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  1. Ian S

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Dull 1-1 and yet another poor performance at home against weak opposition.
  2. Ian S

    Last 26 games

    He has been here nearly a year and results wise it is a fact we are going backwards after the new manager bounce.Just a polite suggestion, look closer to home to find a bell end.
  3. Ian S

    Last 26 games

    26 games is effectively since Xmas which is a pretty good point from which to measure.Maybe you would prefer just 12 games although amazingly he has managed to lose 8 of them or to suit your argument give him a fresh start this season where he has still managed to lose 3 in 5. Not to worry we are a work in progress, going through transition blah blah.
  4. Well let's hope we get the chance to test your theory but I some how doubt it.
  5. Performances and results win over fans, he has produced neither.
  6. But this has been going on all year.Hardly far too early or are we just to conveniently forget last season. And before someone spouts about him not having his own team last season, he started 7 today that were in last seasons Puel team.
  7. Ian S

    So, 5 games in...

    Agree with nearly everything,apart from results being fairly acceptable. I really sometimes wonder if people realise we have won only 7 league games since Xmas!!
  8. Don't bet your mortgage on it.
  9. Why ?.His appalling record in 2018 at least merits debate about his position regardless of whether you are pro Puel or against.
  10. Ian S

    So, 5 games in...

    Puel should have gone at the end of last season but once he didn't he has to have 10 games although I still expect him gone around then.
  11. Don't know why people are moaning, have you forgotten we are a work in progress
  12. Ian S

    Southampton (A) pre match

    Yep, a defeat to a terrible Man Utd who actually managed to make Brighton world beaters a week later followed by a fortuitous win against Wolves and anyone who says different is deluding themselves.Lets all see where we are 10 games in before getting carried away by a win against a newly promoted team.