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  1. What wait have we signed him? Excellent new's Now where is that confused face and gun emoji :/
  2. Poor from the club that
  3. Why don't his family get jobs and support the scumbag's kid's! Obviously used to scrounging! Can't stand these people
  4. Good episode ! Shit is about to go down Can't help but feel annoyed with the Ed Sheeran appearence though! The kid out of This is England didn't look out of place, i thought he was pretty cool!
  5. No thanks! How about we take the 40odd mill you recieved for Salah
  6. Grimsby Joke! I'm not married! But if i were to marry i'd like to go Barbados
  7. Can't say i hate Everton. They're trying to improve as a team, albeit spending a lot of money in doing so which we have proved you don't have to do to enjoy success! Nothing wrong with a club showing ambition and trying to improve! As for Mahrez... well he just needs to knuckle down and concentrate on the club that pays his wages and wants him
  8. How cringeworthy of a read was that ! :/ jeez
  9. Average
  10. People reversing out their driveway without regard of oncoming traffic
  11. It's fixed
  12. 25m? Wow! The state of football financially, especially in this country is disgusting
  13. The TellTale game is free on the PS4 at the moment Really good
  14. Hope he checked his wallet after gunning him down
  15. Good