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  1. My wife sez otherwise
  2. The start of that was good(had oh Mandy in my head) then you ruined it with the ranieri bit
  3. You can way it up both ways, we talk about the great impact he's had forgetting the poor performances he had, i think my frustration with mahrez is more the fact when he's good he's good,when he's crap it's because he been numbered up on, when the truth is he's simply been poor, vardy was called a one hit wonder,Morgan to old,but mahrez quality,when the truth was he was the biggest disappointment last season and didn't up his game when required
  4. Or possible your part of the brown nose brigade I was referring to
  5. Possible mahrez,but there's been no end product, and I'm not a lover of step overs and all that rubbish meself,suppose I'm quite old fashioned in how I prefer a player to be
  6. Think the majority have been a little to complimentary of him, ive said befour he's good,but not that good, talk of him playing for Barca when we won the league was a too bigger move for him imo, on the back of last season and let's be fair the majority of the great escape season he was average at best,he massively overrated and gets away with murder because 'he the most skilful player ever to wear the shirt', some in here like mahrez get abit boring with there brown nose opinions of him, this is by no way aimed at yourself, more the opinion of others
  7. Barca wouldn't touch him, and there fans wouldn't tolarate the crap we did, imo arsenals the best he can get
  8. Think our money back is the least we should expect,paid 9million for a proven championship striker, theyll be buying a striker perfect for a premier league relegation fight, so to accept less with his 3 years experience is daft business
  9. Agree completely, does make me laugh on here when others talk of signings like giroud as if the would come to us, WERE LEICESTER FOOKING CITY
  10. Ok cleverdick Manchester, with the London attack also
  11. Why was the recent London bombing not also a racist attack and not just a terrorist attack you can also ask,Muslims trying and succeeding in killing non Muslims is as racist as non Muslims killing Muslims
  12. That's disgusting mate there's some ****ed up people out there,feel for you
  13. Sounds like mahrez
  14. You mean Watford away
  15. Think his head is 2 foot long and 3 foot wide though, he a fair old stocky unit aswell