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  1. Definitely England! They either bore you to tears during a friendly or build your hopes up in a tournament. They’re the dictionary definition of a dysfunctional relationship.
  2. Loving Ricardo, Gray and Tielemans on the right with Chilwell, Maddison and Barnes on the left and Wilf down the middle. Some lovely little patterns of play on both sides. Feels odd walking out warm, in the light and happy!
  3. How are you? It’s nice to be nice.
  4. Chelsea’s transfer ban could be the best thing ever to happen to English football! And well done to our 4.
  5. Rumoured to be the players...
  6. The bronze and silver parts of Icon SBCs are essentially no lose coin makers. Takes a bit of time buying the rare silver and bronzes but the pack value outweighs the cost and you might get lucky.
  7. Worst thing about him going is all the fans of other clubs saying we should never have sacked Ranieri!
  8. Played it on Legendary. Was about 3-0 up when the changes started. Should have been more but the panic to score early was causing me to rush my shots! And yes, those three came on. Gave me something else to think about!
  9. Played this team on Squad Battles the other day. Comfortably the worst team I've ever seen... until they bought the subs on!
  10. Surprised Jesus isn’t a winger for his crossing.
  11. Got Elite 1 for the first time on SB and packed De Bruyne in the rewards. 200k I wasn't planning on having,
  12. Surely you don’t need to see a PowerPoint presentation to be told you’re playing as a striker!
  13. To be fair if I called my boss a f-fun kn*bhead I’d probably be dropped from the next errr meeting.
  14. Knew he’d done well but wow!
  15. I drove past him on the way to work on transfer deadline day, pulled in behind a parked car to give way and he didn't give me the obligatory hand off steering wheel acknowledgement. Bad egg. Steer clear!
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