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  1. Mendy

    Having grown up watching Milan teams made up with the likes of Maldini, Gullit and van Basten it's a bit bizarre seeing them linked with our 7th choice midfielder!
  2. Andros Townsend...

    Bloody hell he's only just turned 26! Thought he was nearer 30, seems to have been around for ages. That alone has convinced me he'd be a great signing!
  3. Arsenal.. Away: match thread...

    Or put another way Okazaki is best option away from home against a team that will have more possession and look to play out through their DMs.
  4. Vardy and Iheanacho

    Not been this excited about the potential of a strike partnership since Heskey and Collymore lined up together!
  5. Gray - considering future

    He's got all the talent to be an England regular. He's got pace, technique, can pass, shoot, dribble and cross. Only problem is he shoots when he should pass, passes when he should cross and crosses when he should shoot. Not sure if you can learn that.
  6. Gray - considering future

    He's probably just got round to changing the lightbulb in his downstairs toilet.
  7. Burton Away - 1st August

    B..... 0 - L........ 2 B..... 2 - L........ 0 Two half time results tonight. Yes I'm that bored after that!
  8. Burton Away - 1st August

    Wouldn't mind if we actually even looked fit!
  9. Burton Away - 1st August

    Try and convince yourself we're playing, it'll improve your evening vastly!
  10. Iheanacho

    Looking forward to seeing him play.
  11. Iheanacho

    No, why?
  12. Iheanacho

    Is she a German hairdresser?!
  13. Iheanacho

    A day in the life... Woke up, got out of bedChecked the Iheanacho threadFound my way downstairs, read a quote from PepAnd reading it he said it's running lateFound my phone and read more crapTen medicals in seconds flatFound a settlement and contracts went up in smokeThen Kelechi signed and I went into a dream
  14. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Typical, trust Jim Barron to be hanging around as well. I hate that guy!
  15. Iheanacho

    I am starting to wonder why nobody else is trying to hijack the deal. Either they know something we don't or vice versa.