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  1. Remember seeing him in a suit under Hillsborough before he final. Decent defender. Limited.
  2. Not too positive about What the Health but you should dismiss the majority of game changers. Its non scientific and, in parts, outright false. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/game-changers-review#unpacking-its-claims Here's a reasonably creditable debunking - they have no agenda either way - but there are more. It's an an agenda piece filled with misinformation.
  3. Oxen area also ruminant and have multiple stomachs to ensure that grass is digested properly. They're also overpowered by tigers.
  4. Bolt 100% wasn't a vegan when he was world champion. This is why folk get irritated at the vegan community. 1000% bullshit to try and further their agenda. There was a documentary that tries to indicate that vegan diet makes champions but it ignores the fact that 9 / 10 world champions aren't vegan. Word to the vegan community - enjoy your diet without making stuff up and banging on about it. People might listen more
  5. foxile5

    90s nightclub

    Haha Nigel Benn picking up gigs.
  6. foxile5

    90s nightclub

    Was it not Passion at The Emporium that Nigel Ben DJ'd at?
  7. Britain has more idiots than that.
  8. They were just used as examples of the entitlement of the demographic in general. Broadbrush, those involved in football are, right now, the least deserving of sympathy. My grandmother is housebound and terrified she'll see her life out that way. I'm sure she'd love to be a millionaire who was able up go to work and seemingly bypass most ruled out pandemic life but she can't. You're right, though. I'm sure Nuno, living with his son, is suffering more.
  9. It might seem that way but I'm just not having this 'poor footballer' narrative. They've got it better than the rest of us even in the worst of times.
  10. He's a true servant of the club and probably the best in ability since Shilton. Ian Walker was good too.
  11. I'm not intimating that they are. But everyone in society is in this together. They're the demographic of complete, total non concern for me. Super rich, super fit young men who, on a good day, couldn't give two shits about being normal (and why would they?). Nah. I think I'll reserve my sympathy for those in a bit more need.
  12. They might well be humans but they're gods when it suits them aren't they? I'm sure Grealish was crying out to be a regular bloke when he was getting away with being pissed up behind the wheel. And Mendy when he was being defended and getting away with flying q woman into the country in the middle of a pandemic. Just normal guys. They're given so much leeway and privileges in society that I find zero sympathy. Remember, for once they're being treated like regular folks. If your average joe can't see his family I don't see why we should sit weeping over the plight of a
  13. There are millions in furlough that are, by government mandate, prevented from going to work. Footballers not only go to work, they're handsomely paid and they're exempt from what seems like most rules of pandemic society. For gods sake Vardy has had a hair cut. Something I cannot do without breaking some law or other. Sorry. There are too many far worse off for them to get any sympathy. I've lived half the world from my family before. Use skype.
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