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  1. If by long you mean halfway inside our own half and out for a throw in to Liverpool i agree
  2. I dont know what the game plan was. Just go out and keep it below 5?
  3. Probably the worst we've been this season. Atleast it took other teams effort to win. We gave that to them.
  4. Long past his sell by date here really. Isnt someone we should be relying on at a certain level.
  5. Doesn't count we're not liverpool. We aren't allowed to have adversity.
  6. It is mate. It's so disappointing. I just wish we'd given it a go. Wouldnt care losing like that but we've just once again looked like we don't beleive we can get anything so not bothered.
  7. We've played like we've turned up to lose.
  8. So ****ing poor. Nobody even challenged him.
  9. Barnes should have scored yea, vardy was well offside though in the scramble. We haven't made Liverpool sweat.
  10. No but the lack of anything on our part does need looking at.
  11. You just want to see some effort and desire.
  12. I honestly don't think it is harsh. They've been so open and positionally poor. Its not like they've never been on a pitch together either. There's just absolutley nothing from us at all in the first 45. We've made it easy. They're effectively in gear 1.
  13. Yes they are which is why you can't leave so much room at the back. As you cant against man city and we didn't then. We've been all over the place at the back without making then even work at all for it. Losing games is acceptable. Everyone loses at some point. Just make them work for it. As it stands we may aswell have just not bothered making the journey.
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