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  1. In Nevilles defence though he doesn't really give man utd any favours. Probably the best in the business too.
  2. I missed the build up. What exactly was said lmao
  3. I'd rather swap west brom with Burnley and get all the claret and blue gone. West brom cant go down without vardy seeing his best friend in that far corner
  4. Well they can if they weren't so bothered about making a shitty video. Which is what I was saying. Jheez....
  5. I mean dickov said he wasn't going then turned out for blackburn a week later.
  6. Wish we'd announce him instead of waiting to make some horrific video for virgins on social media
  7. I'm not saying that, just let him get in the box before you cross.
  8. I mean a large part of the problem with slimani was a long ball for him to hold up, he'd knock it to Albrighton who would whip it in first time before slimani had a chance to get in the box and a 6ft defender would clear it because vardy is short.
  9. Europe is fantastic. Just so gutting to fall from the position we were in.
  10. We've done everything to shoot ourselves in the foot since the restart but you'd have to be extremely nieve to think there's not been slight bias in decision making since the turn of the year
  11. Why can't gray just do ANYTHING first time. Why does he always have to take 332 touches first
  12. Come on lads just go for it. Everything you've got its all or nothing
  13. Come on Leicester. Come on lads! Time to stand up and show what you're made of
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