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  1. Did you expect any different from the man? He just gets stuff wrong, out of malice or not.
  2. Absolutely hilarious. Likely someone has lost their job but they've done a civic duty.
  3. Hahaha - sensational stuff. Opened the thread and saw the first post 'Mods please just delete the thread' and knew this would be good. But my word; the first post is 'I like your little beard'. I cannot stop laughing. Top stuff.
  4. He's just gone out and got steaming, hasn't he? Wouldn't say that this is a regular thing given the fact that the Rangers fans would be throwing those kinda videos up regularly. Non starter. Man loses big job and gets out on the lash after lockdown ends.
  5. It was a matter of time before it got real grips on the subcontinent. The lack of a superb healthcare system and cramped living conditions make it fertile grounds.
  6. Hasn't Seagrave got its own course? Might that not be the better option for a chastened player?
  7. Didn't catch the post match interview. What was said?
  8. Precisely. The rules are pretty clear at this point and we've seen the examples that have been made of other footballers. Just wait a week then you can do more. For the record I think the restrictions we're under are a little much at this point but I'm not breaking them.
  9. This is what angers people. As with most things in life footballers have had this tough period way easier than the average folk. No job loss threat way more socialising than the average. It still isn't enough for them though. They're above the norms.
  10. If we were at 2-1 there's a fair chance we get something out of this.
  11. Sometimes I think we're going to reach a period where Partridge seems like sensible, viable TV and Radio. Google box blows my mind. Watching people watching TV. Garbage.
  12. The Epstien documentary...
  13. Aye. The royal family aren't for me so I've largely ignored it by watching Netflix.
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