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  1. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Brilliant lack of understanding there. They set up and improved the atmosphere way before that. But don't let facts ruin the narative.
  2. FIFA 18

    Been doing the squad battles and online seasons. Got promoted through 2 divisions in record time for me. Now can't buy a ****ing win. Last game 2-2 v 10 men and he scores with the last kick of the game ffs. This game drives me mad.
  3. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Excellent idea can we get the words to WYS put on it as well
  4. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    After 3 hour drive I'll be well grateful to stretch my legs. But will be packing the binoculars back row.
  5. Alright for some. Fair play I'd love them hanging on my wall. And would have loved the kasper one for my lad. But way out of my league at this moment in time. Hope he enjoys them every time he passes by whatever wall they are hung on.
  6. New chants and songs

    Same block you going? Long slog But I meant at home. Limited by space granted but wondered how many started with and how the numbers had grown. Under the constraints you have.
  7. 2 hours left for anyone feeling flush.
  8. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Hargird don't like Singing tho
  9. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Think we have found hagrids ft user account.
  10. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Because when sk1/ufs try something different they get call for elitism. Loads of variety in sk1. But no ****er joins in.
  11. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Unfortunately it seems so were out team and judging on replies most of our fan base. They are barca lite. Pass for passings sake and we stood and admired it. No way Lennon, Walsh, taggart etc would have let that lie. Even vardy had given up to today. Dickov would have left a few more studs in. The fact we have fans creaming themselves over it. Says everything about what out club has become. We took the piss out of them last year and when winning the league. Why have we rolled over today. Lack.of desire. They were no better than Chelsea last season at our place or utd when RVN mugged us of at the KP. Anyone looking would think we had juat faced world beaters. Not having it.
  12. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Half of sk1 was in bochum today. But maybe if we had a fan base that gave a shit. Walking off the train today I was surrounded by lads. Mainly old boys that have followed their club for years. We have become a family club. And whilst I take my lad and that's a good think from my point of view approaching 40. It's not exactly conducive to out singing 3000 lads is it. I'll say it again look at our away end at stoke. Compared to what, city, Utd, West ham even swansea bring. Why do you think several of our fan base are heading to Germany on a regular basis? Our club has become the flag ship of a family club. News flash. Old dears. Posh parents with kids don't make a racket.
  13. Irish fox here

    It's not time to settle down. Just relax and take it easy.
  14. Huddersfield and Watford

    Sales ended to those with 20 plus at 6pm Friday evening. Now ballot winners get choice of seats left. Any not sold will go on sale to members who haven't already brought after this period. Normally about a week later. So I'd be looking next weekend to see what details are released if I was you.
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Well at least they will be pleased to know you have promoted them back to the top flight.