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  1. foxile5

    Gray ??

    Momentum and substitution timing can actually be a benefit. Witness Solskjaer. I take your point though.
  2. foxile5

    Gray ??

    There's a reason they call it 'appearing' and not 'xx minutes'. He's had chances to impose himself on games. He hasn't taken it. This isn't a biased argument ; I have been keen for him to do well.
  3. 'what's it like to finish work by midday? Do you wank a lot?'
  4. foxile5


    In b4 the hatred. Great servant. Love him.
  5. In a word : stature. We can tempt a better quality of coach, youth and player here with better facilities. Let's face it, the town itself isn't going to be a draw.
  6. foxile5

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Sloppy wasn't it? Just knew we were going to lose it.
  7. That's true. Though neither set have been that willing to see his plan through. I'm viewing this from the perspective that the football is boring now but won't be in the future. Maybe I'm more patient.
  8. foxile5

    Jonny Evans

  9. foxile5

    Jonny Evans

    Really excited when we signed Evans. Shame he's not been given longer in the team.
  10. Good point. Chillwell would, presumably, give a better account of life at the club.
  11. foxile5

    Jonny Evans

    He's on the wind down. Evans and Soyuncu/Maguire/Benny is my shout for next year's pairing.
  12. Our fans, broadly speaking, seem to need something to rage against. Refs, the Premier League, our own manager, local councils, the F.A. We're only content when there is an enemy.
  13. I think we'll shortly be seeing the demise of Puel. The crowd,the players and the media have turned on him and the is the death knell.
  14. Shakespeare got a raw deal. That doesn't mean we should just flip through managers on a carousel.
  15. He's correct but I don't think a large segment of our clubs fans have the self awareness to acknowledge it.