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  1. Put the heating on @Collymore, just in case πŸ‘
  2. Flamey


    Oh that's fantastic!!! It's great to have something to look forward to, especially after the year everyone has hadπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  3. You sir, are a lucky man, I might just get away with an xbox......but only if it was white.....which it isn't! For the record I could have it in my man cave but already have a really good pc in there....when did life get so complicated. Oh well first world problems and all that.....have fun!!πŸ‘πŸ€—
  4. Hoping for a 'slim' at some point! 🀞 ps4 til then.....not jealous at all.....πŸ˜”
  5. Really hope everyone is enjoying their shiny new console, but yeah my girlfriend would never allow it in the front room, cant say I disagree either.
  6. He was a great character! I've been mimicking him for the last hour, I do the eyes and everything πŸ˜†
  7. Probably, maybe it was that rather disturbing jester playing another trick😱
  8. What happened with that last star? Very odd.πŸ€”
  9. I saw Norman Fanny once at a gig we played in Camden Underworld, also there were Douglas Hart out of the mary chain and the 2 better looking members of Lush πŸ€—
  10. About half of the 'classic toys' thread πŸ‘failing that...... pants and socks
  11. Yes Scramble was released after this, and then Firefox if I recall correctly πŸ‘
  12. Oh yes, I remember that feeling very well!!🀣
  13. Have we done crossfire yet?πŸ€—
  14. @Stevie Lynex you had loads of toys!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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