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  1. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    I don't care when the lock-down ends. Just send my fvckin kids back to school soon PLEASE!!!
  2. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    I mean I’m joking but... There’s already uproar in Devon from local residents who are trying to ban second home owners from visiting their properties for a holiday during lockdown. People are rightly getting pissed off and angry with those who are flouting the rules and I can see a bit of civil unrest if this carries on much longer - and it will IMO
  3. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    The way things are carrying on we’ll end up with a civil war. On one side the ‘good guys’ who follow the rules versus the ‘bad guys’ on the other side who think they can do as they please. A bit like Star Wars but without the light sabres.
  4. That’s a very mature way of looking at things mate and I agree. I’ve pretty much written off the refund I’m due from RyanAir but looking at the bigger picture, I really need them to still be operating after all this is over. I’ve relied on and used Ryan Air quite a lot during the last few years and at times got flights for ridiculously low prices. If I end up losing a few hundred quid this time then it kind of evens itself up over time I guess.
  5. My current daily routine looks something like this.. 8.00 drag my sorry ass outta bed, have breakfast etc. 9.00 Threaten to go for a run but make up an excuse and piss around on the internet instead 10-12.00 Lock self in office and pretend to do e-mails/work while pissing around on the internet instead 12-1 Lunch and have first row with wife and kids 1-3 Fight over lack of wi-fi bandwidth with wife and kids as we're all on separate devices 3-5 Go for a walk with wife and kids that ends up in a row 5-6 Cook tea and have big row with son who wants to go on Fortnite again 6-8 Have major row with teenage daughter who's done my head in by now 8-10 Attempt to get kids in bed but fail and end up having a row 10-12 Watch Netflix in my office after one final row goodnight with the wife 12.00 Bed Rinse, repeat...
  6. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    Seems people are gradually losing their shit more and more by the day on this thread. Lots of squabbles, disagreements and arguments coming to a head. We're all going stir crazy I think.
  7. Another day where I came close to, but just about managed not to kill the kids. Gotta celebrate the small wins
  8. I'm still waiting for a Ryan Air refund of a few hundred quid from 3 weeks ago. They e-mailed saying there will be a delay in refunding it and no point ringing them up to discuss and no point replying to their e-mail. Not holding my breath and wouldn't be surprised if I never see the money again tbh
  9. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    Jesus that sounds very restrictive mate, I'm not surprised you're finding in difficult I know from the depression thread that you've come through tough times before and you've always struck me as someone who is made of really strong stuff. I imagine it's a challenge to fill the days (there's only so much TV one can watch!) and it must be difficult to exercise too. I feel for you mate I really do, but if anyone can get through this it's you. Stay strong Crinkly and remember we're all here to support you the same as you've supported us on the depression thread. If you ever fancy a chat just let me know. Always happy to talk mate Stay positive, stay strong, and see you on the other side....
  10. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    No need to be a pane
  11. How do you stop yourself kicking Stringer in the nads every week?
  12. Same here mate. I invested in some new trainers that are specifically designed for road/path running and they've helped a lot. Also tried tying my laces using 'runners loop/heel lock' as someone mentioned on here and that's made a huge difference too (still prefer treadmill though if I'm honest and don't get the same aches and pains as I do after an outside run)
  13. Izzy

    Corona Virus

    Who said anything about purely judged on ROI? Get a grip
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