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  1. He's coming to Leicester for 1st team opportunities, think he knows he'll play second fiddle to Kane so shouldn't be a problem. Also think he's got his heart set on teaming up with WIlf
  2. well I'm home from uni so its nice to have all the home comforts again <3
  3. ITK - this is happening. Dad just told me the property company he works for has agreed plans for around about a 10,000 extension at the KP - works for the company thats building Tottenham new stadium
  4. admittedly has no grounds or backing but thought I should mention it, albeit the majority of the information on this forum seems to be plucked out of thin air
  5. Not sure it's been mentioned but the hold up, with any deal, is due to a legal dispute with his former representation.
  6. Always amazes me how fickle some football fans can be he's a leicester city god and will go down as one of the greatest players to don our blue shirt. Albeit i don't think i'll ever see a player of Mahrez (or Kantes) quality in a city shirt again
  7. I pray that we make this happen - he's an immense striker that would bang in 15 + goals a season Would mean we have real options in Slimani, Vardy, Kalechi and Okazaki Thats a strike unit that should be challenging for Europe
  8. anyone got a good stream - in london so can't make the game today and can't find a good one online. 45 mins of frustration and lag so far
  9. definitely doable, i fancy Southampton for it but reckon we can nick it if we put a good finish together
  10. nice little tune
  11. saying that he's looking forward to champions league football with us next year...doesn't mean that he's staying but he's defiantly considering it or leaning towards it. Thank you Mr Merson for saying we wouldn't keep them!
  12. amusing that they are discussing Kante release clause but don't want him as a 'back up' to Dier and Dembele...forget that they where on the PFA player of the year shortlist!
  13. this! would be worried if goals where his game but he can go a season with only chipping in 5/6 and he's still worth being one of the first names on the sheet.
  14. I rate him highly - no substitute for raw pace and power. And i do think yesterday he was a little laboured but he made it a very comfortable at the end so Claudio yet again your subs work.