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  1. At this point, I don't expect him to ever learn to deliver great crosses. But he then needs to work on how to contribute in our attacks in other ways. For our 2nd goal, the passes between the triangle of Ricardo, Gray, and Praet were quick and created space. These are 3 players who have barely played with eachother. If I was on the coaching staff, I'd have Chilwell, Barnes, and Maddison practicing those types of plays constantly. If they all are to start together regularly, then they need that chemistry of how to quickly move the ball.
  2. Without having been on the pitch to hear any miscommunication between Albrighton and Kasper, I can't say who is more to blame. I hope Albrighton gets a start next game though, he otherwise played well, and I'd trust him to 'apologize' more with a solid performance that he is always capable of. As for the penalty. It looks soft, but soft is still a penalty. Yes, Mane dived, but it can be both a foul and a dive to make the ref make the deicison.
  3. When Praet and Tielemans both play, Tielemans is pushed toward the left. I'm really not a fan of that. I think he has shown his best on the right, with crosses and linking up with Ricardo. 4-1-4-1 please. Albrighton on the left wing, Maddison and Tielemans in the middle, Ayoze on the right wing.
  4. Still no. We almost got a point away against a title favourite. We can finish top 4.
  5. Wasn't it a "clear and obvious error" that the ref didn't call for a foul from Salah onto Soyuncu right before? If VAR checked for a red against Hamza, then shouldn't it have been used to give us a freekick? Unfortunately, that's not how it works, but would have loved to see it.
  6. Beautiful representation of the 4-1-4-1 in attack. Based on average position of all the touches from a player. https://twitter.com/TheLCFCStatMan/status/1167882585311105024?s=19
  7. Just going to leave this here. Clubs and players really need to make a stand against this sort of expansion. Or players/stars need to understand that the extra profits of this shouldn't go into their wages but into the purchasing of and wages of a bigger squad. Maybe 25 senior members in a squad isn't enough, when managers can't trust youth when short-term results are so important. Or maybe radically, domestic leagues need to have less games; reduce the amount of teams, or restructure into different stages like Latin American leagues. Regarding the UEFA tournaments, hopefully a compromise is found. Why not just keep it to 2, instead of introducing a 3rd no one, except the clubs in it, will really care about. If they want 96 clubs, expand the Champions League to 48 teams, alongside the Europe League, both with 8 groups of 6 teams. Top 3 advance, and the very top team of each group gets a bye round, awaiting in the round of 16. So 10 games for the worst teams, and likely 17 games (unlikely 19 games) at most for the finalists. Still too many, but it's a compromise.
  8. I didn't think we could get away with playing Hamza and his clone at the same time. Surely the refs would have noticed two players with that hair?!
  9. Diamond didn't look awful, but I'm not convinced we should start or finish games with it.
  10. Ward JJ - Morgan - Soyuncu - Fuchs Mendy Albrighton - Praet - Hamza - Gray Perez
  11. Must win. Curious to see the team selection and formation.
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