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  1. Man United (A) - 26th August

    Yes you can,if you buy tickets online you can only buy for the age band specified, however if you ring up or go to the store in person you can upgrade, i know this as I upgraded my daughters ticket to adult for Man Utd away and was told by on the phone that it's only online that you Carnt upgrade
  2. Too good for Leicester!

    Mahrez was excellent yesterday, but let's be fair,when he crap it's down to the opposition in people's eyes on here, so to balance it out,against a poor Brighton side he looked brilliant, and was able to showboat,credit where due he was excellent
  3. Sale of training ground

    I heard somewhere that they were building a state of the art training ground off the m1,carnt remember who or where I heard it either???
  4. Klose

    Goes to show there's loads we never know about as fans until we see stories like this
  5. Radio Leicester - Jason Bourne

    Even with a name like Jason bourne I never thought of the film character, probably just me
  6. Should I get rid of this?

    If it has sentimental value to you keep it, all my memorabilia is in the loft for the grandkids one day
  7. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    It's either defence or strikers that are shite, never mahrezs fault
  8. Ticket Upgrade Limit?

    I wouldn't even upgrade it mate,just walk straight in stewards are useless(or great whichever way you look at it) but the answer to your question is I don't think there's a limit
  9. Welcome Kelechi

    Whoever doesn't start will be a '30 million' reserve,vardy is easily worth 25-30 himself in today's market
  10. Burton Away - 1st August

    For a 3rd choice I think hamers had a good pre season,to think he's not played for a season he looks a quality 3rd choice
  11. Arsenal Away 11 August

    How's about jogging on you mug
  12. Congratulations from Croatia

    Though I know little about your team i did look at the results last night and seing psv lose at home to a team a hadn't heard of is a great achievement for yourselves,all the best next week
  13. Iheanacho

    Just had a delivery driver to my company who's a Man City fan, his words were that this lad is quality and will score loads for us
  14. Arsenal Away 11 August

    No but it verifies that someone uses this site regularly therefore are likely to have requested tickets befour, and stops people like yourself getting there hands on tickets,you div
  15. Arsenal Away 11 August

    2 refs possible available on 255 & 250 edit:only 'posters' with 500+ posts please,no newbies EDIT:refs now taken