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  1. I had a cracking one the other day went 1 up guy didn't quit. Went 3-1 down but though **** it. You didn't quit so I ain't. Made it back to 5-4 he hauls me down on the counter in injury time to stop me scoring. Red card. And I score from the free kick anyway. I conceded a penalty extra time 2nd yellow so 10 v10 he misses penalty and I win with 116 mins on the clock
  2. Not leaving the house Oh wait
  3. Messi is easily doable but we know that means everytime we play a friendly moving forward messi makes an appearance where he can as we will all be doing the same.
  4. I've done a few. Do seem to get some Good match ups. Che Adams is actually a decent card i use in my pl side off the bench as well. Just did the jahanbakask one this week as well. Got a reasonably solid silver pl side. Ward Forfana The wes player moments Big Dan James Hamza Drinky Jeff Can you tell its aittle bias
  5. Just done it him for the same reason. Hes gonna have to be shoe horned in next to vardy in my pl side tho just to get to use him
  6. His ability to pick out the far top corner when out wide right is unreal. But if everyone has the card I just don't get the point.
  7. What this free beckham card all about. I was expecting to open it and it be a loan. Has everyone world wide got the same card. If so what's the point?
  8. Bayfox


    Probably a bit late but the guy who set up Whyte or the head designer was previously with Marin so maybe worth a look at those as well.
  9. As far as I can understand the work is scheduled for Dec yes. Which seems strange the club want to push to get in 1 month or so earlier. Must be desperate to get in ASAP. To confirm the post above this as well. It's an A road so is Highways England that have been putting off the works. And there is nothing the club or council can do really to get them to hurry up. But it seems we are almost there.
  10. Sorry to quote myself but now found out highways have actually planned the work in for Dec anyway. So remains to be seen if City continue with trying to gain 1 month realistically or not.
  11. Leicester are pushing to get the condition about the junction removed. However because its such a big deal it is likely to go to committee again. Leicester pushing to get it on Nov agenda. Unlikely to be heard until at least Dec and even if found in favour of the club. Thats at least new year before they move the 1st team up there even if ready before.
  12. Said the same during our game last night. I think long term if he struggled with the pressure at Leicester, I can see it going badly wrong if he has a run of poor games or makes errors leading to goals at Chelsea.
  13. I'm seriously tempted. However I'm clinging to the vague hope that post Christmas there's a slim chance (blind hope) we could go and be allowed in so I'm saving my cash for that.
  14. For those in favour in a vaccine, todays study showing that immunity could only last a few months is a bit of a blow. Meaning it could lead to regular 6 month injections. Good for the drug companies I guess.
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