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  1. Over the last 3/4 games they have not played with such a high line not as much pressure on the other teams back for, we have sat a lot deeper, BR has slowed our game down and this maybe due to the players being knackered with the amount of games that they have played
  2. If fit, play Ndidi, reports say that he could be in the team tonight
  3. Yes rotatationand rest as we have wrstham at home on Wednesday,
  4. In all fairness tielmans played a lot deeper than usual
  5. Villa have more pressing things to worry about, it looks like they ate going down to where they belong, the championship,, 3-0 foxes
  6. In all fairness we gave the ball away so many times especially at the back, the distribution was also poor, we couldn't pass either, however they were excellent no shame in being beaten by them, maddison needs to play in the middle not wide,
  7. Go on to amazon prime and get a 30 day free trial
  8. We can do these, take a point off them, even better if we had a late penalty and we won 2-1judt like they did at there place
  9. And nacho has been dropped, more likely nacho will play up front on Saturday
  10. He is working hard in training and it showed, he got motm
  11. I agree, I'm concerned he might go, there is no loyalty anymore its all about the money,
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