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  1. Sterling went over to Chilwell at half time and starting laughing and talking... OMG panic stations /s
  2. Such a top player and would love him to join us permanently, but I’m not getting attached yet, could easily see him joining a top 6. I also get the feeling our resolve will be tested with a lot of our other players too. Interesting summer ahead
  3. The BFG loves a goal against us
  4. Sky saying Macia leaving ‘paves the way’ for Rodgers to bring this clown in lets hope not
  5. I thought the same thing, the crowd seemed on edge, we just kept taking the piss on how quiet it was. so much for that world famous atmosphere Nothing like the crowd fever we had during our title run in
  6. Saw the Prodigy in November and it was mental - so good. Such a shame, love their music.
  7. He is the player Maddison thinks he is
  8. Brendan came here for a challenge and **** me he has one
  9. We are making Hughes look like Xavi
  10. Haha Maguire literally tries to kick it into their legs and hopes it goes through. Spoiler: it doesnt
  11. Watford fans Jesus Christ. Embarrassing
  12. Didn’t know the milky bar kid became a footballer
  13. We need to settle down, Watford are dominating us right now
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