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  1. hope musa is ok
  2. Could be deadly for us up front and I think he should start in CL
  3. Just good to get a win and get off the mark.
  4. wow no release clause too.
  5. Showed some good stuff out there in the small time he got on.
  6. Simpson was poor. Musa looks like a real talent who is going to cause teams all kind of problems with his pace this season.
  7. stupid challenge
  8. PSG put out a strong team
  9. That's the market these days. Stones has talent there's no doubt about that he just needs the right manager. Let's see what Pep can do with him.
  10. Released date mid September I think?
  11. Ha that is brillant
  12. Does this mean no more tapatalk access?
  13. Serena the best ever.
  14. They did great but a parade for losing in the semis? Cmon