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  1. I appreciate there are others ahead of me but I am also looking for one adult ticket too. I am happy to arrange postage or collect within Leicestershire. Cheers
  2. I guess you will be in a position to find out what's in the pipeline.
  3. Jesus, can you imagine how cringey/ embarrassing the one for Tielemans will be if/ when he signs
  4. They have a stake in Thai AirAsia which is a branch of the main company I believe.
  5. Are you surprised? After seeing that the ref probably thought, "fuch that, what will he do to me if I send him off"
  6. When you put it like that, I'd say we are pretty much nailed on to win the league again or at the very least get Champions League football. Anything less and its Rodgers out for me
  7. I'd rather see us start with the same 11 that has started the last two games. You would expect Chelsea to make changes if they have a Europa League Final to think about but even if they don't we have enough in that 11 to cause them serious problems. Start strong, take the game to them and try and finish 8th if possible. If the game allows then bring on Fuchs and/ or Okazaki for their farewells but if not perhaps people will stay behind this year for the lap of appreciation.....
  8. FoxInBlue


    It's never too long until a thread on FT reverts to Peep Show (I'm not complaining by the way)
  9. The work has started so I guess they are newt a problem anymore.
  10. 9/10 for me, very surprised! Some of those quotes from BR are very cringey!
  11. I have a Champions poster above my desk at work, an empty packet of Salt & Victory crisps on the white board next to me, a Leicester City mug on my desk and the club badge as my desktop background. Oh, I also have a picture of my daughter wearing a City shirt when she was only a few months old. Despite all that, no one talks to me about football!
  12. You can add Lawrence to that list too.
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