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  1. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    After one extra off there’s any going?
  2. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    Reference no longer needed.
  3. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    Looking for one reference please.
  4. Derby away fa cup

    Looking for one extra reference if there's any going?
  5. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    Think people need to borrow people's reference numbers tho. I know I do to get extra tickets. I've already brought my own you see just looking for two more for others.
  6. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    Cheers for the offer mate but only looking for A ticket of two in our end.
  7. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    I'm still hoping on getting 1 extra. Two if there going would be even better..
  8. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    You still got these??
  9. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    Basically no one will move ahead of you during the summer so even if you've moved down a bracket then if you could get tickets last season the likelihood is you'll still be able to get tickets this year.
  10. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    On what article?
  11. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    Wouldn't mind finding out how many are in the top brackets too. With the new system I've been knocked down to P2 for first few games of the season. Wasnt P1 at the end of last season around 1600 people?
  12. Community Shield

    If anyone is missing this I'm after one extra reference to go with mine.. Private Message me if you could with your details... I know it's a long shot but you never know!
  13. Looking for 2 spare ref please...
  14. Chelsea Away 15.05.16 - 3pm KO (subject to change)

    I'm P1 but still going to go Thursday morning to the shop. The website will surely crash and the phone lines are not much better... I want a ticket in the lower tier so gonna go early to make sure. Anyone else planning on going to the shop Thursday morning?
  15. Palace (A) 19/03/16 3pm

    Looking for one spare P1 reference if there's one spare please private message me..