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  1. Often said when treating opinions as facts. But yeah pompous or arrogance is probably the main reason. I get the same feeling when people use the word perpetual but that seems to have been dropped now everyone’s favourite word is nuance, which isn’t that bad.
  2. Exactly this. Only just started the series and listens to half of the first one in a week. I love audiobooks as you can still get on with stuff like driving, shopping, cooking etc.
  3. When people say to a particular person or branch of people “they need to educate themselves.”
  4. I don’t think Brexiters disagree with you, I don’t anyway.
  5. Don’t worry there are lots of people like you as well!
  6. I think you mixed up blind faith with uncertainty. There’s a difference. Although no one could have envisaged the shit show the government have put on in getting us out of Europe so maybe there was blind faith there. Hopefully the Brexit Party will do really well to demonstrate we still want out and Theresa May stepping down spawns a stronger government and then we can have more clarity and focus on Brexit.
  7. My wife said to me earlier that I don’t listen enough, or something like that.
  8. Have you heard a country in Africa has banned petrol cars? Mad at gas car I think it’s called.
  9. Has anyone been to the new nightclub in Leicester, “The Hokey Cokey”? It’s awful, I put my left foot in but then turned myself straight back around.
  10. personally feel it is excellent just think they needed to add 4 more filler episodes to the season to make the events unfold more naturally. That last one should have been episode 9.
  11. Why on earth would you ruin years of anticipation by reading a script? That’s like saving yourself all day on a Sunday for roast dinner and then eating a tin of cold beans.
  12. If arsenal or Chelsea win europa league plus obviously an English team winning champions league can we qualify in eighth? Can’t remember how it works?
  13. The top ones were worth £20 odd quid a few months ago. Neymar for example has dropped £13
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