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  1. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Got Elite 1 for the first time on SB and packed De Bruyne in the rewards. 200k I wasn't planning on having,
  2. brookfox

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Surely you don’t need to see a PowerPoint presentation to be told you’re playing as a striker!
  3. brookfox

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    To be fair if I called my boss a f-fun kn*bhead I’d probably be dropped from the next errr meeting.
  4. brookfox

    Barnes coming back

    Knew he’d done well but wow!
  5. brookfox

    Andy King - Derby fan in peace...

    I drove past him on the way to work on transfer deadline day, pulled in behind a parked car to give way and he didn't give me the obligatory hand off steering wheel acknowledgement. Bad egg. Steer clear!
  6. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Bought my first ever icons yesterday. Was a bit worried on paper they had less points with Crespo (87) for Aguero (89) and Nedved (89) for Hazard (91). But they were both a massive upgrade. Played 6 SBs (2 legendary and 4 pro) and Crespo got 14 goals!
  7. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Finished the La Liga one. Nothing amazing in the packs, an 85 and 86 and a few 84s. Oh and a Brazilian CDM with the turning circle of a double decker bus!
  8. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    I've got Trent playing in this team. He is very good and gives nice links but having my most expensive player as my RB is probably a bit excessive!
  9. brookfox

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    Still think Puel missed a trick in not getting him to manage his Social Media profile #CP57
  10. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Just finished the Prem SBC from players I had in my club. Best pull from 20 packs were Declan Rice and an 84 Perrin!
  11. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    How have you managed to get Vardy and Zlatan in the same team with decent chem?
  12. brookfox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    No from me. Winning the league in Scotland is like being the best speller at a dyslexia conference.
  13. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Did about 12-15 PL upgrades last night for something to do. Got an IF Rashford, IF Walkers Peters, Azpilicueta and a couple of 84s. Had most of the cheaper players in my squad anyway ready for the PL SBC (sometime in July!) so was able to sell the tradeable. Anyone get anything decent?
  14. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Got Tevez up top next to Aguero with a mainly Prem team and Poch as manager so his chem will get to 9. Played 3, scored 3 and 4 assists. He’s good as you’d expect, bit of a pain having the 3* WF which makes you hesitate a bit. But overall early days but looking good.