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  1. Bayfox


    Bump. Did my 1st Ride of the year today. 25 miles took 2 hours so average speed not great. Anyone got any tips for climbing, still can't master it. If I go in high gear and hard I run out of steam. If I go in slow and try spinning in low gear. I lose momentum and end up coming to a standstill as well.
  2. 2 adult. Lower tier. Will take 40 quid for the pair. Sold.
  3. 2 adults for this for sale now game moved. Fv.
  4. Just did the flashback and, got sturridge, is he any good as a CAM?
  5. Yes. I guess they didn't expect Ajax to go that far in the competition. I'm just pissed off as it ****ed up my chance to go to Feyanoord and Ajax in 1 weekend
  6. Almost correct. The league sets out the fixtures to help clubs yes. And in the main they are set in stone. But Ajax game at the weekend was actually moved from a Sunday ko to sat evening after they beat Madrid to help them.
  7. No one ever said it was. But wasn't it his other sons thing. Surely he has some say or part of the estate to play with.
  8. Another winner at Newmarket. Apparently that's 12 wins in 22 rides with de sousa on board since he took the gig. That's a pretty decent return. No idea how much money they will be making in terms of prize money and betting returns. But it's got to be a positive that the group is making a success of it.
  9. Especially for people who pay for multiple season tickets.
  10. Thought he fancied trying out as an NFL kicker as well. But yeah she's at a investment bank and quite high up I believe between them they must have a few quid, although I hope she's invested herself, living in New York in the life they are probably both now accustomed to that wealth could soon disappear.
  11. Still think with his connections to Chelsea he fancies going back there. Or would spurs take him if poch left? But I certainly think with what happened 3 years ago, we are about as big a job that he could have expected right now, doubt he'd have jumped ship, for a Burnley, West Brom, Norwich, Brighton etc. He knows coming here. He has the tools, the backing and room for improvement and expansion, to show what he can do, what if he does turn us into a regular top 6 club at the expense of a Chelsea, spurs or Arsenal. That stands for much more than winning in Scotland surely. He does remind me bit of Sven, who could probably sell ice to Eskimos and charm the pants of me, let alone the wife. But my god it's a improvement over Claude, I actually want to listen to what he has to say. Can't think I ever listened to a post match interview under Claude. Right now, LCFC and Rodgers seem a good fit. Let's enjoy the next bit of the LCFC rollercoaster.
  12. Loving it. Expect him to be in Susan Whelans office at 8am sharp tomorrow to explain the fact they as a club don't want to listen to the 5%
  13. I get your point but it's worse in Holland. Most clubs can only travel by official bus, some are allowed to travel by car, but you can't travel using public transport to away games, if caught with match ticket you can be turned back. And some clubs still have bans in place. Ajax and Feyanoord can't attend the respective aways at each other's ground and Ajax can't travel to ADO den haag such is the I'll feeling that still exists due to Ajax Jewish history. Although for balance apart from rare circumstances the fixture list that is publish stands. The tv games are decided before they produce it.
  14. I find your posts on here and Twitter funny, but then apparently sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. So the Goscote/Costock Fox Piss take 11(yes we may need plenty of subs) is a must
  15. Flaming was decent. But always struggled to get in for some reason. Never really used palais when it as called that, when it changes to life and lost a floor or 2 it was by far the best club in the city in terms of music played and the vibe, however if you weren't in by about 9pm the place was always full. And 5 hours or so in the same place was a pain. So only ever went for birthdays and shit when it seemed much easier to blag it.
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