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  1. Exactly, not convinced any of their players even knew how to drive a bus let alone park one!
  2. Robert Huth style free kick that I’m assuming he must have done in training.
  3. Packed 88 Rui Costa this morning. Not the best icon but the first I’ve ever bagged. Can probably afford to replace Claudio Bravo in goal now!
  4. Pereira somehow got in Garth Crooks Players Who Scored At The Weekend Team Of The Week. Maddison as well.
  5. This was my favourite “Never let us take your dog for a walk”!
  6. Spurs manage to come 3rd yet again with VAR just pipping them to second place!
  7. Got a bad feeling we’ll have a player sent off today. Can see the midfield going in hard and maybe the pressure of the stadium will force the refs hand. Obviously hope I’m wrong!
  8. Starred for Turkey according to the LCFC website.
  9. Best thing Maddison can do is play for Ireland and have his summers off.
  10. Sounds like I picked the wrong time to go for a dump!
  11. At least Southgate has disproved the big club bias theories by not starting Chilwell or Madisson.
  12. Whether it’s an unfortunate event or not kind of depends on how much you liked Oliver Bernard!
  13. Now starring in “Two managers no cup” it’s Puel and Rogers!
  14. That's a pretty serious case of disco moob right there.
  15. Lee Quincey was my best friend at school! It’s my only claim to semi-fame.
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