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  1. Ricardo doesnt get in their combined 11. 'Because if ricardo is so good why is he at leicester' Would never take ozil over maddison The guy trying to argue torreira over N'didi aswell. Oh my days they are the most delusional fan base in the world
  2. Man he's so ****ing good. Somehow gets better at winning the ball like it was even possible whilst getting so much better with it. Got to keep him at all costs. Plus he's smiley
  3. I don't give a **** what mahrez thinks. We're second in the league.
  4. Weird because the ones I know are still adamant they'll piss it away. They wont however.
  5. **** sake. Anything but a liverpool win
  6. Oh I am. I'd just like to think he's smarter than the arsenal job. I don't see anyone succeeding there. They're going to keep sliding down the table and end up a once big club being called a 'sleeping giant's as long as their owners about.
  7. A quickly improving young squad sat 3rd in the league with owners that will back him all the way? Why would he want to leave? Any top manager that takes arsenal on is committing career suicide.
  8. His piece in there about N'didi shows how unreal he is as well. Every bit as good as the man he replaced.
  9. That's why it's not a penalty for me, it didnt impede him in anyway. Same as albrighton on Manè. They did it to themselves.
  10. Perez's third I thought was a guarantee. Pretty much the same as the Silva one that's on there except he puts in some fantastic chest control before the volley.
  11. Soyuncu is such a godly bloke. Hopefully we can have some sustained success just to keep him here. But again. Goes to show how well a player takes when you get behind him. Next the same needs to be done for Nacho. Make him feel the love.
  12. I don't blame Manè for going down like that at villa tbh. When you've been getting away with it for the last couple of weeks even after a VAR reveiw you probably feel like you'll get given it anyway.
  13. Maybe he should start with his own squad first
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