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  1. People demonstrated against O’Neil to get him out, and he never forgot that.
  2. Quality player. That midfield trio of Lennon, Savage and Izzet was tremendous.
  3. The only down side to the day, was that Bernie was sat a row in front us, and stunk the place out
  4. Marc Albrighton now has as many Premier League assists as Riyad Mahrez for Leicester City (27). Only Jamie Vardy (28) and Steve Guppy (34) have more for the club.
  5. He’s got the raw talent, to be a top, top player!
  6. JJ must keep his place for Saturday, a real solid performance from him this evening.
  7. Doesn’t deserve a new contract how he’s currently performing. Let’s hope he doesn’t get outshone tonight against Jack Grealish.
  8. Very worried, zero confidence in us at the moment
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