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  1. Managed to get promoted to Div6 last night. Think it’s fair to say I’ve found my level.... and it’s in Div8!
  2. Packed Neymar last night, sold for about 400k which was nice. Can’t decide now whether to spend it upgrading my team or sit on it and wait for the eventual market crash.
  3. Had to use a fair few icons to get him on 10 chem.
  4. If you can get him, the 87 Acuna card from objectives is very good. Allowed me to sell ToTY Kante to free up some coins, he’s obviously not as good but a much cheaper alternative.
  5. Saw that last night, it was in the rewards as 1 Pack! I was about 2k off Elite 3 so played a couple of games only to get F all in my “rewards” as usual.
  6. We might as well set up a poll to see if Les Dennis would take Amanda Holden back.
  7. Play a prem team so only gone and bagged me a Jiminez. Buzzing!
  8. Did one of the 80+ player pick SBCs yesterday and got Busquets. Bit bored so though I’d do another tonight and look who popped out!
  9. Started playing Rivals for the first time a week ago. Started in Div 6, relegated to Div 8, promoted to Div 7 then relegated again. Fair to say it’s been a learning curve but I’m slowly getting it!
  10. Saved up and bought ToTY Kante! I know it’s obvious but he’s bloody amazingly plus he’s got the nostalgia factor.
  11. Lest we forget the Gary McAllister derby!
  12. Never thought I’d say this but come on Coventry!! Always love the Dion Dublin Derby!
  13. Really solid all round performance last night. Particularly pleased for Perez, Barnes, Tielemans and Chilwell who all went into the game with slight question marks above them but all stepped up big time. Was also good to see Soyuncu and Evans switch back to what looks their natural position on the left and right respectively. Always good to see a manger admit he got it wrong and change something back as opposed to keep plugging away through stubborn pride. West Ham just need an identity and style of playing. Always hear about the “West Ham way” but watching that you’d struggle to say what it is.
  14. Classic football moments; Vardy 11th in a row, Aguero late winner for the Prem title, Solskjaer winning the champs league... a Newcastle defender scoring vs Burnley!
  15. Best bit of the Mercury article on it “He has made 14 appearances in the Premier League 2, setting up four goals and providing four assists.”. He does like setting up assists 🤔
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