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  1. foxile5


    Having ankle tendons reset and pinned. Honestly, it sounds a lot worse recovery wise. Good few months of immobility.
  2. foxile5


    Has anyone in here been put under...if so what's it like? Getting put to sleep in a few months and I'm beginning to wonder /worry.
  3. Ashley Cole can't string a sentence together. Not much up top.
  4. Which was the inspiration for this post.
  5. Trophies from my multiple victims. Obviously I mean chip forks.
  6. His rampant desire for Liverpool to win something just got dulled.
  7. Lawro doesn't wind me up as much as others. However, it's scandalous he's still being paid to comment on football. He's so thoroughly out of touch it's like asking Roy Chubby Brown his take on millennial comedy. He wants retiring to a nursing home with Alan Hansen, Graham Souness and Phil Thompson where they can watch replays of the European Cup finals and sigh at the reds of the sunset. 'But those European nights in the Kop eh lads?' 'Bill Shankley eh?'
  8. The staff are utterly disgraceful. I've had to tell one of them the change they need to give me. They're proper morons. Gormless semi morons. The 'but they're low paid' argument makes no bones, either. Utterly useless *****.
  9. Ah, there is probably a bit more accuracy but i think it has sacrificed an intangible. I'm not happy with the flow of the game being compromised to 'put right' the odd decision in fifteen.
  10. Didn't find it particularly funny, but at least she's putting herself forward.
  11. There was probably a bit of subtext with regards last night's penalties. Nothing had to go wrong.
  12. Agreed. The standard of opinion of a lot of ex pros is ****ing diabolical. Mills is useless and his colleagues ought to be having a quiet word.
  13. Excited to see him next year. Think he adds a little bit extra. Possibly going to bench Albrighton but that'll make us more dangerous with MA coming off the bench for the last twenty minutes.
  14. It's not common parlance now and it's widely accepted as the American word for it, though, isn't it? **** used to be a medical term but I doubt you'd get anywhere using that argument.
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