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  1. Also remember everyone saying who works for LCFC ‘we think it will be overturned bla bla bla we sent the paperwork in on time. We believe we did everything by the book’ Then it doesn’t get overturned. Man City are just playing the innocent card to look good to the fans.
  2. we are as likely to sign Richarlison as we are Messi
  3. i agree .. You get quality players good enough for you 11 then the non performing/Out of form players become your squad players until they earn a place in the 11.
  4. les-tah

    Luka Jovic

    If we were ever going to replace Vardy it would always be expensive..
  5. Man Utd will Probably not drop points until the end of the season. It’s in our hands we need to win the remaining games and try not to lose to them in the last game.
  6. This New training ground is a world class platform to consistently develop some of the best young players from the UK and beyond to break into the first team and also sell (inevitably) which will also be a huge source of income for us. Unless your from Manchester or London then The midlands and beyond is a huge breeding ground for talent and we will have the pick of the best from a young age. As a parent/Guardian you will want you Child to develop in the best place possible.
  7. think id go for Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Perez Ndidi Tielemens Barnes Iheanacho Vardy I think Perez works his arse off even though hes not a real winger and i think Barnes will start better with Fuchs as Chilwell injured and dont think there is a natural bond between chilly and barnes anyway to be fair. First sub Praet just after Half time in centre mid.
  8. If He goes Chelsea he has got a bigger chance of totally ruining his progression and career.. They have many many quality players and keep signing more so the chance of him playing week in week out are much much lower than here.
  9. 2 wingers/Wide Midfielders is absolutely critical to the starting 11.. Will be football suicide if we don't spend money out wide for next year. Obviously need to be sensible and get the right players but 2 consistent Elite Top performing week in week out Wide men will be the the most important thing we do in terms of the starting 11.
  10. was about to say this.. if someone bigger was interested he would simply just not agree terms and sporting would advise him not to aswell because they would be licking their lips at getting a few more million from another club.
  11. This should of been the team and formation for the first 2 games 4-1-4-1.
  12. Can lock him in a room all you want but it comes down to simply some players don’t have the footballing brain capacity and you can’t teach that.
  13. This mans got that feather foot touch and some incredible vision! Like him a lot
  14. Inject that positivity in my arms please
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