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  1. Yeah it’s not a tech problem. Things like goal line technology works perfectly and has enhanced the game. I’ve just not seen VAR have the same impact. We’ll definitely be on the other side of the experience at some point this season and I’m not looking forward to it!
  2. Just didn’t feel like football. When you celebrate a goal and take the ball back to the halfway line it’s a goal. To then wait 2 mins to see if it’s a goal or not just felt strange. At this stage I want to be rolling my sleeves up and going for an equaliser not wait for someone watching the TV to decide my fate!
  3. I’d have rather have lost 1-0 than have to sit through that experience!
  4. I managed to get all four in about 15 mins this morning on Xbox. Set the filters to Special and either max 10k BIN on each of the main leagues or max 10k BIN and basic chem and min price of 9-9.5k for all leagues. Missed a few but picked them up eventually. Probably made about 40k coins profit. Good luck!!
  5. Wonder if we’d have the two DMs in if Maguire was still here. Could be we just want that extra bit of protection for Soyuncu who will no doubt be targeted.
  6. From this morning “The transfer spending isn't done just yet! Leicester have signed Callum Hulme in a £100k deal from Bury, Sky Sports News understands.” So LinikersApples was right all along!
  7. Tough game and a good early test. Think we may find Wolves just that extra bit sharper having already played competitive football. It’s hurting my thumbs to type it but think we might lose maybe 2-1
  8. Think we’ve had a good but not spectacular summer. We’ve added goals in Perez and obviously secured Youri permanently which is a massive surprise. It’s all about how well Soyuncu/Benkovic steps up now, don’t want to put too much pressure on the young pair but if they can cover (not replace!) Maguire we look well placed. We obviously need to move more deadwood on but expect we’ll see a fair few loans/cut price moves to Europe over the coming weeks. Its a big season for us and getting into Europe looks like the key to not losing the likes of Chilwell, Pereirra, Ndidi and Youri next summer. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic but can’t help feeling we may concede a few too many (individual mistakes from two learning CBs) and not quite score enough (Barnes, Albrighton and Gray I’m looking at you!) to make it.
  9. I can see him striking up a great partnership with Perreira. Lots of his balls look like quick through balls down the channels and I can see loads of them being picked up by a marauding right back.
  10. Wish I’d read this before I rinsed my club to do his SBC!
  11. Nice watch, comfortably the greatest ever player to ever play for us ever!
  12. All about how well he adapts to the pace and physicality of the Prem now. On paper looks a very sensible addition and you assume the scouts have done their homework.
  13. I’m kind of ok with what we’ve done. You only have to look at £40m for Iwobi and Pérez looks relatively cheap! Plus it suggests Rogers has seen he can develop Barnes/Gray and Soyuncu/Benko.
  14. Christ, even flashback Heather Mills had a two star.
  15. Packed TOTS Son today from a Serie A SBC pack. Made up for me buying Pepe for 800k on Monday only for him to drop to 130k by today!
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