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  1. Best advice I've seen if that if it's hot food it's going to kill the virus if there's any on it. Anything above 60C kills even the most steadfast of viruses. Just make sure the delivery driver drops it off on your doorstep. The issue is just the packaging. Just make sure you take everything out the packaging, put it on a plate, throw the packaging away, then all wash your hands before you eat. If you're worried about the packaging leaving stuff on your worktops, just put it on top of some kitchen roll or tin foil or something while you're dishing it out and chuck that with the packaging too. If you do that, it's probably safer than going out and getting something from the supermarket. (Plus you're helping to keep delivery drivers, cooks, cleaners and kitchen staff in jobs and helping the struggling economy too if you want to feel to convince yourself about it more).
  2. It doesn't all go to the NHS. It also goes to all those furloughed and jobless workers right now. Including those role-playing staff furloughed by clubs - and across many other industries too. Even if the clubs pass the money on to their own workers and pay them their extra 20% they don't get from the government- surely society's need to spread that money round is far more urgent right now. It also goes to building infrastructure and keeping the country going right now. I'm happy to be proven wrong and if clubs release figures showing this is beneficial to the country as a whole then that's great. But right now, I fail to see who gains from this other than PL football clubs.
  3. If players are just taking a paycut, that surely just means the clubs are keeping that 30%. As I said - the clubs or the players should have come out and said they're donating that 30% to the NHS or other charities instead - that would surely have been the sensible thing to do?
  4. But it makes no economic sense. Most of that 30% paycut for the money Premier League footballers earn are taxes. It's a PR stunt which is surely actively detrimental to the country's current situation?
  5. This seems like more of a PR stunt than a good idea. The tax revenue on that extra income footballers earn would surely amount to a hell of a lot more than £20mil though? Surely it doesn't make sense to get rid of a big chunk of tax income right now and instead transfer more tax money from footballers to the NHS? Either that or footballers donate 30% of their wages to the NHS and fighting the virus rather than taking a 30% pay cut?
  6. Have to agree with Wellens and Gallagher. Both were excellent for us for a couple of seasons when we reached the play-offs under Pearson and the following season. Once we started wanting to push for automatic promotion they probably weren't quite consistent enough for that level. But some fans seemed to turn on them so quickly and start calling them dreadful players for us which was very unfair. They were both very good players for an upper-mid-table Championship side, but neither was quite consistent enough to be automatic promotion challenging players, that was all. They were good servants to us and our fans seemed to quickly forget the absolute dirge of players we'd had in our midfield only 3 or 4 seasons prior to that who Gallagher and Wellens were both a massive upgrade on. It was all a little weird and short-term-memory based at the time and still is.
  7. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    "including 884 fatalities in nursing homes that occurred over a period of several weeks and that were announced only today. NOTE: If and when the French government determines the correct distribution of these additional deaths over time, we will adjust historical data accordingly" Seems like they've added all their nursing home deaths in one go.
  8. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    I think the government used a 0.9% death rate in their models. Sure I read that Chris Whitty and others thought it was more like 0.6%. Still 6 or 9 times worse than flu at those rates though and the difference between 1 death in 1,000 and 1 death in 111 though. Which is huge on the scale of nations and the world. That said all this anger over China's figures and misinformation the past couple of days makes me think they think it might be higher than that now.
  9. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    True but you could argue it the other way. How many people who were deep in cancer or HIV treatment died of the virus but have been recorded as dying by cancer or HIV. Not sure how our system actually works but Italy and Spain are reporting any death which has been tested positive to coronavirus, no matter where the person was already mortally ill in palliative care with another issue or not.
  10. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    Think that 21 year old girl was released later to be death by a heart attack rather than coronavirus and the story was disproven. Not that I'm taking away from anything you say. Edit: just googled it. Apparently they've changed back to their original recording of death by Covid-19 in the past 24hrs.Probably concluded her heart attack was brought on by the virus in the end.
  11. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    I still think theres something a bit iffy in the way Germany reports deaths though. How their health service traditionallu reports underlying conditions rather than what actually killed them as opposed to how we do it. I reckon there's loads of deaths where the virus killed an immuno-compramised patient there they've recorded as "cancer" where every other country would consider a COVID death. Edit: @Lionator
  12. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    I think he means more next winter rather than June time. If a vaccine is not ready until likely summer 2021, then there's a good chance it just comes back over the winter. The argument I've heard is healthcare services will actually be able to prepare for it and we'll hopefully have found better treatments and drugs for it by the winter and natural selection says viruses tend to mutate into a weaker strain over time and countries will put travel bans on any nation as soon as a few cases seem to he returning. But it certainly wouldn't surprise me of we have to do this all over again come November time.
  13. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    Early days but today's new case numbers in Italy are very good news. It looks like they may have peaked there and looks like after a week of stabilising, new numbers are starting to decline.
  14. https://www.sporcle.com/games/LeicesterCityFC/every-foxes-premier-league-assist-maker-since-201415 The quiz is here btw I got 27.
  15. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    Spain has shown reduced number of new cases for the 4th day running. Like Italy, hopefully this is a good sign that the curve is starting to flatten.
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