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  1. is that 8 games then? Burton (Away), Luton (Away), Wolves(Away), MK dons (Away), Palace (Asia Cup), Liverpool (Asia Cup), West Brom (Asia Cup), Rumoured 'high profile' match (Home). Dortmund? Be a great active preseason, with the players ready to go for day 1 of the Prem. Was annoying hearing Claudio at the start of the season (for around 2 months), going 'they're not 100%'.
  2. If we don't go with Shakey, we want someone who would make a massive statement. However we must use this as a chance for breath of fresh air to the club, that means the new manger must bring in their own staff and their own playstyle, Frank de Boer, Laurent Blanc, Thomas Tuchel even Manchini are all options.
  3. It's good to see Craig is honest about the problem, it's more promising knowing that management understand and accept our recruitment has been shit.
  4. voted Yes because shakey looks to have the good traits from both Pearson and Claudio, my only concern is Craig doesn't have the pulling power, which will hinder our chances of any major signings, of course i'd love him to prove me wrong, but i just can't see us getting the likes of Keane, Sigurdsson and Adrien Silva without a well credited manager.
  5. After playing Man City and Arsenal in the past month, its fair to say these "Big" clubs have no class at all, both are jokes of a club.
  6. What are the odds of Madley not adding on extra for the time wasting?
  7. Here's the question, who do we bring in to replace him?
  8. I took a screen shot from BTs coverage of one of our champions league games, a few months back.
  9. Honestly we are so lucky when it comes to our Owners, Top and Vichai have been great all round. Football aside, It was an amazing gesture, when they donated £2million to Leicester City Hospitals.
  10. Deffo a game for Slim Shadey, Shinji getting knocked about, Slim wouldn't take any of that.
  11. All back on aboard the Keane Hype train? Just Pay whatever they ask for this time, could become an invaluable player to us, as we can all agree on Wes and Huth can't play a whole season again.
  12. Just using this time to post this great still from BTs Promo from last night
  13. I'm not sure, feels like there was an embargo until they all spoke to claudio today, I think most generally feel guilty for under performing, and grateful for what Claudio achieved last season. But I see what you mean, can't remember many players tweeting about Pearson.
  14. Absolute Joke, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, Claudio is insane , Obviously hoping for the best but this is shocking.
  15. What I Want; Kasper Simpsons Big Ben Wague Chillwell Ndidi Mendy Mahrez Gray Kapustka Musa Young Exciting players, Something new, Smash Derby 5-0. Morgan Huth get a rest somewhere outside of the midlands. What we'll get; Kasper Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Shinji Vardy 4-4-2, Longs balls, No changes, maybe scrape through penos. "Good Performance"