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  1. I’m not saying he’s great but he finished second and lost the champions league final to a John Terry slip. The team that beat him was probably the most unreal front 3 the league had ever seen.
  2. Hilarious you can see Joshua smiling looking cool after getting stopped and Hearn just behind him looking like he’s had his soul taken
  3. I think there’s more to it from all corners tbh. He ain’t gonna have no bargaining power now though is he haha
  4. I mean is it all Joshua though? With wilder naming his next 2 opponents?
  5. Is dier on the bench atleast have him to get booked
  6. Some of my mates are spurs fans. Used to say I was stupid and mock me for saying it. Now they say cash in and build round son. Which is also said for years
  7. Anyone know the line ups?
  8. About an hour earlier he was saying to Aidy Boothroyd ‘don’t you dare take maddison off because it infuriates me when Leicester do’
  9. Whilst they would of course be bending and breaking every rule going to do it, getting into that circle is worth the ban you’ll get once you’re in though? I mean what’s a transfer ban to a team that goes out and and gets the players ready for the ban anyway? Or a year banned from Europe? Who cares. Once that years over you’re in that group now anyway so you’ll take that year hit? Unless I’m missing something? Which to be fair is quite likely.
  10. So Newcastle are going to be Man City mark 2
  11. Hopefully they put their foot down and he kicks off
  12. MVP knocked out last night as well.
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