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  1. Once again Man City won the foul count. This time 11-5, despite Leicester only having 39% possession. They do this every week, impossible to break and build attacks because CHOP! 3 nasty ones tonight (why did Silva go unpunished for his second 'yellow'). Rarely the same offender, clever rotation - masters at it and at playing the referee. Unfortunately works in this league but not in the CL where they have to allow the opposition more of the ball as they can only regain possession legitimately.
  2. How on earth was he signed on a 5 year contract? Perhaps I'm mistaken but read it somewhere. Clearly lacking in confidence but a poor attitude and not a team player.
  3. Yes, Big Frank was a tough 'un alright. Also saw him play many times for my hometown, Northampton, and mustn't forget that he started his career with Halifax at The Shay.
  4. Kember, Carlin from the 70's, Coatsworth, Whitlow,Lennon. Frank Large was hard as nails!
  5. As a lifelong City fan who also happens to be a Huddersfield season ticket holder, this fixture (and the corresponding one at the KP) have long been the highlights of my season. Can only see a City win Saturday but hope the Terriers at least make a game of it. Both teams changed their managers at around the same time, Rogers clearly a perfect fit, Siebart possibly out of his depth but will be given time. Huddersfield's demise not helped by disastrous forays into the transfer market last summer, convincing me that the guy who targeted Slimani, Musa, Ienanacho (and a few others) must slipped up north have become their new head of recruitment! Fortunately, City seem to be doing better in that area these days, particularly if they can get shot of Silva as part of a deal for Tiellemans. There'll be a good atmosphere on Saturday, Leicester fans (indeed any fans, apart from Leeds!) are always welcome in Huddersfield. Btw The Magic Brewery Tap and Slubbers Arms (about 200 m apart) both great for pre-match refreshments.
  6. Did a brilliant job in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. City and La Manga, never a good mix.
  7. Yes, 42k was always the official maximum attendance with many more actually inside. Less money for team building going forward not necessarily a bad thing, given the wasted millions since the summer of 2016.
  8. He hasn't progressed a jot since some half decent appearances at the end of the title winning season. Should have accepted Bournemouth's offer last season and moved him on - Eddie Howe would improve him, I'm sure, unlike Clueless Claude.
  9. I'd take him. Swansea and Liverpool invested little during his reigns there and both did well. Plays progressive football that is good to watch....... no perhaps not, forget him, I've got used to catching up on sleep/social media/online banking during home games.
  10. No doubt we have been dreadful to watch for some time now and today's result was utterly predictable, even with Zaha missing for the home team. Puel is not an inspirational leader, he's a poor communicator and promotes a turgid, unappealing style of football. He should leave as should the head of recruitment.
  11. No chance of receiving a transfer fee, couldn't give him away due to ridiculous wages and length of contract. Our head of recruitment was supposedly attracting the interest of West Ham, utterly incredible. Slimani, Silva, Ienanacho...... among the worst signings in the club's history. No effective scouting or research, no planning, no negotiating skills regarding transfer fees and contracts -millions down the pan!
  12. I never doubted that once he'd settled in, Evans would make a huge difference to our defence. He is first and foremost a defender and if it's clean sheets we want, then he has to be selected ahead of Maguire - who is clearly at his best in a back 3, with licence to roam.
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