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  1. Well the LCFC marketing department has had our pants down there. There was certainly plenty wearing them and absolutely none left behind in the upper tier. As a few above have mentioned tho. There also seemed to be a distinct lack of them on seats by the time we arrived in ours.
  2. No wonder I'm driving to Essex today to get to london tomorrow. It's easier, more efficient and a dam site cheaper, last time we went in for a midweek game we got there and back for 20 quid and they chucked in the underground zones we needed for nothing as well from manningtree station.
  3. I'll take that. That's at least 3 packets of salt and vinegar French fries.
  4. These are already out of date, when released. By Tuesday the steels for the roof on the stand for the show pitch were already on as well.
  5. Based on the 1st game of the season general sale is not gonna be a thing. Trying to push membership on you. However sure some kind season ticket holder can buy extra for you.
  6. Did the TOTS upgrade. To be fair I got a 94 veratti gonna see if hes worth having on the bench. Packed a TOTS Benzema 94 as well. Imagine my joy when hes worth only 160k. Is he worth having on the bench as well? Or with the way packs are weighted at the minute should I sell and open a few more?
  7. Didn't they only play 2 games together. Stan made his debut in a draw at Watford. A week later we beat sunderland at home when stan scored a hat trick. The next week heskey was sold wasn't he and stan broke his leg at Derby not long after. Unless the memory is failing me.
  8. Chelsea Potter if you want somewhere walking distance to the ground. But won't be full of Leicester and it's relatively tiny. But there's normally a handful of us there.
  9. I was still up stairs with my lad when they message me to say there were in the queue. Never again.
  10. Be glad you didn't ask your mate for a cider. 4.50 for a half pint sized bottle. Not drinking in the ground again at that price
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