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  1. Packed him on fifa yesterday. It’s happening!!
  2. Just played a definite Leicester fan on WL. Anyone on here play as vichaihadadream?
  3. Exactly the same. Except I took Cancelo over De Vrij for some reason. Bamba untradeable in packs. Not a win, could’ve been worse so I’ll consider it a score draw!
  4. I’m obviously basing this off YouTube clips but for some reason don’t feel convinced he’s a suitable partner for either Nacho or Vardy. There’s just something about his style and positions he takes up that looks like they’d get in each other’s way. Anyone got a more informed view if he’d be a partner to either, replacement, alternative, etc be up top on his own?? Who has he worked best with at Celtic and what role did he play?
  5. brookfox


    Think a lot of it depends on our preferred formation next season. Always felt like we opted for 3 atb as we lost Barnes so lacked any real threat on the wings but going forward it’ll revert to a 4. In which case it’s one of Evans/new experienced head + Soyuncu/Fofana. And in that battle I’m not sure he’s first choice. So if he left and we got Trincao, the experienced starter (Tarkowski?) and the Fofana understudy (Collins?) I don’t feel we’d be worse off despite losing a great player.
  6. Trolled by EA again. 90+ TOTS SBC; untradeable Moreno + friends go in. Untradeable Moreno comes out. 88+ TOTS SBC; untradeable Moreno + friends go in. Untradeable Moreno comes out. That is not random and they can seriously F off 🤬
  7. Nah you’re alright Colin. I kind of prefer Nico’s news to yours so think I’m going to side with him on this one!
  8. Lost to an all Algerian team in WL yesterday. They didn’t even have Slim playing 😂
  9. If we go into the season with Bertrand, Timothy, Ricardo, Thomas and JJ as our full back options I’ll be more than happy. A free transfer and relatively short term cover for LB looks ideal.
  10. Andre and Rossi as picks and nothing from the packs today or the six 24 x rare rare player packs I bought last night out of boredom. That’s getting on for 200 rare players in packs and the best I got was Mertens!! Glad I didn’t spend my birthday money on fifa points to fund it all 😆
  11. Snap. But excitedly not a dupe 🤩
  12. As great as he is, if he wants to go we should let him. Realistically we’re still a stepping stone club for some players; we sign them, develop them, sell for a profit and reinvest. The good thing these days is it’s 1 a summer not 3-4 and when they do leave we can command decent fees. He’s given us some amazing memories, we’ll make £20m+ on him sign another 1-2 with the money allowing for us to rinse and repeat. I’d be delighted if he stays but respectfully ok if he decides it’s time to leave.
  13. I had ToTY Neuer; average. Packed ToTS Neuer; useless. Got Yashin on loan; slightly better but useless. Bought moments der Saar; useless. Bought Hradecky... logged off so no idea! Save your coins/fodder. Or lower your expectations!
  14. I’m willing to concede that BR knows more about him from the thousands of hours he’s watched him train compared to the 4min I’ve spent watching him on YouTube!
  15. Trauma doctor hey, could’ve done with him myself for the last 10 mins of the Spurs game!
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