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  1. Fox in the Forest

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Yeah just seen that & guess that’s confirmation! Good move for both parties I reckon.
  2. Fox in the Forest

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    That was meant to be the same post!
  3. Fox in the Forest

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    But not yet LCFC / NUFC. That’s all I’m saying...
  4. Fox in the Forest

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Where has this actually been confirmed? It was the big yellow news ribbon for a while on SSN about an hour & half ago, but has since been removed; and other than Leics Mockery & Shields Gazette, I cant see any other “confirmation”. Am I missing something? Still ours as far as I can tell...
  5. Fox in the Forest

    Mount Rushmore of Leicester Legends

    Just read this whole thread & no-one has suggested Claridge's shin! 😀😀
  6. Fox in the Forest

    Welcome Islam Slimani

    Think that's confirmation there'll be no Silva deal tonight...
  7. Fox in the Forest

    Owner's meeting today to discuss Mahrez bid etc..

    I've been using NewsNow for years as a source of updates abou our club, and to be fair over the last few years it's been a pretty good resource to find out the latest on LCFC. Of course the re's always been the Vital Football, ClubCall, HITC etc click baits to ignore, but this transfer window has been something else! I've never before seen so much regurgitated, unsubstantiated, crap recycled, based on single tweeats & made up shiz than this summer. In some ways it helps you to understand how Arse fans are; I hope we never become that!!! Not NN fault, they just trawl for headlines, but the amount of utter crud now we're "news" is unreal. Can't wait to laugh in everyone's faces come September 1st!!