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  1. Think we should to consolidate a top ten finish this season, let BR assess the squad and get a full pre season behind us and have a go next year, the team is nowhere near good enough to handle the fixture pile-up. Can’t even beat teams like Newcastle at home with a full weeks rest let alone two days after a trip to arse-endistan on a Thursday.
  2. Really need some new faces in the team. With only a couple of exceptions I wouldn’t be arsed about any of them leaving. You get the feeling that any attack against us can lead to a goal yet any attack we make it hardly ever feels dangerous. Lots of work to do for BR.
  3. Chilwell is so one footed it’s painful
  4. Why the fvck don’t they just launch the tw@t sometimes.
  5. You could count the collective IQ of our team on one hand.
  6. If I see someone else mention Pearson I’m going to pull my hair out.
  7. The obsession with the bloke defies belief!
  8. If we had Son in the positions we’ve got in to today we’d have won this comfortably. Our young players just don’t have the composure yet.
  9. Some of these “professionals” need a kick up the arse, simple passes and decision making are shocking. Looking frustrated at each other but nobody is taking responsibility to push us on. All very meh at the min!
  10. Glad you started this topic. My partner and I have been looking in to adoption, it seems unlikely that we would be able to have a child naturally so this looks the best option. We went to a meeting at the council hall last year, which was informative but any real life experience and help would be appreciated.
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