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  1. I don't know what's most annoying, her facial expressions or that she thinks she's the most attractive woman on earth.
  2. The wife got me in to this, find myself shouting at the tv quite a bit.
  3. Mahrez first time pass to Vardy against Man City a couple of seasons back. Unbelievable technique.
  4. Dreamt last night that Marco Van Basten kept trying to have sex with me. Probably best not to delve to deep in to that one.
  5. Currently enjoying a Beavertown Smog Rocket - smoked porter. Not had many porters but this is lovely.
  6. Exactly, she wanted to put it up by £220 but came to an agreement. My mum has said she would happily sell, but my uncle is cnt, he never visits and I can guarantee he won't come up to help sort things out but will want 50%. I've seen a fully renovated one on the same street go for a lot of money so theres potential there.
  7. Think we'd be able to do the main bits, needs new windows on the front and the electronics looking at but it really needs gutting and starting again. Not sure if I'm letting sentiment get in the way of better judgement. Will see how things look in the new year.
  8. I'd been looking briefly at the end of summer but now looking properly. My landlord put my rent up by £130 last month, which now puts it way above what I could be reasonably paying on a mortgage. Theres very little in my price range in the area I need, probably one comes on a day but prices seem a bit high. Recently my grans bungalow has become available as shes had to go in to a home. Its a genuine option in the village I currnently live in and would offer a lot of things but its not been looked after for the past 20 years, I looked round over the weekend and was trying to imagine
  9. Whole heartedly agree. The legs on her!
  10. I'm not a huge believer, however my interest was piqued when I was probably about 5/6 when I saw an episode of Kilroy at my gans about paranormal things. Scared me witless mind you. It didn't happen to me but I used to work in a small supermarket. In the mornings the two butchers and shift leader would be there at 5am. The butcher said he saw a woman (the shift leader) walk in to the storage chiller in the warehouse. He walked down to talk to her only to find the door shut and nobody inside. He was as white as a sheet all day and was shaking like a sh*tting dog.
  11. When I was at uni I had a few mates up to visit, in the middle of the night one of them sleep walked in to a husemates room and pissed in his shoes. You can imagine how difficult it was to keep a straight face when the housemate was rollicking me for it the next morning.
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