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  1. Never suggested for a minute that they're risk free. No parts of society are risk free are they? I don't think anyone is suggesting they're seen as 'collateral'. There's mass gatherings happening all day in supermarkets, shops, workplaces, public transport etc. so why should school kids be singled out?
  2. Will they? Do we know that for a fact? I can only talk about my kids secondary school but their year groups are arranged in 'bubbles' and they have to wear washable masks in corridors and spaces where social distancing isn't possible as well as numerous other safe measures. Annoys me a bit that kids get the 'blame' for the virus spreading when you've got thousands of pricks protesting in London and loads of adults (and workplaces) not following the rules.
  3. I left school so 16 and agree to a certain extent. The 'filling in the gaps later on' causes a big knock on effect though. We've already seen the palaver with this years exams and any further suspension to schooling will set the kids back even further. And the internet is no substitute for classroom learning imo. Kids need social interaction during the day as they spend all evening on devices. I say we keep them all at school regardless. They've had enough turmoil this year and if they're unlucky enough to contract Covid then my understanding is the odds are they'll get over it without any long term damage.
  4. You know I love you Tom but not sure your MD would be too chuffed with you sharing that info on a public forum. I was thinking of buying shares in Cazoo but you've put me right off with those figures
  5. Thought it was a good watch overall. Levy seems to hang around everywhere like a bad smell and far too hands on for my liking. You can tell Jose is pissed off with the players weak mindsets and he’s got a big job on his hands there. I know it’s trendy to hate on Spurs but they’ve got a hell of a set up there and just need a couple of strong leaders to be real threat imo. And the bald head of recruitment bloke seems like a right cvnt.
  6. Looks like the average score will be about +6 today. I know the US Open is supposed to be tough but it's not great viewing watching the worlds best keep chunking it out of the deep rough and making double.
  7. Who's going to do the home schooling? Me and many other parents failed miserably first time round and kids learned fvck all. Setting them up to 'remote' learn sounds easy but not all schools/teachers can teach via Zoom lessons and not all households have the bandwidth/devices/space to manage if there's more than 2 kids for example. The schools are doing their best with smaller groups, staggered breaks/lunches and enforcing social distancing where they can. All kids have to be back at school full time for their own sanity and their parents sanity I say.
  8. Look at all the traffic! Hope he's got a decent pilot to dodge all those other planes.
  9. Izzy

    Wesley Fofana

    My Mrs (then GF) came back from a night out with the girls in Leicester years ago and told me she was chatted up in a club by a footballer. She described the player and handed me a piece of paper with his name and number on - it was Frank Sinclair. No idea if she rang him or shagged him but I was quite proud that he'd tapped her up tbh.
  10. It's all a blur now Deb but wasn't there a time everyone had to stay at home and we were only allowed to leave our houses for one bit of exercise? Wasn't that classed as lockdown?
  11. Ah right, I see. Thanks. Here's an idea if UEFA want a third competition: 1. A competition just for the winners of each league - lets call it the 'European Cup' 2. A competition for teams finishing 2nd & 3rd in their league - lets call that the 'UEFA' cup 3. A competition for the winners of each countries premier domestic cup - lets call that the 'Cup Winners Cup' Just a thought
  12. I’m obviously a plastic these days and must have misssed the memo, but WTF is the Europa Conference?
  13. I can’t believe I’ve been on this planet nearly 50 years and never heard of that idea. Nice one Tom
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