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  1. A real work of art is that, did stevie wonder do it
  2. Not if you listen to his there old material, recent stuff has been shite il give you that
  3. Nowt wrong with 30 seconds to Mars, if ‘steps’ are more your thing then each to the own
  4. Requiem for a dream played on my mind for days after watching it, really is an excellent film and Jared Leto is as a greator actor as he is musician
  5. So many great films, being a huge horror fan though there’s a few which stand out, original texas chainsaw massacre, exorcist, jaws, original it, Halloween, house of 1000 corpses, alian and aliens, also love goodfellas, scarface, terminator 1 and 2 and shawshank redemption
  6. Playing for Scotland and travelling to places like Andorra and Luxembourg to try and grind out a draw in a cold November, on the back of just playing a high tempo premier league game on the Saturday with a game 48 hours after returning, nah, cannot see Harvey being that desperate to play international football for a crap national team like Scotland
  7. I collect memorabilia so if your planning on selling please dm me
  8. The kids I coach are 7 years of age, i get the logic but at such I young age I’m not convinced, we play at a good level and when we play teams of the highest level you get caught out because there the opposition are onto you as soon as it leaves the keepers foot, in these type of games I prefer my keeper to go long As to not leave us defensively exposed
  9. Passing out from the back is bullshit, we have to teach the kids to play this way yet leaves us vulnerable, il be making sure my team of boys don’t play this way it creates more problems than it solves
  10. Tragically died in a car crash today, only 35 and part of the Sevilla team, remember him for arsenal and was a great player, rest in peace
  11. I’m not and wasn’t criticising any player, was just proving that not all players leave to earn more money or win more trophies
  12. 😁thankyou,like you say, just because one player does one thing does it mean another has to to the same, every player is different and you using the lure of more trophy’s isn’t justified at all, as vardy has demonstrated some players are content with what they have and that the grass isn’t always greener
  13. Vardy rejected arsenal under the same circumstances
  14. Hello all, my son through my employer has been selected to be a mascot at Wembley for the fa vase final on the 19th may, i am driving down on the day and wondered if anyone could advise where’s good to park, when I last went Wembley for the charity shield I remember we parked about 3-4 stops away from Wembley, closer to the m1, but cannot remember what station this is(I no longer talk with the person who I went with so won’t ask them) any help would be appreciated
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