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  1. Yes of course. Football ability is more important to whatever people perceive to be throwing toys out the pram or whatever. Some of you guys need to get over yourselves.
  2. He hasn't looked fully fit since his injury before the West Ham game at the end of December. That said, you absolutely cannot blame him for yesterday. Our midfield was the issue yesterday not Vardy. We didn't create a single chance and just kept passing it aimlessly from side to side and backwards. No attacker could have done anything with no service like that.
  3. Imagine having 60% possession and not creating a single chance.
  4. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    Of course it could, but it could also infect >60% of the global population and kill hundreds of millions of people and there's more than a small chance it could be the most deadly global pandemic since Spanish flu if left to its own devices. The point is at the moment we really don't know and the government and media absolutely should be doing everything they can to stop the spread of it *just in case* right now. People moan about the amount of meaningless crap in the news or international governments being too heavy handed in things in our modern world- but I'd think that, after all the jokes about over exposure of Notre Dame burning, endless boring news about Brexit or thrre being far too many elections and politics being everywhere or not doing enough about climate change recently - the fact the media and government are going all out in a way we've never seen before to try and stop a potential world-wide catastrophic event in its early stages should in fact be praised as a case of the media and international governments doing one of the most important things they are designed to do, which is to stop the spread and inform the public of how to stop the spread of something like this. Yet theres still plenty of "too edgy for you" people out there claiming it's all just to sell papers or to give governments good publicity or to cripple the Chinese economy to try and stop this thing. Quite frankly, it's a bollocks opinion that should lamented on par with 9/11-truthers.
  5. I've always agreed with this. I've always been pro subsidised tuition for things like STEM, medicine, nursing or more modern stuff thats going to drive the future economy like computer networking or data analysis. But people wanting free tuition to dick around for 3 years to do a photography or film studies degree are taking the piss out the tax payer - nothing wrong with doing that, but those kinds of things can be learnt online or in evening classes these days.
  6. Sampson

    Corona Virus

    No! And I wish people would stop with this "it's just to fill the papers" "it's just a normal flu" crap. You can be symptomless for 14 days and no one has ever had this virus before so no ones immune symptom is due to battle it. Currently 1 person infected passes it onto 3 or 4 people. And 3% of the population does from it not >0.01% like normal flu. Unchecked and without quarantine and international safety measures, there's no reason every person on the planet couldn't catch this and hundreds of millions of people would die. Atm the quarenteen etc. is doing well holding back the tide and people outside China shouldnt be panicking yet. But the media and government response has been absolutely just and way more than just standard seasonal flu.
  7. I've always agreed with this and never understood the furore over it. What is the batsman doing out his crease when the bowler runs up anyway? It's considered "unsportsmanlike" but how is not "unsportsmanlike" for the batsman to get ready to start to run before the bowler has even bowled anyway.
  8. Hard to see us even creating a chance right now.
  9. It was definitely one his weakest performances for us tonight. Got caught on the ball and out of position a few times and felt like he was constantly scrambling back. He largely got away with it but better/more alert strikers would have punished him tonight. He's not quite been the same imperious player he was earlier in the season the past few weeks.
  10. I'm surprised people are picking on him of all players tonight. He looked about our only player who really wanted it. You can forgive some bad shots, you cant forgive some of the hiding some of the other players did tonight.
  11. Gutted. Soyunchu's worst game for us.
  12. Maddison looks like our only attacking player up for this so far.
  13. Who has said he won the title off his own back? I've never seen anyone say that. I think you're weirdly projecting here. Liking a player who scored and created countless goals which no other player who played for us ever would be able to - and during our most successful period is a "cult"? Every ManCity fan I've seen says has been sensational for them this season and plenty say he should be their POTY or has the best first touch they've ever seen. It's not just a small number of our fans, he's currently one of the best players in one of the best 2 or 3 teams in the world right now. https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/riyad-mahrez-2019-20-performances.341381/page-130 No offense. But it's all a bit weird to want to attack our fans who thought Mahrez was pretty damned good. Let alone call them a "cult".
  14. What does his standing at ManCity have to do with anything? Weird reply.
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