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  1. No it was a hamster on a swing.
  2. We haven't last season there was 1500 for gold and 500 for silver as a minimum so this is same just they haven't limited the number of memebership sold. Where as last season they sold 4000 golds and 6000 silver. Be interesting to know how many they sell in total this season.
  3. Was he Jordan Stewart's offspring?
  4. Got work now and no 4g or Wi-Fi so no $ky go. So what time are the game sat?
  5. my 11 home games on silver are pretty much useless then can't see there being many of the 1000 left at 21 points. although the way that reads i can enter the ballot 1st and then wait and see if it reaches my points as well, what a backwards logic. or i have to wait until the friday to see if i can buy and if not quickly enter the ballot.
  6. What? Jim bless him has no bearing on any announcement, just because he is put there as the face of LCFC and deals with all the public flak on twitter etc, it is down to the ticketing team and at the minute i would guess the IT section as well, there is very little chance they can sell tickets whilst it seems so many members are lacking points at the moment, until the errors are corrected, they risk more carnage buy selling and people not being able to buy due to errors in the system. I note over the weekend there is now a total points box in your online profile so they are clearly still working on things.
  7. No it's pretty plain. We have an away system. A membership home points system and now they are replacing the 10% discount with a points per spend system. Now ok the last bit is a bit shit because before if you spent 6 quid or 600 you saved cash. This will reward the rich granted. But palace for example reward per spend and that gives you priority for aways which is a joke as season ticket holders get 500 points yet spending in the shop earns you the same points if you spend enough. This is litterally no more than a tesco clubcard. From what I have seen.
  8. What are they meant to call them. If they are reward points. Then they are reward points. We now already have 2 lots for home and away.
  9. No you will earn points and no doubt receive a voucher at a certain level. Points can be earned in shop and when buying food and drinks etc. A completely different system to home or away points. As I understand it. Which will make for even slower service at half time
  10. Bukta is the greatest kit manufacturer we have ever had.
  11. Nah you lost me when they suggested ascot is better than Cheltenham. Jumps >>>>>>>>>>>>>flat.
  12. Whilst I agree. Apparently this is worth 10 million I guess in their heads they paid for the right. I'd argue they paid for it to be on vardys arm when he scores live on $ky. But I guess they may think differently
  13. We are massive. Expand the ground
  14. Noooooooo. Don't do it matty. Not to them.
  15. click buy on any of the ballots and it's in a blue box, infact brighton has now changed to 2992!!! chelsea 2995 so they must be open to someone.