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  1. gerrum all in
  2. or just buy their complete recruitment network.
  3. are you stupid? nigeria went out in the group stages ffs
  4. Wow he is 27 with 30 caps for England... i Legit thought he was about 22 with a couple of caps. or has someone messed with wiki.
  5. Id easily pay 120k for him... lethal with a cheque book i am.
  6. Sorry Steven wasnt being racist
  7. Sol Campbell has 'urged' Arsenal to sign Maguire.
  8. i agree with the implementing a new partnership.. this is far more important that one standout defender. And a Gibson/Maguire duo would set us up for the next 8 years and keep an english core to the team.
  9. Cannot rely on Huth and Morgan.. Older and more injury prone now as the signs are showing.
  10. He is an unreal finisher to be fair. I would love someone like Kane at our club as much as i hate to say it.
  11. I would go all out for maguire and Gibson, partner them up and there you have a partnership that will last 8 years.
  12. A partnership/understanding is 100x more important than 1 good defender. thats why Huth Morgan did what they did in that season.
  13. what chant will be sung the most?
  14. Racist