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  1. Lots of similar looking teams which is unsurprising. Tough to pick a single striker but Aguero gets the nod over Kane/Suarez due to sheer longevity. DDG Ivanovic Kompany VVD Azpilicueta Toure Kante Silva Sterling Aguero Hazard Unlucky to miss out: Kane, Suarez, Terry, Eriksen, De Bruyne, Zabaleta. Surprising the lack of stand-out defensive options.
  2. A Napoli winner tonight would've landed me a 378-1 accumulator
  3. Take your point but no, they don't. It's not like the clubs need the money.
  4. Ridiculously high concessions prices. Why have two separate bands for U21 and U16 if you're just going to charge the same price for both of them?
  5. Don't underestimate what a big win for us that is. A ground we have seriously struggled at in recent years and we go and secure the three points with a composed, mature performance. We're saying it every week at the minute but what a side we have.
  6. Have a look on WhoScored.com
  7. Agreed. Speaks very well about the game in my experience. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/cricket/11006221/darren-gough-masterclass This masterclass is an excellent insight into his fast bowling expertise.
  8. Palace at home last season was utterly, utterly dreadful. Torn to shreds 4-1 by Crystal bloody Palace. Remember the stadium being half empty at full time. Obviously was the last straw for Puel too.
  9. Just been a Foals album launch gig in Leeds. My word. Crowd on form too. Sensational.
  10. I think the point of the thread is that the programmes did indeed sell out.
  11. Not sure if they do if they sell out on the day? Doubt they'd print a second batch.
  12. As much as I agree with this sentiment, I still think we look more balanced as a side with Maddison central. Harsh on Praet however, who I agree looks a superb player.
  13. No surprise that deplorable little tw*t Chris Kavanagh at the centre of it again today. Deulofeu's at Spurs easily more of a penalty than Mane at Anfield, yet he waves play on, and it isn't overturned on review, presumably as Spurs were at home. Same goes for Alli's equaliser where he appears to play basketball with it before sticking it in. The bias big clubs get at home is absurd, and refs are happier just to be yes-men than have fans on their backs. Shocking.
  14. The Lathums in Leeds in December.
  15. Yeah we are. But as you say, point still stands, it's shocking treatment of match going supporters. Think our worst run of this kind was in 12/13, when seemingly all of our home games in the run in were on Friday nights. Could be wrong but I'm sure we played our last 3pm home game in February against Wednesday? That was absurd.
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