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  1. Happy St George's Day

    im also offended.
  2. Let's have a films thread.

    Truth or Dare .. rated so badly but was actually a good film
  3. Who do you want Summer 2018

    Id love us to sign Lewis Cook, Ben Arfa, And Dragovic and another centre back so we have Maguire Dragovic and another. The go or will be sold list.. Morgan Slimani Ulloa Mahrez Musa Mendy King Benaluoane
  4. Negativity

    Let this man build a team ffs. Name one club that has continual success that keeps sacking managers? unless they 100s of Millions to spend each window like man city or man utd. E.g Burnley are doing great with a team Dyche has gradually built. If dyche went to Everton you really think he can magic them into top 6? No.
  5. Adrien Silva

    agree... have to ignore the absolute rubbish that comes out of peoples mouths on here sometimes. How many players literally hit the ground running?? This guy could be absolute quality next year. hes just getting used to the Pace and physicality of the English game its alot different to Portugal.
  6. Maguire

    we put dragovic next to him and they wer great. Then walks back in Morgan.
  7. Tom Cairney

    100% its a bournemouth type of signing.
  8. Morgan will still be first name on the team sheet. And that not even a joke.
  9. Funny thing is in another thread in the transfer forum people have said they would take about 5 of these players
  10. Ricardo Pereira

    Just imagine how good mahrez could of been with quality attacking full next to him. We will never no!
  11. Who do you want Summer 2018

    You will never see a team that includes Wes Morgan and Juan mata I’m sorry.
  12. Puel

    I agree Wish I could answer my own posts haha.. just think there is much deeper issues in the squad than what he can deal with.
  13. Puel

    This is what I can’t answer.. Drago took his chance and played quality for us. There is something not right in that squad and it’s not the managers fault.
  14. Puel

    Changing the manager is not the answer. Player power is the problem at our club,I actually might be in the minority but I feel bad for puel. It’s almost like he has to start people like Morgan.
  15. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    “I’d rather have a bath with my dad than partner Wes Morgan at centre back”