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  1. You can’t ever say it because we are now going to lose to Leeds and it will all be your fault
  2. There's a reason why we haven't been below 5th in the league since August 2019. We are also still ahead of them in the league despite them playing arguably at their peak while we have had injuries galore and European football to contend with, absolutely no debate here to be had. Do really like the Saints team and happy to see them where they are but honestly don't know who would get in to our team (Would love Ings here to replace Vards as he gets older but no way is he in ahead of Jamie)
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if we went 5 at the back purely to cover for the injured players really, could go either Ndidi/Fofana/Justin or Justin/Fofana/Fuchs as the centre halves depending on what he feels like. If we started with the latter we could then switch it to a 4 as the game progresses and go for the kill
  4. Under hasn’t even a proper run of starting games yet! Need to get him in from the start much more often
  5. One of those ones that would hate to see given really but considering the handball rules this season shouldn't this have been given? I thought any handballs were just given now?
  6. Wouldn’t you sell even more shirts if it was more readily available though? I live in Sydney and would probably buy one if there were shirts in the Adidas store here but there isn’t so I am less likely to buy one altogether. Guess it may be hard to gauge demand but the longer we stay in the higher positions in the league and potentially Europe, then surely they won’t be able to deny the tier upgrade.
  7. If Kasper had done even half the clangers that Pickford, Lloris & De Gea have done in the past couple of seasons then everyone would be tearing him to shreds
  8. Absolutely love Kasper; makes the odd mistake but who doesn’t? Keepers are the worst position in the pitch where mistakes are amplified Not only did he help win us the title but in our champions league campaign Kasper almost single handedly dragged us over the line against Sevilla!! He’s been consistent for years Then you have to factor in the off the pitch leadership and motivation, you can tell he leads and whenever he makes a mistake he comes out and takes full responsibility for it (eg. Bournemouth). Have no doubt his voice is one of the key reasons for our team cul
  9. As long as it doesn’t dislodge us from achieving then why not? The less NW & London teams in the top 6 the better!
  10. Thought that as well! For the chance he created where Vardy didn’t convert, he wanted to play him in straight away but realised he was offside so held it up. However he kept his head up and realised the pass was still on but just a moment later! Great composure
  11. Does anyone think Hamza’s game would improve if he used this tactic?
  12. I do agree with this but It’s a double edged sword because then you can become stuck with the same old crowd in the squad even if they underperform. I would rather exciting players with potential like Barnes than the same old crew like Alli, Dier, Walker etc that always seem to stink out the place
  13. Reckon we get ahead but will have a nervy end to the game with them throwing long balls to Antonio, Soucek and Haller. Morgan on at 75 mins to preserve the lead after our quality sees us score a couple early on. 3-2 win.
  14. Lucky enough to live in Sydney and been to a few sports games with reduced numbers and have found it’s actually a lot better than you would think! Everyone that manages to get to the game is in good spirits and even just being there in person supporting your team brings some semblance of normality back. Shame that cases are rising again, but even reduced crowds (when that day comes) will be good and a step in a positive direction
  15. The part when they were doing the stadium tour on the roof, they asked Levy whether he had a fear of heights, and he said something like "I don't mind it until I look down" and he said it in a proper weird way Isn't that the exact reason why you would be scared of heights...
  16. I live in Aus so hear a lot of the views through my Aussie mates on the team, and the general consensus is that Warner is the chief cock of the team. Most think he as Vice Captain was a big part in driving the toxic culture, and that Steve Smith is not a people person in the slightest (in fact the opposite) so he was buying in to the idea of being a hard-nosed Aussie as you mentioned above. Obviously quite hard to tell but most views (and read about from ex players etc) I’ve heard are that Warner is a nasty piece of work. All hearsay but it’s spread to the views of most of
  17. Is anyone watching this on Youtube? The audio is awful
  18. Smart move, been at the club for a while now and we knows he’s not a bad egg and will be content with his role. Maintaining the culture is very important and this is much much better than wasting money on a player that may become frustrated due to lack of opportunity. Not sure who anyone would expect to sign, certainly not when we have some guaranteed starters in there
  19. Lawro has predicted us to lose. Just what I wanted to see, write us off sir
  20. Didn’t produce when it mattered today ...
  21. Yes but all of this is ifs, buts and maybes. Maybe the manner and chaos of the 4 goals in that Bournemouth game gave us a shot up the arse to pull our finger out and is what helped us ease to victory against Sheffield. If we had dribbled to a 2-1 defeat maybe the shock (and therefore reaction) wouldn't have been as strong? Again you can't say anything with certainty but the important thing is we have reacted to that Bournemouth defeat and hopefully can continue that reaction into our last 2 games.
  22. Forgot that Vardy would despise Sheff Utd being a Wednesday fan. Hopefully it leads to an inspiring performance with him leading from the front
  23. Crazy to think if we win all 3 we still get Champions League 100%. Can’t see it happening in a million years but still 😅
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