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  1. Apperently Marseille's president has said Thauvin can leave this month, surely we should be all over that.
  2. Go on Brendan Lad. That's a statement team. Bet if Vardy and Mads were fit he'd be playing them aswell.
  3. Right, i'll take one for the team and initiate the jinx. Theres no way we score a header this next half.
  4. Have they tried passing the ball between Evans and Little Wes?
  5. Hope they do a video tour of the inside of the buildings.
  6. Atletico Madrid has released him from his contract, so he's currently a free agent. Think he'll want something a lot more long term than a 6 month contract.
  7. Just wanted to point out that BR has now managed the same number of games as CR.
  8. I feel like this is the world naturally balancing out all of the crap calls that went against us last season, but we got away with this one luckily. Didn't even notice it in game. (Amartey handball inside the box)
  9. Savage boiling Scholes piss, love to see it.
  10. His defending is very underrated. For instance, he's been our best tackler this season. He always tracks back and try's to win the ball back.
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