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  1. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    That went well last time.
  2. The OH Leuven Thread

    Lumping on him coming home. And buzzing for the OH Leuven pre-season trip to Thailand.
  3. With free refills once you have the cup Hotdog $2 as well i think and i bet it's better than the shit we get at the KP. This is my new bucket list item, Falcons V Dolphins, which is october this year, so it may have to wait I thought the new hardrock stadium in Miami looked decent but that video wall and roof are something else.
  4. Liverpool ticket problem

    So it was an option but only for a limited time, odd. Just checked back and I didn't order until the 7th so I guess that's why it wasn't an option.
  5. Liverpool ticket problem

    Not sure if the above post is correct, but the load to card option is not online this season, so all cup ties are paper ticket, no idea who told you it was loaded to card, but that is not the correct information, i'd take it up with the club.
  6. Season Tickets

    You're correct, they did, but it's a strange way to go about it, the club are gambling on people being in and around the ground at the last minute. I guess if you live local it's worth a shot of wandering up on a match day, but if you live miles away, it's really not worth the time or the effort. And for what the hope someone may pay £60 quid to get a membership, then pay another £40 odd for a ticket.
  7. Season Tickets

    Essentially unless the club get desperate and announce at the last minute, no, they basically want everyone to sign up to a membership. See the bit here under Liverpool, which hasn't sold out. https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-gb/categories/home tickets
  8. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    Hope that should be a 2, otherwise you're well down the pecking order
  9. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    I get 4/12/6/7 across the family stand blocks and 276 in L1 showing online, rest of ground sold out, very impressed to be fair. As for tickets, they are all paper, loading to card doesn't seem to be an option online this season.
  10. Swansea away, any help please??

    What's the problem with logging in?
  11. The Car thread

    ST the new fiesta is probably more popular than the focus st especially now they have ruined it by making a d.d.d no can't say it. Version. I've got a mk2 RS coming up to years old now. Less than 40k on the clock. Love it but the whole 3 door thing is starting to grate on me a little with kids. Tempted to go back to the ST for the practicality. But it doesn't have quite the same appeal with that 4 pot engine. And the new RS is way to expensive. If I was spending that cash I'd buy a audi or a bmw. But for a little hot hatch id deffo pick the fiesta having owned a Cilo.
  12. I've had 1?

    So long as Celtic never introduce this idea.
  13. Only Leicester

    Alan Sheehans left foot.
  14. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Can he play both cb and rb at the same time then?
  15. That Slimani shot

    The only issue with that shot is. It hits his head on the way out. What I mean by that is, that when your luck is out your luck is out. Vardy probably scores or at least wins a corner. In this instance slim draws a good save but they win a goal kick. From which starts the move they score from. Shame but these things happen. Move on.