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  1. We have spoke of it since mahrez left and we still haven’t replaced After the end of the season the 4141 system literally only needed a world class winger but then we change the whole thing and look crap again.
  2. what the hell is gray shooting from 50 yards. Get him off.
  3. Chilwell is the most wasteful player I’ve seen including his crossing and yet he takes corners for england
  4. I dread this 2 DMs every week it’s garbage
  5. Why the hell has the ref stopped this? Cheat cvnt
  6. If it’s free you can’t moan get a paid subscription and it won’t buffer
  7. A good beast of a shoulder barge from Vardy and that’s all it can take for Wan Bissakas back to go.
  8. This could be Grays last chance. We have to have Trust in Brendan on this one.
  9. Yeah seen that.. we have the better 11 as it stands.. Hope we go with 4141 and get at them instead of the 2 DMs.
  10. Just had the sky sports alert come through. Shaw, Martial and Pogba all out for the game.
  11. £90 Million incoming though https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9898023/man-utd-rice-90m-transfer-whelan/
  12. For him not to get even 5 minutes against Bulgaria or Kosovo its obvious Maddison is not in Southgates plans for the foreseeable future. Only a change of manager would change this. All he can do is keep performing for us and be a key player that gets us a top 6 position and stick 2 fingers up to Southgate.
  13. Unfortunately there is not much he can do.... Mount has been paper marked from a young age as the new poster boy.. the new Gerrard/Lampard.. Hes the player the FA want to sell tickets etc.
  14. Gareth Southgate is a shit bag. Just another yes man to the FA to get bums on seats. Sooner he’s gone the better for me.
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