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  1. I went to my premature ejaculators meeting today and no one was there, turns out it’s tomorrow.
  2. I’ve never been rich but I’m sure if I became rich I wouldn’t suddenly stop being pissed off if I was conned or lost money. It’s not going to kill him but it’d be far more snobbish if his response was “oh well never mind, it’s only 30k, I’ll have earns it back by the time I’ve sent an angry letter”
  3. If you SORN your current car you’ll get any full months as a refund.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Like I said though I don’t have the technology. I’ve only got a tablet, no desktop computer
  5. Funny enough I knew a guy obsessed with tractors, he used to get tractor parts for his birthdays and christmases for 40 years. One year he had enough and snapped at his family for buying him tractor stuff. His wife got upset and started smoking. 2 days later she dropped a cigarette on the carpet and the house was aflame. She managed to get out but by that time the house was was burning down. The man came home, opened the letterbox and inhaled, he kept doing so until the house was no longer on fire. She said how in the bleeding hell did you do that. He said I’m an extractor fan.
  6. I’m wanting to have a couple of cd’s with various songs I like on to play in my car. I do not have the knowledge or technology to do this. Anyone any good at this and willing to do some for me. Will obviously pay. Cheers
  7. Any player who knows they need to improve and works hard, deserves credit. Haven’t rated him so far but I am happy to hear he is working in it. Wish him luck and hope he comes good.
  8. This is so true, I’m a former addict and lost my savings, student loan, money I borrowed, and 99% of a hardship grant from uni, my last pound spin on an online slot won £7000 and just like that I was saved. Can’t remember ever feeling more buzzing and I have been an opiate addict in the past too. Please dont think hunk you will save yourself though, that £7000 went back in.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 200 seconds  
  10. Had one and it was very painful but did the trick in clearing the infection and then it came back a year later and had to have the tooth pulled. Only tooth I’ve had extracted so doesn’t effect me too much.
  11. I’m one of those. it was exciting, I’ll give you that but the difference is I don’t want to be able to see frustrations that the manager can’t see and does nothing about.
  12. Load of horseshit but great marketing for the new nation of wet wipes, will sell well no doubt.
  13. Lost interest a bit this season as I hate the way we play under Puel. It’s the most frustrating and boring play and even though we’re doing okay results wise I’m less excited about games these days. Will still watch as I always do though.
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