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  1. It’s a results run business doesn’t matter what level your at or what’s happened before you’ll always be judged. Look at Ranieri…
  2. I am officially renaming this thread the ‘Danny Drinkwater hate club’
  3. Not a chance this is true. The same keeper that gifted them a goal a week ago.
  4. 1. Man City 2. Man Utd 3. Liverpool 4. Chelsea 5. Spurs 6. Everton 7. Leicester 8. Wolves 9. Arsenal 10. Southampton 11. Sheff Utd 12. Newcastle 13. Crystal Palace 14. Burnley 15. Leeds 16. West Ham 17. Villa 18. Brighton 19. Play offs 20. West Brom
  5. Doesn’t matter how he got them it’s still a hat trick. Fair comment on the key passes and that don’t know much about the guy but people on here seem pretty keen on him so why not give him a go. Just hope we don’t spend that much for him to potentially be a disappointment. Hopefully we can be the club to bring more end product out of him.
  6. Literally the opposite of what I said mate. I said I’ve not seen him play so just going off stats. Just wanted to know more about how he plays. I know what team he played in but Perez also played for the exact team and was their top goalscorer, doesn’t mean maximin comes in and plays the exact same for us.
  7. Not much in it? I mean I have hardly seen him play this season so I’m just going off the stats.
  8. Get a testimonial in when everyone can return to the ground
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