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  1. Or cross the 46 and use six hills. But added to this. It's not just about us. They intend to let the women's side use it to develop that side of the game. We plan to have the best turf education facilities in Europe and local clubs such as sileby will benefit as well. We should be very proud of this and clearly the golf club wasn't that viable. Afterall despite the sale I'm told the members lost fees so I'd be more inclined to take Frank's pitch fork to the former owners.
  2. It was a process you had to apply for at the start of the season. Normally if selected you get a 1 season term unless you represent a group, such as the foxes trust, ufs, etc. So sure they will advertise again in the summer. As for what happens. The club do ask you not to share sensitive information as such. But loads gets leaked on here and we are only bound not to say anything until official announcements Not sure about the notes being published but they do say that transparency is key so they must be available somewhere.
  3. Yes but the likes of eBay give you that option but if it hasn't made your maximum they don't just charge you that automatically.
  4. As I say I wasn't really knocking the club but in an auction you also don't bid 500 quid straight off the bat if no one else is bidding. I like the fact that the legion ones go on eBay Nowdays as at least you can see if you can afford a bid and if one goes out your reach you have an alternative to bid on.
  5. Real shame it's email bids. Hopefully the poppy ones will be on eBay again at least you can then see what the current bid is and make a sensible bid. That's not a criticism of the club as such. But doing It via email means reading a load of emails only to know some wealthy box holder or whoever has already But someone's annual salary. The raffle idea is much better. If they had just put them all in one raffle surely we would have sold a good 20k so that's 200k to the charity and I'd guess that's a conservative estimate. That's around 13k per shirt.
  6. There's an FCC meeting tonight. Although the club try to restrict what is said in public I'm sure we will get an update.
  7. Bayfox

    FIFA 19

    Is it worth it? I've got totw chilly who is doing ok for me. I liked Alonso last year. Did you have a lot of the players to already complete it?
  8. I got 2. Was entitled to 3 really as I have 3 season tickets. But I let one go to a mate. Was considering selling the 2nd as me and my son don't really need 2 long term as he will get mine eventually. Would have donated proceeds to charity of clubs wishes. However having seen the abuse some are getting and I have no doubt some are taking money for themselves, I think I will find a family member who wasn't at game and ask them to make a small donation instead.
  9. Bayfox

    Team links

    Few of us going in the Excelsior end at Ajax in April hopefully. Might have to get a flag made up. Part of another 3 games in 3 days. Breda Friday Night, Feyenoord Sat. Proper random you have to travel by coach but can drink on the coach. Although having seen the Excelsior v Ajax score this weekend. I'm thinking twice about it.
  10. Bayfox

    Matchday Programme (Burnley)

    My boy opened his last night. So I have just sat and read it cover to cover. I love the fact our players love what he has done for them. Reading the likes of Leo, Mahrez, Kante etc explain it really makes it hit home just how good an owner he was I can't see to many owners, especially from abroad ever being held in quite such high regard. RIP MR CHAIRMAN
  11. Bayfox

    Susan Whelan

    Having met her in person. I actually think that's just her public personality. I found her to be very knowledgeable, engaging and willing to listen as well. At guess I reckon her and Nigel probably got on very well they seem to have very similar senses of humour.
  12. Yes I'm taking the modern generation route....... I'm offended as walk to the ground implies you need legs.
  13. Raises 1 very good point. The handing out of 1 pot between all these clubs that have museums dedicated to success seems a little weird. But the suggestion that the likes of juve and Milan wouldn't or couldn't compete if they had the money seems a little short sighted. Milans or turin becomes the same as the madrid/barca thing. Lifestyle and weather wise how many plump for man city if you can earn the same money? In general however I have felt a world league has been coming for a while now. The world gets smaller all the time and the tv viewer is the king for marketing and advertising companies. The big problem to create the truly global competition they really want is how the **** they make an American/ Arab State and Australian franchise that can become anything close to Man Utd, Barca, Madrid, Boca, River etc. But I think purely based on the fact the sport is now so TV driven we will see something akin to this in my lifetime. The bit where it falls down is it will have to become a closed shop but like the NFL it will end up being effectively a franchise system. If we can't sell out we will move you somewhere we can. If people in Manchester get bored we just stick you in Dublin for 2 years and when that novelty wears off we will stick you in the states somewhere
  14. Bayfox

    LCFC Tried and tested chants

    Well I have never heard anyone use And. I always used A to be honest until recently when I felt we're Leicester was more fitting.