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  1. Hello all, my son through my employer has been selected to be a mascot at Wembley for the fa vase final on the 19th may, i am driving down on the day and wondered if anyone could advise where’s good to park, when I last went Wembley for the charity shield I remember we parked about 3-4 stops away from Wembley, closer to the m1, but cannot remember what station this is(I no longer talk with the person who I went with so won’t ask them) any help would be appreciated
  2. Always get me why people say a cup semi final or final, we should be saying to win it, to that far and lose, i would rather get knocked out in earlier rounds
  3. 11 nights half board flying 7th July,but got the same holiday for £1670 through the same holiday firm,2 adults and 2 kids
  4. Booked up for Benidorm in summer for 2 adults 2 kids for £2500, paid £240 deposits last summer with 2260 left to pay this week, so logged on to have a look and the exact same holiday was £1731🤬, rang Jet2holidays and got the supply and demand crap, so decided to cancel my holiday and lost £240, and re book the holiday plus get £60 extra off, so saved myself £580,if I hadn’t paid my deposit last year would have been £800 cheaper, so lesson learned,will save up and book last minute next year
  5. Maybe it’s because of the concourse sale and there expecting it to be busy🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. 8th home defeat of the season,that’s shocking for us when you think Newcastle,Cardiff and Southampton have beat us here
  7. As poor as we were Newcastle’s game plan worked to a tee, losing 1-0 flattered us,I thought they looked a threat going forward and defended superbly, though we was terrible tonight, no positives at all,was very puel esk
  8. Who’s saying they don’t take there own, but prefer to use the flags/scarves givin to them instead
  9. Because it’s far cheaper to buy 2500 than 30000, and they gave free drinks and cakes last Saturday at a high cost, not to mention the cost of what they gave everyone at the Burnley game at home,scarves,programs,pin badges etc, where some so called fans opted to sell them on eBay, i think away supporters are a lot more gracious of freebies than home supporters due to being in a small privalidged group to get something most wont
  10. If it’s only once or twice a season then what’s the problem, its like saying ‘why should a builder get his materials cheaper than jo public’ He gets it cheaper cuz he’ll spend money every week, so it’s right that they should have to pay a premium in my opinion
  11. I can honestly say every single time I’ve rang up to order away tickets bar a few times when my kids have cams,ive upgraded there’s to adults
  12. My advice would be for them to buy a membership so in time they can get a season ticket therefore get it cheaper over the season, people moan they carnt get a ticket then moan it costs to much, suppose seing as it doesn’t affect me it doesn’t bother me what they charge for single tickets
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