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  1. Not playing the inverted LB. I mean playing albrighton as a wing back on the correct side is one thing. But putting him in that position on his weaker foot is another. Leaving us 2 against 3 in the middle of the park, when one of the 2 is youri (runs in treacle) Tielemans its not a surprise we needed kasper to keep us in the game. Last night specifically I didnt think the 3 at the back helped us at all. All 3 seemed a little unsure positional. And I'm convinced having fuchs over bennett would have been better for communication purposes. But as mentioned above 2 holding midfielders at home is the crime that should never have been repeated.
  2. Still never decided if kermo ****ing up ot having to come home on fox travel was the worst thing about that night. Loved how we got at them that night. Howard was immense, bullied there centre backs. ****ing away goals rule being removed really ****ed us over that year. Maybe Brendan should watch the video, could learn what a plan b could do for him. Not sure what Howard is upto nowdays tho
  3. If that's true then why didn't he walk for the Arsenal job. He's made it harder to get away by taking the new contract.
  4. Wow how we have changed. 25k a week for a 3rd choice keeper considered low. Bring back Conrad.
  5. Doesn't surprise me at all. Think most pubs will end up operating like restaurants for a while. Locals because they will probably try to look after the regulars and in most cases, those people have a decent personal relationship with the staff so if you ring and say I'll be down between 5 and 8pm Friday after work they will look after you. Bars and City pubs probably because people will be ringing and asking anyway. Who's gonna make a 10 mile or more trip to discover you can't get in and get a drink anywhere. Downside to that is definitely that a night out in town for a bit of a bar crawl is gonna be off the agenda for the time being.
  6. Did 2. Owen and Blanc I guess owen is a decent link for my PL side or as a sub for Vardy.
  7. Bayfox


    This isn't far wrong. I spent about 800 on mine under 3 years ago. Gaint Contend SL. Ali frame. Actually got no idea what group set is on it, brought it cuz it was about the 1st model with disk brakes. I did about 200 miles on it in 2 years, I've done about 600 or so in the last few months, I know still not mega mileage, but trying to get out at least twice a week. Done a few 30 mile rides. But as I said above, having tested my mates defy, I want a carbon bike and seeing his propel, way to hardcore for me, I love the idea of SRAM etap or Di2. It's opened my eyes to how much more I'd want to get out and would enjoy the rides if I had something I was really proud of. Just a shame there's no stock So roll on 2021 and having saved a few more notes I may be able to afford something. For now its sticking to 20-30 miles each ride and hauling the ali frame along with me
  8. Same. Not enough players to attempt the 97 but happy with the 94 for an 86 rated side. Used some of the dress I had like 90 illic that I just had no use for some dutch totssf cb from turkish league.
  9. Would have been a nice pull if I could sell.
  10. Bayfox


    If you are buying a defy pro, shouldn't you be getting ultegra at minimum as standard. Infact sure rutland cycles sell them with etap on. I can't afford the pro, but having been out on my mates defy, I'm deffo looking at going Carbon, feels so much nicer climbing. Tempted to upstage to Di2 as soon as I buy it tho so thats good bye to a other grand on top.
  11. Lives in cave now. With preki
  12. Our year used to do that after we had the MMR jab, ****ing hurt and watching green/yellow puss come out your arm was a delight
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