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  1. I think Maddison had a good game and was definitely one of our best players tonight but his finishing just lacks so much it’s like he tries to make everything look good rather than just hitting it, I really hope that changes.
  2. Our recent performances are worrying, how you can try and be positive after a result like that is beyond me, because I can’t.
  3. Even so, just put your fu*king foot through it, the amount of times he put us under pressure was ridiculous, the style were trying to play from the back just isn’t working at all.
  4. If tonight’s result doesn’t scream 2 new wingers then I don’t know what does, Perez isn’t a winger and Harvey Barnes just isn’t quite good enough yet.
  5. I thought Jonny Evans had a shocker tonight he looked so scared to pass the ball and what’s with the pace of our football at the minute? We look dreadful at times. 👎🏽
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