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  1. No player is bigger than the team I know, but for me, missing Jonny Evans for the next few weeks could be the difference between Top 4 and winning the cup or not. I think he's that important to us right now.
  2. Any news on his injury? Just pray to God it's not too bad. His absence tonight showed just what a vital player he is to us.
  3. Post match from BR. We've got young players Made too many mistakes We weren't 'concentrated' Losing Jonny was a big miss Respect to Newcastle, punished our mistakes Not up to our usual level But still proud of the players
  4. As Brian Clough once said..."Tactics and formations don't win you games - players do"
  5. They've got 4 games in 10 days so will have to rotate. That's my only reason for optimism tbh
  6. Look at the size of Newcastle's goal compared to ours though. Not fair
  7. I wonder who all these geniuses who want him gone would have instead?
  8. Could be standing room only in here tonight
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