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  1. Not sure Slim was able to get on the bike, as soon as his foot hit the pedal, the bike ended up 10 yards away.
  2. Just saying, 1:42 having just finished the game when we are collecting the Prem trophy and he looks exactly the same.....
  3. There no 'i' in Ryad Boudebouz so maybe he's not as self-indulgent as our Riyad.
  4. As in the same formation that won Chelsea the league last season and everyone went on to copy?
  5. You're right, I forgot Hamer. We are building a competitive squad and we can only pick 11. Fuchs and Simpson do not get forward enough (but OK for WB cover or starting as CBs), if we were to play wing backs we'd need them to support attacks, IMO Chilly and Albrighton are perfect for that. Drinky was a tough choice, and I may get destroyed for this, but I think he was made to look a bit better than he is with Kante alongside him, last season was a bit of reality check. Again just my opinion.
  6. If he does stay though... Give him a free role in front of a midfield four. If he sulks and doesn't perform push Iborra up and bring in Drinky. Vardy, Kelechi and Riyad running at your back 4 with chilly and Albrighton supporting on the wings, with Iborra arriving late a bit like Lampard used to.... Vardy Iheanacho Mahrez Chilly Iborra Ndidi Albrighton Wes/. Huth. Maguire Gibson/ Evans/
  7. 45 minutes from Leicester is also 45 minutes from Watford.
  8. Buy back clause or not we would potentially have a very good player on the books for at least 2 years. If he's as good as promised we would have to sell him anyway. Understand there is a pride element but we don't need to rely on big transfer fees in to be able to spend big. If he helps us finish in the top 8 for the next 2 seasons then he has already paid back the difference. Buy back should not be a deal breaker.
  9. If no-one comes forward to buy him it could be the bump back down to earth he needs.
  10. Jonathan Viera from Las Palmas (CAM) and Fredrick Sorensen (CB) from Koln.
  11. Chelsea youngster Dominic Solanke? Meant to be one of the best in the Chelsea youth team, therefore a surprise if he left. Interest from elsewhere e.g. Celtic.
  12. Hopefully he'll thrive in a more direct style under Shakey (if he gets the chance). He reminds me a bit of Schlupp, the more time he has to think about things, the worse he is.
  13. At the end of the day the owners are businessmen. Why should they keep investing money, when last season proved that the players we have are capable of much more. The finger has to be firmly pointed at the players and coaching staff for the decline. What we are missing compared to other teams in the league are a consistent flow of graduates from the youth team. If we had 2 or 3 a season graduating the youth system like Southampton and Everton for example, then we wouldn't all feel that the squad needs strengthening every January.