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  1. nice to know their is another fox in and around me! I moved to Queens Park a year ago
  2. Looking for two adult tickets together (can be under 22 tickets) for the Norwich game! Would appreciate any help. Cheers
  3. Genuinely believe that if we can keep our top performers (do believe we will hold onto everyone bar maybe Maguire) and add two quality players into the mix then we should be slightly more competitive with the top 6 I was a little nervous about losing Maguire and starting from Step 1 again however with Benkovic doing really well for Celtic and with Calgar in the mix as well I don't think we will be too hampered by his sale (If it happens) and the £50m + we receive for him would be useful in finding that Mahrez replacement. Exciting times. Albeit sprinkled in with a litt
  4. I'd give my left testicle right now to watch the second half on a stream that doesn't resemble the reliability of my stomach after a vindaloo, which is dodgy at best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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