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  1. Russell sprout

    George Thomas

    When we signed Thomas he was a 1st team regular at cov, mark robins told him why we he want to be a development player for us when he can play week in week out at cov, so he knew what he was signing up to, my concern is the lads wasted a year on us,he’s got a big decision on his hands,as I feel he’ll either make the grade or be sold at a small profit
  2. Russell sprout


    Sounds like us with mahrez,won’t take 60 million but will end up selling for 15-20 million
  3. Russell sprout


    It’s fair to say it’s having an impact on our marriage,she’s obsessed and I find the whole thing a turn off
  4. Russell sprout


    I could batter her she drives me mad, she takes her fitness far to seriously
  5. Russell sprout

    Escape Rooms

    Don’t they have one at twin lakes, or is that just during scare fest, though ive never been meself
  6. Russell sprout


    I done that befour I got married(4 years ago) my mrs does it everyday still now
  7. I’m looking to move seats,can I go into the store and relocate or do I have to renew online and move seats at a later date?????
  8. Russell sprout

    Fruit machine games...

  9. Russell sprout


    Thanks for all the replies and advice given, i woke up Saturday morning thinking ‘what have I done,and said’ on foxestalk, and upon Seing I had some replies to my comment, was ready to face the embarrassment of what I wrote, but the responses have been the complete opposite to what I expected, really positive and has made me feel il not alone,thanks all, means a lot
  10. Russell sprout

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Looks happy
  11. Russell sprout


    I’ve wanted to say this for a long time, but haven’t as worried I would regret it, ive been married 4 years and with my wife 14, i love her but life can seem depressing at times, to the point that as I write this, im drinking brandy by meself and taking illegal drugs, now before I get shot down, let me finish, as much as I don’t condone any form of drug,the only time I feel happy is when I’m high, it seems it’s all I have known since me and the Mrs met, though I must stress she hates any form of drugs, yet feels I’m a nicer person when high, i suspect any reply’s will be from anyone likeminded in my position now, ive always had depression and feel I can only be happy when on drugs, but I don’t want this type of life
  12. Russell sprout

    James Maddison

    I don’t know much about this lad and just googled him, see he’s local being from cov, is he as good as some are saying? serious question as he’s a young lad and seems this season he has hit the ground running,but is he worth 20+ million????
  13. Russell sprout

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    For those heading six hills way my advice would be don’t stop off in Clifton on route, there a rare breed there, though if you want trouble by all means stop off at the crusader pub or the peacock😉
  14. Russell sprout

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Was just saying to Mrs who from notts the other day how I’m surprised we’ve never played notts county in a pre season friendly, then when it gets announced I’m in Majorca😡 yet I would rather be at notts county🤔
  15. Russell sprout

    Deal with Adidas confirmed and home shirt revealed

    Nowt weird about that, my fantasie would be my Mrs in a city top like that wiv a white thong😉