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  1. Walker's pace is no use if he's out of position all the time
  2. Seriously, what a shit team that is. How has Coady not been picked if we're playing a back 3, he's excellent at that sweeper role. Mount over Grealish is ridiculous, as is Trippier over Saka. I also thought we were done with the Walker at CB experiment, but clearly not. As someone else said, our team on Thursday night was genuinely stronger.
  3. Are they actually taking the piss? How on earth do they think this encourages a) current cricket fans to warm to the hundred or b) new fans to attend the hundred? Clearly this isn't some lone moron with the login either, it's ECB approved marketing?! Nuts, absolutely nuts.
  4. Good luck to him. Always tried hard, just never good enough unfortunately. Not his fault we panicked and decided to pay 15m for him.
  5. Absolutely bloody marvellous. Rodgers got it spot on tactically, they simply could not break us down. Going forward we looked sharp, inventive. Barnes, Vardy, Mendy, Tielemans, Castagne all brilliant. Exciting times for the club indeed.
  6. People will say we are being passive, but I don't mind the gameplan here at all. Invite them forward, and clearly there is space to be had in behind their full backs. Walker in particular looks very ropey.
  7. Podence at 5.5 looks better value I reckon.
  8. Puma have smashed it for all three of Italy's shirts, cracking efforts.
  9. Tom Curran is an odd one. Everyone bangs on about how good his variations are and what a tricky bowler he is to face yet whenever I watch him, be it in the Blast, the Big Bash or IT20s, he always gets tonked around the ground. Think we have better options tbh. Mahmood has the pace but is horribly wayward, has serious work to do if he wants to be a regular. I lasted one over of BBC's coverage before I got sick of Vaughan's drivel. As Corky said, great to see cricket back on terrestrial TV but they'll have to improve the coverage if people are to watch it. Sky are street
  10. Bowled 6 more than Murali to get his 600. Over 1000 less than Warne and over 4500 less than Kumble. Staggering achievement for a seam bowler.
  11. Obviously it's an entirely different debate to be had, but that's pretty sickening when you consider the financial issues many are facing in our country at the moment.
  12. 'Much' better may be a stretch. Today he spent most of the day making shite lookalike banter (yes, Shane, we get it, you think Yasir looks like Messi). He's good when he analyses spin bowling, other than that he may as well stay quiet. I can think of a huge number of non-English commentators I'd prefer tbh.
  13. Well played Zak Crawley. Had my reservations when first called up but looks a terrific young player.
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