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  1. Fairly sure this is the case, yes. Remember watching the West Indies tour last winter on Sky I think. Sad to see Gower go if I'm honest. Also pretty surprised that TMS have chosen not to get him on board, think he'd suit their chatty radio vibe (and demographic they're aiming at) very well. He made sure everyone knew he didn't want to go either Botham seemed a little less bothered.
  2. What a catch Rory Burns! Now let's make the most of this handy lead.
  3. Some would argue that Tim Paine isn't worth a place in the Australian team in fairness. Convinced he wouldn't be there if he hadn't been made captain.
  4. Only based on what I've read tbh, obviously I don't know the bloke personally.
  5. Tough one as no one stands out as a great candidate. Personally I'd go Buttler, not in the best form at the moment but is a properly tough character and a good tactician by all accounts. Also very level headed, unlike Stokes who is too fiery to be captain imo.
  6. Great.... Could be in real trouble here. Root not getting enough protection or rest batting at 3. Desperately need someone to hang around now.
  7. If that's our top 4 of choice (which it definitely shouldn't be, by the way) then surely the order should be Burns Denly Roy Root That's what I'd go for anyway. Roy looks far more a swashbuckling 3 than a Test match opener, whilst Denly has fairly regularly opened for Kent down the years. No way Denly should play if he's batting at 4.
  8. Fair play, was fantastic today. Arron Lilley played an absolute blinder. I would recommend staying in West Bridgford and having a few drinks there: cracking gaff.
  9. Arron Lilley batting absolutely beautifully
  10. Quite a knock from Kohler-Cadmore! Not bad from Lyth and Pooran either tbf Also displays exactly why we don't need the hundred - the t20 blast is a fabulously entertaining competition, and draws the crowds too.
  11. Brilliant innings from Malan. Nice batting track but he has knocked a very strong Surrey attack all over the park. Didn't realise Jordan Clark had joined Surrey either. Always thought he was a solid county player but surprised Surrey have deemed him good enough to join them.
  12. Has been nowhere near the first team so far, think he's played in about 3 games, and yet to take any wickets. Seems a waste to take such a talented player and only play him in the second XI, he won't develop there.
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