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  1. The cov lot I worked with call a cob a ‘batch’, it’s a ****in cob especially when your working in Leicester
  2. Our fans are proper cringe🤦‍♂️ what a pointless pathetic thread, go and watch Star Wars or something instead you sound like a bunch of geeks that get turned on by university challenge And think Jonathan Ross is hilarious
  3. I’ve been in the family stand toilets and there coke residue on the toilet roll holder numerous times, and there’s also a lad about 19-20 who sits in front of me who is up and down like a yo-yo going toilet,and constantly wiping his nose(though I’m more pissed off at how he actually gets away with sitting in the family stand with his mate in the first place with no kids and also blocking my 2 kids view of the game)
  4. My wife is from notts and the slang is massively different and here’s some examples, we refer to a little horse as a gee gee to the kids(they call it a bebbo🤦‍♂️) we say crumpet(they call it a piclut) we say ice pole(they say sucker) and finally we say sweets(they call them tuffies) rare breed them notts lot are
  5. Enlighten me please, what did he do that was amazing???? seing as we saw different games, he gets away with average performances when we win, I will change my score to 6/10 because he played alright but still cannot cross a ball and his control isn’t great
  6. What grinds my gears???? hearing Amanda Holdens hideous laugh on that shit heart fm station and not being able to change stations
  7. Why does the fine go towards there xmas pot🤦‍♂️ why not fine them a months wage and put it towards the vichai foundation or give it to the hospitals rather than contribute to another all expenses paid night out for millionaires
  8. That’s how chillwell looks every game, 1 goal and 3 assists all season against............Southampton when we won 9-0
  9. Hamza gave him some home truths and said what the majority think, that chillwell is shit, so as punishment for what he said to chillwell who was getting dropped got dropped himself
  10. ****in shower of shit against that crap
  11. With him being 33-34 this will be his last ever opportunity to represent the national team, providing he’s a starter I think he’ll play at the euros
  12. Just looks like the 3D video they used to show us how good the ‘walkers bowl’ would look
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