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  1. Sez on the Wigan website it a 5.31pm kick off(every fa cup game is kicking off 1 minute past the normal time for the ‘take a minute’ campaign)
  2. Good luck to Nigel, as much as he divided opinion I personally loved him, The irony of that game at Watford where they beat us, 7 years later Pearsons took over them in 20th place and were 2nd in the league and also won the league in that time
  3. Yeah cuz they was freezing and couldn’t move
  4. Didn’t Wilfred zaha get a yellow card for a dive against arsenal, which was overturned and the yellow card recinded
  5. Where I sit in the family stand, there is a group of 4 blokes and some lad who must be at least 19, they’ve never had children with them which makes me wonder how they get in each game as my tickets get checked every game, my kids have to stand up as they cannot see the game with them being in front, tommorow night my kids are not going and I upgraded one of the tickets to adult as the Mrs is coming, will we not be allowed in????? what if a child was ill on the day of the game and could not attend, would they refuse entry🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. You can park at Morrison’s, it’s free parking after 6, I’ve parked there every game and not had a ticket
  7. That’s my point with hindsight, would that have happened had we not gone through the pain of relagation🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Great left foot😂and from set pieces😂😂 he couldn’t cross a road let alone a ball, with his beckham esk curtains, And his waxed chest with a single hair sticking out the top😁 even he must look back and kick himself at how he ever made it
  9. I’m surprised others think he was good, I thought he was crap, his corners were terrible, never get it past the first man,it’s only because he was ‘one of our own’ that I tried to like him as a player but he really wasn’t all that
  10. Not a single Everton player would get in our team because they don’t have our quality, if your worried about next week, pop in the counting house before the game and chat with some evertonians, they would love you observation that they have quality individuals and that your worried for us, they’ll be thinking exactly the same about themselves
  11. Same as today with Morgan in for Evans
  12. Absolutely,but would you want any other teams instead???
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