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  1. Hate to say it but Rici P. We've gone almost a full season without him and done well. We'd need to bring in some cheap cover though whilst we wait for Justin to recover. Again would rather we keep him. Just imo the player who could fund our next window.
  2. If it's Soumare, I hope that doesn't mean we're planning on letting Ndidi go.
  3. There's no urgency at all here. Don't know what put game plan is at all.
  4. I don't even believe he's broken, he's average. I think he'll be one of those players who will never lived up to his potential. The problem with martial is his inability to read the game.
  5. With Rici P out, I reckon we'll go with this: Kasper Fofana Jonny Soy Timmy Thomas Ndidi Youri Perez Kelechi Vardy
  6. Surprised we've never had a Mark Morrison / LCFC crossover.
  7. Nice little interview with Ayoze, he clearly loves being at the club and seems like a top bloke.
  8. Oh come off it you lot, all things considered that was a hard fought and good point. On to the next one.
  9. Whoops good spot Stan, got caught out by some Scouse propaganda
  10. I understand emotions are high at the moment but come off it, the £100m training ground was commissioned by him as well as the stadium expansion, and King Power has been hit hard by Covid-19 so obviously the purse is tight at the moment.
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