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  1. I've got about 250 riding on us finishing within 33 points of them so for me the odd loss and a tight title race suits.
  2. We can only charge them 30 quid. Same as all other away fans throughout the Premier league. So I guess they just couldn't be arsed. All away clubs now have to pay for the allocation of tickets if they don't think they can sell 3000 they take a reduced allocation to save money. Shows however long they stay in this league they dont have the following if they cant sell 3000 for a 3pm on a Saturday. I guess they would argue Leicester isn't the easiest of places to get to from Burnley and will use the we aren't a big game line. But for me I always go to watch my team not admire Old Trafford etc.
  3. Watching this thread and some foreign tv live from sunny Ibiza. Gutted to be missing it. But feeling positive we will be in a great position after 90mis today. WYS
  4. I'll give you store credit to the amount of 5 dollars.
  5. Love the heakey one for the fact he's so close to goal but still goes top bins. As for the muzzy one probably said before but the limbs in sk1 after that I took the now wife to about her 2nd game. Knocked her clean off her feet I ended up about 8 rows down, came back to someone picking her up off her arse. No idea why she married me
  6. Again taken from FB not sure the original is on my laptop somewhere. Taken in st lucia on my honeymoon.
  7. Had to take off FB so quality probably shocking. But what a day.
  8. Yep, I miss the CL but I seriously can't see how they can pull this off. BT made a massive statement taking this away from itv and $ky and I can't see why they would let it go and surely they have the funds to at least outbid ITV. Unless they got into bed with $ky and did a deal to show 1 game a week or 1 a night I cant see how they can afford it. I'd be pleased if they proved me wrong. But I just cant see it happening.
  9. Only taken on my camera phone. But I rate this one I took in Porto on our CL journey. Sure a few will recognise the bar it was taken from.
  10. We will sell out because they have already sold 23500 tickets. But I won't be surprised to see Arsenal style announcement of 32500 attendance when in reality there will be pockets of empty seats everywhere. How many season ticket holders are gonna risk handing their cards to complete strangers. I guess the ticket office may have a few requests for paper tickets and their will be an influx of posts on here. I reckon this suits the late teens 20s market down to the ground. But for those with families etc that work all year and only get a few days to spend with family. That boxing day evening can be a big deal. An early or 3pm ko would be much better for most. As I say normally I'd be well up for a late ko but the lack of public transport just makes it a ball ache for most. I'd be happy for this game to be the death of this slot. But I guess viewing figures wise it will be a winner for all those scousers with, london, Scottish, cornish, Devon accents who all get to get pissed up then sit on the sofa watching the game So yet again we are gonna be stuck with it.
  11. Probably best to collect on the day then unless you can get down beforehand. If you go before they will be at the shop. If you go on the day theres is a hut set up outside the shop. For collections
  12. Been as a kid but over 20 years ago. Have to say my memories of mid Florida are great but maybe screwed slightly. But hoping it's good for the kids. Been Cuba, Antigua and st Lucia as and not sure Florida will quite match it as an adult but won't be far behind.
  13. I'm on holiday so cant even play. I'll be happy if I make 6 of these rewards to get Kaspers old man.
  14. Now this is more like the Christmas spirit. Shame I'm the other side of the county.
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