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  1. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    I’ve got about 40 of them waiting on my transfer list that I got for 200. Very much prepared to be disappointed!
  2. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Got an IF King, nice looking card but not a big enough upgrade to turn down 40k. Got to that annoying stage of a Prem team where any decent upgrade is 100k+. Might be time for a change!
  3. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Inspired by the prospect of spending 14k on Clucas to complete the Stoke SBC, I spent an hour today snapping up silver wingers from the poorer Italian, German, French and Dutch sides. No idea if they’ll prove a sound investment but thought I’d share!
  4. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Count me in!
  5. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Does anyone on here play with the name HsHtag Fearless? Just had a squad battle with a prem team with Leics badge, home and away kit and Puel as manager!
  6. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Said nobody ever about Puel’s Leicester side!
  7. brookfox

    FIFA 19

    Played a match this morning and found it more like the WC mode in gameplay. Just felt a bit slow and ponderous. Could’ve just been my bronze starter team I was too lazy to change!
  8. brookfox

    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    10/10 for effort but there’s no way I’d risk Silva at right back!
  9. brookfox

    Cothes That Sum Up Your Personality.

    Reminded me of this!
  10. brookfox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I know what you mean but think with wingers you need the right combo of pace of foot and pace of thought. We’ve had players either side of the equation over the years (Schlupp vs Knocky) and hopefully this guy has the right balance.
  11. brookfox

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Brave decisions, I look at it more as having 4 attacking players as opposed to no striker. Kind of line up that’ll make Puel a genius or cost him his job.
  12. brookfox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Remember telling my Mum that Guppy was one footed. She just asked how he managed to play football!
  13. brookfox

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    Wtf did Barton say to them at half time 😂
  14. brookfox

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    Fuchs goal very similar to a couple scored at the WC this year. Any views on how Ghezzal is doing? Sounds like he’s been ok to me but hard to tell on the radio!
  15. brookfox

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    And that’s our team when we’re resting players!!