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    Corona Virus

    interesting theory on tom hanks
  2. Evans, Soyuncu, Ricardo - find it hard to place anyone above these as they deliver week after week.
  3. Whats your guess then
  4. they dont even no what levis is if its not a £900 tshirt then its not worth knowing
  5. Im guessing Harvey is a pretty grounded down to earth lad and Chilly seems to be a playboy wanna be.. Maybe they clash.
  6. If we are struggling to break teams down im very happy to put JJ at right back and Ricardo on the wing as Ricardo is our best attacking player and can take players on.
  7. Still absolutely baffling when some of you lot don't put Dennis Praet in your team hes the best midfielder we have at the moment.
  8. Really worried here.. Physio doing the old cruciate ligament pull test on his knee. Not good.
  9. Still agree with my team above but would like to try Justin RB and Ricardo RM.. Not because i think hes a winger its just that hes our best player so id be entertained with him on the wing ripping it up. REVISED Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ricardo Praet Tielemens Barnes Madders Iheanacho
  10. Rest Vardy and Ndidi 1 more game because hes going to be critical in the premier league run. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Perez Praet Tielemens Barnes Madders Iheanacho
  11. We all know we needed an attacking signing in January to freshening our attacking line up and we signed Ryan Bennett who doesn’t play. we don’t deserve top 4 for that stupidity
  12. Someone honestly stand there and tell me we are finishing in top 4 ... you can’t do it can you.
  13. i no where your coming from but Ricardo is 100% our best attacking player so in this situation we can consider him a full winger but chilwell struggles for me on the other side in that position turn back all the time and really shows his limits.
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