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  1. Can anyone with a subscription paste the full article in here please?
  2. Jesus Christ. Not even on target
  3. Headless chickens at the moment
  4. I actually hate watching us play right now
  5. Liverpool for me. The fact that it’s small enough to walk to everywhere in town cutting out cabs is a big plus. And due to that’s everyone is in the same relative areas so the atmosphere is top class
  6. Could our arse drop out of the top 4 if we keep playing like this till the end of the season?
  7. Bioshock collection, as it’s free on PS Plus. such good games, already finished 1 & 2 now just starting infinite
  8. Our players don’t have the bottle to handle this game
  9. Perez poor strike. But better player from us
  10. What was madders thinking. We are looking good though
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