everything that was asked of hin. - 7 Morgan - Solid, also did everything that was asked of him. - 7 Maguire - Think he's looked more like Sol Bamba the past couple of games. Rampaging out of defence made us exposed so often. - 3 Chilwell - He's not PL quality yet - 4 Mahrez - Just never got into the game - 5 Ndidi - Lost the ball constantly - 4 King - Utterly sublime ball for the penalty. Looked steady the past couple of games. Definitely been better than Ndidi or James so far this season. - 7 Albrighton - Awful first 20 minutes or so but grew into the game and was probably our most likely to create something before he went off. Also, that turn, run and cross for the 2nd was sensational, if that had been Messi it's be on GIFs all over twitter for years. - 7 Vardy - Ran himself into the ground. Always looked likely to score - 8 Okazaki - See Vardy. - 8 I actually think we've got some half decent attacking options. If only we could defend...
  10. Agreed, but not just this game, Morgan's rating for the past 3 games have been really underrating his excellent performances imo.
  11. Wasyl on the rampage...

    Cult hero! If only we could've had him when he was 5 years younger.
  12. The OH Leuven Thread

    Imagine taking a club from League One to the Premier League and building a Premier League winning title and fans still not appreciating him. Regardless of what flaws he had in his tactics, media style etc. He got results and brought the best out of players. How he managed to get that very average 09-10 squad to the play-offs and a couple of penalty kicks away from a game against a Blackpool side we'd beat comfortably in both games that season I'll never know. In 20 years from now he will unquestionably be remembered as a great figure in Leicester's history.
  13. Demarai Gray

    I seem to remember him playing there at home to West Ham last season and he was exceptional.Think we win either 2-1 or 3-2 but it should've been a lot more. In fact I think we played 4-2-3-1 that day with Mahrez, Gray and Albrighton as the 3 AMs behind Vardy and they were all excellent and pretty much the best 3 players on the pitch. We struggled the following game and then seemed to abandon it as that was in Ranieri's constant tinkering phase last year. Never understood why we didn't give the 4-2-3-1 with Gray, Mahrez and Albrighton as the 3 AMs behind Vardy more of a try. edit: Just looked it up. It was 1-0 and Slimani was up front not Vardy who was injured, but the point still stands those 3 were all excellent that game.
  14. Demarai Gray

    He was probably our best player in the second half of last season tbf. He's just going through a bad patch of form, it happens to every player. You only have to go back to the Arsenal match to see how important he can be for us on his day. Gray should probably come in for him atm but Albrighton will play plenty and still have a lot of positive contributions this season. Btw I'm pretty sure tsintskaro has said before he only started supporting us half way through our title winning campaign because we were doing well after no previous connection to the club (unless I'm thinking of another user), so I wouldn't pay attention to him.
  15. On this day 2014

    Vardy was godlike that game. Probably the single greatest individual performance I've ever witnessed from a Leicester player. Also worth remembering what Ulloa did for his in his first 2 seasons given the flak he gets these days. He was also superb that game. Absolute bullet header for his first. And Nugent! Another cult hero like Lloyd. :')