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  1. Think that's confirmation there'll be no Silva deal tonight...
  2. It doesn't need the "of" in the first line: "Whoop whoop, it's the sound Nampalys"
  3. The bizarre thing is that until I just quickly scrolled through the last 48 hours of this thread, I hadn't even thought of the relegation situation!! That in itself is a bit weird really! I'm really quite optimistic about this season; and our ability to keep our bestest. Let's see - like us all, I'm loving this ride!
  4. Looks like we had to wait until CSKA had announced it officially on their site. On Newsnow, CSKA announcement 1731; LCFC announcement 1736
  5. It didn't! Here you go, no idea why it's sideways on!
  6. Co-op in Anstey has "some". Not on display, you have to ask for it & they'll fetch it from the stock room. Limited to 1 per customer to reduce the eBay effect apparently. I'm in north Notts butt I asked my folks in Anstey last night to check out Co-ops today based on a post on here yesterday. My stepdad checked the shelves at Glenfield & Groby, nothing; then he asked at the Anstey shop & they brought him one. This was about 4.30 this afternoon. Co-op profiteering though - £19.98 (Hope the photo works!) IMG_4081.jpeg
  7. Look at that pitch! Just wow, loving the stars
  8. I've not checked my facts. Just heard the Italian footy correspondent on the Euro Footy program mention it. If true, absolutely agree - truly historical!!
  9. Just heard on 5Live, appearently the first ever. THE FIRST EVER. Non Italian team to be featured on the front page of La Gazzetta. Just Wow!
  10. So tonight, I had to do some reading for work & I had 5 live on in the background; Championship night, not that bothered, just footy "wallpaper". Until: I heard "Lee Peltier". Who I now know now plays for Cardiff & I became distracted by listening out for ex City players. During the full 90 minutes of 5 Live Championship coverage I heard the following names mentioned: Lee Peltier Anthony Knockaert David Stockdale (Tom Lawrence) Ben Mee Michael Keane Curtis Davis Carl Ikeme Chris Wood Ex players of ours; makes you realise just how far we've progressed...
  11. Edit - clearly not: No idea where i got that nugget of "knowledge" from!
  12. Aren't Puma owned by Nike? Pulling rank to be associated with the Prem leaders...
  13. Anyone else notice "...havin' a party" being sung. At Wembley. Go on!!!
  14. Not read all of this thread, but just checked the remaining fixtures & noticed that whilst we have an April of Sundays, Aresenal & Citeh also play a couple of Sundays but Spurs have Saturday (Liverpool away), Sunday (Man U home) then 3 consecutive Monday evenings (Stoke away, WBA home & Chelsea away). Rather have 5 sunday games than that!