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  1. They're talking about pop music old chap.
  2. Lionel Messi not including Andy King in his list of recommended buys for Barcelona.
  3. Would want at least £40m net. So £45m and Walcott would get it done for me.
  4. Guess I'm just a strange person. Thanks for your opinion though.
  5. Who are you talking to? Don't be an idiot and think that one comment on here that you don't agree with means it's you vs everybody else.
  6. Reminded me that even back in the early 90's we had a joke name for that shop: Blunts, shoes for cvnts
  7. So what would you like to happen? He's playing, so do you want our fans to boo him or what?
  8. What's Drinky got to do with it. Either Mahrez was dreadful (he was) or he wasn't.
  9. He's looked knackered since August.
  10. Tru daT BRA
  11. Name and ****ing shame the school that let you leave without knowing the difference between know and no.
  12. Stop beating about the bush dazstardsb.
  13. or an open letter perhaps:)
  14. Atletico for me. I bear a grudge.
  15. For me it's about who will do less harm. Brown bread is fine by me.