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  1. His best game so far for us. Absolutely fantastic performance!
  2. I’ve said this before, but I think that he’s on too much money to sack him. The only reason/way, would be if it looked like we were to get relegated.
  3. A little more composure, and he’ll be a top, top player! His goal against Sheffield United, takes some real technique, with the pace he hit it, the ball through to Vardy against Manchester City, and the chipped ball over to Perez against Southampton, any other young player from one of the so called bigger clubs, well Sky etc would be showing the highlights forever. He is a fantastic, homegrown footballer, who definitely deserves a little more patience, because the wait will certainly be worth it!!
  4. He looked like someone’s grandad playing against Kane yesterday. Not good enough. Next please.
  5. He kept things very simple, and did them well. A great debut.
  6. My worry is that Brendan and his crew, are now on too much money to be dismissed? Not that I want him to be. But let’s hope we can still get something positive from this season.
  7. Even in a two man midfield he should be able to do a job, win the ball, lay it off, keep it simple.
  8. How his he not? Too many not pulling their weight, his form is also out of the window.
  9. Appalling from him, needs to buck his ideas up
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