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  1. 1. Bert 2. TiffToff88 3. EastAnglianFox 4. goose2010 5. AKCJ 6. Thefox81 7. Mike Oxlong 8. Izzy 9. purpleronnie 10. Nalis 11. goody2028 12. EastAglianFox 13. HEGGSY 14. Matt 15. Steve_Walsh5 16. Analysethis 17. Fox in the North 18. Jaspa 19. CollinsLCFC 20. Facecloth 21. FoxesDeb 22. StanSP 23.KingLeicester 24.Tom27111 25. Tuna 26. Aus Fox 27. One F In Fox 28. Osavo
  2. Tiger priced at 7s on reputation rather than chances really. Waiting Patiently or Mister Fisher for me.
  3. Very nicely worked goal. Well deserved and should set it up for the second leg.
  4. First Pirelli now this. Inter kits will never be the same.
  5. Can't wait for this. Hoping to get tickets for the tour too - saw them at Parklife a couple of years back and they were wicked.
  6. Brilliant game, really enjoyed that. Saying that, I've played in village sides that have fielded better than India tonight
  7. Never seen anything like it
  8. We may have criticised a lap early here
  9. This, Curran started to hoard the strike too early for me. Plus Wood is no mug.
  10. Not sure if its been said in here already, but Dinesh Karthik has been a great addition to the commentary team throughout this white ball series. Speaks eloquently and very knowledgeable - can see a good career for him as a pundit if he wants it. Anyone know if he's going to be involved over the summer?
  11. Talk is he's going to train with the squad this summer. I wouldn't be so sure, been in cracking form in various domestic t20s recently.
  12. Think you'd have to say these are the two best sides in this format right now. Been a really well contested series. Buttler going could be huge.
  13. Chris Jordan, oh my word.
  14. Metier Captain Guinness e/w Discordantly e/w Abacadabras Indefatigable e/w Homme Public Ofalltheginjoints e/w Now you all know who to avoid
  15. This. Load of my mates had money in it and said it was great. I just never understood where the revenue was coming from tbh. Quite clearly it was all coming from new investors and as soon as the bigger, early investors pulled out (which they actually had to after 3 years) it was clearly going to collapse. Feel sorry for those that have lost out but ultimately it was always going to happen.
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