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  1. Ken Chisholm in a 1-1 home draw with Grimsby Town in front of more than 35,000 at Filbert Street in early April 1949. Not a great league season, finishing 19th and just avoiding relegation to the third tier, though we did reach the FA Cup final!
  2. Me and my son went to that one - has to be the worst weather ever. It was snowing heavily driving over the Penines - I remember people died on the M62 that night because of the atrocious conditions - but when we got down into Manchester, it was just unrelenting rain. We stood on an open terrace and it rained so heavily that even my underwear was wet through at the end! Not a pleasant drive back in soaking clothes. But, afterwards, we all received free T-shirts from the club commemorating the win and Mark Robins' goal
  3. April 1971, a dour goalless draw against Sheffield United. Watched it from the Popular side with mates after travelling down from the steel city where I was at college.
  4. That can’t be right ........... doesn’t fit the narrative at all ............ Exactly what I thought
  5. BBC's Football Focus just said that so far this season we've scored more goals on the counter-attack, 5, than any other team in the Premier League. B'mouth and Liverpool next with four.
  6. An insightful, sensitive piece, Geoff - well done! It cannot have been easy reacting to such a tragedy, and one so close to home, when you were expecting to report on nothing more than a run-of-the-mill football match. The closest I ever got to doing anything remotely similar was being the stone sub-editor for the Buff (Sports Mercury) back on the afternoon of April 15th, 1989, when we started getting PA wire messages of what was happening on that awful day at Hillsborough. Unlike you, I wasn't even at the scene but I know how difficult it was in my situation to make professional decisions (mainly ditching the match report of City's 2-0 win over Chelsea as the front-page lead and the subsequent changes to the paper) against the backdrop of such a horrendous event. So hats off to you!
  7. Interesting comment, St Albans Fox - you've obviousl hear that Claudio Ranieri has taken over at Craven Cottage
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