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  1. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Thats it exactly. Very Cinematic
  2. Are We Now Established?

    Surely avoiding the drop gives something to celebrate but if you are of the mindset we should never be relegated then what is there to look forward to. I have to ask does it matter if we are or not?
  3. Free NOW TV Sports Pass

  4. General Knowledge: Easy Difficulty

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  5. Memories of The Charlotte

    Bykers, Crazyhead, Culture Shock, RDF, Rhythmites, Back to the Planet, Ride, Oasis, Anastasia Screamed, Buzzcocks.... happy days. Too many I forgotten or cant remember
  6. Maybe its better to look at it as we spent it the closed season before we got it paying for Islam and the like Shows you how massive a club we are though earning more in TV rights than Madrid
  7. Ten essential punk albums.

    No mention of The Subhumans, The Day The Country Died is of great concern
  8. Vinyl

    Dont forget the amp and pre amp (if needed) add another £100
  9. Vinyl

    Apologies Sam but....... This what frustrates me about 'signed' records. That is not a signature. Anyone could have done it squiggle
  10. Best drummer ever

    Neil Peart stands out to me
  11. Non-payment of wages

    Just about to post this. there is a threshold for NI too. You could always say you would submit a tax return to declaring your earnings in the future. She has broken any laws by accepting cash
  12. Let's have a films thread.

    I didn't know it was a remake. It doesn't make it any less dull
  13. Let's have a films thread.

    The Mummy (new one) - awful Ghost In a Shell - Dull. Seen too many movies with the same story line Drone - F'in awful film. Sean Bean putting on an American accent