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  1. Be like watching Scottish football, celtic and rangers take both stands behind the goals in certain games
  2. Just out of boredom I checked the arsenal website to see if they had sold there tickets for the game against us next month, and noticed that they(arsenal) are subsiding the cost of the tickets for every away game by £4, so fans pay a maximum of £26,👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 you have to commend them for this and it makes me wonder why we as a club don’t do this
  3. A right footer will do better at left back than chillwell,even a unfit Fuchs, he’s playing so we get a fee and some mugs will pay way over the odds for him, maguire is testament to that
  4. Just brought mine, women on the phone said these will soon be gone🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. You should still count non league, they were once championship same as Luton we’re conference not long ago
  6. Arsenal-Highbury and emerates Man City-Maine road and etihad liverpool Chelsea palace west ham-Upton park spurs-white hart lane bournemouth wolves man Utd sheffield united newcastle villa southampton-the dell and st Mary’s everton norwich watford West brom forest leeds sheff Wednesday qpr charlton birmingham derby blackburn Hull wigan middlesboro huddesfield reading barnsley stoke Ipswich blackpool cov-highfield road sunderland portsmouth bolton bradford Celtic(champions cup) club Brugge(champions league) sporting Lisbon(euro 2004) faro(euro 2004) st Johnston(pre season friendly) wembley(old and new) notts county kettering burton lcfc-kp and filbert street i make that 55
  7. 61 days gamble free and 9 weeks on Wednesday, feeling good right now and even got the garden decked out and brought the Mrs a hot tub(on offer at Asda) its a long road ahead but we wouldn’t have had these things if I was gambling, it gets easier but I’m living proof on how easy it is to slip up, keep your focus everyone and just avoid that NEXT bet, thats the mindset i go by
  8. Scottish people naturally spit when they speak
  9. I’ve said for the past 2 seasons that chilwell is poor and got shot down numerous times, and he’s not even improved, if anything he’s becoming a bigger liability
  10. Chillwell won’t be much better, he’ll be caught out of position
  11. As oppose to one that cannot cross,gets forward with no end product and leaves us exposed, yes il take Fuchs all day long
  12. We’re a lot more appealing than Bournemouth, its affectively a derby and also the last 16 of the cup, so I would expect this to sell out
  13. He’s as lucky to have us, no one else offered him a contract (Man Utd,arsenal etc) has an amazing owner to back him, great bunch of experienced pros and youth, we go hand in hand
  14. Nothing wrong with that, cheaper version of the posh wank if you use vasalene as well
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