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  1. Bayfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    I was never under the illusion he would be better than Simpson defensively. It was clear that Puel wanted to have full backs that offered more going forward. The irony on the other flank being that if fuchs wasn't in his 30s and had a better engine he would offer more than Chilwell. However it seems that what has been overlooked is that playing that way needs a really mobile/clever defensive midfielder that can cover the gaps left. We seem to play with 2 yet neither seems to fit the role of covering that space. With 3 in behind Vardy in effect and 2 over lapping full backs we shouldn't need the 2 cm bombing on they should be able to sit a bit deeper. The whole reason we have a clamour for playing with wing backs is that clearly we are leaving our 2 not overly mobile centre backs with little or not protection and asking them to do too much.
  2. Too nice probably nails it. We have 2 holding midfielders but both are a little 2 nice. We don't have a mean streak. I don't mean we have to have a nasty bastard. But basically Vardy and maybe Harry are the only ones with a little mean streak in them, maybe it's a bit basic but we grew up in this country talking about earning the right to play football. That meant winning the little battles 1st and then showing you were better on the ball as well.
  3. Bayfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    If we ignore the whole debate about wing backs and 3 at the back. And deal with the fact Claude clearly wants our full backs to attack. Then you need a defensive midfielder that can cover the ground to close those gaps left by them getting forward. Shame the only man with that engine left 2 years ago.
  4. You were doing so well until you suggested Howe is likeable.
  5. He can't say what he wants to in English or French. As he wants us all to **** off and die.
  6. And again just before half time. So we need to score at least 3 to win.
  7. Bayfox

    Will Vardy’s Record be equaled or broken

    I know they are 2 different things. But was just praising his unselfishness when he could have gone for the personal glory again.
  8. Bayfox

    Will Vardy’s Record be equaled or broken

    At the same time I was pleased he was unselfish and played Ryiad in for his hatrick. Showed what team ethic we had in that season.
  9. Bayfox

    FIFA 19

    Ps4 was 3pm UK time not sure about Xbox. But it seems PlayStation store crashed over and over.
  10. Bayfox

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Still on the 1st 2 blocks and several hundred left in both. This will easily make next week. I'm holding off to get 6 together on Monday. Yes in the main. There's a fb group you can add your ref and tell them your points if you want and they do a block booking for as many games as possible. Think they purchased around 40 odd in 1 section for Newcastle.
  11. Bayfox

    Bournemouth Away 15th Sept Ticket Details

    2 pairs back on website but only to 300+ points.
  12. Bayfox

    Leicester - West Ham 27/10

    Tickets are on sale to all members and season ticket holders can buy guests, so if you know anyone with a season ticket, maybe ask them if they can sort you out, I brought 2 last night there are still plenty of seats left.
  13. Bayfox


    Alternatively to the other suggestions use the A50 out of Leicester, you should comfortably make the North bound M1 in 30 mins, maybe 45 on a match day, but will be nearly 15 miles further up the M1 when you join. Much better use of your time. Watch out for the average speed cameras between the A46 junction and markfield tho.
  14. Bayfox

    What Nationality would you like to be if....

    Years back I'd have said Irish. My grandparents on my dad's side were Irish although I had nothing to do with them. But I loved visiting ireland they seem to have such a great outlook to life and everyone seems to like them. However right now. Spanish all day long. Love the lifestyle, would love to speak the language (languages are not my thing) and if I ever can afford to. I'm.off to Ibiza to retire.
  15. Good. But I find it proper odd. The fact I spent a night in brugge listening to it being sung and I just can't fathom why. Lcfc in Europe and we come out with that.