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  1. The funny thing is those that boycott the game will watch it on sky, which will justify there decision that people will watch the game
  2. The Owners

    So have we as fans
  3. Silva Poll

    You need to add 14 seconds to that
  4. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Let's have some perspective, arsenal away was a bizarre game,that we should have won, brighton home was like a pre season friendly,we didn't even get out of 3rd gear and hey,even mahrez looked class, Man Utd away we held our own till the 70th minute, chelsea home could have gone either way once we got a goal back, huddesfeild away we were lucky up till half time,and the poorest half of football so far this season,but took a point away from home, and Liverpool yesterday could have gone either way,had we scored the penalty I think we would have won the game, weve dispatched Liverpool and Sheffield united in the cups, vardys scored 5, okazaki 4, slimani 3, the point I'm making is we've got goals in us,the strikers are scoring,we've lost to superior opposition mostly down to fine margins,and think that on paper the season starts at Bournemouth Saturday, lets be more realistic in our expectations,any points picked up in them defeats are bonus points
  5. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    It was intended as sarcasm at the daft prices they charge away fans,but I think you would be in the minority's paying that price to go to that shit hole of a stadium, leeds home,£10 a ticket will suit me fine meself
  6. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    And pay ridiculous ticket prices, theyll want £45 a ticket off us
  7. Let's have a films thread.

    I was really disappointed with it, the first 10 mins was excellent but I found myself board, i own over 400 horror dvds so I lm massive on horror,for me it wasn't scary at all,it's wasn't nothing like the original,which I read I was,penny wise looks great but again cgi ruins this film, anyone that finds this scary or disturbing is light weight and really should watch the original,my only hope for the film is that when part 2 comes out is that that is better than the original,which was the only disappointment in the Tim curry version
  8. Depression

    Today I have been signed off work with depression,though I know il always have episodes I suppose I'm in denial that I can deal with this alone,I Carnt. i recently transferred from one store to another to further developed my career, but ive had 4 knock backs in as many months,this on top of exhaustion and fatigue have today taken there toll, having been moody again this morning which is nothing new due to lack of sleep through worrying every night,my wife messaged me when I got work to ask if I was ok,and that she's with me, after replying with my worries I started welling up then broke down in front of my assistant manager,who advised me to go doctors, taking his advice I went doctors and have been proscribed anti depressants and signed off for 2 weeks, my wife has informed work who seem supportive,the funny thing is I handed my resignation in on Monday reluctantly, ive been offered another job which is a step up from my current role with a different employer,but earning 20% less, its better working hours freeing me up to spend more time with my children but the drop in income is going to affect me in the same way my current job is affecting me, im simply not happy in anything I'm doing lately, its hard because it's only writing this that I feel able to express myself, like it's easier to talk to strangers cuz there's no right/wrong answer, more constructive advise, but I don't feel myself anymore, my love of lcfc is the only time I'm able to relax believe it or not,but after 38 mins last night I told my wife I wanted to go home,with my 5 year old son losing out, yet ive not missed a single home game weather it be a league,friendly or cup game in 5 years,but right now I'm not enjoying what usually makes me happy.
  9. Betting Thread

    Not a gambler meself but on the ssn app it's got us at 21/10, massive price against Liverpool reserves who are 10/11
  10. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Think that just comes with age mate, im exactly the same
  11. The curious case of Eldin Jakupovic

    To be fair aswell hamer comes across as professional and played really well baring his distribution pre season,this on the back of being 3rd choice for 2-3 years
  12. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Carnt wait for this,they sold out 10 days ago it sez on there site,should be a great atmosphere with a smallish away following,3-1 city
  13. The Udders v City score prediction

    Same as yours but iniacho(however you spell it) to get one aswell,3-1
  14. Family Stand Ticket Checks

    Seems to me that as there a 'paying customer' they turn a blind eye to wheather or not adults have children with them, and by simply being seen to be doing something about it rather than actually doing nothing about it they seem content with
  15. Family Stand Ticket Checks

    Annoys me as I Carnt take my son who has a membership as I Carnt get him a single ticket as it would mean him sitting by himself,(me and his sister have a season ticket)there is a spare seat next to me for all but 2-3 games a season where a family of 3 go without there son,it's pisses me off big time cuz the adults sit in the family stand without there son who doesn't go taking up the seat my son could have