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  1. SamDZ

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Unfortunately you got the wrong Algerian. https://youtu.be/G3RRReZeFzM
  2. This version of England is very different, this generation have team spirit. there is signs of possible champions
  3. SamDZ

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Kasper did everything
  4. Someone willing to spend money a lot of money.
  5. All Mahrez touches the good and bad ones
  6. No, He had a problem with the club they not with them, its none of their business, it would be wrong if he starts ahead of someone who has been training for a week, but thats Puel problem.
  7. Is he back to training today?
  8. https://sport.echoroukonline.com/articles/219941.html He is considering retirement now.
  9. Its not drama, I'm sure no club will buy a player approaching 28 in the summer for 95m unless this player is exceptional, mahrez is amazing player he has it in him but he is not considered in that category, and he will never have the chance to prove it unfortunately.