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  1. Yes they are, and dont need any assistance which makes it even more odd.
  2. How do liverpool manage to not have these incidents result in a red? It seems every other team is playing a different set of rules.
  3. Even if their heads have turned, people have found any reason to bemoan the fella since he first broke through. On the flip side of his heads turned **** off, for a way overly inflated fee, have those fans at the new club call you a waste of money and let us re invest in a diamond of a player
  4. My favourite part today was people wooing a pass that was cut out by praet I've witnessed people have lambasted youri for a few times.
  5. Was massively missed in the middle. Keeps us ticking over and positions himself in places that open stuff up for others. Does alot that's unappreciated and hopefully people see it now.
  6. Those fans are still less moronic than those in L1 singing 'it's not football anymore' and '**** VAR' for disallowing us a goal, the linesman had flagged. Add in moments before them going mental because the penalty decision was over turned.
  7. It is worse. It's way worse. Although both are awful. As is shite like 'spuds' and the ever original 'florist'
  8. Firstly calling it the 'caravan cup' is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen and secondly we're second you absolute turnip. SECOND!
  9. Probably the worst we've played in a long long long time. They could of had about. Nobody showing in midfield, hopefully people appreciate how tielemans keeps things ticking over now. Just slow all over the park. Only we could win 9-0 away and lose 2-1 at home to the same team. So Leicester City...
  10. Awful performance again. Missed youri in midfield does a lot people wont appreciate.
  11. Miss the little things tielemans does waiting for the give and go, nobody is there at the minute.
  12. Man grealish goes down under 0 contact like no player I've ever seen and gets the foul every single time. Dominated, they defended well. Is what it is now batter them at their place.
  13. Not great but ah well. Destroy them at their own gaff.
  14. Tell you what. We definitely ain't scoring a second tonight...
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