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  1. Demarai Gray - Spurs interested

    Despite the apologists his attitude has remained incredibly poor. Garbage goals / assists return. In. The. Bin.
  2. Vardy - 60 in 3 seasons.

    Incredible return. Incredible player. Not ashamed that I've written him off twice, once when he signed and once when we were promoted. He has made me shut my mouth.
  3. Player Names

    No. My initial question about how it doesn't seem to be a British thing. Perhaps I'm not explaining my point terribly well.
  4. Player Names

    That's true but doesn't really explain my question.
  5. Player Names

    Enough people did. My point remains though, having a nickname doesn't seem reason enough. Nor does saying 'I want my first name.' Obviously you accept there's a system, why does another countries media and populace dictate this. Oh, and here's a link that should take you to a picture of him in a Mexico shirt with J. Hernández on the back https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.caughtoffside.com/2014/06/19/image-manchester-united-striker-javier-hernandez-snapped-in-santos-shirt/amp/?source=images
  6. Betting Thread

    Seriously tempted to lump on for the draw between the two Manchesters. Mourinho is certain to play anti football and City will be knackered. Bet365 have it at 3.80
  7. Player Names

    With the Hernandez case - British people and media called David Beckham 'Becks'. Why wasn't that his shirt name?
  8. Player Names

    No that's not really acceptable is it? Maybe in Mexico but he's playing in England, in a league where the established protocol is, as far as I can work out, family names as identifying feature. It shouldn't, and doesn't, matter that his father has green eyes and they gave him a nickname on another continent. I'm aware that people have nicknames but it seems anathema to the idea of rules to allow them to choose what they want. Either all should or none, surely?
  9. Player Names

    This is a question I've had for a while...why do Non-British players get to choose their shirt names when Brits don't? Great example in the Merseyside Derby. Virgil van Dijk's shirt name is Virgil ; his family name is van Dijk. Another great case is Chiquarito - his name is ****ing Javier Hernandez. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care if everyone has nicknames or whatever, but don't tell me that Rooney wouldn't go for Wazza. I'm curious if anyone knows the reason for this arbitrary disparity.
  10. This really ****s me off. Can't show anyone smoking on TV but we absolutely MUST praise the obese got their bravery when they do something. We're glorifying obesity whilst demonising its bedfellow.
  11. What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    Didn't get a move to a 'big club' and ruined the narrative - "how can it be a happy ending? He's still at bloody Leicester!"
  12. I saw no end of Chelsea fans chucking bottles and chip wrappers on the floor outside of the burger van. Filthy animals. They were next to a bin ; I thought they were supposed to be affluent and well mannered in Chelsea. Absolute disgrace.
  13. Disgusting, or just business?

    We used to support a football club. That's now secondary. We have a 'matchday experience'. That lexical shift has allowed for this. It happens 'cause ya let it.
  14. He has no respect or feeling towards the club. It makes me baffle why people love him for it. Best just to ignore it till he goes.
  15. Morrowind : ESO

    Has anyone got this? I'm umming and ahhing and was wondering what it's like. I found the initial ESO release too crowded online but I absolutely love these games so am going to give it a rock and roll.