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  1. McMahon probably means a ‘one off’ rather than fluke. I doubt he means we were lucky. Maybe he also meant Ranieri was in the right place at the right time etc. Wouldn't get too wound up by it tbh.
  2. Just the $2.25m for Rory then - not bad for a weeks work! Reckon he could go on a roll now and win the Masters.
  3. Steve Foster and a Liverpool player
  4. Pike & Clemance Thompson, Maradona, Kennedy Archibold, McDonald, Power, Brooke
  5. Peter Withe Nevin & Rob Johnston Paul Stewart Fletcher Trevor Steven Graham Roberts Alan Harper Hysen, Whealan, Pardew Hucker Houchen?
  6. Jonny Giles? Harford, Macari, Buchan? Bailey Hazzard Gary Brooke? Colin Todd?
  7. Just hope we win the FA Cup before I die really so that would be nice
  8. Interesting is that, thanks for posting. Strange to see that we're still behind the likes of Bolton & Fulham in terms of PL games played, and still way behind the likes of Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Blackburn. We might think that we're now an established PL side with lofty ambitions but we've still got a way to go really...
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