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  1. The most worrying thing is that this rise in cases, and deaths, is going to continue unabated because the government are dead set against radical action. I'm going to predict a 1000 a day at least through November, December, and January. We will hear the phrase 'robust response' at least twice a week.
  2. Beggars ****ing belief that does. 'How does one repackage an accused paedophile to the British public, m' lord?'
  3. Maybe more the fact that young players can be overused and burnt out.
  4. That man is a literal moron. 'Suck your mum' is a phrase that instantly makes me perceive the speaker as a sexual deviant.
  5. I'd rather capitalise than capitulate. We're not spurs.
  6. Us winning it really ****ed things up.
  7. Just turned a promising attack into possession at the back. ****ing brilliant.
  8. Criminal by Rodgers to play without a striker and to drop iheanacho after a 2 assists and a goal performance.
  9. Supposed to be a good man manager. It just seems spiteful at this point. We're going to have tonnes of possession today but get nowhere near scoring.
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