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  1. Portuguese keeper from Spanish 2nd div. 85 rated just what I needed when I already have 4 other tots keepers
  2. Inevitable really with them in the EL they could have left it to see if they made it thru but ar least this way we know. Expect Chelsea to follow suit. Which means if the TV companies fancy getting Sheff Utd on early doors our 1st month of the season could be pish.
  3. Backed fox chairman on the $kybet 4 places 100 quid profit. Didn't fancy the KP horse in the 1st and backed Frankie. So that's 2 from 2. Queen power just been beat as well. Got Frankie again in the next. Then it's all about the big e/w for me. Could be massive if it came in.
  4. Plenty of runners today at ascot. Fave in the 1st, think the only race they don't have a runner in is the gold cup. Got 12 and 11/1 shots in the last 2, had a little e/w double with $kybet paying 5 and 6 places on them.
  5. Ah you are correct. Not seen they had changed that.
  6. Yes only it's not at home as it's the Caribbean carnival so police won't allow it.
  7. The difference in cost. And 4 times in family stand. Unlimited in other stands.
  8. Think so. It used to be 15 for gold and 10 for silver.
  9. Log in go to tickets. Then select personal details. Your points total will be there. As for friends and family. Check you have added them, if not 're do it on the same page as personal info. Make sure you tick the shares family circle box to be able to see there info. There points however will not show
  10. I played someone in div 7 over the weekend. Sol Campbell Gerrard And 1 other icon can't remember who up front. I guess you can buy packs and trade to get icons. Doesn't make you any good at the game.
  11. Well that's Jason and Jordan of the new york foxes in that photo and at least 1 of them posts on here for sure. If not both.
  12. If you applied as a group it was stated that it would be based on the lowest points. So assume you both are but applied via your account. My wife and a mate applied. She had the lowest points but we applied via her account. They are both able to buy at 9am tomorrow. But she has to do the application as it was made via her account.
  13. Deffo got to go Cov, take the piss. Maybe we should move our u23 games there as well
  14. Message me nearer the time (once ticket details are out and ko confirmed) . Got 2 memberships that I can help you out with. Assuming I don't manage to get them upgraded to season tickets this year. Mind you even then they won't get used every week. And there's a few on here that can vouch for me if required.
  15. Something that major should come under the 10 year bit. It's normally plumbing, electrics etc that are part of the 5 year satisfaction. My wife is on a mad one as our 5 years is up in Nov. So she's had them out doing everything, from leaky taps, leaking waste traps. Faulty double sockets etc we even made them come do some work on out alarm the other week, we'd had it serviced by the company that they paid to install it before we moved in, then a week later we had low battery warnings, we rang them and got no joy, reported them to the house builder and they came back out for nothing, they hate the idea of losing the contract to supply a national house builder.
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