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  1. I think the bus needs an oil change, but I'm still on board.
  2. Was it even used today? Would hate to see them use it less intentionally half-way through a season. Our goal seemed to come from a foul, how the ref didn't realize seems a clear and obvious error. And then we maybe ought to have had a 2nd penalty from a handball - that sort of hands-on-side, but "leaning-into-it" that we were punished for recently.
  3. A few opinions I have: First, I generally like that (a) VAR overlooks matches. The on-field ref and two assistants cannot always see everything clearly (remember when Evans was fouled trying to clear the ball off the line). It's also often just impossible to see two positions at the same time, which is needed to determine offside. Obviously though, there are problems with VARs' implementation /the instructions to refs. Second, assistants are being told to keep the flag down when it's close, but a lot of times I feel like they are not? But also, if they do, and the ball goes out for a corner, and the team scores from that corner, wtf? Imo, the assistant should raise the flag, maybe halfway? and the ref can decide how to let play go on. All players should play to the whistle anyway. Third and my main suggestion, the technology isn't perfect. We cannot know which video frame best shows when the ball leaves the foot of the passer. But there should be an advantage to the attacker, so take all the potential frames (probably only 2 - the best guess, and the frame after, or the frame before if its more about the defenders stepping up), and if the attacker is onside for any of those, then the attacker is onside. Simple, except it might take twice as long to do. Fourth, maybe the rule needs rewording too. If a player's head is offside, and they score with their foot, should that matter? If you cannot 'lean in' to gain an advantage, then why can your arm and hands 'lean in'? And I just hate how you can be offside if the pass is made from within 18-yards.
  4. Would love to see him start a bigger game with Ricardo as a winger.
  5. To me, they look mentally exhausted and devoid of creativity, more so than physically tired.
  6. Are Liverpool challenging in the top 4 race? Seems weird to say so.
  7. I thought he played well. Deserves to get a chance off the bench in a league game. Won a throw then followed by winning the corner for the 2nd goal.
  8. If their is only one hypothetical squad that is world class, then they have no one to play against! So how about two teams of 11s starters and 7 bench players.
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