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  1. foxile5

    Red Dead 3

    The controls aren't, at points, intuitive. The aim button when speaking to a character and when free roaming switches. This has given me a bit of a pain recently.
  2. Nothing will beat the 'Seaman is coming out of the box!' Halcyon days my friend.
  3. I know it's a free world and what not but somebody needs to have a word with these kind of people. He's representing a country. Do wanky little dances in your own home Let's at least have SOME sense of decorum. Dancing like an arsehole sticking your tongue out is embarrassing.
  4. Great goal from Lingard. Always has to celebrate like a ****ing twat, I'll never have any affection for a player who thinks dancing about like a twat is the right way to carry on.
  5. Ordinarily I'd post something snarky about football or the rich. Your post is so bleak i couldn't possibly make it worse.
  6. foxile5

    Adrien Silva

    Lovely stuff.
  7. foxile5

    Name this Leicester team

    Shearer and Dowie?
  8. foxile5

    Name this Leicester team

    Jermaine Beckford
  9. foxile5

    Red Dead 3

    With regards the bear mission. I put my legendary bear pelt in camp and rode off a little. It told me that I had abandoned the pelt. Anyone know if I can claw this back some how?
  10. Yeah. I know it's probably irritating being constantly asked, but it was a good will day and a celebration of all things Filbo. He could've said 'sorry...I need to hurry' or some such.
  11. The last game at filbo he was there. I was a young man trying to get his autograph with a crowd of other fans. He got out of his car and told us to 'get out of my way.' It absolutely gutted me that i didn't get the great Peter Shiltons autograph.
  12. foxile5

    Burnley (home)

    Test of the team this one. They're not a bad side on their day and we're lacking a few quality players.
  13. foxile5

    Khun Vichai and Piers Morgan.

    He's just a shock merchant. I'd pay no heed. Spare some thought for those who have to live with him daily.
  14. foxile5

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Bin him. Legs have gone.
  15. foxile5

    Burnley (home)

    Oh man. Is he ever being under used right now. In his right position he's capable of dragging a team to the league title. What the hell they doing with him? He's OBVIOUSLY great in his current, advanced position. But come on. Such an asset when played properly.