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  1. 2017 Deathlist

    Indeed...thats one 'partridge' that won't be in a pear tree this Christmas.
  2. 2017 Deathlist

    A long long time ago I had a dream about Rodney Bewes, he had a suitcase that turned into a motorbike. I always wanted to tell him that if I ever met him...now i guess I won't get the chance.
  3. Memories of The Charlotte

    You played the same song 3 times!😁 That's one way of filling a set out! An old bloke at work told that he went to see Unit 4+2 once...and they played 'Concrete and Clay' 12 times then b*ggered off 😄......not at the Charlotte though....so apologies for going off topic 😕
  4. Memories of The Charlotte

    I saw primal scream there, they were going through their 'heavy rock phase pre screamadelica. I stood on Bobby Gillespie Chelsea boot. Gave me a rather angry look. Played their a few times myself too. Fantastic memories of that place.
  5. Long time lurker (as is the norm), decided to join to crack a rubbish joke. Love the humour on FT, favourite topic ever: Cheeses Dinosaur. First ever Leicester game 1-0 against WHam, Steve Kember goal....which really dates me!!! Scary (but not as scary as THAT first visit to a Circus in Skeggy around the same time)Live in Overseal.