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  1. It still make me laugh out load TPH, thanks
  2. I just want to be there. Its a game where the home crowd could have made a real difference
  3. Wish we could be there
  4. Who knows. Lets just enjoy the ride knowing we have some European football to enjoy next season. We didn't hope for anything more at the start of the season Get the beers in!
  5. Kasper Justin Cags Evans Chilly Wilf Madders Mendy Nacho Vardy Grey What odds will you give me on that line up?
  6. I understood the Premier League gets all the money from each broadcaster at the start of the season and then pays it in instalments to the clubs which would mean its the Premier League which owe the money and not the clubs. Tell me if I'm wrong
  7. hairy

    Neil Peart

    Such a gifted musician. I don't have many 'heroes' but he was certainly one. Had such a successful and tragic life. At least he can now be with those he loved.
  8. hairy

    Keith Vaz

    Surely if he is suspended he cannot stand during the period of suspension for re-election? Or is the suspension just the same as gardening leave, extended holiday?
  9. hairy

    Keith Vaz

    If he has had serious mental health issues for three years since being caught then I would suggest he may well never recover and should relinquish his position on the grounds of not being fit to serve
  10. Kim Gordon's album is not what i was expecting
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