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  1. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Just when is was starting to like the bloke...
  2. Everton (H) Match Thread

    3-4-3 for me. Morgan, Maguire, Fuchs Simpson, Ndidi, Iborra, Chilly (deep lying 4) Mahrez, Vardy, Gray (interchangeable front 3)
  3. Musa - Opinions so far

    Hopefully he'll thrive in a more direct style under Shakey (if he gets the chance). He reminds me a bit of Schlupp, the more time he has to think about things, the worse he is.
  4. another take on transfers.

    At the end of the day the owners are businessmen. Why should they keep investing money, when last season proved that the players we have are capable of much more. The finger has to be firmly pointed at the players and coaching staff for the decline. What we are missing compared to other teams in the league are a consistent flow of graduates from the youth team. If we had 2 or 3 a season graduating the youth system like Southampton and Everton for example, then we wouldn't all feel that the squad needs strengthening every January.
  5. Bournemouth match thread.

    The reason we won the league last year was because whether we played home or away, we played the same! Why change...
  6. Porto Match Thread

    Nigeria didn't qualify.
  7. Ngolo who?

    Wonder if he has a release clause...
  8. Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    On a night of overexaggeration, I'm not sure if this is or not, but... Drinky is world class.
  9. Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    All this proves is that we have a lot of learning to do before we can compete at the next level. You can't give teams that can pass like Barca so much time on the ball. We have the quality, we just need to learn how to play against the best teams.
  10. Leicester vs Barcelona - Match Thread

    Not getting the most from Mahrez in this position
  11. Anyone else's sleeve badge on the p1ss? Got mine printed this morning and they've lined up the writing with the piping on the arm, but the lion is at a 45 degree angle...
  12. Yep, they are about 45 degrees out, to be honest I didn't even check. Mine were done in the printing stall outside the megastore. And she was doing them the same for everyone, she was actually doing shirts for the owners at the same time.
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  14. Do people think there will be any stock left in the club shop tomorrow before the game?
  15. Next up.. WEST HAM.. Home.. Thoughts....

    Also, people calling for changes to the team when we have won 5 on the bounce are clueless. Ulloa looks OK when he comes on because Okazaki and VArdy have done all the hard work to tire out there defenders with tireless running. Ulloa from the start would not be as effective. I agree that Mahrez has been poor recently, but that's Mahrez all over, always has up and downs, but comes good at the right time.