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  1. All back on aboard the Keane Hype train? Just Pay whatever they ask for this time, could become an invaluable player to us, as we can all agree on Wes and Huth can't play a whole season again.
  2. Just using this time to post this great still from BTs Promo from last night
  3. I'm not sure, feels like there was an embargo until they all spoke to claudio today, I think most generally feel guilty for under performing, and grateful for what Claudio achieved last season. But I see what you mean, can't remember many players tweeting about Pearson.
  4. Absolute Joke, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, Claudio is insane , Obviously hoping for the best but this is shocking.
  5. What I Want; Kasper Simpsons Big Ben Wague Chillwell Ndidi Mendy Mahrez Gray Kapustka Musa Young Exciting players, Something new, Smash Derby 5-0. Morgan Huth get a rest somewhere outside of the midlands. What we'll get; Kasper Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Shinji Vardy 4-4-2, Longs balls, No changes, maybe scrape through penos. "Good Performance"
  6. "" , I would take that list with a pinch of salt. The big new players like Slim and Musa would very likely have drop clauses. Can't see Morgan, Simpson and a few other Championship suitable players having one included to be honest.
  7. All the best Jeff. Thanks for the memories.
  8. All that needs to be said is he is THE Legend.
  9. Thats the face of a man with a plan
  10. Going off that , he seems like a really nice humble bloke , I already like him more that Kante.
  11. The AFCON lads are leaving Tuesday, so all are able to play against Middlesbrough. I'd go with an unchanged line up from today. With a cheeky bit of Ndidi on the bench.
  12. I would like to see a 4-5-1 , Slimani prefers playing as a lone striker, Kasper Simpsons Morgan Huth Fuchs Amartey Drinkwater Mendy Mahrez Gray Slimani
  13. Remember the great escape a couple of years ago, many were calling for Pearson Out when we were dead and buried last. Imagine if the owners did panic and fire him, we might not have even been in the Premier league this season. The Owners will stick With Claudio Ranieri because they know he's not a bad manager and from our own experience it only takes a run of a few wins to turn the whole season around.
  14. It's fair to say Riyad isn't in the best of form, but it only seems that Claudio only publicly calls him out over the other players.
  15. The one time Lawro had more faith in us to win than the fans XD. Want an incredible performance 9s and 10s all round. Looks Like Claudio made all the players he did't take to Porto really work on their link up play. All Hail the Don Claudio.