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  1. Classic, the guy everyone knows is shite but he hire him? Do we do anything Brendan wants?
  2. Weekend ruined already thanks Leicester
  3. We could play another 90 mins and not score I think
  4. Okay let’s see if Newcastle run out of steam
  5. Let’s hope the next 45 are better. Newcastle looked to have us sussesd then. I’m still positive about the result though
  6. When the whole stadium stood up chanting the Vichai song for 10 minutes it was unreal. Reminded me of the atmosphere during the title run in
  7. Sterling went over to Chilwell at half time and starting laughing and talking... OMG panic stations /s
  8. Such a top player and would love him to join us permanently, but I’m not getting attached yet, could easily see him joining a top 6. I also get the feeling our resolve will be tested with a lot of our other players too. Interesting summer ahead
  9. The BFG loves a goal against us
  10. Sky saying Macia leaving ‘paves the way’ for Rodgers to bring this clown in lets hope not
  11. I thought the same thing, the crowd seemed on edge, we just kept taking the piss on how quiet it was. so much for that world famous atmosphere Nothing like the crowd fever we had during our title run in
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