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  1. Brilliant hitting from Morgan earlier, created an unassailable target. Felt a bit for Rashid Khan who is normally brilliant, he got absolutely tonked all over the park. All credit to Afghanistan for this batting 'chase' though. They know there's no chance of victory but have stuck in there and look like they could produce a decent score of their own.
  2. Osavo


    Fair view to take
  3. Osavo


    I think describing it as superb is probably stretching it. Was a decent enough record and I thought Wall of Glass was a good single, but there was no real edge to it. As said above, it was just a rehashed, less exciting version of an Oasis album. Doesn't help that Liam is a pretty dreadful writer either.
  4. If you have a hunt on eBay some decent condition originals come up every now and again. Can pick them up for about 40 usually.
  5. Jesus. What a load of complete sh*te.
  6. Osavo

    FIFA 19

    Got Witsel. Looks a cracking card tbf.
  7. Actually think I'd like Derby to do it, if only to irk all the weirdo Forest fans on Twitter who've been making half-and-half Forest/Villa scarves and red Villa shirts. Creeps.
  8. Yeah I am a bit worried regarding the books not getting finished, seems like we have been waiting forever for The Winds of Winter. In the books there are a few more characters, but it's really not too hard to keep up. The fact that there are more characters and that the books go into greater detail actually help you to build up a much better profile of major characters. Stannis for example is portrayed very differently in the books to the TV series. You could easily read a book every fortnight or so, they are very difficult to put down.
  9. The books are fantastic, well worth reading.
  10. Have to say I'm a big fan of those Arsenal shirts. If only Adidas could produce something equally as nice for us...
  11. But with Stokes in the side, we only need to play three more seamers and there's five in the squad in Archer, Curran, Plunkett, Woakes and Wood. That should be ample for rotation. As for the spinners bowling their full allocation, Rashid nearly always bowls 10 overs, whilst Moeen often gets up to 7 or 8 overs. In 8 games against India and Australia last summer, Rashid bowled 76 overs, whilst Moeen bowled 68.5, some of those innings weren't the full 50 overs either. Our spinners are vital to our attack, I would much rather have a competent backup to them than another seam option who will likely be underused. Also allows Root to focus on his batting rather than worry about being the backup spinner. Like I said, I would have gone Willey over Wood, but do think five seamers is enough.
  12. And what if Moeen or Rashid get injured? In my opinion Dawson is a better spinner than Root, and if one of our frontline spinners get injured he would be needed. I agree Willey should be in the squad though. If it's a cloudy morning, you'd want him in there to swing it early on. However, I think the fact that Morgan doesn't trust him to bowl at the death or in the middle overs probably did for his chances. Personally would have left out Wood, Archer provides what we need in terms of pure pace and Wood is injury prone.
  13. Who would you have chosen instead?
  14. Is it though? We are not short in the batting department, so Denly is not needed in that sense, whilst you wouldn't trust him to bowl a significant number of overs if Rashid or Ali were to get injured. Dawson is a decent left-arm spinner, not spectacular admittedly, but I'd definitely trust him to trundle through 10 overs in the middle of an innings more than I would Denly. He's also fairly handy with the bat, and is having a good season for Hampshire in the one-day cup. I think his selection makes sense.
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