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  1. *Sigh* Yet again, you didn't read my original post and just jumped on my reply post. Yet again, this kind of thing is *exactly* my point.. ...I even specifically said in my post - it doesn't mean he doesn't have great potential, he won't be a great player or he shouldn't be in the side. I think he's a player with a bright future, but if you make any even slight concern that we shouldn't be over reliant on him you get shot down completely. Why is it misguided or mis-spirited? I'm not calling him shit or poor. I said he's got plenty of potential but his actual performances have been very mediocre and wildly overrated by many fans. - you can see plenty of that just in this thread - calling him a breath of fresh air, better than anything Gray has ever done for us etc. - That's just either outright lying or massively overrating the very minimal impact he's had so far. Why does it matter if we bring in 2 wingers or not? Albrighton is back from injury and one signing on the wing or Gray hitting some form and Barnes could easily not even be making the bench. I don't believe Barnes has outperformed Albrighton - and Gray has been one of our most our underperforming players this season so I'm not sure why that's the only comparison you can make? I don't think he's a year away from development of Chilwell or Maddison for example as another comparison, despite only being a year younger. Yet people happily criticise Chilwell or Maddison regularly on here, but Barnes seems bizarrely untouchable. Harping on the performance of one player or another? What are you talking about? It was a thread asking a direct question about what we've thought of Barnes' performances, I answered it, just as everyone else did. I've criticised Gray in a thread directly about him plenty as well, but that had nothing to do with the very direct and specific question asked.
  2. And this is exactly my point. Gray has been in poor form and Albrighton has been injured so saying he's been our best winger with some bizarre ad hominem attack is not saying much and that's exactly the problem. Anyone saying be hasn't played particularly well and that he doesn't look ready to be a regular starter for a top half PL side and that if we're going to rely on him being a starter next season whem it actually matters then we'll probably have a big problem - just gets ad hominem attacks and shot down. But I don't think he's played particularly well and there's been nothing in his performances for me to suggest he's anywhere near ready to be a regular starter for a top half PL side yet.
  3. He's been very, very mediocre if we're honest. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he's not got tons of potential, or that he won't kick on or that in a season we have nothing to play for we shouldn't be giving him this experience (I absolutely think he should be playing now we've got nothing to play for). But his actual performances are being ridiculously overrated because he's a local kid. I think he's struggled to make the step up from the Championship in all honesty and I doubt he'll be a starter next season based on his performances. Stuff like he's given more than Gray ever has etc. is just a straight out lie. I do tend to think he's still a long way from being ready for being a PL starter every week next season and he probably would've benefited from the rest of the season in the Championship and he'd need to go up a gear or two to be more than just a substitute with potential next season and keep a regular starting place.
  4. Last season he was probably our best player up until Christmas, but he fell put of favour for some reason and never seemed to recover. Scored some cracking goals for us. But that overhead kick vs Newcastle in an incredibly nervy 1-0 win during the title run-in will live forever in the memory. Hero.
  5. I don't think he did, did he? I remember him breaking some scoring record for the u18s and getting hyped up, but then I don't recall him ever getting a first team.aopearenve in the end
  6. Maybe, but his workrate is nowhere near the level of Albrighton's, so what extra does he offer? I don't think it's a big deal. He didn't cost that much. He'll be behind Barnes and Albrighton in the pecking order now and if we get another winger in will be 4th choice next season. He's not a bad option as 4th choice winger (certainly better than Ghezzel) Even if he should be nowhere near starting, he's only really been doing that recently due to the injury to Albrighton.
  7. He was robbed of it last year tbf. He was miles better than any other player to the point we were probably the biggest one-man team in the division last season. Maguire had the same disease last season that Ricardo has had this season though where because they're new players and "a different type of defender" fans are happy to excuse away all the errors and goals they were at fault for, yet slaughter the "old guard" like Morgan and Schmeichel for far, far less - and so Maguire ended up bizarrely winning it over Vardy.
  8. Chilwell or Vardy. Would easily have been Vardy if Puel hadn't mismanaged him for so long I think. Ricardo will probably win, but we've conceded far too many goals directly from his errors (must be close to double figures) and fans are happy to overlook this and people always make excuses for his errors for some reason.
  9. Agree, but Maddison at least tried to make something happen, even if it wasn't coming off. He always looked like the only player who would create anything. He wasn't great, but still our best player by a country mile (which is saying something).
  10. May as well play Barnes for the rest of the season. I don't think he's pulled up any trees since he's come back and think our fans have ridicuously overated his pretty mediocre performances so far (comments like "Shown more promise in his short stint than Gray has in his entire city career." encapsulate this), but he's young and got potential so may as well give him this chance while there's nothing to play for. This was Gray's chance with Albrighton out and he really hasn't taken it at all, Albrighton should just come back in for Gray. seems a pretty straight swap. Gray will likely end up 4th choice winger next season anyhow.
  11. Utterly dreadful from Ricardo. Must be about the 10th goal this season that's been down to his error.
  12. "No solid evidence?" Are you accusing multiple women of making up abuse claims? He kicked a ball about us a bit. I enjoyed watching him as a kid but it shouldn't make anyone instantly jump to his defence and bqt off the accusations im a light-hearted way given the awful things he's been accused of.
  13. Yes but the rule change is ludicrous. A penalty is not an acceptable punishment for stopping a clear goal. Penalties are far from certainties. Whereas a defender should be more harshly punished for stopping a certain goal as an equal or even lesser punishment than a goal just encourages the defender to stop certain goals illegally. I don't understand why "triple punishment" has worked itself into lexicon, the punishment needs to be just enough that it is considered to the defender the lesser evil to not deliberately and illegally stop a goal. Take Suarez deliberately handballing off the line in the World Cup quarter final. The penalty, red card and ban together still were the far better deal than letting the goal off and Suarez and Uruguay got the much better end of deal than Ghana by deliberately stopping a certain goal. The more lenient rule is a nonsense. If anything the rule needed to be harsher to discourage defenders from illegally stopping goals - like the goal still bring awarded with a red card and ban on top, rather than a penalty, red card and a ban. The Huddersfield defender stops a certain goal illegally - how is a penalty alone, if which there's about 75% chance of scoring, a worthwhile punishment for a defender illegally stopping an open goal of which there was about 99.99% chance of Vardy scoring? A penalty alone is absolutely no punishment at all for stopping a clear goalscoring opportunity. At least the red card and ban somewhat made it fairer to the attacking team.
  14. That's bollocks though. A penalty is far from a certain goal whereas a last man foul can easily stop a certain goal. It just encourages defenders to make reckless challenges to stop goals. A penalty plus a red card is a far more apt punishment.
  15. I think it was both. Milli Vanilli and Boney M had similay scandels.
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