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  1. It’s all just so Leicesterish Not sure quite how to react!!
  2. Probably easier than relocating whole wildlife ponds & their inhabitants to the golf area. Good luck with that one!
  3. Oh right thanks, I hadn’t appreciated that. I’d fancy Arsenal against Napoli with the first leg at home tbh, so looks quite likely. Do they still show the games live & if so, does it still have an atmosphere for games that early in the morning? Still wouldn’t rule it out for the experience - might have to write off the rest of the day tho!!
  4. Brilliant, thanks for Football Factory info - i knew there was some gen somewhere! As mentioned willl be there for the Arsenal game, can’t wait to watch it New York style! It’s 8pm ko uk, so I think it’s about 3pm in the US, perfect!!
  5. Hi Im gong to be in NY for the Arsenal game on 29th April & ive been trying to find the thread/posts from those from the bar in New York that’s Leicester thru & thru, I need to know where it is, but can’t find the thread - I remember it being the place to be during our year & want to watch the Arse game there! Can anyone please point me in the right direction & will anyone on here be there for the game? Also looking forward to watching NYCFC vs Chicago Fire on 25th live too!! thanks x m
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