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  1. Replace Maguire if he leaves, obviously. Give Perez a bit of a free role to roam onto the wings. Tielemans and Maddison will drift to the right and left when necessary, allowing linkup with the wingbacks too.
  2. No Slimani either. Probably having his medical at ManU?
  3. #NeverWrong Sometime last season, he started leaking some of the lineups. He was also pretty spot on about the Tielemans saga.
  4. I think the 4-1-4-1 from the end of last season, with Perez as an upgrade, will do best. I can't remember the last time I watched Leicester play a midfield diamond successfully (and that was enjoyable to watch), but maybe Rodgers can pull it off. Some form of a 3-4-3 or 5-4-1 (Barnes Ndidi Tielemans Perez) or that 3-4-1-2 could be interesting if we want to play with three CBs.
  5. Are people confident in any one of ManU, Chelsea, or Arsenal to finish in the top 4? I do think one of them will take it, but I have no idea which and see weaknesses in all of them. So far, we have had a "fine summer", but unless we have an injury free season and Barnes (or Gray) can deliver as a top attacking player, then I'm not confident in us either to take top 4.
  6. FireFox

    Dennis Praet

    Barnes, Gray, and Perez? Ghezzal, King, and Silva too if we hold onto them. Hamza is cover for Tielemans, I'd imagine. With Mendy and Amartey as cover for Ndidi.
  7. He'll see himself as a starter here, that might be important to him.
  8. He won't be replaced with someone who costs +80m. If we sell him, why not buy a 40m CB replacement and 40m winger to replace Ghezzal/Gray?
  9. Would be an improvement on Gray and Ghezzal. Sean is #NeverWrong
  10. Think we might be done until/unless we sell off Silva, Ghezzal, or Slimani. If we sell Maguire, then maybe we split that money between another CB and maybe Thauvin.
  11. Sean from Enderby last week. Despite his appearances, he has been ITK about some things in the past. Actually has been spot on about Tielemans saga this whole window. Sean is the source for it. And he is #NeverWrong
  12. The PL Handbook states: “Under 21 Player” means a Player under the age of 21 as at 1 January in the year in which the Season concerned commences (i.e. for Season 2019/2020 born on or after 1 January 1998)
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