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  1. no wilf again and in Rogers words 'no timeline on when hes back' i fear we have really Fcuked him up rushing a knee cartilage injury.
  2. no chance Man city players play 3 times in 7 days .. Leicester is the only chance of a break for them before Real Madrid.
  3. Sterling got a hamstring injury so it would be suicide for pep to play him before Real Madrid
  4. That’s a strong team tonight. i can’t honestly see him risking all these players against us 3 days before Real Madrid.
  5. Hakim Ziyech... Add him to that list next year.
  6. They can’t win the league. They can’t play champions league next year. So they literally might aswell save all their players for Real Madrid and I mean literally every Key starter player that’s in the 11. they have nothing to gain by beating us and everything to lose if someone is injured for their last champions league game in a few years potentially.
  7. Think that ship has sailed now unfortunately
  8. i always wondered how man city balanced their books.. They are not the biggest club in their city and they dont even have that many fans outside of the city. it never did really add up
  9. Wilf wont be fit we already ruined his knee by rushing him back it seems so might aswell give him another week off.. Praet is our most mobile centre mid and gets stuck in so id play 4-5-1 and Play Praet the deepest.. in my eyes its the best of the situation.
  10. Edouard from Celtic is going to be some player id happily break our current transfer record for him.
  11. id take draw they are a good team... that is not being defeatist but our form hasn't been the best.
  12. Have we fuucked him up by rushing him through his meniscus injury? Not saying this is the case but seen a sky interview recently with Jamie Redknapp saying this ruined his career. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/11908062/off-script-the-mental-toll-of-early-retirement-with-jamie-redknapp-and-alan-smith "We were losing 1-0 at home, Souness was the angriest man on the planet, he's giving a team talk and slaughtering all of us, and now I have to tell the team doctor and Souness that I can't play any more. I had surgery the following day, and I played 10 days later against Southampton. It was complete negligence from everyone's point of view. I should have waited three or four months. I had no cushion on my knee, but I ended up playing after 10 days, and the damage it did was irreparable.
  13. one of these days Barnes is gonna finish all his chances.. i think this is his week 3-1 Barnes hatrick
  14. Yeah i agree...but in an alternative world he might join us with a release clause.
  15. I ain’t the sun newspaper don’t worry
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