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  1. Ticket exchange thread 2017/18 (Wanted/For Sale)

    I have two adult tickets for the Manchester City Premier League match for sale, message me if interested. I
  2. Team Season Tickets

    Same here, any idea why anyone?
  3. Other half and I can't make Watford or Spurs due to me working shifts those days, so selling our season cards for these (We need them for Bournemouth) PM me if interested. Now Gone
  4. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    Two available for this, (not severely restricted view) face value, will throw in a couple of tickets to An Evening With Legends of LCFC on Thursday(Sold Out) if you want them. Now sold
  5. Chinese Television Money

    It sounded so real, they even had callers rowing with Cundy, if anyone wants to listen to it, it is here: http://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1490994000# listen from the midnight slot at the top.
  6. Chinese Television Money

    Amen to that
  7. Chinese Television Money

    Didn't twig it was April 1st it was five past midnight!! I've 'ad a Musaaaa!!!
  8. Chinese Television Money

    Oh for a delete thread button
  9. Chinese Television Money

    It's April 1st, forget it, they were winding us up!
  10. Chinese Television Money

    Cundy and Goldstein
  11. Chinese Television Money

    I didn't read it in the papers my friend, listening to it on TalkSport.
  12. Chinese Television Money

    It has been reported a Chinese Broadcaster is going to pay the Premier League for television rights, each club will get over £300 million, some matches will kick off at 6am, with no terrestrial broadcasting for British Broadcasters. This is a step too far in my opinion, we the fans are being shafted, we won't see any of the money, just bigger wages and more money for investors, do Premier league Players and stakeholders need any more!!!
  13. Full ticket details Atletico (H) Announced

    You notice the on sale dates all before the first leg, cynic in me thinks club is making sure everything is sold before just in case we get stuffed in Madrid. Expensive business this Champions League stuff, ticket price, another £100 for a hotel, another £40 in Diesel, but what a ride!
  14. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    As Kref says, hard to judge on LCFC Direct, but selling well.
  15. Crystal Palace Away Saturday 15th April 15:00

    It won't get near general sale, morning of P3 there are 100 tickets left, plus 1 block, just looked.