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  1. She just said that the scarves up was owing to the club turning sixty. Great research.
  2. There's nothing sanctimonious about thinking it poor form to flog a token of remembrance. Especially one gifted by the family of the bereaved.
  3. foxile5


    Sounds like absolutely everything i come here to read, Wymesy.
  4. Should've pointed it out to a steward. Absolutely disgraceful anyone would be interested in profiting from this.
  5. foxile5


    I missed every one of Donks posts. Can anyone fill me in
  6. Apologies for the incorrect stats. They were taken from the Premier league site. The fact he made his debut earlier shouldn't give him a pass - free should have developed. He should have better judgement and more experience at very least. I agree he was good yesterday, but that isn't enough to continue in my opinion. We need more quality in our team and he'd be my choice to replace. To me he's one who's always flattered to deceive. He looks very good at times and people want that to be spread over full performances, but i don't see it.
  7. No. I was there. Your facetious attempt at denigrating my point doesn't alter or amend the statistics. He's played in 118 premier league games for us and hasn't cut the mustard. One good cameo now and again isn't enough for us any more.
  8. He has the right attitude to succeed. His summer training proves that. He's got a lot of work to do.
  9. 118 premier league appearances. 6 goals. 8 assists. He's had his time. Twenty minutes does not a player make. Whichever way you dress it he isn't good enough for us. He hasn't made an impact on the pitch bar one or two decent matches.
  10. I was commenting on the fact he acknowledges its a push, that it denies a clearance and its what VAR is for. Are you struggling to understand that?
  11. Has he hada stroke? That makes zero sense.
  12. Only in the era of xG is being clinical on front of the goal and taking your chances is seen as a bad thing.
  13. More of the media's agenda to force people to think of Spurs as a big club. ****ing embarrassing. Might as well follow Wolves. They've achieved much more with less resources.
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