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  1. Very happy for Vardy, it might seem at the moment that weve lost a pound and found a penny but that will pass!πŸ‘
  2. Why am I still watching 😒
  3. Never stopped watching a leicester game in my life....very tempted atm
  4. Well posted!! Saved me a job πŸ‘
  5. I'm old enough to remember Billy Connolly saying practically the same joke in the eighties 🀣
  6. I think you quoted the right picπŸ‘ about how quickly you lost interest. I was really looking forward to Flight Deck, the advert made it look so exciting, but when I played it at a friends house it was like lowering a toy plane one a piece of string ....but really fast! My small mind had expected more, I think I got 'Salvo' instead for Christmas that year.
  7. @Parafox did you never play Flight Deck then!?
  8. Also had a couple of these!
  9. I remember knocking some veneer off mums sideboard with this shotgun/car game hybrid!
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