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  1. The OH Leuven Thread

    Oh the joys. Don't we have the wasyl brigade and some bochum over this weekend as well. With the amount of tickets going spare in the sales thread it's a good job someone is making the effort to go to the game.
  2. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Well, that's a bit of a price hike, not that i'm here. But that's really harsh on non-members, as least I get to watch it in a bar in Holland now tho.
  3. Membership 17/18

    Email. Vishal.Dayal@lcfc.co.uk I can definitely buy anytime after my points become active not just the 24/48 hours your saying is the active wondow.
  4. Membership 17/18

    Are you signed in via your own account?
  5. Membership 17/18

    They must be an error somewhere. My wives membership has 32 points and it's 25 points and over for Newcastle tonight and I can buy a ticket online no problem. By what you are saying her window had closed and we shouldn't be able too. Odd. Who did you speak to in the ticket office.
  6. Membership 17/18

    No I understand what you are saying but I wasn't aware that was the case. I've got 2 memberships on different points and I've never had an issue. Infact to prove I'm not going mad I've just logged in and checked and I can still buy Newcastle tickets despite having missed the 1st sales window and it now having dropped to lower points. Have you got both refs linked to the same account? Or are you sure she actually has 20. As that's the lowest window if she's on 19 you need to start entering the ballot to get 1 more or get one once on sale to all members to break that ceiling.
  7. Membership 17/18

    What do you mean you can't buy together? You just wait for it to reach her points window and buy then. Or do you mean she doesn't have enough points for even the lowest window?
  8. Build up film before games.

    To be fair, i do rock up last minute now days that's what becomes of having an allocated seat, bring back unreserved and hoggies so I have to arrive earlier
  9. WBA away - 3pm Sat 10th March

  10. Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    You've met our ticket office, right? They are currently selling tickets to members for home games nearly 2 months away. I guess the reason for selling to members on mass for cup ties is based on the sheer lack of ability to actually make sure tickets arrive before the game in a shorter time frame.
  11. Build up film before games.

    No point the tourists have no idea who mark McGhee is. bring back republica.
  12. The OH Leuven Thread

    Hence the IF we are in it. I'd suggest we stand a better chance than a 2nd tier team playing sides from the league above tho.
  13. The OH Leuven Thread

    Yes, so even if by some master class from Nige, and they qualify, they wouldn't be allowed to play in the Europa League if we are in it, as we take priority as we finished in a higher position in our domestic league structure.
  14. The Tinder Thread

    Well at least when she's on Fword wifi she won't be able to see this