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  1. Kasper would go to ManUtd or Chelsea in a heartbeat - as would anyone in his position - he'd be in a very good position to fight for their number 1 spot playing Champions League football when both their number 1s have been poor for a couple of season now. Don't know why anyone's kidding themselves. He'd be mad not to go. The only question is whether ManUtd or Chelsea would meet our valuation. Henderson is unrealistic though as a replacement.
  2. It's not even just waiting for a vaccine. In the 5 or 6 months since lockdown we've already had a couple of very big bits of progress in steroids and drugs which improve treatment which could easily be mass produced over the next 6 months with the world's industry behind it. If it gets to a point where vaccines and treatments are ineffective then we'd probably have no choice. Letting it out on the population now while there's high hopes for a vaccine and/or improved trreatment over the next 6-12 months though when we don't know the long term impacts would be sick and demented.
  3. Superb assistant manager and coach. I reckon he'll have a huge positive impact on Villa.
  4. As good as Vardy has been, I voted for De Bruyne.
  5. The quotes in the post are taken out of context from what he actually says though. He says specifically he doesn't want them to win as a Chelsea fan as it gives them more of a platform to catch Chelsea which is fair enough. I wouldn't want to see the likes of Newcastle, Palace or Everton given a platform which gives them a chance to catch up with Leicester either right now. He's not saying he doesn't want Wolves to win because they don't deserve it or aren't good enough tbf.
  6. I remember Chris Powell on Football Focus a few years ago being asked who the best manager he played under was with the interviewer assuming he'd say Alan Curbishley with that successful Charlton side, but he said no, it was Pearson too.
  7. Yeah Iostemed to it earlier.i really enjoyed it, Hammond came across really well.
  8. Fool dice Fool Yahtzee "You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had a electrified fooling machine."
  9. Loaded dice. Jesters are rich, right?
  10. The aftermath looks like Chernobyl in every direction
  11. Yeah apologies, I've read nitrate angle since. And apologies if "best angle" came across as insensitive. Obviously I meant best angle in terms of seeing just how far out and how much it's shattered. I didn't mean best angle as in sitting and eating your popcorn. I really hope you're right, that tens of thousands is sensationalising, but from what I've read the air is highly toxic right now and everyone's windows have been smashed in so there's not a good way to get away from it, Like Kopfkino, it's 9/11 or Fukushima levels of can't believe what you're witnessing though when you see it for the first time.
  12. (Angle 8 is the best angle). This is horrendous. It looks like a nuclear blast. Could well end up killing tens of thousands. Could be heard in Cyprus even. The air is currently unsafe to breathe but everyone's windows have smashed. The hospitals in the area are all massively swamped well past capacity.
  13. Testing more people than 1 week ago enough to add a 40% rise? You really think they'd be adding local restrictions if that was the case? Are you really trying to suggest there's some conspiracy theory to create local restrictions and cases aren't actually rising?
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