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  1. Mildly concerned it may signal a change in our recruitment strategy. Previously we seemed to do in depth scouting for 3-7 years per player, this seems more "ooh he's available and good" maybe with less diligence.
  2. Maybe he's seen him play?
  3. Quite like it that Shakey hasn't just gone with the easy option in Stowell. Suggests he has some balls!
  4. The Daily Sport has words in it?!
  5. Swap with Ox?
  6. I'd suggest he spends less time looking at possession of a football and more time looking at the possession of trophies!
  7. As a follically challenged man he lost all my respect when he grew his hair.
  8. Nasri's not happy... which dwarf is he then?!
  9. Put this bit in an open letter to Nasri!
  10. Gotta swap vardy and slimani over
  11. Look is it going to kick off tonight or what?! I'm not going up in the loft to get my matching Fox Leisure tracksuit and trainers if they're not going to see some action.
  12. Not doubting it's true but the cynic in me thinks... McLaren sacked on the Sunday, his backroom staff likely to follow, Phillips releases newsworthy story on the Monday to raise his profile... seems a bit too much of a coincidence!
  13. Pound for pound the best player ever.
  14. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a referendum!
  15. Is that the same as when you're ironing a shirt and out of nowhere you iron a massive crease into it?!