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  1. Bayfox

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Tried the beer pharmacie place last night. Pretty decent to be fair. Something novel. Was steady all night. 2 German lagers on tap. 3 ciders and several real ales. Pale ales etc. Cobs on bar, Sausage rolls, scotch eggs chorizo. For snacks. Will be using it again. Reckon aa few people will know the bloke running it as he used to do the doors in town.
  2. Bayfox

    FIFA 19

    I managed it eventually. Wolves was a right pain. There was hardly any cb on the market. Tempted to turn off the football and try him myself. I managed the liga nos and eredivise on 18. Don't think I can be arsed with anymore this time round.
  3. Bayfox

    FIFA 19

    Just Cardiff and wolves left to finish to get vardy. But prices are silly.
  4. Bayfox

    The OH Leuven Thread

    It happens. MON was never the same without his 2 trusted men as well. He seems to have found a little relative success with Roy Keane but I'm interested to see how it goes up the road.
  5. Yeah thought most the exterior was wood clad which means it will surely go more silver over the years.
  6. Bayfox

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Come to Rotterdam with the lads 3 games in 3 days. What's not too like.
  7. Bayfox

    FIFA 19

    I've managed to do 7 of 20 so far. But I'm gonna struggle to do the bigger clubs without some pack luck. Best I got from the 7 packs. Was a fabinhio.
  8. Believe there was an accident at the junction last night. That will we the natives off again no doubt.
  9. Bayfox

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Well the wife has talked me into going back to Ibiza. So I guess anything further afield will have to wait. To be fair £1500 quid for 4 all inc for 10 nights is a bargain compared to what we normally pay. Only downside is it's October so weather won't be as warm. But as the hotel has 6 bars I'm sure I can keep warm Already looking forward to the annual trips to Ibiza town and San an.
  10. Bayfox

    Part time jobs

    Few of my mates wife's have found work at the local school. Working in the kitchen. Maybe worth a try. Assuming she can cook.
  11. Bayfox

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    He's said he can't cope with the rigours of the PL. So expect him to pop up in Germany or as jurgens no.2 Or in a PL job by next week
  12. Bayfox

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Yep he's gone back to insolvency law. Said he couldn't turn the offer down and couldn't get anyone to take it on.
  13. Bayfox

    Liverpool (A) selling order

    It's online now.
  14. Bayfox

    WANTED Season ticket for remaining games

    Having seen our recent home record. A ban sounds decent.
  15. Bayfox

    WANTED Season ticket for remaining games

    Nothing other than it breaking premier league rules. And if the club ever worked it out both getting bans. But other than that nothing. However I'll give someone 200 quid to take mine for the rest of the season. The only catch is you have to take my lad every game and he eats shit loads of them crap hotdogs as like a fiver a pop.