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  1. Ian S

    How much is Maguire worth?

    That is the point ,he should have gone at the end of the season.Surely you do not think he can survive a poor start? I did not think anyone had that view based on his record over the last 20+ games.
  2. I truly hope I am wrong and it won't be the first time but I would love to understand what those like yourself saw last season that gives you such hope apart from the predictable new manager bounce he had. He inherited a very talented squad and made them look incredibly ordinary.He had a squad and still does that is top 8, lets hope for all our sakes he delivers. As for thinking twice, I don't just jump on bandwagons I make my own mind up based on what I see. On previous occasions I have backed managers to the hilt when many were calling for heads eg Pearson during our first season back. I also never called for Shakespeare to go as I had not got to that point. Just because you do not agree re Puel does not make you right and every other poster of a similar mind to me wrong.And if we do get off to a terrible start I will look forward to your posts,let's hope it does not come to that.
  3. And just maybe come October/ November those of us who remain totally unconvinced will very unfortunately be found to be justified in our lack of confidence.
  4. Not a chance he will make January.But at least all those who seem to have conveniently forgotten the 2nd half of the season total meltdown cannot now complain that he was not given his opportunity with his own team both on and off the pitch.
  5. Ian S

    Gray to Lazio

    Bournemouth offered us £25m twelve months ago when like us they thought with more games he would become a star.Not heard that they remain interested now having seen his pretty average performances last season and the Lazio rumour will be nonsense probably spouted by his connections. There does not seem to be a queue forming for his services unless I am missing something.
  6. Ian S

    FT World Cup Prediction competition

    Had England 1-1 vs Tunisia.Quite happy that an injury winner robbed me of much needed points.
  7. Ian S


    The alternative is a season of struggle anyway based on what we have seen of Puel so far.You don't always need a full season to realise you have the wrong man in charge. Not to worry lets just give him 15 more games by which time we will be consigned to another season of under achieving at the wrong end of the table.
  8. Ian S


    Does not seem to bother Watford, a club with a lot less resources than us.However I agree that constantly sacking managers is not a great idea but on this occasion I strongly believe we have the wrong man at the helm and remain surprised he has survived .
  9. Ian S


    You won't have to wait long.
  10. Ian S


    That's really not going to happen is it.? Unless of course your version of success is the odd victory here and there mixed in amongst many games full of garbage.
  11. Ian S

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    This is tongue in cheek?
  12. Ian S

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    The disrespect shown to a lot of our players on here,especially the title winners, is embarrassing but are you surprised? By the way agree on Slimani, nowhere near as bad as he is made out although would add his injuries one after the other are a concern.In a team that suits him he would be a real asset.People also forget he has scored some vital goals.
  13. Ian S

    Ricardo Pereira

    But to suggest he was crap the year we won the title does make you look a d***head.
  14. Ian S

    Ricardo Pereira

    More's the question ,has he even ever watched football.
  15. Ian S

    Who Do You Want As Manager Next Season

    Then God help us.