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  1. 'Hopefully obviously' and 'obviously i just got a call...' I don't think he knows what obviously means.
  2. Grealish has had a smash, allegedly during the wee hours drunk, and left the scene. All allegations at this point, obviously, but said to have been drinking with mates and driven home. Wonder if the book will get thrown at him. ***spoiler alert*** it won't. It would get thrown at any multitude of those still working and contributing but it won't for a multi-millionaire.
  3. It would. It would also be unfair for Liverpool to miss out on the league. But if that's the order of the day.
  4. Likely the candidates from the season prior with man City replaced with fifth position.
  5. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    They were likely given the real truth by their families. The CCP's efforts to protect the Communist regime by hiding infection figures has screwed the globe. There ought to be repercussions.
  6. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    Agreed. Weird posturing. Want state workers to be paid more? Vote for the party that will raise them. Think the Kardashians earn too much? Pointedly avoid things associated with them.
  7. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    My advice would be not to worry about it too much. Schools aren't going to test post-corona and, unless your kids are sitting degrees, the loss of learning will be negligible and easily caught up with. Fundamentally I'm guessing your child's school is mitigating against potential complaints of over bearing or unpleasant parents. BBC Bitesize is brilliant.
  8. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    Such stringent measures will be safeguarding on the schools part against the poisonous element of the parent base. You seem sane, but there (more than a few) parents who would take great delight in throwing shit at the education system and complaining to the LA unless every single avenue is covered. Do what's best for your kids and know that this type of bullshit is a pre-empt to the type of people who complain about absolute nonesense to 'stick it to the school.'
  9. Horrible fan base. They make some noise but that's usually because it's full of locals who have their moment to shine being a 'proper fan' before they return to their armchair. I've always said that, despite the world class players and management over the years, you can't have a football conversation with a united fan. They don't know anything at all about the game.
  10. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    That all hinges on whether or not you think the Chinese government are being honest. I absolutely do not think that.
  11. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    How long can this lockdown go on for, on reality. People haven't managed a week very well. What's it going to be like after two more.
  12. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    Could be genetics. I know we like to pretend that everybody is absolutely equal down to a cellular level at the minute, but Germans have been fairly homogenous in breeding over the last century, in comparison to other countries. The Berlin Wall and Ww2 fall out etc. Maybe the Germanic bloodline has some natural resistance.
  13. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    That wasn't a political post. I'm genuinely unsure given my isolation. However, in response, suck my balls.
  14. foxile5

    Corona Virus

    I'm still at a loss of how much to worry. It seems the reaction suggests it's serious but the death count is low. I'm tired trying to make up my own mind. Can someone tell me whether to panic.
  15. Only payable through vr? I loved the first but haven't followed this
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