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  1. This fixture has been like this for a few years now
  2. Great memories of watching the games at the riverside, the only time I actually managed to go to the ground was for that 0-0 draw a couple of years ago think most the ground was asleep by the end of it.
  3. If there’s any groundsmen in the league that’ll sort it out for Tuesday it’s ours
  4. Kaspers 400th appearance for the club then. Get us a clean sheet lad.
  5. Was always going to happen but credit to Fulham, think I’ve seen them have more guts about them the last 2 games than the whole of the season 2 years ago
  6. The best thing Sutton has done on tv is get slide tackled that time.
  7. As much as I really really don’t want the football postponed it’s surely the most sensible option. I already can’t stand the fact some teams have played 2 games more than others, you can’t focus on the table or games coming up in case they’re cancelled or teams have players out which taints it either way. This game they’ve got ings out now which will have question marks over the rest of the squad and ultimately the fixture?
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