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  1. Barnes having a good game get that confidence up lad
  2. Yeah alright Grealish is better than Maddison fine, but get out his arse ffs. The media have been nothing but Jack Grealish for months now for a just above average player being made to look great by a below average side that’s overachieving at the minute. Can’t believe we are comparing a nights performance of a 100% fit player that’s played every game for months on end to a player that’s coming back from injury.
  3. Don’t think we can comment at the minute. It’s a results based business and this is going to be the strangest season for results.
  4. There’s only 1 winner in football and I’m afraid it’s not done on the pitch anymore…if this goes through that’s me done with the game. And I thought I couldn't hate Liverpool and United any more.
  5. All depends which side of our team turns up. The West Ham side and it could end up being an embarrassment to a below average side that’s high on confidence. The Man City side and it should end up like it did in March as a 4-0 type score line. Big one this, tough to call.
  6. Always have been and always will be by the likes of Sky and Bt unfortunately.
  7. Really needs to be an organised boycott of this. Can’t believe they charge this sort of price and then have the nerve to try and get streams banned, can you really blame people for turning to streaming?
  8. It’s easy to slate him and say he’s overrated when we’re losing but guarantee we win in 2 weeks time he’ll be praised to heaven again.
  9. Remember when people said he would be better than chilwell?
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