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  1. Totally ridiculous comparison and let's leave it at that as you clearly don't get it.
  2. It is clearly me then because profiteering from a tragedy as a minimum shows a massive lack of respect and quite honestly stinks but then again I have old fashioned values.
  3. Mmm! No it's not.
  4. Ian S

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    If we play I will be proud of every single one of them, win,lose or draw. Having seen and shared the distress of the last few days it seems incomprehensible they could go and put on a performance but then again we are Leicester City.
  5. Ian S

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Think this is a fantastic idea
  6. Big difference between controlling and having up to 80% against you.Just another excuse to be trotted out to support Puel.Using your thought process there seems no point playing the top teams then.
  7. He signed a 4 year contract because he knows as we all do that Puel won't be here very long. Control possession, don't make me laugh.Did you see the 2nd half stats on Monday? I would hate to see them when we were not trying to control possession.
  8. That is just the problem, that man can't win ,well not often enough as his record shows this year.And if he does not improve quickly he is history.
  9. But we have not shown that sort of win percentage since Xmas.His good start camouflages statistics like this. Whatever his win percentage, if it does not improve in the next 7 days he has a big problem.
  10. We play Morgan because Puel signed 2 centre half for substantial money and clearly at this moment fancies neither, down to him. We have a right back issue because Puel signed one for a lot of money but he can't be trusted to play there.Who is that down to. We play 2 defensive central midfielders because that is the side Puel selects despite other options. Maybe we would be higher up the league if he addressed the problems you have listed.
  11. I think our expectations have moved on from being in a relegation battle or should have with the talent in the squad.Or are you suggesting we should be satisfied because we are not bottom 3.
  12. But Puel is not half a season in is he?
  13. Been pretty poor to be honest but not sure what point you are making when the manager you are trying to defend spent a fortune on sorting out our frailties at the back yet not a single one starts in defence! And I am not sure the last two were sacked for being in the bottom 3 and I doubt Puel will be either but he may well be sacked for under achieving after being backed to the hilt by the owners. so to date how many of Puels signings look good value ? I will give you a clue = 1