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  1. I think at the moment England's ideal midfield three (when fit) should consist of one holding player (Henderson or Rice) and two box-to-box, more attacking players (Alli and Lingard). Would also look to potentially bed a younger, creative midfield player in there as the players become more used to the system, and when we are playing against weaker sides. There's so many options coming through for that spot too - Maddison, Foden, Winks, Mount. Such an exciting time to be an England fan though. The pace and confidence of our team right now is fantastic. Hats off to Southgate.
  2. Tiger Roll, what a horse. Small but mighty.
  3. New Foals is absolutely sensational. Their best stuff yet imo.
  4. In fairness, Moss was not the one to blame in this situation. The board hadn't gone up and the substitution hadn't been officially confirmed. I thought he handled the situation well by going over to the Chelsea bench and asking if they were going to make the sub, or whether he could continue the game.
  5. BT Sport really doing me dirty saying Young had gone when it was actually Pogba
  6. Osavo

    FIFA 19

    Gold 3 with 5 to spare. Leaving it there I think, not worth the hassle for gold 2.
  7. Early days, but Tielemans looks like just what we need. Lovely to have a midfielder who can actually pick a pass.
  8. Jennings is hopeless. Cannot play against any decent seam bowler, if he's still in the side when the ashes rolls around, we will be in serious trouble. As Matt said above, we have been scrabbling around trying to find a new opener since 2012, and have been unsuccessful. Now we need two new ones, and county cricket doesn't look like providing any soon.
  9. 2004. 2-0 loss at home to Reading. A blistering start to my Leicester City supporting career.
  10. Osavo

    FIFA 19

    I play with Martinez and Zlatan up front both on 8 chem and they are absolutely fine, sensational in fact. Tempted to sell SIF Reus and get Rooney to play behind them on 8 chem too.
  11. Just awful, awful news. Thoughts and prayers with his friends and family. Hoping for a miracle.
  12. Osavo

    FIFA 19

    This would be very tempting. Could put him CAM behind flashback Zlatan and MVP Martinez
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