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  1. Think you are getting a bit carried away.
  2. But if Puel was in charge we would not have won 3-1 more likely lost 2-1
  3. Er no, he did not say that so don’t backtrack, he pointed out our dreadful recent record and stated he could not understand anyone defending it, he could of course have pointed out 89 League teams have won since New Year’s Day and only 3 have not or many other horrendous statistics.
  4. Did you watch Ghezzal on Saturday, there is a reason he was hooked at half time. And I would not say Nacho did not try on Saturday as I recall him breaking up a dangerous counter attack in our right back position, however why the hell he was playing right side is another Puel mystery. Nacho’s confidence is fried, whether he will make it is in serious doubt but just maybe a new manager will get something out of him.
  5. Ok how about since the turn of the year, is that long enough.? Or maybe we should just continue getting beaten by mediocre teams until you are satisfied it is time to review the managers position.
  6. Yes ,Moyes’s record is not a patch on Puels in the Premier League.! I am not saying he is my first choice but be fair he could not do worse.
  7. Not quite spot on, he mentions Demarie Gray and England in the same sentence.
  8. As said, same old crap.Exactly how many of these so called senior players have actually been starting recently and letting the manager down, I count 2 but yes they are to blame and the rest have nothing to do with out atrocious results. And yes I am sure Vardy stats will be better on Tuesday as we play to his strengths,give him something to run onto in the channels and not expect him to play with his back to goal linking up play for 27 more passes around the last third before someone had a wayward 20 yard shot. Its all Vardys fault really is tiresome, the manager did not fancy him, he did not fancy the manager, hardly a shock.
  9. Read Mr Wellers post,he puts it much better than I could.
  10. Same old crap, how about the players found his tactics and team talks as incomprehensible as we found his post match interviews.Out of his depth and should have gone before the season already started
  11. I will have some of what your on.
  12. If you are clearly out of your depth and verging on incompetent and you are the leader of the team then it is hardly surprising you get singled out. The problem is there is a lot of people on this forum who had blind faith and now are trying to turn the attention elsewhere rather than just accepting and admitting they were wrong.
  13. I think you will find poor results got rid of our previous managers, the same old crap gets trotted out about player power, how about the fact he was not up to the job and many were calling it a long time ago.
  14. Why, because they don’t agree with your views.
  15. Even when they are incompetent?
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