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  1. Playing board games with Felix Magath. I take the boring part back.
  2. But then players can still pass it to players
  3. It was a good game, can see you staying up comfortably.
  4. Of course it is, and that's why there will probably be more calling for it to be off behind the scenes than asking for it to continue.
  5. Unless as shit as it maybe, you cancel it all and scrap the promotion/relegation for a year (though I assume this issue is why they'll do everything to keep it going)
  6. It's not a 'hysterical' reaction. It's what I'd like to see happen. Because I work with liverpool fans.
  7. This is why continuing the league behind closed doors is a stupid idea, the players will still pass it on to each other. Just call the league.
  8. Surley out games got to be called off? Cancel the season. Just abandon it this year, you are where you finish. Dunno how they'll do relegation/promotions but just call it now.
  9. Will the league be cancelled when players start catching it? they arent immune from it.
  10. I think some of the playing it around the back stuff was more to do with villa sitting further back than birmingham did. Was quite suprised how camped in they were. I thought they'd fancy it abit.
  11. Let's make a positive atmosphere tonight then lads.
  12. Pretty shocking decision at southampton. Boufal handballs it because he's been pulled by the newcastle player. If the Newcastle player doesn't pull him round it doesn't hit his arm. It was a foul on boufal.
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