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  1. if we lost Mahrez i honestly dont think wed get in the top 10. His Creativity ..Dribbles ,Assists and goals are key moments in all a our games and without that we are no different to other teams. He is so important for us.
  2. Maguire looks the real Deal. If he performs this season and leicester have a solid finish he will be going to the world cup with the squad.
  3. in MY opinion morgan without Huth has passed it yes. Thats nothing against him but Huth was just the superior defender and and made that partnership work like a dream.
  4. We need someone else.. Maguire looked so good and comfortable on the ball saturday opposed to Wes. Who as usual just lost possession with a massive no hope ball down the strikers throat.
  5. i know exactly what the issue is i dont like the lad for this however if he wore a poppy hed get death threats from home, if he didnt wear it hed get death threats from England. Lose lose. Fu*ck the Ra
  6. Shakey should just sit Mahrez down and tell him.. ' Look Riyad Mate If you had the season like when we won the premiership mate Barcelona would be in for you.. no one is coming in for you with a sensible price now. Have one more unreal season and they will come back for you'
  7. someone at Man u values him at 60 million
  8. poor lad .. he didnt choose to be irish
  9. like taking pennos against a lad you found on the park
  10. This is Ben Hamers Testimonial Match.
  11. Buzzing for James.. check my post history but i said he was a future captain couple year ago