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  1. I have no idea what this response actually means,we are 2nd in the league and you continue to vilify a a young player who has contributed, you are just boring me now so i withdraw from this discussion
  2. Yep holding us back, clear in 2nd place which is beyond anyones expectations, please define holding us back. I an starting to think you are a Forest fan on the wind up
  3. So how many games have you watched live this season and I don’t mean on TV.Football is about opinions and you just happen to have a rather outlandish one.I have read on the ratings thread for yesterday that some think Soyuncu was MOTM I thought he was distinctly average, someone has stated that Tielemans was MOTM which bewildered me so no I don’t take too much notice of peoples ratings.I watch the games and make my mind up, TV is not always a true reflection. I think maybe we should revisit this thread at the end of the season.
  4. I am saying it is not a true reflection of our fan base, the 100 like you probably never watch a full match and were the ones writing off Soyuncu before we kicked a ball this season, you go on about wanting top 4 so bin him, just admit that is a stupid statement, have you not looked at the League table.
  5. So you don’t actually watch the matches then, going off 5 minutes of MOTD highlights then.?
  6. Ah so you base your opinion on player ratings thread rather than actually watching the games live yourself, he has had some very good games and very indifferent and it is little surprise if he is towards the bottom of these meaningless ratings when considering the performances this season of Ndidi,Vardy,Ricardo,Soyuncu,Evans, all of whom have been superb in nearly every game. You make it sound like we have been playing with 10 men. Try watching some games.
  7. That is utter rubbish, when will we ever learn about writing players off, he is a great young talent who has more than played his part in getting us into the fantastic position we are in, he was very poor yesterday in a poorly performing team. Young players blow hot and cold.
  8. Personally I thought he was pretty awful, amazing how we all see games differently. Ndidi was the only one for me who was average or better.
  9. Yes but no manager has tried it with our owner!
  10. Yep really affected our attacking intent, came on at 0-0 and won 2-0.
  11. Kept a clean sheet so what’s the problem. If we had conceded with Wes on the pitch he would have got pelters on this forum whether it was his fault or not. As it is we don’t concede, they don’t have a shot on target but he still gets stick. Go figure.
  12. Or why not just let someone have an opinion and express it without having it rammed back down his throat.
  13. Does not excuse him constantly passing to red shirts when not under pressure, he was awful
  14. Sorry I think that is exactly what you are saying,seems pretty clear.
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