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  1. This is possibly one of the most positive match threads ever
  2. That’s how you take a pen. Smash the fvcker
  3. Perez has worked his nuts off tonight tbf
  4. I mean we’re a bunch of lightweight pussies sometimes but this has to be the most technically skilful Leicester side ever I’d have thought
  5. All about the high press innit. When we do it well we force them into mistakes and then we win it back.
  6. Let’s be honest, he’s too good for us. Pay him whatever the fvck he wants!
  7. I seriously love Ricardo more than my own kids
  8. Give that physio a bonus. Miracle worker edit: nah, he’s fvcked
  9. David Sullivan is going on my 2020 death list. Looks like he’s about to pop his cloggs
  10. Fvck me what a difference. Where’s this form been the last few weeks?
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