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  1. Gav_LCFC14

    How did we do?

    This is an excellent point which I don't think too many people are considering, a strong backline now means our midfielders can push up and help out the attack.
  2. Gav_LCFC14

    How did we do?

    I'm just glad we've fixed the massive mess that was our defense. Maddison: We've had a huge hole in our team that is the number 10 spot, this kid looks special and could finally be that much needed link between midfield and attack. Pereira: [Fairly] young Portuguese international which is molded from the modern day wingback. No disrespect to Simpson, but we now have someone who can help out in attack, and actually cross the ball. Benkovic: Again young and ball playing, a far greater back up option to Morgan and Benny (who in my opinion shouldn't be near the 1st team) Ghezzal: This was a very confusing transfer, the jury is out. Puel obviously see's something in him, so good luck to the lad. Will at least be a good asset for cup runs. Ward: We over paid for him, but he provides solid competition to Kasper, if god forbid he gets an injury. Evans: An absolute steal at £3m, great prem experience. Soyuncu (TBC): A very promising ball playing CB, who could in the coming weeks push straight into the starting XI. The fact Arsenal has a £35m bid denied only a month ago, just shows the guys talent. All in All we've invested wisely and learnt from our mistakes, we need to get rid of the deadwood and we're probably at a winger short. I'd like to see us play 3 at the back with the depth in CB we have now. The big news is we kept Maguire.
  3. This is presuming Vardy and Slab Head will be available for the first match, they're experience enough to slot straight in.
  4. Whats the point in starting Ulloa
  5. Gav_LCFC14

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    End of an era that, good luck to the magical lad.
  6. Gav_LCFC14

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    No doubt who actually runs the dressing room
  7. Gav_LCFC14

    Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Not enough shouts for Redmond? Would be a quality signing for his versatility and age.
  8. Gav_LCFC14

    Who do you think will leave?

    I get and 100% agree with the post, but just pointing out Musa is 25, and we should still keep him for depth.
  9. Gav_LCFC14

    Hide Ndidi

    DailyFail and The Sun, why do you guys read that toilet paper, let alone post it on FT as an actual 'source'.
  10. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Where the hell did 5 mins come from ?
  11. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Anyone want to tell Puel he has 2 more subs left ?
  12. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Problem with this starting 11 is apart from Vardy and Mahrez I can't see any of the others scoring goals
  13. Gav_LCFC14

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Worst part is , we can all see that something needs to change at half time, but Puel won't do anything until the 75th minute.
  14. No chance in hell will our owners let him go, they've very clearly shown they're not push overs. The whole Kante release clause situation flipped a switch, and I love it.
  15. Gav_LCFC14

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Oh my god 2 goals isn't good enough for boring football Puel