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  1. Maddison has absolutley 0 fight what so ever. Anything closer than 80/20 and he can’t be arsed.
  2. We make it so ****ing easy so ****ing easy. **** off.
  3. He just seemed to have some sort of phobia about going past someone last night.
  4. The failed drug test was at the end of his career and was proven to be a changed ingredient by his supplement company, he got compensation for it.
  5. No Caglar is harsh, should win. Come on you blues!!!
  6. There’s plenty of examples of athletes potential not being seen until late on because the world needs everything now. Could be wrong, but I’m sure it was Asafa Powell, thought of as an average sprinter and nobody was really interested in him then breaks a world record after he was trained. Just because someone doesn’t look the business straight away doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there.
  7. The action you find worse doesn’t change the face both could have and probably should have walked
  8. Ederson is no where near the best shot stoppers in the world. Has so much room for improvement. Just kicks it far
  9. Ederson, as far as shot stopping goes. Has so much room for improvement.
  10. Monday night football Liverpool vs Man City or something?
  11. I watched a vice documentary on it, haven’t sat through an event yet. Artem Goatovs face says it all and he won.
  12. Didn’t think I’d ever enjoy watching Man City Win the league but it’ll be glorious this year. Can’t live in a world where Jordan Henderson lifts the trophy. Jordan ****ing Henderson.
  13. Can see wolves taking this one easy with an eye on the cup
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