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  1. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/five-premier-league-clubs-asked-3017925 Agent looking for a pay rise?
  2. Think it will be when Wan Bissaka goes for about £60 Million..
  3. Whats the point in even continuing next season if the prediction is true? Literally Ruined next season for everyone.
  4. Hamza was excellent until he got sent off. You have to expect that from him unfortunately he is an absolute ruthless tackler. He will learn from this.. But my god if i was in center mid for an opposition playing against him id be petrified.
  5. Buzzing to see Hamza flying scissor tackles
  6. Man u and Arsenal are the pits at the moment and with a transfer ban Chelsea could be very likely joining them... On paper there has never been a better chance to break the top 6*. *2015/16 aside
  7. 100% correct and im sure the club see it like this. We need that world level ability on the wing to push top 6 as well as that world level ability that came from Tielemens. These are 2 signing that are critical to where we want to be.
  8. happy bday pal hav a gud un
  9. Would be the worst bit of business possible if we said no to £40 Million for Tielemens but yes to £30 Million for Dunk. Centre back is not a priority in my opinion even if we lost Maguire.
  10. Leicester v Wolves - Battle of 7th
  11. Does he now have to choose Protestant or catholic?
  12. Would not happen.. But he is made for premier league.. Tough Eastern European man but with world level ability at his feet.. Would take us to top 6 if we kept Tielemans aswell.
  13. He is great but far off the complete player as we noticed in a few of them last games. If hes smart and got a smart team around him then 38 more premier league games with us is better then 10 games with a top European side.
  14. im not saying i want to lose Maguire BUT If we got £80 Million for arguments sake .. and we purchased Tielemens and a brilliant winger with that money (Mahrez level ish) and promoted Benkovic...... that is a much better situation then keeping Maguire and NOT having Tielemens and a world level winger in our 11. The way i see it when we had Maguire and no Midfielder like Tielemens and no winger we were still pretty Garbage.
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