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  1. We do. He has been offered a new contract, but it was made clear to him, he is seen as an impact sub only and Brendan doesn't see him as a starter. Gray has therefore refused to sign the new contract and I guess will be leaving on Jan for a small fee or next summer for nothing.
  2. I played someone in Div 8 with 4 icons and messi last week. Luckily he was shit. So I can only assume he had spent a fortune on packs
  3. Shouldn't affect him finding the stands or the opposition striker with every kick.
  4. Believe so. Wasnt her father a inspector or cheif constable 8n out local police force. Sure he was stationed in syston for a while when we had a cop shop there.
  5. Mumma says these are my special shoes.
  6. Don't think from memory when I used to use Now TV that it covers box office. So yes you would need sky sports then still have to pay for the match via box office. Unless your virgin package allows you to just pay for box office events. I assume if you select the channel it will tell you, you can either pay for it or you need to upgrade 1st.
  7. Good old James is the sbc otw. Anyone @Ashley got any ideas on the likely requirements. Would be a nice upgrade on Madders and almiron
  8. Just packed Vardy. From the small prime players pack for level 14 on season progress. I'll take that.
  9. Honestly after winning the league and doing the CL games away from home especially. My boy. I don't think I will ever get the buzz that 15/16 16/17 gave me. Until we finally win the FA cup. Missing out on EL this year has done me. 2 of those games at least were easily doable. If it wasn't for my lad now wanting to go every week I would be on the verge of calling it a day. I love meeting up with my mates, the beers and chat with them pre and post game. The awaydays, but realistically the football on the pitch is probably now not the driving factor.
  10. Presume as the domestic window is still open there cant be a need to name a squad now. There's surely half a chance that someone like josh King, Brooks etc still end up at a PL club.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a way of cancelling your pre order on ps4 via the online store?
  12. About the highlight of this weekend seen as my 9 year old is beating me in Fantasy Football
  13. Nacho did ok last season. Problem is I guess he needs game time to continue that form. Great point on Perez. Actually think one of his best performances for us was West Ham away last season. And still think despite what others may say. That Barnes could well be the one for the role eventually as he has the pace of Vardy meaning we don't have to change the way we play quite as much. Yes he is a bit Andy Cole in that he needs 5 or 6 chances to take 1 but that could come with time. I often think back to the Swansea game when everyone outside Leicester worried a
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