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  1. Well Tottenham have definitely missed their chance. I can't see them even getting top 6 this year. Fancy United to win the league.
  2. When people pull up in a residential area to drop someone off after 11 and leave their engine on whilst they chat about how lovely their evening was.
  3. I've got several decades yet. Why don't we just lower it to 50 hey? It's not like there is any other social, economic or political issues of more importance that we should be investing money into as opposed to paying for people's pensions at a hugely disproportionate rate to how long people live. In fact lets scrap the NHS and let everyone retire at 30, they'll all die young then so we can afford it.
  4. People are far too entitled, there isn't some magical pot of leprechaun gold that just pays for everything. People are living longer so it follows logically that people need to retire later if they want a state pension.
  5. Nice, I (edit: may) have about 4 accounts and it worked on all of them.
  6. Seems unfair but if you're working a cash in hand tax free job, you don't have employment rights. In terms of any legitimate way to retrieve wages, there is none. You have to do it illegitimately through blackmail etc.
  7. I had a very similar thing last year with Amazon. I was working for NCS and had used charitable money to buy some sensory pods and was sent wrong/broken parts. I complained but had a huge issue in that I was no longer affiliated with the benefactor of the goods. I organised for amazon to deliver a new one and collect the wrong one and they only delivered a new one. 2 months later I got charged for it and then complained and got a refund. Was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway to answer your question in terms of the law theft is appropriating property with the intention of depriving the owner of their property. As long as you allow them to retrieve the property then you're not doing anything wrong. You being in possession of the property is important as well as after a reasonable amount of time you'd likely to be deemed to have gained ownership.
  8. I'm saying players who tout their services outwith the scope of the clubs transfer policy should be made an example of. Sit tight and wait for us to accept a transfer offer or follow the clubs transfer request policy. If we sell just because Mahrez spoke about how he wants to leave, then it's an awful precedent. We don't need to be a club that is pushed around by bigger clubs and money anymore, Mahrez is our player and he either plays for us or moves on if the club, not him, wish to sell him.
  9. Reject all offers, he plays for the first team with gusto or the u-23's for a year. Need to stop this nonsense where a player goes on record saying they're leaving despite being under contract.
  10. Feel like I should post in here now. Come on Kelechi, join the citehhh!
  11. Desperately trying to quit smoking after nearly dying from an asthma attack, I know I know asthma and smoking is stupid but I am unbelievably compulsive. On day 4 and really struggling. Just bought a pack of biscuits to munch on, hopefully that'll work. Just read that scientists are of the opinion that all though vaping probably is "bad" for you it is significantly better than smoking so I have the mentality at the minute that if I can't cope I'll start vaping, feel this is a bad thing to keep me going though.
  12. Can we only lock transfer threads if they are either no longer necessary as the player has signed for us/someone else/signed new contract or if there is no real source linking us to them? Iheanacho isn't a Leicester player yet so I don't see why we cant speculate on the transfer, even if the majority of said speculation is the same old nonsensical turd or "jokes" that we have somehow become accustomed to on here. I mean we're going through the toughest time a footy fan can go through, made even worse by no international competition and the least we can do to get by is talk crap about transfers.
  13. woops
  14. He's had about 4 good matches.
  15. --------------------------------Kasper----------------------------------------- -----Simpson------Maguire----------Huth----------Chilwell----------- ---Mahrez----------Drinky-------------Ndidi-------------Albrighton------ ---------------------------Iheanacho------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------Vardy----------------------------------- Zieler/Hamer Morgan Amartey Fuchs Iborra Gray Slimani