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  1. No I dont think he will attract the quality of player we need. I can only see him attracting up and coming players from the lower divisions. Sorry but the quality in the depth of squad showed last night as with Porto away. If we are targeting a return to CL football we need the depth in squad.
  2. I am very much 'TAKE MY MONEY!!!!' whenever I get an email about a new release from them
  3. His changing haircuts is something that will always spring to mind. He has had some shockers and you wondered what he said when the hairdresser showed him the final product.
  5. Managed to get The Heads, Spacemen 3, Goat and Goldie (Burial mix) all on line
  6. Discog prices are always inflated
  7. Guess I wont be buying anything this year then...
  8. Revolver mainly in their market shop. Used to spend hours in there 'digging' St Martins too. BPM was a good one, originally on Granby Street then Loseby Lane Kembles in Wigston was one of the few you could places you could get reggae for many years. If you wanted to have a good reggae spend we often went to Camden (before it was hip) Now its all online. Norman, Juno, Amazon, Boomkat and Bandcamp.
  9. It was 20'C yesterday and they are wearing jumpers, hats and gloves. Shakey appears to be wearing a least two coats. When are these from?
  10. If thats the case then I am confused about what a release clause is
  11. They are not letting predominantly online stores participate this year so beware. Spacemen 3 Recurring is the only must this year
  12. Was there too I have a recording of their concert in Dortmund a few days before which is very similar
  13. When will we know if its the Tuesday or Wednesday night?
  14. Thats Paddy Power going for the coverage. Best ignored The half and half scarf though makes my blood boil. What are they really about!!!
  15. Thanks. I will give it a go