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  1. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    He wouldn’t accept less than 100k a week, i mean,how will he feed his kids and put a roof over there head on such a small salary
  2. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Chilwell does my fooking nut in, no end product going forward and leaves us exposed at the back, rather have Fuchs all day long
  3. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Your looking at it wrong, mahrez IS on the right, With kasper the lone striker with vardy in goal
  4. A year ago

    Loads of work goes into this, how is this financed,is it t donations or do the club pay for it, Do the people in the video do this a ad job or a hobby,just out of curiosity
  5. Champions League 2017/18

    Makes it all the better for me that we went into both games as underdogs, into the 2nd leg 2-1 down and didn’t sneak through on away goals but won 3-2 on aggregate,with us the fans as the 12th man, yet uniteds fans were horrendous,I think we made more noise in the fleetwood fa cup home game than there fans did tonight
  6. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    It’s march mate be baking hot here
  7. Vardy

    Looks like a mother and her son in a holiday photo
  8. Jamie Carragher spitting

    I would rather take a punch than be spat at,it’s the biggest insult in my opinion, but im gutted for carragher as like him as a pundit and was really nice to my kids when the met him at the kp
  9. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    That’s next season
  10. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    If you include spurs away
  11. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    It’s how you finish not how you start
  12. The Baggies v City Scoreline prediction

    Lose 1-0, rondon 90th minute penalty
  13. Lincoln fans at the KP

    Was just thinking about this,walked past the counting house and saw a big lcfc flag, but with Lincoln city badge on it???
  14. Mahrez retires?

    You need to get out more
  15. Leicester vs Chelsea

    If your looking online you cannot buy tickets for the family stand this way, you have to ring up or go to the club shop, this is due to people buying tickets for adults only in the family stand