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  1. It's the corners that really need to be worked on. 12 corners and most just flew straight over.
  2. Dyche just said on his pre-match interview that Tarkowski isn't going anywhere.
  3. He's more of a secondary striker, needs to play off someone. But yeah I agree as a filler for a game or two, he will be perfect.
  4. I still think we're going to regret not going after a new No.9, one injury to Vardy which could side line him for a while leaves us with Nacho and Slim. Both are no where near the reliability as Vardy.
  5. Is it the same storm that canceled Boardmasters?
  6. If the rumoured £200k/week contract is true and he sees out the 7 years that's a potential £72m In wages. We unfortunately cant compete with those wages. Good Luck Slab Head.
  7. I've never seen you and Big Daddy on the same page tbf
  8. Obviously this is all made up and has no substance. But if we sold H for £80m cash (minus the Hull %) and got Tarkowski in for ~£35m. That would be a cracking bit of business. Though personally i'm in the camp in which we have to have faith in Soyuncu and Benkovic.
  9. FoxesTalk with Rudkin if he gets this over the line.
  10. We've confirmed that the match will happen at the KP. Should be a good one this.
  11. Do they want to contact Leicester City first, so we can tell them to piss off ?
  12. I'm going to clutch at straws here. He's been posting pictures on his Instagram with the Belgian squad. But has kept LCFC in his bio.
  13. That's just regurgitating the sun article mentioned above. I'm in the camp the that sun should be a banned source on FT as it's a shit source.
  14. At least we know we'll be last of match of the day.
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