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  1. i don't see any Striker/Number 9 of any high level coming here whilst Vardy is still number 1.. They will never play unless he injured.
  2. dont think we sell gray unless we get someone else in.. Squad is will be tight on wide men that can come off the bench if so.
  3. I always thought he was made for the premier league hugely talented no nonsense Eastern European
  4. We also had a very very deep back line and countered teams as amazing as that pairing was I don’t think it would be good in our current style of football where we like to keep possession higher up the pitch.
  5. Hopefully Rudders,Congers and Rogers all remembered to watch.
  6. Has an exciting highlight reel.. if he gives a solid 8/10 week after week ill be happy.
  7. Sean Called this over 2 weeks ago.. lets finally give him respect
  8. If you mean Gray.. Then he looks the part when dribbling and looks like hes about to go past players but then doesn't and fails. If this guy can beat his man first time repeatedly then hes already better than gray at that aspect of his game.
  9. This means he knows Leicester exists...
  10. and we deffo dont need another player made from glass.. If he is injury prone in Italy then he wont survive over here.
  11. If we are interested in Dwight McNeil and he’s as good as our management think then the price even if around £30-40 million would be a no brainier given his age and length of service he could offer us.
  12. i would be happy with this.. starting from the right but also giving him abit of a free role supporting the front as long as hes there to support Castagne as well. This helps keep Praet in the team and a run of games will show what quality he has to offer.
  13. So basically 120k a week in the UK becoming one of our top paid players?
  14. Is this guy surplus to requirements at Roma? or do they need money?
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