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  1. I really don't understand the hype with him. I think he's poor defensively.
  2. Saw them for the first time at an all nighter at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. Truly gutted about this. Their music was a massive part of my youth and onwards. RIP Keith Flint
  3. Lots of negative Vardy chat recently, bet you celebrated that though .l.
  4. Looks like he has worked at Leicester previously, according to Wikipedia. Anyone have any knowledge on this guy?
  5. Winning some home games and being hard to beat. Not bothered about the style of play. Aiming for 7/8th place.
  6. It will be really interesting to see how we line up for this one, but got a real good feeling that we will absolutely smash Brighton now. COYB
  7. I'd take any manager right now! I can't believe the fag end hasn't been sacked yet
  8. Currently 30 nob heads say in. Nob heads.
  9. How can anyone still be Puel in? Care to explain?
  10. Diplomatic incident with France if he's still in charge for Tuesday's match. Biggest pile of shit ever. For the results alone against Crystal Palace, he deserves the boot. Anyone sticking up for him now, well you best get back on your tablets you weirdos.
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