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  1. brookfox

    Ben White

    Was it absolutely necessary for the scout to use LCFC headed paper?!
  2. Vedats the way, arr ha arr ha, Muriqi arr ha arr ha!
  3. Well we absolutely smashed the Jordan Veretout derby today!
  4. Surely Hamza is a better option in the be ch than one of the wingers?!
  5. Been saving and trading for scream Aguero and now have 1.1m coins so nearly there. It’s been a slog so I hope he’s worth it! Anyone used him or have a better alternative for a Prem team?
  6. Spot on with the quality of their team. I reckon it all comes down to bad planning in the transfer market. We sell Maguire and the season before had bought his replacement. Arsenal are screaming out for dominant defenders and sign £72m Pepe and David Luiz! Really makes you appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes here. Hopefully Rodgers can see that.
  7. If I base my enjoyment of football on how often I watch MotD, then this must be a brilliant season. Altogether now... “Watch when we’re winning, I only watch when we’re wiiIiiiiiinnnnniiinnnggg”!
  8. Cheers, made about 600k in the last week selling investments so can’t decide whether to sit on it, invest or get Mane and Salah... 🤔
  9. Not sure how many it was, but it was Spurs the year we won the league 🤔
  10. Yeah right Tim, you’d get them organised 🤔
  11. My guess is Flashback Huth. 99 Defending and Strength with Fk Accuracy of 12.
  12. First game with Vardy; 2 goals, 1 assist and a red card. Yup they nailed him!
  13. Bought about 50 Ligue 1 silvers for 400-600 coins each on Saturday. Fingers crossed for a bit of profit!
  14. Soyuncu is basically what would happen if Brad Pitt, Hulk Hogan, Ron Jeremy and Franco Baresi somehow had a baby. What a guy!
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