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  1. Probably. But then those armchairs are comfortable for those folk
  2. It was tongue in cheek. But the naff all i can do about it. Is everything that's wrong with modern football. Roll over and tickle our belly and state how great the product is. It wont last forever ask the Italians.
  3. Glad it keeps you in a job I'd happily go back to 14k watching Jimmy Willis and 3pm ko. Ok maybe that's extreme. But maybe it's time the rules about not showing 3pm ko. Changed. After all clubs are dying anyway, Bury. And they have a massive catchment that it was meant to still encourage to go to local games and $ky has probably hindered as many clubs as its helped, Ourselves included, Bolton, Sunderland, Pompey etc could all point towards chasing the dream only for it to fail miserably
  4. Don't need oyster cards anymore. If you contact less in and out of all stations they add it up over the day and you get the best rate, ie same as oyster card and they debit at midnight. From your account. Just remember to tap out even if barriers are open. Otherwise you get charged the full zone 7 rate for the whole day.
  5. Surely you can use a different delivery address and card address most sites let you. Only need the registered card address to match the details your bank hold.
  6. Depends on your perspective. As a football decision it was poor. As the fact liverpool are gone over the hill and no one is catching them and wolves are more of a danger to us than most. I'll take it. And as I type liverpool creep further away.
  7. Exactly this. I want CL football as much as the next bloke. But we all know next season if we have that. Which 2 competitions do we focus on.
  8. Pack luck back to normally. 9 packs this morning. Giroud was the highest rated player
  9. And Ricardo didn't, for the 1st few weeks he looked like he couldn't defend. Right now. As has been proved by his absence wilf is far more important to the way we play.
  10. Wilf disagrees. I mean I get you. But wilf would like to discuss the matter.
  11. Both excellent points. The downside however is expectation level has grown. And there's a part of our fan base is spoilt because of what happened. Also theres a few that know nothing but success. And I know theres plenty of young lads that just want to go for the day out, the atmosphere the banter with mates etc, like many of us used to. But theres a fair few bandwagoners as well that have cash so go more for the prestige than to support the club. They don't know Filbert St. They don't know the mid 2000s the high was great for those that did because they knew the real downs. Also football culture in this country changed. Many think for the better. Some disagree. I fall half way between. If I'm honest I love being able to take my lad without the hassle I had as a kid. But it's also lost its edge, that feeling of nerves. I will never stop going or supporting the club, but it has become very sterile recently. Next season the CL is the only thing I'm looking forward to right now if I'm really blunt.
  12. Didn't they qualify the year liverpool won it and lost out because of it. That's when UEFA then changed the rule that the holders qualified automatically, or have I imagined that.
  13. Certainly got ability but tend to agree blows a bit hot and cold. Our fans would be on his backs almost from the off if he doesn't score goals straight away. Perez gets a lot of shit, but at least has a work rate.
  14. But the global voice has spoken on our behalf
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