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  3. Osavo

    LCFC Relegation Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 84 seconds  
  4. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    It's 2022 I believe, unless the ECB change residency regulations before then.
  5. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    Stone in the squad. Can see him making the test team sooner rather than later, from what I've seen of him (which isn't a great deal admittedly) he seems capable of consistently hitting 90mph+.
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  7. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    Why on earth did Root review that? Absolutely plumb.
  8. Lloyd Dyer. Don't think he ever walked off the pitch having not given his all. Always had the potential to do something either completely magical or equally absurd, which was very entertaining. As many have said, currently it's Vardy. Absolute club legend.
  9. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    This. Burns should have been brought in for Jennings (especially on his home ground), with Jennings given the reassurance that he would be back for the tour of Sri Lanka. Shocked they didn't do that. Don't agree that Cook should have been dropped however. If anyone's earnt the right to go out on their own terms, it's him.
  10. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    Yes they did it on occasion, but neither opened regularly, in fact Dhoni batted at 7 for most of his test career. Admittedly, Sangakkara batted at 3, but that is still not as difficult as opening, whilst let's not forget he was a better player than Bairstow. Also worth noting his average was 67 without the gloves, compared to 40 with them.
  11. Osavo

    Best music streaming service ??

    Spotify - can't see how any other service could really be better than it tbh.
  12. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    Trouble is he throws a wobbly every time the selectors ask him to be a specialist batsman and let Buttler take the gloves. I accept that he has done a lot of work to improve his keeping over the last few years but ultimately, Buttler is the better keeper and Bairstow is a very good batsman in his own right. Bairstow doesn't need to keep to be in the side anymore, which he doesn't seem to accept, but imo it would be too difficult to keep and then go straight back out and open the batting.
  13. Osavo

    Ricardo Pereira

    I would say there's nothing preventing him facing up full-backs whilst playing a roaming role. Just because he would be behind Vardy, doesn't stop him drifting wide and isolating full backs. I get your point though, however I wouldn't want Gray out of the team at the minute, think with game time and confidence he could be a real threat going forwards for us this season.
  14. Osavo

    Cricket 2018

    Yep. He overtook Allan Border's record in the first test against Pakistan this summer I believe. Absolutely immense.
  15. Osavo

    Ricardo Pereira

    Why don't you think Gray could play the free role behind the striker, out of interest? Gray is a fantastic dribbler and his passing has actually improved this season, and he has become far less selfish with the ball. I think that with his dribbling ability he could potentially draw defenders in, allowing Maddison more space to operate as a number 10. Silva could never play that role imo. Firstly, he is slow and pretty lightweight, meaning defensive midfielders would push him off the ball, whilst his passing ability, going forwards especially, is not actually that good. I've rarely seen him play a genuinely penetrative pass which causes a back line problems, most of his passing is side to side. Ghezzal on the other hand could be a decent option there.