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  1. It does sound good, although we desperately need another chant apart from 'Vichai had a dream'
  2. It’s all about the Benjamin’s for you ain’t it Tory boy
  3. I'm usually Mr positive when it comes to most things but I've got a real sick feeling in the pit of my stomach right now. God, what a nob his Dad is btw
  4. Maybe, who knows... The whole system needs changing imo. Both Labour and Conservative are no longer fit for purpose in todays society. God knows what the answer is, but it ain't Boris Johnson. Anyone can get up and give it the big ra ra/fight them on the beaches speech but it takes more than positive words to sort this out.
  5. All a bit David Brent this speech.
  6. Boris has got all the charisma, wise cracks and bantz in the world. Problem is, I don't trust a word he says.
  7. Probably snorting a few lines in the bog for a bit of Dutch courage
  8. Typical Boris, late for his coronation
  9. That must have really galled you
  10. And people who drop their free weights from such a great height that it sounds like a bomb has gone off. When all the signs clearly say "Don't drop your weight's, please place then down carefully"
  11. Dirty scutters at the gym who don’t wipe the equipment down after using it. I don’t particularly want to sit in your arse sweat thanks.
  12. Izzy

    The joke thread

    What’s pink and hard in the morning? The Financial Times crossword.
  13. Well chuffed for Shane and for the country of Ireland as a whole. Terrific venue, amazing crowds and everyone has loved Portrush this week. Just a shame we've got to wait 260 odd days for the next major. Not a fan of squeezing all 4 of them into 14 weeks.
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