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  1. Osavo

    FIFA 20

    Packed TOTSSF Lewandowski out of an 83+ upgrade pack . Shame he's untradeable but I'll absolutely take it.
  2. Couple of Brewdog Hazy Jane IPAs tonight in the sun. Probably the nicest Brewdog I've had, would recommend.
  3. Leverkusen, cos I've got a wicked shirt of theirs from the 90s and they have some exciting young players. Just looking forward to watching some football tbh.
  4. Also currently trying to take on a Pentagon challenge, downloaded the African leagues to help on the first step. Spent two seasons at Horoya AC in Guinea, brought in some brilliant Ivorian players on the cheap and ended up making the final of the CAF Champions League, unfortunately lost 4-2 to Al-Ahly in the final. Got one player, Brahima Ouattara, who is f**king ridiculous, literally a championship standard AP on £100 a week. Loving the African leagues, so many bargains.
  5. Surely Gurney for the death bowling?
  6. I have an Xbox One but in all honesty don't use it very much. Obviously the quality of it is excellent, would say that models are only differentiated on size and storage space, so which you buy depends on a) how many games you want to play on it and b) how often you'll be carting it about. From personal experience, there is little difference between Xbox and PlayStation, but I think PlayStation's online function is still free, whereas Xbox Live costs around £40 a year, which I find a bit of a pain tbh. Massively depends what games you want to play also. If you're only interested in playing arcade style games and having a bit of a laugh, you might as well stick with the 360. If you want to buy newer games it's worth getting one of the newer consoles.
  7. Fairly certain Moses never played in the Prem for Palace. Other 5 sound spot on though.
  8. Did Patrick van Aanholt ever win one with Chelsea?
  9. Been in the new Thornbridge pub in Leeds tonight, The Banker's Cat, for a few pints of Jaipur. Very tidy.
  10. Defi vs Altior will be a great Champion Chase imo. Still think Altior sneaks it over that short distance.
  11. Unlucky tonight. Tielemans, Vardy and Maddison poor but thought our defence played well, impressed with Praet too. Encouraging performance and we probably deserved a point. Shame Iheanacho had to go off as he looked our brightest spark. Refereeing/VAR was farcical tonight. Lack of consistency on those handballs is ridiculous, and that applies to the one we didn't get at Villa too. If they can't even be consistent on the decisions across two halves of football what chance do we have? The way the Man City players crowded the ref was hideous too. Also, end up saying it every time we play them but what a bunch of fu cking entitled weirdos Man City fans are. Honestly that Ranieri chant they insist on rolling out every time we play them baffles me, they do know they did the exact same thing to Mancini right? Hope their ban gets upheld, Guardiola and their best players leave and they fu ck off back into the mediocrity from whence they came. Won't happen though.
  12. Having a nice save with Fiorentina after buying this. Finished 9th first season, but was only 5 points off Champions League. Now sitting 3rd halfway through the second season with a reasonable shout of the title. Got a great young squad together. Sandro Tonali has been an absolute steal at 10m from Brescia and managed to get Kluivert from Roma for 13m. Chiesa is obviously brilliant too but attracting quite a lot of interest at this point.
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