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  1. At least we know we'll be last of match of the day.
  2. That would have been a beautiful goal
  3. Anything over £50m and we'd be laughing to the bank. Dont get me wrong, I love Big H and dont want him to leave. But the £80m that's being touted would go a long way for the club, especially with Soyuncu and Benkovic both being in their very early 20s.
  4. You've confused 7th place with being a guaranteed European qualifying spot. It's just become a norm that 7th place means Europe because that's the result of a top 6 team winning the FA Cup and Carabao cup.
  5. Be careful, the FA might charge you for that joke.
  6. He's got a really bad attitude. Some of the comments he made whilst trying to force a move out of Schalke were really offensive to the fans.
  7. For people asking what tweets he made, here you go. Again take it with a pinch of salt, we've said stupid things at 16 Edit: Don't underestimate how salty a gooner can be. Like why on earth did they scroll down to 2014?
  8. Oh man, looks like salty Gooners found his old tweets. Hopefully, the FA and the Club don't do something stupid for something he said when he was 16.
  9. Exactly that thanks, a big part of chilwell being Englands LB is that he gets regular club football. He won't want to risk that, to potentially be benched for Delph.
  10. Every window since we went up. We could have got him or Neres for the cheap last summer, instead of Gezzal.
  11. My mate works at the KC. He says the club and all the team have accepted the fact Jarrod Bowen is gone in the summer, a few clubs floating about. Basically, to the highest bidder, no idea what the fee will be. In other news, he says Dean Windass is a fun lad.
  12. He was so good for half a season.
  13. Mendy has been plagued with injuries, however it always seemed Pep wants to make it work for him. He's still young, and as we saw at Monaco he has the world-class ability in him. I think they'll get a quality back up LB (like they did with Danilo on the right). With Chilly they'd have to break their transfer record and also give him first team football.
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