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  1. If its not 10 figures it's not enough imo.
  2. An imaginary one I presume. He's a very very good manager. Probably just under the elite bracket. We aren't going to get an elite manager so would be silly to get rid. Although I'd take a third stint of our Lord and saviour Sir Nigel Pearson. Love him.
  3. Isn't he a blast from the past.... I'd like to think there's alot of disappointed in here speaking in the heat of the moment. Not time to sack him but maybe time to face the fact he isn't in that 'elite' bracket.
  4. **** off. Bottled it again. We were warned. It'll never change.
  5. Guys hands were on maddisons shoulders and he's down holding his face for ****ing 2 minutes.
  6. Gonna get hate for this but if we fall out again now he's done. Not good enough when it counts.
  7. To not get top 4 from here is an absolute disgrace really. Nothing short of a failure.
  8. Garbage tbf. Need to get our act together.
  9. I hope they keep it up until the seasons over tbh
  10. With any luck the others wanting the owners gone will do the same. If spurs managed it sky would have a proper meltdown. Poor souness.
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