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  1. Capital punishment

    No. - it cost more assuming we do not regress in human rights. - it's not really justice for families of victims as they are reminded of the crime upon every appeal and a lot of times the penalty would be lowered to life. - two wrongs don't make a right. Castration for pedophiles and serial rapists and life for murderers is about as far as I would be happy to go.
  2. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    On sky one today if you don't have skysports
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 154 seconds  
  4. Should this boy have a cannabis licence?

    Legalise it for strict medical purposes if the evidence supports it. As for the stoneheads who use low hanging fruit like this to support legalising it, ensure the legislation prevents recreational use.
  5. Conspiracy Theory

    What are your views on MI5 using control methods? Namely the allegation that they covertly filmed peadophillia at Kincora?
  6. The joke thread

  7. FA Cup 2017-18

  8. FA Cup 2017-18

    Heroic performance! Great defending and a nice goal. Spurs overcomplicating things,fear Kane will turn it around but I hope I'm wrong.
  9. Conspiracy Theory

    Yeah, dogs found inconclusive evidence. Lab said it could be Maddie's but might not be. The twins DNA is close enough to Maddie's that it easily could have been theres. I personally think the parents know more as they were very all over the place with their account of the night but I think it's more of a case that they were more negligent than they claimed in checking and not that they were directly involved.
  10. Conspiracy Theory

    Whats peoples thoughts on what I consider to be the biggest mysteries? Maddie McCann. Was she abducted or did she die in the apartment. The dyatlov pass incident. Culmination of natural accidents or something more sinister? Jill Dando. Was she murdered for knowing something she ought not to about pedophile cover ups? Lars Mitank? Psychotic brake followed by suicide or the like or was he abducted/murdered. Area 51. Military base used to develop u2 blackbird and the like or is it hiding more sinister things? The disclosure project. Stephen Greer trying to make money or do several hundred government and military personnel truly believe we know about UFO and alien life already?
  11. Conspiracy Theory

    You can't disagree that I find them enjoyable since enjoyment is subjective and not objective.
  12. Conspiracy Theory

    For the most part you are right but some turn out to be true and whether they're horseshit or not, some are enjoyable to read/listen too.
  13. Depression

    I would strongly suggest appealing the termination on the grounds of depression if you want to stay there. Current climate around depression means you would stand a fair chance.
  14. another school shooting

    Tongue in cheek warning. Maybe they could try putting pictures of gun crime victims on guns, similar to the smoking equipment here.
  15. another school shooting

    Yeah it seems whatever angle you take it is a monumental headache.