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  1. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    Such a terrible draw all around wtf garbage!
  2. Shakey Sacked

    Why do people think we can just grab another teams manager. Tbf I don’t think we look like an attractive prospect at the moment
  3. Carlo Ancelotti

    Why is this even a topic. Not a chance he’s coming here.
  4. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    What are the odds of shakey getting sacked? Seems like a no brainier
  5. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    We need some points quickly otherwise we will sucked into a negative downwards spiral. All this talk so far of being okay with losing 3 against the 'big boys' shows no ambition. We Shouldn't see it as 'okay' losing to anyone.
  6. I know it's pretty season but it's hard to watch. Our style is defense to attack with lobs only.