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  1. brookfox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    N’Didi vs Neves will be an interesting battle and comparison. Similar age and standing but this is a big season for Wild and if he’s to push on he needs to be winning battles like this. Great at interceptions but think we’ll see Neves has a lot more on the ball. About 7 hours will tell!
  2. brookfox

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Definitely wouldn't take Amartey off yet. Needs to stay on and have a decent 15mins for his confidence. At half time you'd be telling him "forget the peno, get out there and show what you can do". Take him of and his confidence is shot and I don't think Puel is a hang them out to dry style manager.
  3. #firstworldproblems
  4. brookfox

    Thank you Riyad

    Bit like thanking your ex for the great sex, you're probably never getting it again so move on! I will say this though, I've never seen anyone control a long ball so well. And yes I am referring to Mahrez.
  5. brookfox

    Söyüncü Signs

    All descriptions I've read of him make him sound like Sol Bamba! Freiburg fans say he works better with someone who will happily sit back and cover for him bringing it out of defence. Not sure based on this if him and Maguire have the potential to play together particularly with attacking full backs. Based on basically nothing I wonder if Maguire/Soyuncu are the bring it out the back pair and Benkovic/Evans are the sitters.
  6. brookfox

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    For me a great transfer window but he now needs to transfer the intent onto the pitch. In my opinion it was the window we should have had after the title, bringing in young talent from across Europe we could have slowly integrated into the team with the extra fixtures. Fairly clear Puel didn't have the personnel, particularly at the back, to play his game last season but let's not lose sight that what was presented was boring at best. Seasons after WCs always start weird as first teasers return to teams so tonight is no barometer. If after 10 games we're serving up 1 shot on target performances I'll be worried.
  7. brookfox

    Caglar Soyuncu

    You leave the Birch out of this!
  8. brookfox

    Benkovic signs

    The meltdown on here if a Zagreb fan comes on and says he’s not the best!
  9. brookfox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I think it’s pretty clear our scouts haven’t been watching him. Seems like a Puel signing which is even worse as it suggests the clever analytical based approach to recruitment is no more. Bugger!
  10. brookfox

    Chris Mepham

    I’m as excited about this as I am disappointed with Ghezzal. And I’ve never seen either of them play or had actually even heard of them before we were linked! Funny how the brain works.
  11. brookfox

    Nicolas Pepe

    Had a pair of Pepe jeans from John Cheatles when I was young. Gerrimin!
  12. brookfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Centre backs and on the wings look weak to me. Could be a long season!
  13. brookfox


    Be sad to see him go but I’m not entirely convinced he’s a £65m defender playing in a back four. If he is going do it bloody quick as time is not going to be on our side to bring in a replacement.
  14. brookfox

    Ahmed Musa

    Maybe they found some highlight clips of games that weren't pre-season friendlies or World Cup games!
  15. brookfox

    Ahmed Musa

    Check the small print Rudders. I heard it was £30m up front but we pay back £5m each time one of his shots goes out for a throw in.