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  1. I tried a 3 second drag on 43w and it blew my head off haha Don't think i have the lung capacity for 5 seconds
  2. The vape game is strong in this thread
  3. link to the mod! Ecig wizard shop in Wigston! Stock tons of liquids and equipment, great shop ! The Tank I can't fault this so far! I recommend
  4. Just bought an istick power 80w mod with an aspire tank! So much better than my Kangertech! The extra money really is worth it over buying cheapish bits of kit
  5. Better than Andy King imo
  6. Trippier would be a great signing, good shout !
  7. Diego Godin Gylfi Sigurdsson Felipe Luis Paulo Dybala
  8. What does it matter? I thought we where all equal and all that bollocks
  9. Leicester win Wenger in (Really hope Wenger signs a new long term deal , hiss hiss) Hate ARSEnal! Most boring ground i've ever been to
  10. Tough one! Be a great game to see live
  11. Second that !
  12. That's where competition for a place comes into it, perform well in training and on the pitch etc and you earn your place ! Drinkwater has spells where he doesn't deserve his place, quite frankly a majority of this season he's been pretty average! If we had a better option on the bench to replace him for example Silva as you mentioned then Drinky would be on the bench and have to work hard to earn his place back! Thats what we need! I'm sure Inler would of been great for us but obviously there was no budging drinky/kante last season Love Andy King but we could do alot better! Especially now!
  13. Hope Athletico go on to win it now We can say we were knocked out by the European champions and there is no shame in that Not that there is any anyway,our run in the UCL has been beyond incredible
  14. I'm suprised anybody still reads a paper these days All full of shit anyway
  15. Not exactly got a strong bench of CM's though have we? Drinkwater and N'Didi are out strongest two obviously! They need competition