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  1. Yeah PL only. Want Derby back in the prem so we can smash them on a regular basis
  2. We’ve never won a league game on a Friday (D2,L5). That’s gonna change tonight I think
  3. Kane scoring against us was such a banker of a bet. What was I thinking
  4. Man Utd could field their U18 squad as we still would struggle at old Trafford. Cursed
  5. This will be a difficult game I think. We won’t get any space like we did 2nd half against Chelsea (we still couldn’t kill that game off considering the chances we had) they will be asking us to break them down which is something we are not the best at right now, I reckon maybe a 1-0 win
  6. 0-7 Leicester, Praet double hat trick. Anything less I’ll be a little annoyed
  7. Might just be my OCD but can we get permanent threads for our players and manager? After each game another new thread opens up on a player or a discussion point that could of been a comment in the thread gets posted as it’s own thread - just seems so messy. It will also clean up the forum a bit from having loads of smaller threads (I know this is adding to it)
  8. I’ve missed the extreme reactions to either being good or bad on this forum 😂
  9. Has tielemans got money on 1-1?? Missing so many passing opportunities
  10. It can’t get worse can it? Right? ..
  11. And to think I was looking forwards to watching this today
  12. Did we play a 120 min behinds closed doors game last night?? So slow
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