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  1. What do people think about the whole big cats in the UK then? I know loads of people have claimed to see them, including folks on here. There is definitely instances where big cats have escaped zoos or have been released by incapable owners. Do people think we have wild big cats? never seen one myself but I must admit, it fills me with a little excitement/nerves.
  2. Fever and cough. Actually died off today at the same time as getting a negative test result through (phew) part of me thinks my body was reacting based on my head rather than actual illness 😂
  3. Symptoms getting a little worse but nothing too worrying yet. Had my test yesterday, no results yet.
  4. Appreciate your views on this. Obviously we have differing views on who God is but it’s healthy and right to discuss it (with respect and decorum) If the moderators agree to reopen the thread, I’d love to engage more with you on this topic but for now we must respect the site owners decision.
  5. Don’t want to break rules and since there is no answer from the forum on this matter, I am unsure what they are. I’ll pm you my thoughts on this because it’s a great question.
  6. Taking a hit today. I quite like the look of AFC energy. Got on that at 18p a share.
  7. I had a colonoscopy and there were 4 people in the room, 2 male, 2 female. Most traumatising experience of my life.
  8. I’ve done the sprinkle of salt before. Never thought to microwave. Might give that a go.
  9. Urgh, burning up and the app has told me to self isolate. Really don’t want COVID😩
  10. Hi, is it possible to ask why the religion thread was deleted? I respect that the forum owners have every right to delete a thread for whatever reason but it would help me understand what content is permissible on the site and then perhaps tailor a discussion that complies with these unwritten rules. thanks
  11. Anyone watched further than season 1 of Money Heist? We’ve watched the first series. There’s still a way to go and we feel invested but felt it was a bit meh, so any encouragement to persevere?
  12. Do you not think it’s more amicable that those who want to discuss it do and those that don’t well don’t?
  13. It’s frustrating when you spend ten minutes writing a reply on here, press submit and find the thread has been deleted. I respect the forum moderators right to delete the religion thread, though don’t understand why. feel free to PM if anyone still wants to discuss it and if that is allowed.
  14. If you genuinely want to believe but can’t reconcile it with science I’d encourage you to reach out a pray for God to reconcile himself with science.
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