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  1. The short answer is maybe, I don't know the facts. I'd be concerned to based on what I said previously and the forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean releasing him. Likewise if my partner commited sexual infidelity I would try and forgive but that doesn't mean staying with her, just that I no longer hold it against her. From a Christian perspective: I believe that we are all sinners (total depravity) and the only way to receive forgiveness of sin is through faith in the lord Jesus Christ and repentance. I also believe that Christians should forgive one and o
  2. As a Christian, I believe that forgiveness is one of the most important things. However that doesn't mean you can't still hold someone accountable for something. One thing that really concerns me is that there was a significant amount of time between the murders. That must mean that it wasn't a terrible mistake to him and he wasn't burdened with guilt as he willingly did it again after some time.
  3. Just ordered a sample. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Hey folks, looking for a really nice, stand out fragrance for my wedding day. What do people recommend. My fave that I've tried so far is Aventus - creed which went down really well with lots of people and my partner liked it but it didn't dazzle her like I had hoped. I usually wear le male or sauvage if I'm out in the evening but wanting something that just oozes class. Been recommended La nuit by YSL, anyone tried that? Any others?
  5. Don't agree with booing it but these kind of gestures do irritate me. I doubt even one racist has stopped being racist off the back of it.
  6. Would love to see Lincoln get in and then establish themselves as a championship team and then who knows, maybe one day a premier League club. Moved to Lincoln a few years ago, wonderful city.
  7. CB recently purchased 1 million shares and he would be breaking the law to do so if they had the results. I suspect that either there has been a delay or they are waiting to collate and release them all together following the IP survey in the hope that the market reacts differently to the last assay result. What they really need to do is tell us what’s going on though. A few months ago CB would update the market almost daily so that’s frustrating. I have nearly sold a few times because of this silence but managed to resist because I believe in the project and copper has risen a lot
  8. When you make an excellent television show based on a premise rather than a complete idea, this always happens. The show was so good and it made a decent ending difficult to attain. Gam of thrones all over again!
  9. It’s insane. All though those companies are likely to remain multi billion dollar companies whereas doge and most other cryptos will be 0 in the not so distant future.
  10. Wow I’m so fickle, Nacho has gone from one of least fave players to most fave players in a couple of months!
  11. Yep. Hoping for some strong assays soon. You?
  12. I’d rather be mid table mediocrity that bottle jobs! Not again please
  13. Does Perez ever remind you of Danny Dyer in Mean Machine?
  14. Please keep slagging off Perez folks so he can go on to score.
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