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  1. brookfox

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    It’s the two spaces after the question mark that’s bugging me.
  2. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Spun the Bundesliga wheel of fortune and traded a CB I don’t need for a RWB I don’t need. Next league please! Oh and no more keepers or defenders thanks 🙏🏻
  3. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Wife went to bed early so did the Pro League SBC to pass the time. If you’ve got a spare 3hrs and want about 35k profit and a Polish striker you’ll never use I strongly recommend it!
  4. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Same here. Got a touch of the de Vries about him... 57 jumping!
  5. brookfox


    A lot of him staying/going depends on the boss and style we want to play. Not knocking him as he’s class but his ability to bring it out of defence has done our counterattacking play as much as anything. By the time he’s bought it out and taken on the striker the opposition defence has dropped off and got their shape. Most teams had 10 behind the ball by the time we crossed the half way line. Not saying it’s right but at least with Huth it went direct quickly.
  6. brookfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Take the point but he's also 8kg heavier. Just wonder if he's got the physicality and desire to play that role for us.
  7. brookfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Might be how we set up but Simpson wins a hell of a lot of back post headers for us. Could be a problem if this guy is short and thin!
  8. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    It’s like you had a date planned with Kylie, but Dannii turned up instead. You know you should be grateful but deep down just feel a bit let down!
  9. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Nearly got Casemiro, but got his slower not quite as good cousin; Busquets!
  10. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Just done the Prem ToTs... got Mahrez!! I mean you'd struggle to go wrong but happy with that.
  11. brookfox

    Wet Spam Match Threa- ah who cares

    I’d have had more chance guessing the lottery numbers than that line up!
  12. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Traded in Boateng for Giovinco which was ok then got Snodgrass in my MM rewards. I’ve had worse nights!
  13. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Hmm got Kevin Prince Boateng on ToTS. Looks decent on paper but not going to fit in with my team so no idea what to do with him other than admire his stats!
  14. brookfox

    Leicester keen on Roger Assale

    I really hope his parents didn’t give him the middle name Your for a joke.
  15. brookfox

    FIFA 18

    Finished the La Liga SBC today. Converted Griezmann to a CAM and got 2 in his first game. Very quick with good finishing. Rest of the team looking pretty decent now, the weakest link is the idiot holding the controller!