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  1. Think our build up play has been good. Finishing needs to improve though. Still not convinced by Maguire, he very much looks like a player who was in one of the worst defences in PL history last season although far too early to judge I know.
  2. Tbf who is he even rated by? Most Spurs fans seem to think he's the weakest of the XI.
  3. He's just come back from an international tournament when everyone else was having time off. He still trains every day last season and during the time everyone else had off and he played plenty last season. Have you ever done any form of exercise? It's extremely hard not to burnout when you're training constantly. You need time off every now and again. Not to mention training all year round with no break increases risk of injury. He almost certainly would've talked it over with the sport science team and physios and they would've decided what was best for the individual. Think you're looking for reasons to beat him over the head with. He won't have just been given time off for no reason.
  4. I'm pretty sure our physics and sport psychologists will have a better idea of when it's a good time for a specific individual to have time off and a rest to try and get their fitness up and stop over-training/burnout than some random person on an internet forum tbf.
  5. Tbf I remember an article in which Steve Walsh said Albrighton was a statistical favourite as he was near the top of the division for chances created per minutes played or something which was what originally piqued our interest and then he went to watch him and saw he had the work rate too. And no other PL team were after him, he'd just come back from a loan spell from the Championship. I agree with what you're saying, much of it has been the coaches and player himself, but the scouting team still managed to see a player who was contributing a lot when he was playing even if it was 2nd choice and saw he was worth keeping in the PL when no one else wanted him and it looked like be could be heading down to the Championship.
  6. Makes sense. Musa didn't do much. Have we actually had a decent #7 since Lennon? Hopefully Gray could make it his own.
  7. Let's not forget Walsh was also stripped of the captaincy for several years and got a 9 game ban for punching someone in which he would be lucky to keep his job in any other job. Pretty sure Walsh was actually only first choice captain for about 2 or 3 seasons. He rightly got stripped of his captaincy after one season under Little and fell down the pecking order behind Elliott, Taggart and Sinclair after a season or two of having it re-instated under MON. May be wrong but don't think Walsh was captain for any of our play-off campaigns. He was a great leader for sure but wasn't a particularly great captain. Was very lucky to have it re-instated over Grayson and Parker in 96 tbf given what had happened before.
  8. Of course it doesn't! Sound is just how the human/animal brain interprets particular waves vibrating against the bone of your ear (I.e. one of the forms of deafness is having problems with your brain and neural pathways when all your equipment in your ear works but your brain can't convert that information into sound). Then there are also soundwaves which are of too high or too low a frequency to be heard by humans or animals as we didn't need to evolve to need them to survive - much like there is plenty of lightwaves we cannot see as our brains evolved to save us from escaping from tigers not seeing all the nuances of the universe/multiverse. Sound is just a particular way human and animal brains have evolved to convert particular wave vibrations to warn them of impending predators - we could easily have evolved another way of converting these waves of particles into something other than sound - sonar in animals like bats does something similar for example. But sound by definition requires an observer as it is a brain which converts external stimulus into sound. Without any observer the tree falling in a forest still creates waves of vibrations but with no brains to convert them to sound that's all they are - just waves of particles. Therefore if nothing is around to hear the tree falling in a forest it doesn't make a sound.
  9. I was an adult in that era and I get where you are coming from but it works both ways though. When you look back to older teams it's easy to just remember the good games and not the bad games. MON's teams were good but they'd still only win 13-16 league games a season and there were tons of rotten and forgettable performances in there that simply get forgotten about because time filters out the shit for the good. Whereas the current players you can remember there bad/average games a lot clearer. Similarly players who scored 11 odd league goals in a season in that era were considered heroes but a player like Ullos who did that in the modern era isn't. I do think there are maybe 2 or 3 players of MON's team who might get into that team but there's also plenty of nostalgia-goggles on about those players and definitely wouldn't be 4 or 5 players from that era in the current side. It's more the secondary players. Our very best payers like Lennon, Elliott and Izzet you could happily debate. It's more players like Guppy, Taggart, Walsh etc. who were very good players for us at the time, but the likes of Morgan, Huth, Albrighton, Fuchs etc. were unquestionably better and more consistent than them and we didn't have any players back then (even our best players) who are on par with the likes of Kante, Vardy and Mahrez.
  10. *sigh* Please don't create strawman arguments and completely invent things I apparently said. I've never even said anything remotely about who I was "fine" about in as first choice centre back. If we signed a *genuinely* "Premier League proven" player (like Evans for example) I would be expecting them to probably be first choice for example given that Morgan and Huth are in decline for example. But Maguire really hasn't shown anything more than potential yet and I absolutely would be worried if a player who's only first choice regular season above League One level has been part of one of the worst defences in PL history who shipped over 2 goals a game and were clearly miles out their depth is first choice come August. Of course he could prove me wrong and be amazing but I just don't see the reason why he would be expected to instantly go into the side against Arsenal - he simply hasn't proven he's good enough to replace Huth or Morgan yet. I would imagine he'll be 3rd choice atm and Shakespeare will begin to decide during pre-season and the first few games of the season whether he is good enough to start or not.
  11. Yes. I'm deadly serious. I think anyone who hasn't just assumed he's better because we all know opposition players are always better than out own or isn't still living off the hype he used to get as a youngster at Sheff Utd would think the same. 24 is young for a centre back tbf. And why do you think he's better than what we've got already? He's just played in one of the worst defences in Premier League history after one season being 3rd choice centre back in the Championship and a bunch of seasons in League One and no Hull fans seemed to think he was particularly stand out even from a defence which was clearly way out of its depth at PL level. What exactly has Maguire done to show you he's better than what we've already got or is "Premier League proven"? He's got potential ans hopefully he will be a great long-term replacement but I'd be worried about a relegation scrap if he was our first choice centre back from the start of next season.
  12. "Premier League proven"?! He was a not particularly stand put player in a side who got relegated with a much worse defence than us last season. Let me remind you Hull conceded 80 goals in 38 games last season. ****ing eighty. That's approaching 2007-08 Derby levels bad. No one associated with Hull's defence last season can be considered "Premier League proven". Not forgetting he was only 3rd choice in their Championship season the season before. He's clearly got potential but there's no way you can say he's provem amythimg above good Championship srandard yet and thee's absolutely no reason to expect he'll go straight into our side. Hopefully he will grow and prove himself here but I certainly would be a bit worried if we were expecting Maguire to be first choice straight away. Huth, Morgan and Benalouane are better than him for the moment, hopefully he can improve though while they're in their twighlight years to be an excellent long term replacement.
  13. Albrighton's goals vs Sevilla and Briggs. Top professional and underrated player and really likeable person scoring 2 of the most memorable goals in the club's history. Secured his name as an iconic part of Leicester's history with those goals.
  14. Are you going to post all the best average ratings of the Season after the results are in? Interested to see who the top ranked players are over the entire season.