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  1. Hundreds. Last night i had a really strange dream. Like one of those where it's not an ethereal location. More like floating around a remnant of a memory, weird flashes of humanity and emotions. ****ing insane. My shoulder really hurt getting up.
  2. It's a little look behind the curtain a and folks don't like it. He's in a position of immense privilege and with that should come the expectancy of behaving yourself during your career. If it were a teacher, politician, or police officer they'd be looking at the very real threat of losing their job should the media have turned their lens on a foul mouthed post. Plus the fact he's clearly a slack jawed moron with a punchable face.
  3. An outstanding move! But unfortunately not one I'm the type to take. Its as stressful as any other job, really.
  4. Looking to try and get the cheapest possible all inclusive this year, lean times owing to a new mortgage. Any advice on where and whom is cheapest?
  5. Take a look at Trump. That's definitely in line with Orwells warning. A piat fact society where the truth is what the upper echelons insist it is.
  6. ****ing hate gogglebox. Watching people watching TV is Orwellian.
  7. Crunching challenge. Over the ball, late, reckless.
  8. Abes Odyssey interactive theme. Unchanged.
  9. No he's not. Way past it, arrogant and looks like a frog. You want James Dymond or Ferry Tayle.
  10. A weird form of nostalgia isn't it? Gone are the days of working through the pyramid on merit.
  11. United should be glad to see the back of Pogba. Terrible attitude. Cult it personality that influences those around him to disrupt and down tools. Shame as he's obviously very gifted. I wouldn't take him down the KP, though.
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