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  1. Gav_LCFC14

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    No doubt who actually runs the dressing room
  2. Gav_LCFC14

    Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Not enough shouts for Redmond? Would be a quality signing for his versatility and age.
  3. Gav_LCFC14

    Who do you think will leave?

    I get and 100% agree with the post, but just pointing out Musa is 25, and we should still keep him for depth.
  4. Gav_LCFC14

    Hide Ndidi

    DailyFail and The Sun, why do you guys read that toilet paper, let alone post it on FT as an actual 'source'.
  5. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Where the hell did 5 mins come from ?
  6. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Anyone want to tell Puel he has 2 more subs left ?
  7. Gav_LCFC14

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Problem with this starting 11 is apart from Vardy and Mahrez I can't see any of the others scoring goals
  8. Gav_LCFC14

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Worst part is , we can all see that something needs to change at half time, but Puel won't do anything until the 75th minute.
  9. No chance in hell will our owners let him go, they've very clearly shown they're not push overs. The whole Kante release clause situation flipped a switch, and I love it.
  10. Gav_LCFC14

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Oh my god 2 goals isn't good enough for boring football Puel
  11. Gav_LCFC14

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Fuchs crossing is getting worse and worse , what happened to them?
  12. Gav_LCFC14

    Ben Arfa

    You don't want to Bin N'didi for Silva, N'didi is crucial to our play style as he breaks up opposition play, He'll then passes it to Iborra or Silva (who would rotate) and they would distribute the ball.
  13. Gav_LCFC14

    Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Great game, got to say fantastic game from the referee for once.
  14. Gav_LCFC14

    Man City Match Thread

    Got to sub Nacho on at some point, it's written in the stars that he has to score against City.
  15. Gav_LCFC14

    Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Imagine if kelechli and slim was in that position.