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  1. I'd say youri has a lot more about him physically than Fabregas, if you chooses to use it is another issue. Technically Youri is currently miles behind Cesc at his peak as well. Fabregas played, with great success for Arsenal and Chelsea, and he only really left Barca again due to the competition I already mentioned. He infact had he waited another 12 months or so, he could have been a replacement for xavi
  2. That's proper harsh on Fabregas. He was class on his day and didn't look put of place in the barca side, just he had xavi and iniesta for competition. Youri would still look leaden footed even with players of that ilk about him. He really needs to sharpen up a bit.
  3. No mate sorry the wife hasn't been up for a month or so.
  4. We've had a bird box on our fence for exactly 2 years, our 1st guests have moved in, during this time, nature seems to be loving lockdown, we have a pair of Hreat tits, who have clearly been making a nest in there. My boy is loving it. Only problem is, just 1 day after they discovered it, the wife looked out to see a Bird of Prey sat on the fence next to it So far they have survived, but despite having plenty of fields around the area, I don't think in 5 years I've seen a Bird of Prey in the Garden. So it's interesting to see what effect this period has on nature when we come out the other side.
  5. Bayfox

    Corona Virus

    Whilst that sounds a nightmare on a personal level. Let's hope none of those 160 residents have the virus as they get transferred and plonked elsewhere, spreading it further.
  6. Outdoor work on course and pitches yes, it's the final fix of electrics etc that are gonna prove tricky when you cant work in gangs of sparkys, plumbers etc.
  7. Its exactly this. The penalty clauses inserted for not meeting the date, see McLaren's lose a lot of the profit margin. And there's clauses for adverse weather etc but obviously not for a global pandemic rocking up 6 months before completion. So they will keep working unless the government shut them down.
  8. Bayfox


    Bit of a promotion bump on this thread. My 10 year old daughter has decided as part of her current home school PE to cycle 100 miles in the month of April and raise money for MIND at the same time. I'm cycling with her every mile of the way and tracking it on strava for her. She has so far smashed her initial target of £100z but we would love to keep her motivated by keeping that total moving. If anyone can donate just a pound. Here's the link https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/meganjackson16 This way the money goes direct to the charity via just giving. if anyone can help mental health in this current time is probably going to be an even bigger issue. For the record she is now 5 days in and has managed 25 miles (we had a rest day yesterday due to her mum's birthday) so she is well on target to meet her goal. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  9. Bayfox

    Corona Virus

    What was today's uk death toll? Ps all the best boris, what load of shit this man has had chucked at him recently.
  10. Apparently the neighbours are up in arms they are still working. Unless the government close building down, they won't stop. They need to make the handover date and the only out is if the government shut it down.
  11. My mates business is opposite this place, he's posted leaflets through all the neighbours doors and offered to do doorstep drops for anyone who wants anything, cant decide he's trying to be nice to us, help the local business or a shareholder
  12. Nah I think you need to thank incontinent old people for those.
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