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  1. Brilliant chase. 3 fantastic half centuries in there, take a bow Buttler, Bairstow and Morgan. Great series too, all 3 games going to the wire. SA look a decent t20 side and could challenge for the WC, look to have a decent fast bowling unit which will pay dividends in Australia.
  2. Terrible game of football, but happy to take the point. Defended well.
  3. This. Buttler down to 6, Roy and Bairstow open, drop Denly and bring in Malan/Banton at 3.
  4. Superb last over from Ngidi but poor game management from us imo. Three batsmen in a row go for a big shot when a singles would have done the job. Morgan and Curran especially didn't need to slog when needing 7 from 7 and 5 from 5.
  5. Where did the Ricardo chant to the tune of 'Fernando - Abba' go? I thought that was decent.
  6. Osavo


    This is an important point for me. Employers look at a degree as an aptitude for learning, something very useful in a job, and so as long as you've shown that you can study a decent, well respected subject and get a good result in it, it doesn't really matter what that subject is.
  7. This. Thought it might be alright earlier in the season, but now they're getting closer to the promotion race they're becoming absolutely unbearable. Would love for them to completely fall apart.
  8. Only thing he needs to be a proper box-to-box midfielder is ability to shoot from distance. Thought he was gonna score a few for us after this strikes against Stoke and Derby in 16/17 but his long range finishing is actually pretty woeful. To be honest though, that's not really a necessity for the position he plays for us. The lad's an absolute beast and his importance to the team has been proven even more after those defeats against Southampton and Burnley. Clearly got his head screwed on too. An absolute snip at £16m.
  9. You'll love it. Not just for the food, it's an absolutely beautiful place too. So picturesque.
  10. Not going this year unfortunately but looking forward to it nonetheless. Hoping Defi goes for the Champion Chase as reckon him vs Altior would be a fantastic race. Delta Work to take the Gold Cup.
  11. Most nervous I've been for a game in some time, but also very excited. Hoping our end is rocking tonight and we get over the line.
  12. Star City is free I believe, about a 30 min walk away from the ground but having parked quite close in December I'd recommend parking a little way away as the traffic around the ground post match is a nightmare.
  13. I thought about doing this, but decided to use triple captain now as there will likely only be two more big sets of double game weeks and I'll want to use my bench boost and free hit in those. I saved my triple captain last season and ended up using it on the last week, which was a bit of a waste.
  14. Surely if he's going to Uni he'll be over 18 so you'll have to relocate anyway?
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