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  1. Shouldnt be given. But that's worse than soyuncu vs liverpool...
  2. Good point. Boring game. Not the best performance. Onto the next one!
  3. Albrighton had to turn towards the corner flag there and instead just hit it aimlessly at someones leg. Sometimes he plays like such an inexperienced player its unbelievable
  4. Commentary would ****ing love a wolves winner. Mike dean is a ****. We haven't been good.
  5. Poor game management again today I'm afraid...
  6. Hes the only one trying to score ffs.
  7. This is the worst I've seen Perez. Just doing absolutely everything wrong. Its genuinely worse than having 10 men. Thank god.
  8. Perez is playing awful. Why isnt he getting the foot on the ball in the middle there. Her him off.
  9. It's not football anymore until it goes for you
  10. Typically poor of us recently. Everyone knows. A deep ball back across and it's an easy goal vs us. COMMAND YOUR BOX.
  11. Do what you wanna do. Just not in the stand... that's just a respect thing.
  12. Even stranger when the only women's game seemingly not cancelled is man utd's women who are at home.
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