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  1. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Albrighton for Gray and it is spot on.Chilwell needs help defensively.
  2. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Excellent going forward although his final ball is still an issue ,but he certainly was not great defensively.
  3. Mahrez being booed?

    Not quite correct, some went over to him and some went over to Vardy but was very noticeable that Vardy never acknowledged the pass or thanked him in any way as they went back to the halfway line.It is no surprise that words may have been had when he ended his exile and a few of the stronger characters may still have the hump as he let them down and embarrassed the club.However people fall out all the time and it soon passes. I made my thoughts clear on his antics but I will give him due credit for putting a shift in last night and being our top man.
  4. Sheffield United Pre Match

    I have a sneaky feeling a few things have changed in the last month or so.
  5. I think some of us accept it but find it a little hard to understand.The ease with which some fans accept the antics of these prima donnas these days never ceases to amaze me.
  6. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    Yeh right.He has made himself look a prat with the depressed nonsense and makes those already sceptical of people with depression even more sceptical. As far as I am concerned he has ruined his reputation and whilst I will always be grateful for what he helped us achieve and he is definitely one of the best I have seen in our colours, this has tarnished his reputation forever. He has a life that he would not have dared even dream was possible just a few years ago and whilst without him we would not have achieved the impossible, without us it is entirely possible he would still be a relatively average player. Total disgrace does not do him justice.
  7. Well done the Thais

    And then get held to ransom forever more by the next sulky so and so who wants to force a move despite being under contract, and force a move at way below market value as well.Your suggested strategy is probably a more dangerous one long term than the one we presently are pursuing.Neither particular comfortable but I for one am 100% behind the club on this one.Mahrez has been totally unprofessional (again) and should not be rewarded for his unacceptable stance. He needs to man up and get on with what he is contracted to do.
  8. Well done the Thais

    I bet quite a few of us could come up with a message he would understand in any language
  9. Fuchs for Chilwell and Albrighton for Diabate/Mahrez then I really like it,
  10. His ego outweighed his talent.One of many young players who lose their way and amount to very little sadly.
  11. That was not the point being made.It was that we would struggle to get talent to come because of our owners.We may well struggle because of other things but doubt it is our owners.
  12. Glad you don't run my business.You have just suggested a £70m release clause but value him higher.This is not Monopoly this is real money.
  13. Yes great idea as the release clause for Kante did not bite us on the backside.
  14. I think people in the know in football will be aware of how good our owners are .As for talent not coming here, money talks and we are good payers.