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  1. Izzy

    Xmas presents

    Don't get her anything. That'll surprise her
  2. Izzy

    Xmas presents

    Outrageously too early thread. Lock until Xmas Eve I say.
  3. Prince Andrew having a mare. What a bell end.
  4. I’m not surprised Levy enquired about taking Rodgers from us. I would too, he’s Fvckin ace.
  5. Lifted in still banned from Gen Chat I think but still posts in the football section and ‘bans’ thread Buce was hiking across Australia for a month but I thought he’d be back by now No idea about FIF.
  6. 5/1 now If anything, this election campaign seems to be turning more people off rather than engaging them.
  7. Lots saying they wanted wanted him gone but sad now that he's actually gone and thankful for all the 'success' he brought them
  8. Reading the fighting cock forum brings back memories of us sacking Ranieri. Very similar sentiments on there.
  9. God that handshake was total cringe
  10. Needs lessons off Jack Leach
  11. Both a pair of scruffy cvnts. Neither exude the confidence, charisma and credibility of a world leader
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