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  1. Must admit I hate women’s football, or should I say women playing football, it’s not for me
  2. They will hold on to it for as long as possible, think of the interest they earn on the millions/billions in the bank, and with no real cash flow such as money coming in for next seasons season tickets they will hold off refunds for as long as they can
  3. But if we qualify for the champions league and end up 3rd in the group we’ll be put in the europa league anyway
  4. I rang the club last week wondering if mine had gone to charity instead of my account, but he checked and said I will get refunded by the deadline🤷🏻‍♂️ a lad I work with was refunded within a week so all seems a bit random
  5. We seem more attack minded since chillwells be our injured, balls actually going into the box, creating chances etc, first game I’ve watched us play in ages where I’ve not had to pull my hair out over watching chillwell, please don’t change the team Brendon
  6. Massive game at Bournemouth Sunday, assuming Man U win tomorrow, wolves play twice before we next do and both teams could be just 1 point behind us going into that game, hope we’re strong sociologically
  7. It was sarcasm regarding junior Lewis, so he drives the team forward, then what, drive into the box, cross the ball, hey maybe even shoot like at Watford, but no he passes backwards, he really should look at Ricardo to see how a full back should play
  8. Persisting with chilwell is like when Peter Taylor persisted with junior Lewis, please someone tell me what he offers, gets into good positions then passes sideways or backward
  9. No that’s not his son, that picture is from 2015 and is his brother, his son was born in 2019
  10. That’s ridiculous, so it’s the fans fault he cannot cross, maybe if he could actually cross a ball we wouldn’t be discussing this on a forum, for this he only has himself to blame
  11. Forget that the minimum aim is fourth, champioms league on merit not at the expense of ffp
  12. Exactly this, the pressure is then on wolves and Chelsea assuming Man U best Bournemouth which will happen, plus Utd and Chelsea will have a fa cup semi final coming up which could allow us to create an even bigger gap, with they said I carnt see us winning anytime soon🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. You must be mad, he gets forward but cannot cross, slows the game down and takes no responsibility, simply passes backwards or sideways
  14. WOT DOES CHILWELL DO, he’s like a ****in crab goes sideways, cannot take players on not cross a ball, I hate him as a player he a SHIT
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