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  1. Why? There has to be a tipping point and maybe for some it came during the last two games having built up over the uninspiring/dreadful 17 game run.
  2. Thanks mate. I understand this stat . 18 points in 17 games. I know it might be a bit complicated for you but try and take it on board and then forecast what sort of position we will be in come November time if this long term poor form continues in the same vein.
  3. You do know you are talking total bollox yeh?
  4. xG and xGA means bugger all.Put the ball in the net and beat some p*** poor team for a change. So if Puel is in charge next season and we have 18 points after 17 games but our xG is good against our xGA then all will be well with the world? No it will mean we are in a relegation dogfight.
  5. The fact we are nit picking over whether a point a game is relegation form or even having the conversation really says it all.Furthermore your credibility will take a bash if you really believe that with just our fair share of luck since the turn of the year we would be 14 points better off!.As for encouraging displays recently,name them as I think they will be more than matched by average/poor ones. He needs a strong end to the season to even start to convince me,starting tonight.
  6. Lose tomorrow and 17 points from 17 games is as near as dammit relegation form as you can get. I understand people defending Puel in that he deserves more time but with the squad he has that record is a disgrace and indefensible in a p*** poor league.
  7. I will quote that back to you October time.Personally I am in the very much undecided camp, I am not over keen on a revolving door for managers but at the same time if you make a mistake in recruitment sometimes you have to make quick decisions and accept the mistake.I can just about cope with the relegation form we have showed for a considerable part of the season but it is the performances that are so worrying as well a quite frankly bizarre team selections on occasions. I predicted a couple of weeks ago we would not get 50 points and I stand by that, and if that happens I think he is toast. Another defeat on Thursday which is quite likely could well lead to fans unrest in the ground. I would add that for those that keep pointing out we are 8th due to Puel.This is a dreadful Premier League bar 4/5 teams and any decent manager should have got us to 7th or at the worst 8th so it is hardly an achievement. As said I am undecided but as fickle as most fans and if Southampton turn us over it may tip me over the edge.
  8. Rightly or wrongly he won't get close to Xmas.I have major doubts he will be here for the start of next season.
  9. Shows how crap they all were if Grays performance rated him 4th. Agree Silva and Choudhury were the best two performers but they did not have much to beat.
  10. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Oops! To be honest that had bypassed me.Could well be a long dramatic afternoon.
  11. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Extra time in the replay at Stamford Bridge? That's a bold prediction.
  12. The Baggies v City Scoreline prediction

    Typical Leicester,lose today and win next Sunday.
  13. Veteran

    Just to be clear we definitely play one up front, it is not even debatable.
  14. Veteran

    I am not particularly impressed presently but really! You have been a supporter just 10 years longer than myself and if you think we are getting even remotely close to genuinely thin times then you have been supporting a different club. In reality you are just a wind up merchant trying to make a first impression, which you have ,but not a good one.
  15. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Albrighton for Gray and it is spot on.Chilwell needs help defensively.