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  1. Never ever wanted him dropped he’s the future of Leicester until he’s sold. But he’s still the worst crosser in the team and I’ll stick by that
  2. Southgate is still living off that World Cup run where we played no on decent. absolute no clue tactically and would not make it at the premiership level. sooner he goes the better in my opinion.
  3. Its not harsh.. They are too inconsistent for what we are trying to achieve. Its telling that they are the same subs every week and we need a solid 8+ out of 10 every week like we get from everywhere else on the pitch at the moment. - Honestly think a player out wide like that is the missing piece of the jigsaw
  4. When people suggest we need a centre back and say Benkovic not been used so he might not be up to it.. We need to remember Soyuncu wasn't used and now he is a star player. Morgan is not the answer as is definitely not suited to our style anymore so Benkovic needs to be on the bench asap.
  5. Im not exaggerating here but a 5 month injury to both Salah and Mane at the same time could hand us the title
  6. 100% ... He wouldn't be here to sit on the bench hes far too good for that. Maddison will be off this summer or the next. Depending on if he wants to stay on 1 more year playing champions league with us.
  7. Honestly .. I feel he wouldn't be out of place in a Barcelona team. Am i over reacting? He seems to have everything and not even in his prime.
  8. Maddison for me is more effective than pogba. Id be wanting £100+ Million regardless of whether hes in the England team or not currently.
  9. I personally hope we will go for a level of experience out wide similar to Praet.. 26 ish and quality and already played at a high level. I would leave the rawness to Barnes and grow him along side a world level winger who is experienced.
  10. Genuine question.. If Kane suffers an injury that rules him out of the euros does Vardy start for England after getting a call up? Or does he opt for Abraham or Rashford ect? What do we think?
  11. Unfortunately this about 1 in 1000 trait to have all of them.
  12. Surely you must see we need improvement from out wide...surely.
  13. After palace i still feel the starting 11 needs a world class winger who performs consistently. That is the only position available in the 11 right now and 'could' be the difference between 4th and 5th (or higher)!
  14. British Army soldiers can sign up at the age of 16 but they cannot be sent to fight in a war zone or engage in a hostile situation until the age of 18.
  15. im sure if we get top 4 a big IF... we can convince all 11 + Praet to stay a year together.
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