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  1. I’m sure I remember someone on here having him but bought 92 Puskas tonight. Might lose coins but damn he’s good! Obviously for 2.4m he should be tbf.
  2. Just had a first. I was 5-0 up so they subbed off their keeper! Probably fined him as well. If you’re losing by that much to me your keeper is the least of your worries 🤔
  3. I know, drives me mad and randomly hard to stop. Kerlon the Brazilian who used to dribble it on his head scored 19 goals in his career not a goal every other kick off!
  4. Take all this with a pinch of salt as I’m useless. But; have some attacking and defensive custom tactics set up, don’t quit as you lose the rivals points, if you’re on a losing streak take a break, avoid distractions if you can while playing, Sunday’s are supposed to be easier, if you play anyone in a Forest kit make sure you win! Oh and if people start juggling it towards your goal towards from kick off put team press on and just foul them ASAP!
  5. No way!! I’m got exactly the same!! Kucka from Parma 😣
  6. You get the impression with Drinkwater the problem is nothing to do with what he's capable of on the pitch it's all what he gets up to off the pitch and what's going on between his ears. It'd be good to see him do well still (despite how he left he still won the league with us) but not sure a promo video is the answer. Money might have been better spent on a sports psychologist which I'd assume he already has.
  7. Not sure, but the way things are going the next one will be the opportunity to trade 11 Icons for an untradeable Gold Pack.
  8. Randomly found this scout report from when Youri was 16. No idea how well know he was then but the guy called it... “potential world class”! https://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/137923-youri-tielemans/
  9. Horrible thing to happen although I am mildly intrigued what £5k on FIFA points gets you. Were you stacked with Icons?!
  10. Got the pack for 500 goals and packed Kante again untradeable. Back to the bench Wilf!
  11. My Spanish TOTW left back with 55 acceleration suddenly feels like a win!
  12. Just packed RTTF Ndidi in the untradeable reward for 50 champs wins. Well chuffed!
  13. I can picture the card now. 4*4*, H/M work rates, 94 pace, 89 shooting, 93 dribbling... 23 composure!
  14. Has anyone took the plunge on Ndidi? Still tempted to go for him, although as mentioned Kante is really good.
  15. Packed Kante in my rivals rewards. Was mildly tempted to sell to get Wilf but sticking with the little fella!
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