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  1. Vinyl

    Dont forget the amp and pre amp (if needed) add another £100
  2. Vinyl

    Apologies Sam but....... This what frustrates me about 'signed' records. That is not a signature. Anyone could have done it squiggle
  3. Best drummer ever

    Neil Peart stands out to me
  4. Non-payment of wages

    Just about to post this. there is a threshold for NI too. You could always say you would submit a tax return to declaring your earnings in the future. She has broken any laws by accepting cash
  5. Let's have a films thread.

    I didn't know it was a remake. It doesn't make it any less dull
  6. Let's have a films thread.

    The Mummy (new one) - awful Ghost In a Shell - Dull. Seen too many movies with the same story line Drone - F'in awful film. Sean Bean putting on an American accent
  7. You are a star. Thank you. All copied and ready to go now
  8. Let's have a films thread.

    Hatton Green Job - not bad
  9. Cheers potter3 but....... I was hoping to use the Sonos there via the MAC. They say How do people migrate from PC to MAC without this function
  10. Can anyone help me with transferring files from a PC to an external drive on a MAC? I have 521GB of music I would like to put on a HD and plug it into a MAC to play whilst on holiday. I have formatted the drive to a MAC format but cannot work out how to copy the files over.
  11. Let's have a films thread.

    Kidnap Tosh. Give it a miss
  12. Shakespeare - The Poll

    No I dont think he will attract the quality of player we need. I can only see him attracting up and coming players from the lower divisions. Sorry but the quality in the depth of squad showed last night as with Porto away. If we are targeting a return to CL football we need the depth in squad.
  13. House

    I am very much 'TAKE MY MONEY!!!!' whenever I get an email about a new release from them
  14. 5 years of Vardy

    His changing haircuts is something that will always spring to mind. He has had some shockers and you wondered what he said when the hairdresser showed him the final product.