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  1. Mk Dons League one, Bolton in The Championship, when we won the league under Pearson, and Porto away, even though the score line was disastrous.
  2. https://www.ctfc.com/news/2021/march/wright-on-thriving-on-pressure-leicester--growing-up-in-merseyside-football/
  3. Harvey Barnes against Sheffield United, was technically brilliant.
  4. Greatest chance of getting to an Fa cup final for an eternity!
  5. The cross in to the box last night, was better than the tackle!
  6. Looks like the scrim tape is showing through
  7. Keep up the good work! I enjoy seeing the progress of our on loan players
  8. Should be on our radar, seeing as we released him when he was 16, by all accounts.
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