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  1. The thing with the pace debate is that acceleration is often the most important part. It’s all well and good being quick “once you get going” but it’s unlikely a cb would be covering huge distances, whereas the first 5-10m is crucial in stopping the attacker and so acceleration is key.
  2. Lucky enough to live in Sydney and been to a few sports games with reduced numbers and have found it’s actually a lot better than you would think! Everyone that manages to get to the game is in good spirits and even just being there in person supporting your team brings some semblance of normality back. Shame that cases are rising again, but even reduced crowds (when that day comes) will be good and a step in a positive direction
  3. The part when they were doing the stadium tour on the roof, they asked Levy whether he had a fear of heights, and he said something like "I don't mind it until I look down" and he said it in a proper weird way Isn't that the exact reason why you would be scared of heights...
  4. This is really exciting. Not only will we have 2 wingers that look to cut inside and beat a man, but once Ricardo is back we will also have full backs that love to get up and will also be afforded more space as a result of the wide attacking players. Barnes + Castagne and Under + Ricardo on the wings could be delightful to watch and that’s not forgetting the spine of our team which is awesome at full strength. Positive signs....
  5. He did not work well with Mario at all.That is why this concerns me. He was a big flop Maybe Suarez worked because he was arguably the best striker in the world at the time and would’ve scored goals wherever he was?
  6. I live in Aus so hear a lot of the views through my Aussie mates on the team, and the general consensus is that Warner is the chief cock of the team. Most think he as Vice Captain was a big part in driving the toxic culture, and that Steve Smith is not a people person in the slightest (in fact the opposite) so he was buying in to the idea of being a hard-nosed Aussie as you mentioned above. Obviously quite hard to tell but most views (and read about from ex players etc) I’ve heard are that Warner is a nasty piece of work. All hearsay but it’s spread to the views of most of
  7. Is anyone watching this on Youtube? The audio is awful
  8. Based on what I’ve heard this would appear to be a very astute signing. People complaining about not going for an out and out left back forget we have Thomas who in his games so far (albeit small sample size) suggests HUGE potential that will hopefully allow us to transition him into the team over the next year or 2. Why fork out a lot of funds on a LB in his prime you could be stuck with on high wages for years when you can add versatility to the squad and maintain a wealth of options. It allows Thomas some breathing room to grow and ideally become our next Chilwell. T
  9. jaqo88


    Would really not like this. Bad attitude and a very average player. Always seems to be whinging about something. If we want a mentor for Thomas we already have the perfect one in Fuchs. Big no from me.
  10. Smart move, been at the club for a while now and we knows he’s not a bad egg and will be content with his role. Maintaining the culture is very important and this is much much better than wasting money on a player that may become frustrated due to lack of opportunity. Not sure who anyone would expect to sign, certainly not when we have some guaranteed starters in there
  11. Yep I agree that he shouldn’t have lashed out in the way he did. But it is also important to see how it would’ve been hard to rationalise actions when in such a situation
  12. Understand that people are annoyed with Soyuncu but it was a heat of the moment reaction and all happened in less than 10 seconds. His team had just bottled a crucial lead in 1 minute and then he gets shoved into the goal. i would be absolutely fuming in those same circumstances and he made a bad decision yes. Would much rather that than someone that lies down after that with no emotions. If you don’t feel some form aggression after that, then you are either not human or extremely emotionless and would be a terrible central defender. Next time hopefully he will think twice
  13. Lawro has predicted us to lose. Just what I wanted to see, write us off sir
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