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  1. I decided to get a What If Kante last night. 1.8m coins which in the cold light of day looks a little impulsive! The goal last night helped but do you reckon Chelsea can get 5 against Leeds, Everton and West Brom??
  2. If you go 433, De Bruyne striker, Rooney right centre mid and Gary in the centre they'll all be 10 chem.
  3. I won't sugar coat it too much but it could've been worse! Plus he'd chem in What If Berchiche who looks like he could be a beast at CB with an anchor, update and an in game position switch if you moved to 3atb.
  4. 2 hours ago and you still haven't posted your pic of Prime Gullit. Don't leave us in suspense!
  5. I’d probably go Zanetti, always think he’s a decent option at RB to chem Messi in at some point. Really tempted to do it but feel like the chance to get someone who would make my team is pretty slim 🤔
  6. Big call from Rogers in the summer. Do we start to move Vardy into the super sub role or bring in a more able understudy. Yes he’s been injured, which itself says a lot, but even when through he just looks less able accelerate past players nor be quite as clinical. To be even doing what he’s doing as a 34 year old who’s main attribute is pace and movement is phenomenal but there’s signs aren’t looking promising.
  7. The 85x5 pack was a bit like the last 30mins vs Arsenal. You know deep down it’s not going to make you happy but go with it on the off chance it does!
  8. The subtle difference option to buy and obligation to buy suddenly looks quite big!
  9. It's infuriating isn't it. I'd much rather lose a competitive entertaining game 6-4 than abuse in-game mechanics and win 1-0. Some people you play you just wonder what they're getting out of it.
  10. I think it’s a bit of this but also a financial reality. Those four clubs could put £100k a week onto the salaries of any of our players. If you’re the player or agent that’s tempting. It’ll take a bigger stadium and a decade of success for us to close that commercial gap. The good thing now is we’re in a position to command big fees.
  11. He played so well Harry Redknapp was tipping him for an England call up!
  12. Having opened my Gold2 WL, marquee matchup, rank1 in rivals and future stars SBC packs today and got nothing above an 83 keeper I’m going to pass!
  13. Man I really want that Fofana card but that’s a lot of fifa to get it. Plus any Leicester fan could’ve told them the blonde haired one should have been the lowest rated version!
  14. Spurs look like they’re playing a pre-season friendly.
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