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  1. Does not excuse him constantly passing to red shirts when not under pressure, he was awful
  2. Sorry I think that is exactly what you are saying,seems pretty clear.
  3. Did you actually watch Izzy?, genuine quality.To suggest he is not half the player of Maddison is really doing him a disservice.
  4. Thought Maddison had a really good game to be fair.
  5. Yep, last few years have been bloody awful, surprised anyone goes the games anymore.
  6. Same here at 9/1 Really would be fantastic if it won.
  7. Seen as high as 18/1 and 8/1 the draw.
  8. Got the impression Pat Murphy was not overkeen on him.
  9. Never in your wildest dreams.
  10. Still defensively unreliable, but great going forward.
  11. The highlights are clearly not a true reflection, we were very poor but I am sure we will be much better at West Ham.
  12. Well we will agree to disagree. Puel got it wrong tactically so many times, have we already forgotten some of this seasons abysmal home performances which included the master tactic of 3 defensive midfielders on occasions. I don’t recall him doing much tactically to change the game against the likes of Cardiff, Sourhampton,Everton and West Ham for starters or the master tactic of starting games in vital cup matches with under strength teams. Not sure he did much better at home to Newcastle last season.
  13. 2nd halfs had to improve as we were regularly absolutely dreadful first half so don’t try and rewrite history.
  14. It was one game not 18 months of turgid football.
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