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  1. ****ing hell were they working hard enough then to disallow it?
  2. Ahh the racist philosopher thug. Truly a man for our ages.
  3. All this rolling around in the floor, streaming feet, and grimacing like you're dying ought to be punishable with a sending off.
  4. Soda stream. Also that period the Uk went through of having tonnes of American Diners.
  5. I live on the outskirts of Leicestershire, a literal stones throw from Derbyshire, and the boozers were pretty packed here. Went for a run through town and it was business as usual. This is, by and large, pretty safe: there have been slim to no cases of Covid in my town. I can only imagine the impact it would have if the place were riddled though.
  6. The only player I've really cared about since Ian Marshall.
  7. The government have said they're giving up on releasing daily testing figures.
  8. foxile5


    I passed it recently and it was still there. Couldn't say about whether or not it was open.
  9. That's probably the worst name for a person ever.
  10. Maybe I'm becoming a cynical old man but very rarely do the younger pundits talk any sense. It's like footballers got collectively thicker in the nineties.
  11. foxile5


    That's the one With the awning and outside seats.
  12. foxile5


    One near to the theatre that faces the river. Great snap in there. Good battered sausage
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