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  1. It’s s free break from prison I guess. It’s not like a guilty plea is going to reduce his sentence.
  2. A friend of mine asked me if I could have any superpower what would it be? I replied Cold War Russia
  3. Benguin


    Imagin being poised up against a dune at The Normandy beaches, the tides coming in and machine gun fire and artillery shells are raining down. You’ve just spent a few hours negotiating across a vast beach watching vast numbers of your comrades die horrible deaths. You likely have shrapnel embedded in your body. Utter heroes, the lot of them.
  4. You missed out this bit: , or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. People consider different places/cultures as having different qualities and so one can derive pride from the qualities of the culture they fit into.
  5. Pride isn’t merely derived from ones own achievments but also from institutes, organisations, clubs or other variations that one is associated with. I think for a lot of people, their country falls on that list. The same can be said for discontent, embarrassment or disgust. To be honest I dont often feel pride where the country is concerned but I definitley do with Leicester and it’s luck and chance I was born there. I don’t find it wierd at all.
  6. So you agree that you weren’t right and are just speculating?
  7. Why does it look as if you were right? We haven’t left yet. Or are you referring to the turmoil of trying to leave?
  8. I think a lot of people get centre right and far right mixed up. Could be because there has been a huge shift from centre left to far left, which makes centre right views seem far right. Probably talking bollocks though. Eurosceptism definitley isn’t just a far right view though.
  9. Often said when treating opinions as facts. But yeah pompous or arrogance is probably the main reason. I get the same feeling when people use the word perpetual but that seems to have been dropped now everyone’s favourite word is nuance, which isn’t that bad.
  10. Exactly this. Only just started the series and listens to half of the first one in a week. I love audiobooks as you can still get on with stuff like driving, shopping, cooking etc.
  11. When people say to a particular person or branch of people “they need to educate themselves.”
  12. I don’t think Brexiters disagree with you, I don’t anyway.
  13. Don’t worry there are lots of people like you as well!
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