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  1. It was sarcasm regarding junior Lewis, so he drives the team forward, then what, drive into the box, cross the ball, hey maybe even shoot like at Watford, but no he passes backwards, he really should look at Ricardo to see how a full back should play
  2. Persisting with chilwell is like when Peter Taylor persisted with junior Lewis, please someone tell me what he offers, gets into good positions then passes sideways or backward
  3. No that’s not his son, that picture is from 2015 and is his brother, his son was born in 2019
  4. That’s ridiculous, so it’s the fans fault he cannot cross, maybe if he could actually cross a ball we wouldn’t be discussing this on a forum, for this he only has himself to blame
  5. Forget that the minimum aim is fourth, champioms league on merit not at the expense of ffp
  6. Exactly this, the pressure is then on wolves and Chelsea assuming Man U best Bournemouth which will happen, plus Utd and Chelsea will have a fa cup semi final coming up which could allow us to create an even bigger gap, with they said I carnt see us winning anytime soon🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. You must be mad, he gets forward but cannot cross, slows the game down and takes no responsibility, simply passes backwards or sideways
  8. WOT DOES CHILWELL DO, he’s like a ****in crab goes sideways, cannot take players on not cross a ball, I hate him as a player he a SHIT
  9. Why, Leicester is an English city, So leaflets should be in English and for those that don’t understand, then all this time in lockdown is a good opportunity for them to learn the language
  10. Isn’t oadby LE18? i work in Wigston and have only been in my job for a month so won’t be entitled to furlough either
  11. By Leicester does that include areas such as Melton,coalville,Loughborough etc
  12. Gets me how BAEM community are the first to say how there most vulnerable to catching COVID yet can attend protests and gather like this then wonder why we catch it, my mum works at BT where there is lots of BAEM there and is now showing symptoms and been sent home today 😡
  13. Man Utd last game of season and Chelsea play wolves, gonna be a 4 way go for 3rd/4th they day, we play a rejuvenated Everton next, still have spurs away and Man Utd home, and after this weekend wolves will be within 3 points of us, really is squeaky bum time
  14. That’s another 90 minutes of my life I won’t get back😴😴😴😴😴
  15. Our 2 games have provided the best part of 3 minutes of entertainment, it’s like watching a Claude puel match
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