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  1. Yes, 42k was always the official maximum attendance with many more actually inside. Less money for team building going forward not necessarily a bad thing, given the wasted millions since the summer of 2016.
  2. He hasn't progressed a jot since some half decent appearances at the end of the title winning season. Should have accepted Bournemouth's offer last season and moved him on - Eddie Howe would improve him, I'm sure, unlike Clueless Claude.
  3. I'd take him. Swansea and Liverpool invested little during his reigns there and both did well. Plays progressive football that is good to watch....... no perhaps not, forget him, I've got used to catching up on sleep/social media/online banking during home games.
  4. No doubt we have been dreadful to watch for some time now and today's result was utterly predictable, even with Zaha missing for the home team. Puel is not an inspirational leader, he's a poor communicator and promotes a turgid, unappealing style of football. He should leave as should the head of recruitment.
  5. No chance of receiving a transfer fee, couldn't give him away due to ridiculous wages and length of contract. Our head of recruitment was supposedly attracting the interest of West Ham, utterly incredible. Slimani, Silva, Ienanacho...... among the worst signings in the club's history. No effective scouting or research, no planning, no negotiating skills regarding transfer fees and contracts -millions down the pan!
  6. I never doubted that once he'd settled in, Evans would make a huge difference to our defence. He is first and foremost a defender and if it's clean sheets we want, then he has to be selected ahead of Maguire - who is clearly at his best in a back 3, with licence to roam.
  7. yorksfox


    Sitting with friends in the away end yesterday, the Terriers fans around me were complaining that the Leicester no.24 was 'completely running the game'. I didn't necessarily agree but he was certainly impressive.
  8. Pull is undoubtedly tactically inept and I'm basing that more on the performances at the end of last season than this. He (and his coaching staff) seem incapable of setting up a team that can, if required, battle for a point and actually defend their goal. I'm happy to give the guy a few months, even the whole season, if only to break the cycle of sackings, but I honestly can't see him bringing about the necessary improvements.
  9. I'm sure this season is no more important than any other and if we lose 3 or 4 on the bounce or go 6 or 7 without a win the outcome will be as predictable as ever i.e. Farewell Claude, bring back NP / MoN / Martin Allen. Fortunately, it does appear that the board have exercised a little patience and also backed him in the transfer window so there are reasons to be positive even though I cannot forget our 0-8 aggregate against Jeff Schlupp and Palace last season.
  10. I'd be amazed if any of these changes improve matters. Puel is still the guy on charge so we can expect more of the same... TEN goals conceded in our final two away games, isolated Vardy, listless midfield....the guy must think he's untouchable but he'll be gone by January.
  11. I would certainly expect Mahrez to be present for pre-season starting Monday. Why on earth not? His contract has 2 (or 3?) more years to run and he is very much a Leicester City player.
  12. Don't happen to think either of Sporting or Porto would last a season in the Premier League, regardless of what they may or may not have won in the past. A certain team from the East Midlands who won the PL only 2 years ago this week, could soon be facing Championship football if they don't start recruiting more effectively and leave the Portuguese league well alone.
  13. Certainly not an upgrade / equivalent to Drinkwater, or Andy King for that matter. Like Slimani another signing from a poor league and for an inflated fee. Sporting? Benfica? Both about as competitive as a mid table Championship side. But with our lazy recruitment team, headed by the hapless Rudkin, I guess there'll be more of the same over upcoming windows.
  14. Wilf has not improved, his defensive attributes are excellent, as before, but he has lost the knack of scoring and his shooting from outside the box is no longer a feature of our play. As for the rest of the squad, I can't see any improvement - a lack of clear communication, any sort of tactical plan and any consistency in team selection have left the squad in disarray. This was clear after the home game against Palace (Only 3-0 to Roy on that occasion) and Watford away. What a strange, uninspired appointment Puel was, but there are others who also have to leave the club at once- those responsible for leading the recruitment team, our transfer dealings over the last 4 windows have beggared belief.
  15. Good point St Albans Fox! I was watching my 'second' team, Huddersfield play Everton this afternoon. The Toffees never gave Town a hint of a chance due to their considerable application and organisation. The 0-2 scoreline did not flatter them against a team striving for the points. Puel has clearly lost his way, losing by an aggregate 0-8 to a side in a relegation battle! (well, until today that is)
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