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  1. It's not, really. At the time Muzzy was in the shop window. He was too good a player for the team he joined. When we went up we had improved enough stock. A parallel to Tielemans. He is probably a shade too good for us.
  2. Okay you've got me. There is no concrete quote from the player himself ruling out a move. Feel better?
  3. If we hadn't have gone up he wouldn't have had any interest in coming to us.
  4. Did Matt Mills actually boff Nigel's daughter? What was Gary Coatsworth good in bed?
  5. For those of us who remember, muzzy was too good for us too
  6. Not looking good is it? His performances on the pritch are reflective of commentary about him off it.
  7. They need every advantage they can get. It still won't help them, mind.
  8. These have the Hungarian wingers vibe about them. I am judging this on nothing but the double name signing.
  9. At his age there'll be considerable retail value to him; I'm sure the ownership will have that in mind. It's a bit of a schroedinger's signing - I can both see it and not see it. Clearly enjoying it here, liked by fans and players, we can afford him - no brainer. Clearly too good for us, bags of potential, in the shop window - what have the likes of Man City/Utd or Liverpool got to lose?
  10. Any mention of dipping into the Portuguese leagues brings me out in a sweat. For every Ricardo there's a Silva and Slimani.
  11. I've been his biggest critic on the basis of his antics in forcing a move. That being said trading Chilwell for Mahrez is a no-brainer. Chilwell is excellent and I want him at the club, but Mahrez is capable of winning games single handedly. It won't happen, mind. I can't see why Mahrez would ever want to come back; he's on the cusp of winning 4 cups and getting paid more than he can ever earn here.
  12. As noted - the R2/L2 distinction when talking and freeplaying can cause a bit of an issue. The story is slick and I have enjoyed it - it does seem a bit ponderous at times; this is its remit, however. Anyone enjoying the online?
  13. Chelsea have really ****ed a number of young talents around. Immoral and irresponsible club ownership.
  14. Agreed. Players will view spurs as an attractive proposition, and they'd be fools not to.
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