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  1. We need to be all over this, Zaha improves the squad greatly.
  2. Yeah but at least we got most corners
  3. We should sign him for this alone. (That's Kasper in goal btw) Haven't seen much of him apart from the 9-0, is he any good ?
  4. I'm a simple man, I just want to see Kapustka get subbed on and score a blinder, whilst screaming "CLAUDIO!!!!!" over and over again.
  5. Youri and Dennis both taking up the Belgium FA's offer to fund the coaching badges of any of their international players. Shows both players have their heads screwed on right. Good luck lads.
  6. Ryan Fraser on a free, but his wage demand is stupidly high, that it has West Ham written all over it. Still better than anything we have.
  7. What's the point of getting Bennett if 36 year old morgan is preferred.
  8. 50pts up, to put it in perspective we finished last season on 52pts. God some of you lot are miserable.
  9. Google SoccerStream100
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