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  1. One way to piss off your Welsh customers BA 'sorry' for tweet supporting England over Wales https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55114365 British Airways has apologised after tweeting its support for the England rugby team who are due to play Wales. 'English Airways' began trending after the airline tweeted: "Good luck to the England rugby team against Wales today." The tweet has now been deleted. Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething commented: "Good way to annoy 3m+ potential customers". BA said it had "un
  2. When you're out washing your car and people walk past and go.. "you've missed a bit!! "can you do mine too?!" "any cleaner and you'll take the paintwork off!" "it'll be dirty again by tomorrow!" Hilarious. Be still my tickling ribs
  3. I only watch the football without crowd noise and there’s no other PL player who screams and swears as loudly as Kasper. He stands out like a sore thumb.
  4. Fair play if it's stuff you wanted and hadn't ever been that cheap before - that's what we're all looking for! The pretend discount price is down to long established retail practices of 'price establishment' where they increase prices before Black Friday to then reduce them back to the original price to show a false saving. Some websites also use Black Friday as an opportunity to sell their tat/clearance/end of line/discontinued stuff which they would have previously sold in the January sales. Pleased you got what you wanted mate.
  5. Listening to Kasper Effing and jeffing all game was a joy to behold tonight. Non stop shouting, encouraging and moaning at the ref. I know he has his faults but for me he's worth his weight in gold to us as a leader of men. He'll leave a huge void and big gloves to fill when he eventually leaves . Long live our Viking warrior.
  6. Fvckin legend. Never change you Viking warrior
  7. Kasper has his critics but I’d have him in the team for his communication skills alone. Wish we had some outfield players who were that vocal.
  8. "Ref, you said 20 seconds fvckin 40 seconds ago!" Kasper
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