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  1. I bet you were in the mood for dancing after that
  2. I remember the days of paying by postal order. Thought they were long gone!
  3. Atmosphere sounded great on TV. Fletcher and Hoddle mentioned in numerous times in commentary as did Cole, Crouch & Humphries at HT and FT. Madders couldn’t hear the question when interviewed on the pitch after. As someone who watches a lot of games on TV, there’s few other grounds where the commentators and pundits mention the atmosphere like they do at the KP. Although we sometimes play it down, even at its worst I reckon it’s still better than most.
  4. Like Motty, his best days are behind him. Tyler is 73 FFS so well due his pension by now.
  5. Lol at Man U. What a turd outfit they are these days
  6. I love Lineker and he's still my boyhood hero, but I'd sack him off MOTD now (and Shearer) They've been doing it for years and to me they seem a bit complacent now. Time for a shake up and some fresh blood.
  7. I know I'm still living in the 80's when it comes to tackling, but I thought it was a bloody good challenge to win the ball.
  8. I felt there was very little reference to the quality of the game in general. For me, yesterdays match was one of the most exciting Leicester games I've seen in a while, played between two excellent teams who were both fully committed. There were loads of standout performances and loads of examples of quality play, yet all we get is Shearer and Cahill banging on about VAR.
  9. Tbh if you’re playing a course just for fun and there’s fvck all sand in the bunkers, you and your playing partners might be better off just agreeing they’re all GUR and taking a free drop behind them instead.
  10. Six and a half grand for a see through plastic bag. Bargain
  11. Nice one Bob Both great charities mate and worthy causes. Post the link to the fundraising page when you've set it up and I'll sponsor you a few quid. What a fantastic venue for a marathon too - lovely part of the world.
  12. I'm running out of superlatives for him. What a player we've got on our hands.
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