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  1. True and equally,Mendy is showing a lot of promise.
  2. No,Kante is a Chelsea player:))
  3. Cannot do more without our best palyers(Mahrez and Vardy).
  4. England needed the dynamic duo on the pitch to win it(Vardy and a naturalised Mahrez).
  5. Davos

    Girls of 2018

    Iranian girls shown at the world cup were absolutely stunners and curiously,no one picked on it in here.... In any case,Persia is renown historically for the beauty of its women,probably the most beautiful girls in the world.
  6. Davos

    Fousseni Diabaté

    Has potential but he is no Mahrez(and won't be)!
  7. Davos

    West Brom away match thread

    Plenty of links to pick from in here: http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/634483_west_bromwich_leicester_city/#_