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  1. Although if you look at sk1 the whole rear section is blocked out. Only front is available. Has there been a change if plan @Union FS
  2. Down the escalator turn left. Job done
  3. Oh those not able to have there normal seats are gonna be causing jim some grief
  4. Bayfox

    Sky Broadband

    Speeds are fine. Although it very often drops out on my phone and coverage house wide can be an issue at times. Which makes trying to work from home in the dining room a pain sometimes. Maybe worth looking at boosters if you suffer the same issues.
  5. From what I've read, he had already turned down several moves as he didn't consider them right for him, he came here knowing the situation and knew he would be back up for now, he has been in pretty much every matchday squad and knows he can come on at either full back position should there be a issue with the players starting, I doubt very much he thinks that situation has changed since he joined so I reckon he sees out this season. We have 2 cup competitions as well as the league coming up, then next year, a good chance at European football again meaning more games. His time will come cwnt see any reason for us to be looking to loan him in jan or next season.
  6. This is the problem. I start watching it and then find it's just a bit the same, so by about week 2 I miss an episode for whatever reason and then that's it I just drift away from it, I missed friday, sat and sunday for whatever reason and that's it, couldn't be bothered with it monday, didn't watch tuesday or last due to the football and now I have very little interest as I've not kept up on who's gone etc. Think it could do with being bi annual to be honest. I do wonder how long it has left before it dies off completely.
  7. Theres accommodation for 1st team players and certain accommodation space for academy but they are also after of site houses. A mate of mine was approached for his by the club, they also apparently made a late bid on the old convent in rearsby as well but it's already being converted having been on the market for ages. Seems they missed the boat on that one.
  8. The club want housing near the training ground not the ground. As they are based there all week. Several local properties with multiple bedrooms have had tentative enquiries made.
  9. Mine was fine. Using the app on a smart tv. Streaming from phone to tv was not so great. Hopefully now we have logged on once on the app it remembers us for boxing day.
  10. The remembrance fixture shirts from our home game End on ebay at 10.20 for anyone interested or rich enough.
  11. Bayfox

    Dwight McNeil

    Not really watched him just see the MOTD hype etc, but watching him tonight and been impressed. Wouldn't say he makes our 1st 11. But if we make Europe he could deffo come in and wouldn't look out of place.
  12. Yet again you have to love lcfc. I have an email saying so long as I provide the names they will upgrade the u18 to an adult and allow them in. Otherwise what is the point to offering the option to upgrade.
  13. If we lose, surely shes banned.
  14. No need going via Sweden don't need a Visa to enter then.
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