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  1. 50pts up, to put it in perspective we finished last season on 52pts. God some of you lot are miserable.
  2. Google SoccerStream100
  3. Good game that, I'd say that's a fair result. Both teams missed some easy chances. Hopefully the boys come back fresh and fighting against wolves on 2 weeks
  4. £120m, looks like the budget was increased. We're massive.
  5. Something really big to take away from the past few weeks is we now have goalscorers all over the pitch. We don't look as reliant on Vardy, although he can score as many as he likes, our beautiful man. Class performance all round, we're 2 pts behind Man City, bring on Anfield .
  6. It's the corners that really need to be worked on. 12 corners and most just flew straight over.
  7. If the rumoured £200k/week contract is true and he sees out the 7 years that's a potential £72m In wages. We unfortunately cant compete with those wages. Good Luck Slab Head.
  8. We've confirmed that the match will happen at the KP. Should be a good one this.
  9. At least we know we'll be last of match of the day.
  10. That would have been a beautiful goal
  11. You've confused 7th place with being a guaranteed European qualifying spot. It's just become a norm that 7th place means Europe because that's the result of a top 6 team winning the FA Cup and Carabao cup.
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