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  1. I don't see the big fuss over him Wouldn't pay anymore than 5m for him, he's garb
  2. I enjoy PvP also. It's in a league of it's own imo. Sad to say i used to get overly excited when Iron Banner rolled around Love trials
  3. I play ProClubs mostly with mates we can just tell something is different, everything is ultra rushed with AI! Usually we can let them defend, do their own thing but they pass it around at a million miles per hour now making alomst glitch like errors Often wandered if EA roll out patches toward the end of latest game to entice people into not enjoying it and buying the next edition! Probably wrong though thats just the conspiracy nut in me
  4. Pocket change to our owners!
  5. Just give it Shakey and be done with it. The players have more or less said theyre happy under him and his style, why upset the applecart! He's the most stable option for this team! Only concern with Shakey i have is will he be able to attract the certain quailty of players we want!
  6. Would be a great addition Can't see if happening though sadly
  7. Gameplay seem's to have sped up i think and for the worse Think i'm done with this years FIFA. Keep telling myself i'm not getting 18 but i know i will end up
  8. It all happened very quick, the official probably just flagged on instict! I wouldn't like to be an official they're under immense pressure in high profile games
  9. Better matchmaking too i hear, not more LFP crap! Yeah i'm defiantly leaning towards PC
  10. Not alot to say other than i can't bloody wait! Easily sunk a thousand hours into Destiny, probably more! Looks like Bungie/Activision have took alot of fan feedback on board and gone with it. Who else is a big Destiny fan ? I'm also in 2 minds whether to go all out on PC! I'll probably get both PC/PS4
  11. Can't decide whose more garbage, Shinji or Slim !
  12. Last two game's haven't done Shakey favours
  13. Headbutts alot of people. Tells people to fvck off and die. Doesn't like Ostriches or journo's Top bloke
  14. I'll be the first to admit i wasn't a fan of Slim throughout most of this season, but his impact in the last few games has defiantly changed my opionion on him Its hard not to love Shinji but Slim is certainly the better option moving forward now! Vardy/Slim partnership next season could be deadly given the right service. Also, i'm not overly fussed with Mahrez leaving now