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  1. Appalling decisions from Roger's today. I could take losing if we had tried to win but to set up defensively against that side was unforgivable and it'll be exactly the same next week because we play spurs. We really had a chance to beat them and beat them well today had we gone at them and shown any kind of endeavour at all but instead it was like we were content with a 1-0 loss. I hope Roger's sees this terrible set up is just that but I wont hold my breathe, that will take time I'm afraid. I think that's why we are probably Roger's level. So frustrated and disappointed. So frustrated. We didn't even try. I don't know how gray and perez got on the pitch I really don't. No logic what so ever.
  2. Time to let him go, he just hasn't improved at all.
  3. ****ing shit. Absolutely ****ing shit. **** off
  4. I cant remember the last time a game left me this frustrated. I just cant get my head round why we started the way we did. Why the thought of gray playing seemed like a remotely good idea at all and why Perez has been bought on. Shocking really.
  5. Perez is pretty shit ain't he. Can we just fast forward him to his good part of the season.
  6. I don't know if I'm more annoyed at it all or disappointed really. Been a really disheartening performance. Because we're gonna be set up exactly the same next week.
  7. Definitely Roger's worst game as a Leicester manager so far. Such poor judgement and decisions from him
  8. Just imagine if we'd started the same team as against bournemouth and gone at united from the off. How great it could have been
  9. Can't see where we are gonna get anything from at the minute. So disappointed with how we set up.
  10. Get gray off hes useless absolutely useless. Greedy, selfish and nothing to back it up.
  11. What the **** is Roger's doing . Love the guy but hes having a mare today
  12. We all know the changes that need making but we'll have to wait until at the very least the hour mark.
  13. Wingers please. Give us an actual chance.
  14. I wouldn't say it's my way or no way but I'd rather have Ndidi playing in front of the back 4 than choudary at present when fit. One of them has to make way for a winger too unfortunately. So my choice would be Hamza hence why i said please and didn't demand it. Manners dont cost a thing Fuchsy
  15. It's a real shame that we'll.line up like this next week aswell. You just know it.
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