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  1. George’s in Loughborough. Not had any from there in years, but the little place on Woodgate was fantastic!
  2. Seemed composed, but only one game. Definitely worth having more of a look at him though.
  3. He can definitely be more destructive playing centrally. He gets too isolated playing on the wing, especially on the left side, I understand the cutting in, but he shoots too much with his weaker foot.
  4. Chillwell is a left back version of David Oldfield.
  5. Excellent defender according to some
  6. I’d have a good look at Jamal Lewis at Norwich.
  7. Terrible defender. Anyone that rates him, have never played the game in real life.
  8. I watched it via something dodgy
  9. Really good. Lots of good performances though, typical Guy Ritchie quality.
  10. The Gentleman. Fantastic film, best I’ve watched in ages.
  11. I don’t think this possession football they speak of, will catch on...
  12. People demonstrated against O’Neil to get him out, and he never forgot that.
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