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  1. hairy

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  2. hairy

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

  3. hairy

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Cant say it lights my fire
  4. hairy

    Amusing News Stories

    On a lighter note Lorry hits Leicestershire bridge within hour of reopening https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-46882786
  5. Value per £1 has to be Slim but of course players cost a lot more these days
  6. hairy

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He is so low on confidence. A striker needs confidence. He can score goals, there is no doubt about that. We have all seen it before a striker struggling for confidence. So why do most of the crowd berate him? Pisses me right off!
  7. hairy

    Time for Puel to go

    I thought he should have gone last season but I am now sat on the fence We need goals. To do that we need to get the ball to Vardy's feet or the two attacking midfielders start scoring. There is no point constantly putting crosses into the box which appears to be the only thing we can do at the moment. Lets see what he does next month in terms of transfers before we start calling for his head. We have had some very good, strong spells in recent matches but need to find the back of the net A big factor in scoring goals is confidence. We appear to be running very low on that
  8. hairy


    From my favourite album of the year
  9. still listen to one of their cassettes
  10. hairy

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Once in the Pear Tree many years ago, I had to suggest his affections were better directed to someone of his own generation rather than two generations younger. His look of complete annoyance as he walked away is what is see every time hes on the mic on match day
  11. So if they were to be banned and assuming they finish in the top 4, would it mean the 5th place would enter the play off qualification? That would be something to aim to
  12. hairy

    Interesting news topics.

    There was a case a few years back where someone got 6 years in jail for throwing a chip at the Indian shop keeper. Racial assault
  13. hairy

    Is the City of Leicester a dump?

    Reading this makes you realise how much it has improved in recent years https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/nep74m/home-coming-leicester?utm_source=reddit.com
  14. MattP, I do not believe the forecasts for the simple reason they are based on assumptions and not fact. Not even in the best of times do we see a forecast which proves to be right I do not trust the Tories, or Labour, or Libs, or any of them but I must say i have been bitterly disappointed by the Tories in recent weeks. The infighting, backstabbing and struggles for power have been infuriating as the Country heads into the unknown. Surely if there was a time we needed them to lead it was now I was suggesting your post had nothing more to it than "FAKE NEWS. NEXT!"