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  1. A tricky opening game, I'll say Brighton at home. The opening day clashes with the due date of my first child so a home game would be preferable as she is unlikely to be born bang on time.
  2. Whoa there, you're getting way off topic.
  3. #BeMyLittleBaby
  4. Neither blue is 'Leicester blue'. Massive NO from me. Why can't we just have a blue shirt with a collar, white shorts and blue socks?!
  5. I had seen the version with Wes in it online then last night it came on tv but he was missing, Eoin Morgan was in his seat! Maybe he kept saying "er" or "erm" instead of "Captain"
  6. Jon Rudkin's P45
  7. My mistake then, I thought I saw him on the bench a few times lately (maybe he's been injured or something). Anyway, I'd still not want him at our club, he is a Championship player at best.
  8. Absolutely NOT!! He is so average. Sky Sports big him up every time Derby are on and I don't think I have ever seen him play and thought he looks even the slightest bit like a decent player. They always praise him and talk of a bright future but he's yet to set The Championship alight so no way would I want him anywhere near our squad. If he was something special (which he's not) then a Prem club would have come in for him, even if it included a loan back clause for him to continue his development. He sits on the bench at Derby quite a bit too. Yeah it does seem like he's been around ages, still doesn't look anything special.
  9. Fuchs against Hull perhaps?
  10. I got 55. I checked the list after and I missed some that now seem so obvious. I mispelt Ullathorne (don't know how ) and decided to move on from him!
  11. Raw cake mix. The cake mix is better than the actual cooked cake. Raw puff pastry. Uncooked smoked bacon or even better, uncooked pancetta. Don't waste time cooking stuff, far too busy for that.
  12. And I agree with you, particularly the bit about them getting forward. Them seem to share the responsibilities for defending/ breaking up play and then allowing the other to break forward and support the attackers.
  13. For a while now I have thought he just needs a bit of his magic 'to work'. After last season his name was on everyone's lips and for a (relatively) young guy all that must get to you, in a good way of course. Maybe he took his eye off the ball a bit at the start of the season and combined with the poor form of the whole team he has struggled. I am hoping that after teaching Robertson how to hokey cokey today and then finding the back of the net his confidence will get a massive boost and with that we will see the Mahrez of last season. I know he's paid a lot of money but some people do need to be constantly told how good they are but when there is so much negative press/ talk about the club/ team and his name is singled out along with other top performers of last season it must knock his confidence and for me thats what he thrives off. Heres to Mahrez and (the whole team) finding the form that got them the high praise they all so rightly deserved.
  14. In my opinion Drinkwater thrives when he has someone who does the majority breaking up of opposition play. Last season it was Kante and now its Ndidi. It seems to allow him to find little spaces which means when he gets the ball he's free to push forward. Drinkwater and Ndidi look a good paring and hopefully they'll continue to develop and build that CM partnership.
  15. As much as I love meat (in any dish) I absolutely love Mithaas on Narborough Road. It's purely vegetarian. Their bengan masla is a favourite of mine and the wife (she's a veggie). Also, you can't go wrong with some chilli paneer!