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  1. tbf if we moved to a 4231 sort of formation him and ndidi would be hard to get by.
  2. youve deffo looked.
  3. James was always better than Drinky in my opinion and still has the potential to surpass him. I really hope he gets the chance here.
  4. Its purely for listeners and shock factor and to get people talking/tweeting. Talk sport drive play good cop bad cop every single day. Normally goughy is the good guy because everyone likes him. Durham is still a prize bell end though.
  5. totally get what your saying but hes pretty much peaked and won all that he needs to, i would be happy to be a club player for 4 more years of his contract.
  6. not good or effective in the premiership anymore. However would give his all for this club on and off the pitch and do anything for the team if he happened to be needed or called upon. Happy to keep him in backroom/squad even if its just for team spirit. why would he want to leave or play anywhere else, what else is their left for him to achieve.
  7. Ask again at the end of next season, we could well have an FA Cup trophy in our cabinet and the 'era' continues .
  8. Arsenal have been rubbish.. but expect them to be great against us cause we never win ha ha
  9. On that point this position is critical, perfect player mold for it is Griezmann. Not that we could sign him but look for someone with similar attributes that can drop abit deeper when needed then drive from deep and create chances. Mahrez is not that player.
  10. Agree with this. Everyone knows who Leicester City are now. We are the most attractive out of the big 6. Who cares about not being in 'London', were only an hour away by a virgin train. Still think players like James can still reach there full potential and surpass Drinkwater which he was originally on course for in my opinion.
  11. We will let the others fight for Keane whilst we snap up Ben Gibson or Harry Maguire quickly.
  12. Huth is the best defender.. but Wes is average. Huth has made him 10x the player he is today. just my opinion.
  13. not good enough currently doesnt mean get rid though .. as in sell
  14. i really should of added a sarcastic emoji
  15. if we sold him its clearly were incapable of developing players.